A Good Night's Sleep

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Characters: Kentar, Aikuen

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Infirmary

Kentar is sitting next to the otter's cot, rocking little Ella in his arms as she sleeps. He's humming a soft tune that always gets Chris to sleep when he can't and it seems to work on baby otters too. He's glad that Aik and Fira finally got some sleep and he's also amazed at how Robin managed to get here to the abbey and back without rest.

Aikuen slightly stirs and he hrms in the middle of it all. Still holding the paw of his love. He was out like a light once he finally got to sleep. He had a very odd dream. Something about a bloodied sword. And a large round shield. And a beast. But he couldn't tell who it was. But he felt... comfortable just being around this beast. Strange. After the dream is over he awakes with a start, "Wuzzat?" he blinks and rubs his redden eyes. Still unaware of things. Those blissful seconds of ignorance before realty set in.

Kentar looks up slowly at the otter and tilts his head slowly to one side. "Are you okay Aikuen?" he asks quietly, the stoat turning towards the otters now, still rocking Ella slowly in his arms.

Aikuen blinks up at the stoat and he takes a deep breath, "How is she?..." first things first. He goes to lean on his paws looking up at the little one. Who has stopped coughing for about an hour or so. But she is still responsive. A VERY good sign. Aik rubs her head a little bit.

Kentar smiles a little and rocks the little otter some more. "she's doing really well. She's napping. Hasn't been coughing for about an hour. And she's still responsive. So." he smiles. "See Aik? We told you I could take care of this." he nods. "Sleep well?

Aikuen sighs and smiles a bit, "She is... Thank the..." he hrms, and rubs his head, "She is doing much better then... And it was Amy who got me to let go of her... Surprising. I'm just glad that she will live... And nothing permanent will stay... I am not a bad father..." even though it wasn't his fault at all. He takes another deep breath, "I had a very strange dream..."

Kentar blinks. "Amy?" he asks before chuckling a little, making a note to hug her later on. "Well. I'm glad you did let go of her. You really needed that sleep." he nods slowly before laughing quietly. "What ever made you think you were a bad father? What happened wasn't your fault." he says before tilting his head. "What was the dream?" he asks.

Aikuen nods, "Aye... she called me a wonderful father... It really surprised me. Coming from her. As she has this loathing for otters. Just made me... feel like everything was going to be alright..." he hums a quickly, "Its just that... i don't know. She, getting sick. Felt like i could have done something to stop it..." he shakes his head, "She is better..." he nods, "I cant really explain it... It was weird. There was table. A sword and shield... and a shadow beast..."

Kentar hrms and nods a little. "Yeah. Well. I agree with her. about you being a wonderful father. You really are." he nods before shaking his head. "Nothing you could have done. Just a trip outside could get anyone sick. Look at Robin. He got a cold from the snow." he chuckles before hrming a little bit. "Sounds odd. But then again, I once had a dream I was being chased by a giant cake." he hrms.

Aikuen nods a bit, "Thank you... I just need to hear that from time to time i guess... And i know. I know its not my fault. Just. How i feel about things... I cant help it. I'm overly protective..." he blinks and would laugh but cant, "A giant cake? Hope he ate yah..." he smiles a bit, "My dream was weird... The sword was bloody. With fresh blood. And when i touched it..." his body shakes, "I heard the voices... of... those it has killed..."

Kentar blinks a little bit and hehs. "Actually, I fell off a cliff in the dream." he then hrms a bit, frowning. "Those sorts of dreams aren't nice." he says. "But don't worry, Aik. It was only a dream." he nods a little.

Aikuen tilts his head, "You fell of a cliff? That's not very good. Even in a dream..." he looks around a bit, "There is more to my dream... When i touched the shield... it got even weirder... I heard laughing. Joyful laughing... Of Fira. But it wasn't... it was deeper sounding. And precise... And it made me happy.... I could feel the beast... smiling... That when i woke up..."

Kentar hms a little bit and tilts his head. "I try not to explain dreams." he nods before hrming at Aik's dream description. "Not sure what it could mean. But I tend to think of dreams as someone's...trying to tell you something." he shrugs. "Maybe your being told to touch bloody swords while beasts are laughing just so you can be happy?" he shrugs.

Aikuen nods very slowly, "That's what i think... Or maybe i was just having nightmares due to Ella being sick... That might be it... And i don't think it was that..." he smirks. And then frowns. He didn't tell Kentar that the sword in his dream. The bloody one. Was his, "Anyway... You got any rest?"

Kentar nods a little. "Yeah. Probably." he hrms with a shrug. "Well. Whatever the dream meant. Sure it was something for the better." he nods. "You want to hold Ella again?" he asks. "I thought you would have already asked by now." he nods.

Aikuen nods again. But doesn't say anything more about it. He goes to sit up correctly, "Yes... Oh yes..." he holds out his paws for Ella to be placed in it, "Give her here... I miss her..." he chuckles, "I saw she was in good paws. Why i didn't ask yet..."

Kentar ahs and hrms a little. He holds her away from Aik just for a sec. "My otter!" he laughs, handing over Ella carefully. "There you go!" he smiles. "Well. Thanks Aik. I've got three. I'd better have her in good paws." he smirks.

Aikuen frowns a bit at Kentar, "Uh... Give her here! Please!" he grins and when he gets her he just smiles, "Hello. My little darling... My rudderkin..." he licks the top of her forehead, and she hrms before napping again. Aikuen smiles deeply, "I love you dearly..." He is lost in his daughter for the time being. Please leave a message.

Kentar laughs and watches the otter, shaking his head. "Silly beast!" he leans over to poke Aik's nose with a nod. "Hey Aik! Aik! Helllloooooo?" he laughs, standing up and heading over to Robin, checking to make sure he's still napping. And. He is. So, Kentar returns to his seat and watches Aik.

Aikuen is still just smiling up a storm at her. So glad that she is so much better. The poke of the nose gets a little grr from Aik. But he is still intrigued. But when Kentar returns he does say something, "OH... Sorry... Just... Happy..." he smiles warmly.

Kentar smiles and nods a little. "Yeah. Its good. You need to be happy after the few days you've had." he chuckles. "With Ella being sick and all." he nods. "Anyways. Aik. I was wondering." he nods. "If you can pry yourself away from Ella and the infirmary...to go for a walk." he nods. "Something I'd like to show you."

Aikuen chuckles, "She is my livelihood... As are all my girls..." he glance over to Fira for a second, "Pry me away? For what?" Its going to take some good reason to get him away from her.

Kentar chuckles. "Yeah, I know how you feel." he nods before frowning. "I want to show you something, I said." he nods. "You've been in here for days. You need to get out!" he laughs.

Aikuen blinks, "But. She just got better. Or getting better. What do you want to show me? And its cold..." he adds at the end. Just for kicks.

Kentar sighs. "I can't tell you what I want to show you here." he nods. "We'll do it tomorrow then. But you'd better come!" he smirks slightly, sitting back into his chair.

Aikuen eyes him a little bit, "Not even going to give me a hint then? Okay... Tomorrow. And depends if Fira is up. Of course..." he nudges her, and she blinks and hrms quietly.

Kentar shakes his head. "I can't hint." he nods before looking at Fira. "She'll be napping! I'm make sure of that!" he laughs before yawning slightly. "Mhm. Sorry." he nods.

Aikuen leans a little forward, "Come on... just a little one... for Ella?" why not. He looks by to his lovely wife, "She might not. When she finds out Ella is better... She will be all over her!" he nudges her again, and this time Fira says, "Stop. Or else ill bite your rudder off..." she smirks. Aik looks back over to Kentar, "Tired? You can sleep now... if you wish..."

Kentar sighs. "Alright! One hint." he looks around, hoping Garnet isn't here. And she's not. "I'm making something special for Garnet." he nods before leaning back to his chair. "That's all I'm saying!" he then laughs. "Yeah. I'm tired. I stayed up all night, watching Ella. I need sleep." he yawns again.

Aikuen ahs and smiles at Kentar, "Ah... A little gifty-gift? Not copying me are you?" he then nudges the stoat, "Well then... you can have some rest. You and robin... and everyone... deserves it... We really needed it to get through..." he smiles.

Kentar nods and chuckles a little. "No, I'm not." he nods. "Anyways. Yeah. A nap would be great." he stands up. "I'll nap in here incase you need anything." he nods, heading over to an empty cot and making it not so empty by laying down and pulling the covers over.

Aikuen says, "Well then take a nap... I okay. But i think i can handle her until Fira wakes up... Night Kentar..." he grins and chuckles. Before looking back over to Ella and rocking her slightly, "Love yah... Love Venei.. and i love Fira of course..." he laughs quietly. Just so happy again.