Zurrgg Is Found, But Things Don't Go As Planed!!

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Zee had gone out hunt down the wildcat. Others can tend to the otter problems; he will tend to his own family. He too with him a small amount of food and some water as in spring one can find wild greens, berries and even mushrooms, as well as stream water.

Zurrgg and his band of beasts are nearby in a barn. The wildcat has called a meeting “We are going to the western shore trouble is brewing and it even sounds like too much for my taste, and we take the captives with us!”

One rat raises a paw “But…boss I though ya wanted Ferravale or sumthing, or..or the wood

Caleb is close by and just sighs as he listens, this is not going to end well and he knows it. He looks over at the badger “You awake?”

Xander nods slowly, “What you think is going to happen to us?”

Thorn shakes her head, why is she always one to watch something as she looks over at them idly poking a dagger into the wood floor of the loft,” Slaves knowing Zurrgg…” Its then she gets a good look at the mouse and frowns, “Your A Redwall Novice.”

Zee finds the barn and grips his staff, already unlocking and drawing the blade as he slips over to a door and peeks inside.

Zurrgg is seen with about 12 vermin as he slams his fist into a wooden box “Shut Up!!” He snorts “I have had enough of anything lately, ya can’t claim something and just lose it to insane beasts a few days later. Idiots…I work with idiots!!”

Also among them is a couple tall monitors and one steps forwards “ Overlook them master, leaving issssss good for usssssssssssss”

The other monitor nods “Yessss. I agree with Ripfang. We shall…”Scarfang sniffs the air as he hisses “We have company master.”

Caleb frowns as he and the badger can hear some of what is said “Company? Someone from the abbey you think?” He looks at the rat maid “What of it, why would you care?”

Xander shrugs, “Maybe?” He seems unsure. He looks between Caleb and Thorn quietly.

Thorn glares, “Just asked as that’s a novice robe ok and..just forget it” She hmmphs and goes to leave back downstairs.

Zee does his best to stay out of sight and sneak to another way in, a window maybe if he is lucky enough to find one, he frowns as he sees one up high and sighs, “Has ta be a 2nd darn door”

Zurrgg narrows his eyes and gets his crossbow, on his back he has Zee’s blade, his own blade with another vermin beast he trusts. “Well let’s welcome our visitors shall we?”

Scarfang grins as this seems to excite him.

The rest of the vermin of rats, weasels and a fox get ready to attack whomever this visitor is.

Caleb frowns “Wait…I didn’t mean to be mean and you did sound concern. My name is Caleb..son of the Master Healer of Redwall. Whats your name?” He even smiles faintly.

Xander frowns, “Someone is going to get hurts, I don’t want anyone hurts.”

Zee finds a back door and slips into it as quietly as he can and looks around. He stays alert and narrows his eyes “I know some beast be here, I am not a fool Zurrgg”

Zurrgg steps out of hiding, he nods to Ripfang ”Get the badger cub will you” He grins to the older badger “ If it isn’t Zee Winters.” He snaps his fingers as his gang go to surround the old badger.

Ripfang snickers and goes to get Xander, upon getting to where he is he goes to grab him”Come heresssssssssss brat….”He does unlock the chain he is on as well and will take him to Zurrgg.

Thorn manages to get out “Thorn…” Then screams and quickly backs up as she sees the monitor lizard.

Xander whimpers as the lizard grabs him by his robes and has a scared look when he is carried off.

Caleb frowns and backs off best he can being chained to a post. He starts to cry “I..I wanna go home now.”

Zee narrows his eyes and points with the blade he has “That crossbow is not yours, nor is de blade on ya back, nor is my nephew or any other beast ”He forms a growl in his throat.

Ripfang brings the badger cub Xander down and looks to Zurrgg and then Zee as he goes to make sure the cub doesn’t escape.

Zurrgg smirks, he then speaks “Now we have fun!!!” Snap of his fingers and the band of friends the wildcat has is attacking the badger, he looks to the badger cub ”You can watch…your first lesson, one of death and being a fool!”

Xander struggles best he can against the monitor ”Nooo!” He tries to bit the monitor and kick with all his might.

Thorn frowns, she backs up and looks to Caleb and makes a last moment decision and pulls out her lock pick things and picks the lock and then rushes towards the window and throws down a rope ladder “Ya coming or just sitting there! We need to leave!”

Caleb frowns and looks down to where the others are and gulps, he knows better than to try and get down there and quickly goes to the rope ladder and will follow Thorn “I’m coming. I am coming but we need to get help to Zee and Xander!”

Thorn frowns, “That might be hard, Zurrgg has 2 monitors and himself, and like 12 others it be suicidal..” Yeah the same for her running off with a captive, she is most likely a dead beast, but whats done is done and she is not turning back now,” Come on Caleb need to get the abbey…now!!!!”

Caleb sighs and follows her, looking back once and then to where ever the rat maid is going as he chooses to trust her.

Meanwhile the wildcat looks pleased as the beasts go full on attack on Zee.

Zee growls and cuts down one rat and then a 2nd rat panting some as he sidesteps a blow from a weasel and slices at it’s chest.

Scarfang hisses and goes to slam his tail against the old badger’s legs, unless the badger moves out of the way.

Xander can only watch helpless to get loose from Ripfang grip.

Zinnia has by sheer luck found the barn, she missed the escaping Caleb and Thorn as she peers in the doorway and her eyes go wide at what she sees, she cups a paw over her mouth so she doesn’t scream.

Two rats die and the weasel gets a deadly gash and falls twitching to the floor of the barn and groans. But the other 9 beasts ae still here.

Zee tenses and falls forwards when the monitor’s tail slams into his legs and takes a deep breath and slowly stands up. He barely avoids a stab to the side, and one blade clanks against the armor he has on his chest, padding on his upper arms and legs.

Zurrgg growls, “ He is mine!” He rushes forward and dropping the crossbow he gets the blade and draws it, he swings it at the badger’s lower arm and head!

Ripfang watches, this is fun for him to watch as he keeps the badger cub at bay. He is much stronger than a young badger is, that could change in a few seasons but for now he is stronger.

Zinnia watches in horror at the fight but stays where she is ducked behind a hay barrel and peeks around for any signs of Caleb.

Zee growls as the wildcat gets closer to him, he feels the cut on his arm and goes to slice back at the wildcat as well. A rat gets a lucky slice on his leg as he yelps out in pain and kicks the rat into the barn wall hard enough to kill it as he starts to pant a little more.

Scarface hisses and goes to try and slam sideways into Zee if he can and throw him off balance.

Zurrgg just chuckles as a line of blood forms on his shoulder, he then slices at the badger’s arm padding, aiming to loosen it or cut some padding off.

Zee is slammed sideways and ooofs as he hits the ground rather hard. The wildcat manages to slice through the padding on one of his arms and draws blood that soaks through the rest of that padding and some goes down his arm to his elbow. A rat gets a good stab on his lower arm, but he rewards the rat by beheading it.

Scarface grins and laughs at the badger,”Stripedog issssss old, maybe too old to livessssssssssssssss” He looks to his Master.

Zurrgg shrugs , “I agree Scarface, he is…do make him feel pain but do not kill him, I wish to do that.”

Zee grunts and slowly goes to get up and snarls at whoever is left that dares to go near him ”Where is me nephew!..w..where is the other lad as well!” He is angry.

Zinnia looks around for something, anything she can find to throw at the lizard, either lizard works.

Scarface lunges at the badger claws and fangs are out and aiming to cause pain. He also has his powerful tail to slam into the old badger.

Xander feels tears go down his face as he watches this, he looks at the ground after a while.

Zurrgg smirks and grins, just watching the fun.

Zee grunts as he is slammed back to the floor of the barn, he goes to get up and the tail slams into his leg and a snap is heard as he yells out in pain and falls onto his back. His arm quickly goes to protect his neck as the monitor bites into his arm he kicks out at the lizard with most likely the last bit of his strength.

Scarface growls and is kicked off, he rolls and then is on all fours and hissing loudly as he looks ready to kill, but holds back that urging for his master he obeys.

Zee lays on the floor of the barn panting and out of energy now, his chest hurts and his arm and leg is bleeding and his right leg is very possibly broken. Some padding on his arms and legs is torn some thanks to monitor claws but it did do its job of protecting the badger from serious injuries.

Zurrgg walks forwards and smirks “You lost” He says quietly and turns to Ripfang ”Take the badger brat elsewhere, he doesn’t need to watch me kill his uncle. Take him to where we discussed last night…” He stops when a fox comes up and whispers, he growls “Escaped!..” He then chuckles “We will get them back and the rat maid will die, never trust teens, they turn on you.” The fox nods and back off. Zurrgg still has Zee’s blade but he tosses it on top of the hay barrel Zinnia is behind and grabs the loaded crossbow and aims it at Zee, “I shall….end your pain, as well as your life” He sounds so calm its sickening.

Xander struggles and kicks, bites as he says “You gonna pay..when I get older I kill you cat!!”

Ripfang nods and takes the struggling and screaming cub away.

Zinnia frowns, she can’t face a monitor but maybe she Zee, then find help to track down where ever others are going. She reaches up and grips her father’s blade and slides it towards her, she holds it and using the handle as she carefully holds it she goes to slam it against the back of Zurrgg’s head as she tries to sneak up behind him.

Zee looks up at the wildcat, he couldn’t stop that bolt or move aside if he wanted to. His eyes widen when he sees whom is behind the wildcat and gives out a weak..”Noooo.”

The other vermin, now about 3-4. A fox and a couple rats and a weasel watch, one starts to alert Zurrgg to the badger behind him.

Scarfang hisses and stands to his full height, his eyes land on Zinnia, but he stays where he is for now.

Zurrgg misunderstands the noo for weakness and smirks, he aims and then drops the crossbow, the bolt flies and hits the fox full in the chest, well the fox is dead that’s for sure as he falls sideways out cold. He was clearly not expecting a helper to show up.

Zinnia tenses and looks the vermin still here, she looks to her Uncle Zee and stepping over the wildcat she holds her father’s blade in front of her, not too well and starts to get a little shaky ”Ba..back away from him”

About this time Ripfang reappears and hisses low, “Brother…”He says to Scarfang, “Kill her” He says. He does not have Xander with him as he goes forwards and scoops up his unconcious master and simply walks out, if the 2 rats and weasel decide to stay that’s up to them, not himself. He is getting Zurrgg out of here, the badger maid as far more to worry about than himself and the older badger is in no shape to help anyone right now. And disappears out the door and into the woods.

Zee coughs as he looks at Zinnia, he is not able to get up and protect her, “Zinnia…wot ya …ya doing. Just go…forget me and take ya father’s blade and get…get outta here lass”

Scarfang grins and looks at the badger maid, his claws are out as is his fangs. “Stripedog …goingssssssssss to die now…hhehehehhehehhhehehehe!!!!” He has a crazed look on his face.

Zinnia gulps, she is scared and its clear as she tightens her grip on her father’s blade and watches as the other monitor leaves with the wildcat, she answers her Uncle, “I..I can’t leave you…I can’t. I won’t!!” Tears go down her face as she is not a fighter, she knows a couple simple blocks and that’s it.

Zee just frowns, he can barely manage to half sit up, he is useless right now to stop an attack from a monitor and if the other 3 beasts join in, well….this could end badly for both of them.

---To Be continued !!!!!---

What will happen, Where did that one monitor take Zurrgg and Xander? And where is Caleb and Thorn ?! find out in a future log coming very soon!!!!=