A Hunting Zurrgg log; also, Dora finds out about Camp Willow (It ends in Redwall, but starts in Mossflower Woods)

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Farm: Barn

The suffocating sadness only increases within the ancient barn. Its timbers gray and half-rotten, its a wonder this barn still stands, as it creaks with the slightest breeze. The floor is quite hard, scattered with a very thin layer of straw. And though its size is somewhat impressive, as its rafters stretch quite high, this only adds to the feeling of emptiness. An old ladder, with several missing rungs, is propped against the lip of what remains of the hay loft, at the far end of the barn.

Exits: [C]limb [L]adder, [E]xit

Badgers: Zinnia, female. Zee, male. Oz, male.

Mice: DoraRose, female. Emyuil, male.

Monitor lizards: Scarfang, male.

Rats: Thorn (she has returned!!), female.

Scarfang hissses as he just grins at the badgermaid,"This wil....be fun...masterssssssssssssss be pleased." He shows his fangs and claws.

Zee is hurting. His right leg broken and some padding on his arms and legs torn up, the arm bloodstained some and he is clearly out of breath and out of energy, he pants repeating "Just...run"

Zinnia frowns, she holds her father's blade at a poor angle as she shakes her head no, she looks at the monitor and tries not to shiver "B...Back, I will use this!"

Scarfang smirks and starts hissingly laughing, "You not hold blade right evenssssssss...." He steps closer "Yousssssss are lunch...."

Zee tries to get up again and grunts, He growls at the monitor and then coughs. His chest still hurting some... "Lass...just get...get out of here." He is not able to defend anyone right now.

Scarfang hissses as he bares his fangs, getting into the position to lunge at the badger maid, he then lets out a loud hiss and leaps right at her!

DoraRose has been exploring the woods, carrying her axe with her sword strapped to her back, and she has stumbled upon the barn. After carefully looking around it, she enters the room just in time to see the monitor lizard jump at the Recorder. Gasping, she hefts her axe and shouts, "Hey, stupid head!" as she charges forward, swinging at the lizard. Hopefully she'll get to him before her gets to the badgers.....

Zinnia screams and barely dives out of the way, claws do get her shoulder some, but not serious wound. He grips the blade even tighter and shivers, she hears Dorarose but doesn't shout out to her.

Zee manages to scoot a little away and looks to the entry when he hears the familiar voice.

Scarfang hisses as he is in between the two badgers and eyes them both, he then sees the Mousemaid and smiles at her baring his fangs "Come to die mousessssssssssssss?" He goes to slam his tail into her when the ax chops it clean off at the halfway point. Blood seeps and he hisses looking even more ticked "Mouse has deathsssss wishessssssss"

DoraRose leaps back a step and readies herself to swing again. "You're the one with a death wish!" She then charges again and swings twice, trying to batter him away from the badgers...or kill him. One of the two.

Zinnia frowns "Dora look out!"

Scarfang hissses as he decides the mouse mouse is more interesting to fight. Claws out he goes to try and swip a clawed paw at her!

Zee watches the fight he groans weakly and passes out, he can only hope he wakes to good news, thats if the monitor doesnt finish him off first.

DoraRose yells as she gets clawed on her arm, then swings her axe at his arm, trying to slice it off. "Zinnia! Get your Uncle out of here!!"

Zinnia frowns and shakes her Uncle fearing the worse "Uncle Zee!!!!!" She looks back to Dora "I...I can't it will kill you!"

Scarfang chuckles insanely, he goes to slice at her again with his claws and she does manage to make him lose a couple clawed fingers with a growl as blood rushes down his arm, he chuckles as he watches "Isssssss the old one deadsssss...isssssss he?"

DoraRose bares her teeth. Hold still! She swings her axe at the lizard's stomach to try and kill him, even as she barely manages to avoid getting cut with his claws again. "Just get him out of here!!" She's not anticipating the Recorder to actually help her kill the lizard, but strange things do happen.....

Zinnia looks at Zee and takes his pulse, relief when he has one and she goes to slowly drag him out of the barn.But she does come back into the barn and tries to sneak up behind the lizard and go to slice him across the back if she is able to. The swing is not the best, but it's possible it will hurt badly.

Scarfang grins "Mouse to die!!!" He hisses in pain as the ax cuts into his middle and goes to open his jaws to go and clamp down on the mousemaid, a move that normally kill...but before he goes to preform the deathly move his eyes widen in pain as a large gash forms on his back and he spins around to glare death at the badger maid and aims to slap her hard to knock her down or out!

DoraRose yells as his teeth barely miss her; she then takes this opportunity to drop her axe, hopefully on the lizard's foot, and to draw her sword. She goes to stab him in the back with it, then pulls it back and tries to slice his back open with it, then tries to stab him again.

Zinnia steps back and claws slice across one of her ears, slicing it half off and sends her stumbling to the floor where she is half dazed and groans, her father's blade slides a little ways from her.

Scarfang growls, he then hissses in pain as a blade sinks into his back, he tries to claw backwards and is stabbed again and then coughs up blood and sways falling sideways. He is losing a good deal of blood now as his eyes mist slightly but he still hissses and tries to crawl towards the badger maid to finish her off anyways as his brother said to kill her, but he moves slowly and coughs up more blood.

DoraRose steps forward and goes to slice his throat to finish him off! She also tries to kick the lizard in the chest 4 times, trying to dissuade him from hurting the Recorder.

Scarfang hissses as he is kicked, he gurgles as the blade goes across his throat and then is still. He is dead...killed by a mousemaid and some unskilled badger maid, this would not make a good story to tell for lizard kind.

Zinnia breaths in and out slowly, blood trickles down her face where one of her ears is half gone now and she coughs a little having had the breath knocked from her for a little while.

DoraRose takes a deep breath and lets it out sloooooowly. After cleaning her sword, she sheathes it and kneels beside the badgermaid. "Zinnia, are you alright? Please talk to me."

Zinnia manages to speak after a little while, "My...ear...and" She coughs and seems to be having a little trouble breathing but slow breaths help stop the panic as she slowly sits up and coughs again, "The...vermin...others here...were gonna kill him"

Zinnia says, "Knocked out...cat but some other...thing took him away"

DoraRose purses her lips and pulls a hankie out of her pocket. She just had to have left her haversack, with her first aid kit, at the edge of the clearing. Of course. "Here, put this to your ear and hold it there to stop the beelding. Did you see our sons?" She checks both badgers over for any serious wounds, then pulls out another hankie and starts wrapping it around her bleeding arm.

Zinnia shakes her head "I...shouldn't be out here but I was worried. We BOTH...need to get back, see if there is news...dangerous out here " She frowns "You hear about...Camp Willow?"

DoraRose gives the badger a blank look. "What happened to Camp Willow? I've been gone since last Saturday." A day or 2 before some of the survivors of the massacre started arriving at Redwall. "What....about it?"

Zinnia frowns "It's...gone some large horde or something burned it down and killed most of the otters and maybe the Skipper" She tenses up as she stands and coughs.

DoraRose just stares at the Recorder from her kneeing position. "....what?" She can barely believe this. "But.....there.....were so many otters there.....fighters, Warriors.....how...." she slumps back so she's sitting on her rump now. She can barely process this....

Zinnia frowns "I...don't know. Maybe we can check any news at the abbey and my Uncle needs a healer." She still has a little shortness of breath, darn asthma. She goes to pick up her father's blade and rubs a finger across it thinking of something and then frowns as a single tear goes down her face.

"But.....Caleb...." Dora covers her face. She is suddenly faced with a heart wrenching decision: try to find her son, or find out what's wrong in Camp Willow. After many minutes, she takes a shaky breath and stands. Dropping her paws from her face, she goes to give the badger a hug. "We....we WILL find our children. I promise. But right now we need to get you and Zee back home." This will not be an easy decision to make....

Zinnia nods and allows the hug "Yeah...Lets go" She will then try her best to get Zee back to the abbey, even if its slowly, maybe a strong abbey beast sees them soon and helps.

RW Abbey: Entry

You stand on a grassy sward between two cottages. To the south you see a small, calm pond. To the north lies an open space where the Abbey has its feasts in the warmer seasons. To the east is the Great Hall, a massive structure that rises far above the abbey walls and is completed with large towers that pierce upwards into the sky. The main building is completed with a large, iron banded door that would allow one into the Great Hall.

[It's springtime!]

     [G]reat [H]all      [C]limb to the [R]amparts      [A]bbey [P]ond
     [Ga]te [H]ouse      [Leave] through the gates      [Open] Ground
                         [C]hampion's [C]ottage

It took a really long time, but DoraRose is now knocking on the Abbey gates. Butterclaw met them on the dirt road with an inquiry from LilyMoore, but when he heard that the 2 were on their way back home, he flew off to find Emyuil.

Zinnia frowns and is holding her ear, luckily some strong abbey beasts did help them get Zee and get him on inside to the infirm.

Oz is by the entry with a group of dibbuns, who of course rush off to see what's going on. Oz frowns and slowly makes his way over "What is going on young ones...one at a time please...who is hurt?' He tilts his head and leaves the dibbuns with Sister Ginny as he walks towards where Zinnia and Dora are.

DoraRose walks into the Abbey and wearily lets a guard take her sword and axe. "Zinnia is hurt, so is Zee. We have not been able to find our sons."

Emyuil follows closely behind DoraRose, tired and frustrated. He stalks off towards the Champion's Cottage not trusting any other beast with his sword. He comes back shortly after and stands by DoraRose, slightly behind her.

Zinnia sighs as she heads to the infirm" I am going to the infirm, that's where Uncle Zee is now and is just my ear...I am fine" She then notices she still has her father's blade, well for now blades can be inside "Here." She hands it to Oz carefully and heads inside.

Oz starts to ask what happen when he blinks at what is handed to him and feels along the blade, "Why did...she have Zork's blade?" Yes he knows his brothers blade...duhhhhh.

Thorn slowly makes her way across the lawn, she has only just got back and is trying her best to avoid beasts. Its been so long, she stops and shrugs, speaking. "He told her to hold it?" Yeah she been gone awhile so has NO CLUE Zork died in the fall.

DoraRose stares oddly at the guard as he tells her that she can keep her weapons as long as she doesn't take them into the Abbey building because of a horrific threat. "Uuuhhhhhh....." She turns to Oz. "I think she used it after Zee was injured.....why am I suddenly allowed to keep my weapons? What's this threat about?" She spots the ratmaid and narrows her eyes. "You.....look familiar..." Shaking her head, she smiles wanly and turns back to the badger.

"Oh, I can keep my sword on me? Hmph." Emyuil sighs. He's really tired from scouring the woods with DoraRose and he rubs at one eye wearily.

Oz turns to the voice and walks over as he speaks "Due to Camp Willow being destroyed..." He stops before the rat "Thorn....is that you and...my brother died this past harvest time" He can explain later maybe what happen.

Thorn blinks, that's news to her "What...Zork died?" She frowns, she liked him and he was one of the few that always seemed to help her feel better.

"So long as ya don't take it into the Abbey buildin' proper, sir," The guard tells the male mouse politely. Rose steps forward and nods. "I'm afraid he did, Thorn. Have you seen the Abbot yet? I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see you." Turning back to the badger, Dora adds, "But how? How could Camp Willow be destroyed? You remember Camp Willow, don't you?" She asks her brother. "The place of the otters. How could it have been destroyed?" The last sentence is directed at the Badger Papa again.

Emyuil nods. "I remember. A tough bunch of river beasts. What happened, Oz?"

Oz frowns "Your grandmother may have some info, I was not there when the two otters came in. The champion Magramba should know as well." For now he keeps a hold of the sword, he does help with defense when needed, with some help of course.

Thorn looks between them and shrugs "He...may or may not. Someone mentioned some insane horde or something and how 'cause of that they were getting out of the area before this insane group came further into the area."

Oz tilts his head "Who was leaving the area?"

DoraRose shakes her head. (She still has her axe and sword.) "I'll make sure to ask them about it..." She turns and stares at the ratmaid. "Aye, who is leaving the area, and how do you know about it?"

Thorn frowns, too afraid maybe to say anything, she did hang out with the wildcat "Some...vermin guess they were afriad of a large group" She goes to sit on the steps going to the wall tops.

Oz listens and hmmms, "Well perhaps less to worry about. I heard you brought someone with you back to the abbey Thorn, is this true?"

"Hnn..." Emyuil gazes after Thorn for a moment and then returns his attention to DoraRose. "Wonder if those were the bandits we killed."

DoraRose shakes her head. "No, we defeated them easily. Camp Willow would have never fallen to such a pathetic band. It had to have been...an army." Her eyes widen and she grips the shaft of her axe tightly. "I was hoping the Abbey would have some peace..."

Thorn nods "A ...young mouse novice yeah, his name was Caleb...I mean is he is in the abbey somewhere some order beat took him...somewhere...why?" She frowns "There was another also...this other horde that was at the camp, a...well beast said they were insane and powerful and supposedly large"

Oz says, "The otters called these beasts that destroyed the camp demons, as I said more info be best gotten from Magramba or Angela, not the otters as it would be wise to let them have their space""

Emyuil freezes. "Caleb's here?" He's about to bolt off and find him, tired or no. He reaches over to hug DoraRose suddenly in excitement. Could end badly because she has an axe.

DoraRose whirls around and stares at the rat. Dropping her axe, she would rush towards the rat, but suddenly her brother is hugging her. "Caleb?! He's my son, where is he, is he okay, is he hurt?" The axe, fortunately, falls on the mouse mom's side that her brother is not on. All thoughts of doomed otters are forgotten at the idea that her son, her only son, is safe.

So, there's some good news!

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