Aikuen and Fira's Second Anniversary

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Characters: Aikuen, Fira.

Location: Moledeep: Molehall

Its a little bit after lunch, and most of the beasts have gone to do other things. Well... Except for few. Aik is hanging around Molehall, waiting around for his darling to come around. It is their anniversary after all. And he left a note on her nose (for when she woke) to met him here after lunch. He is wearing his huge warm habit, and has his gift in pocket as he hums a light tune. He stops walking and counts to himself a few times. Then chuckling.

Imagine Fira's surprise when she wakes up from her nap to see a note stuck to her nose. She blinks and reads it, smirking a little. It can only be to do with the anniversary so she's trying to be sneaky when she makes her way into the hall, poking her head in the door quietly and she quickly spots Aik. No twins, off playing and hopefully being supervised no doubt. Good, can be extra soppy then. She smirks at him and tries to sneak up behind him, put her arms round his waist. Of course she never was very good at sneaking since she couldn't tell when she was making noise.

Aikuen is expecting her well enough. And true, her sneaking skills are... lacking. But she still gets away with it! As long as she didn't bump into anything, she is pretty quiet. Aik jumps as the arms are put around his waist, "Arg!..." he chuckles as he looks down and see who the paws belong too, "Well hello!" he places his on top of hers so she knows who it was. As she cant read him properly.

Fira can recognise him from behind just as well even if she can't tell what he's saying. She smirks at the jump and pokes her head over his shoulder, aiming a nuzzle at his cheek "Happy anniversary dear"

Aikuen chuckles and mmms at the nuzzle planting a quick one before he turns around to put arms around her waist as well, "Happy anniversary darling" He smiles deeply at her, placing his nose on hers looking straight into her eyes.

Fira kisses him softly before nosing his nose quickly and smiling "Half a year already, I only hope the next half is just as good...Maaaybe without the giving birth to twins in the middle again" she smirks again.

Aikuen snorts and laughs, "Well yah... But you know you love them to death, all the same..." he nuzzles her. Might as well get used it, "And we have been pretty good so far... just a little... sickness... other then that, its been wonderful..."

Fira grins at the first part "They're the only things I love more than you...We've done good. Ups and downs but mostly ups...Just seems to have gotten better and better since the twins were born. Well and once they started sleeping through the night too"

Aikuen wrinkles his nose, "Mean. Well... i was expecting that!" he chuckles, "Hopefully it will all be good!..." he picks her up and twirls her around the hall slowly, "...For another half a year!" he grins and puts her back down on the ground.

Fira laughs and eeks as she's twirled "It's only a little more and I love you a lot!" she laughs even more when she's back to earth "And for every year afterwards too. I'll always love you"

Aikuen laughs with her and nuzzles, when she says that last part. It gives him that warm feeling at the very bottom of his heart. Greatest feeling in the world, "Thank you... and I will always love you... always... year after year... and forever... and even after that..." he smiles softly, hugs, then kisses her.

Fira comfortably settles against his chest, very happy just to be close to him. She does have to look up to keep an eye on him though "I think I'm going to wrestle the kitchen off of Garnet and cook a nice big fish for tonight to celebrate"

Aikuen just rocks from side to side. He loves the closeness. Won't let her go for nothing. Well maybe for the twins... He grins big at her words, "Mmmm...Sounds delicious... i am getting tired of all this vegetarian fare she has been cooking up..." he licks his chops slightly, "... I need some fish to satisfy my big fishy appetite..." and chuckles evilly, kisses and nibbles on her bottom lip, "...And i think ill start here! But before i get ahead of myself..." he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small rectangular box, "...Your gifty" he gives a toothy grin.

Fira kisses him back but laughs quietly at the nibbling "Get off, I'm not food! Wait for your fish" she smirks at the box though "I hadn't forgotten...Got to stop giving me all these things, I've got so much stuff I don't think I can wear it all at the same time anymore. I'm afraid I'll jangle everywhere or something" that said she's certainly not going to stop him giving her things.

Aikuen chuckles and bobs his head, "Ug! I cant wait that long! Needs to have it nows!" he laughs and nuzzles her, "Well then your in somewhat luck... This is more to look at then wear... though you could if you really wanted too..." he opens the box slowly, "They say its really old. But a great part of otter history... A necklace..." In the box, cushioned by cotton fluff, is a necklace. And ancient looking to boot. The old leather string holds together; beads, shark teeth, tiny rocks of all colors. Then at the pendant there is a wood carving of what look like two otters, male and a female. But the years have smoothed it down, almost completely.

Fira Oooos and carefully takes the box to have a better look at it "Well look at's just beautiful. The wood definitely looks old enough" she's broken out in a grin though she's being very careful not to touch the thing. She turns the grin onto him "Where'd you get it?"

Aikuen watches her, smiling a big ole smile, "Would you believe i dug it up?" he laughs and shakes his head, "An old wizened otter. About... four or five seasons ago. The day i first landed in Mossflower... Gave... well.. he tricked me into buying it. And it has been at the bottom of my pack since then... Ive always had it to remind me of what i went through to get here... one of my prized possessions... and now... i want you to have it... Do you like it?" he asks.

Fira grins back at the necklace "Well I hope you didn't pay too much but I'd say it's worth it. It's beautiful, you don't get this sort of feeling off something that's only just been made" she grins at him once more and leans over to give him a kiss "It's fantastic hon"

Aikuen smiles warmly, "Well I'm glad you like it. Maybe you can make heads or tails of what it is... or what it is for? Maybe its more than just otter jewelry... i don't know!" he chuckles and mmms at the kiss, putting his paw behind her neck, and holding her in place. Just for a little bit longer, "Your Welcome..." he grins stupidly.

Fira doesn't resist, she's more than happy to kiss him for longer. She mmms afterwards and smirks at him "I think it's probably just very old jewelry but I'll look into it, it's pretty no matter what"

Aikuen grins and noses her, "I let you look into it. I know you like that kinda stuff. Im just glad you like it... That makes me feel all warm inside..." he fake shivers, "Hrm... may have to do something about that..." he grins evilly and opens his habit and wraps her up in it. So they are very close now. "Mahahah!" he laughs evilly and kisses softly.

Fira laughs as she's pulled in, kissing him back and closing the box to keep the necklace safe. She smiles at him "Mmmm...Come on, lets go cook that fish and hide out until we have to be parents again"

Aikuen winks at her, "Mmmm... you know exactly how to win an otters heart now dont yah! Just turn him into flub!" he laughs and then nods firmly, "I hear that! Come on... before they find out that we are gone... Hang on tight!" he chuckles as he hefts her up inside his habit. And as long she holds on around his neck, she wont have to do any walking, and still remain warm "Come on my precious green eyed love..." he starts to walk toward the kitchen, "Lets see what two heads can do... to damage the kitchen then!" and they both disappear, laughing together.