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Characters: Amethyst, Flicktail, Gurmble

Location: Redwall Abbey

Redwall Abbey: Infirmary

Amethyst enter the infirmary from the hall. She's benn helping the abbeybeasts round up the dibbuns for bed. Now that Clenal is finally asleep safe and snug in Aikuen's old room the rat is going on shift once again in the infirmary.

Flicktail looks around and tries to swing his footpaws sown "oi can't stand ta lay ere no more.”

- - -- - A soft thump comes from the doorway, followed by the heavy tread of someone wandering through the infirmary. By footsteps alone, it sounds like a rather big beast, grumbling and muttering to itself as it approaches. When the curtain is drawn back, a mole shuffles through the door sideways, under one big arm an iron-bound cask. He's got greying fur and a scowl that looks like it could burn the skin off paint. He stops and glares about ferociously for a moment, then sets down the cask with care, diggin' claws scraping gently on the wood. "Burr, Am oi in the roight place, wort?"

Amethyst walks over to the white fox and champion of Redwall. "Want me t ask if I can take yew outside?" the blind healer asks,"Know yer legs work but they may want yew ina wheeled chair anyway." Ame blinks at the new voice something about it sounds familiar. "Depends," she says not bothering to face the mole as it would do her little good, "where yew 'spectin' t be?

Gurmble flexes his diggin' claws, "Firm'ry! Smells loike th'firm'ry..." says the mole, scratching at his nose, "Told ter bring the phisick 'ere.

Amethyst nods a bit, "This is th infirmary. Phisick goes in with th other things behind th desk in th other room, where they do th stitchin' an such. It's not too hard t find."

Flicktail nods to Ame 'tyhank ye Marm, oi'd loikes ta get up' he loks at the mole "well ello there sir...welcome..oi'd shake yer paw..but both o mine be in slings.”

Amethyst goes off to ask one of the other healers how to go about moving the fox while the mole hopefully will take the phisick where it belongs. Seeing a big barrel full so near by may upset the patients.

Flicktail shuffles with some help 'wot bne the weathe routside ame?

Amethyst says, "Still a bit warm but it's getting cooler every day. Billy and the others have been gone most of th summer. I hope they come back before this season's over as well. Never said ow long they'd be gone. Never much liked waitin'. Roses down in th gardens are startin' t fall off their stems. Mine are probably as bad if not worse by now back home."

Flicktail says, "Oi ear e Abbot wants ta name e seaosn...e season o Returning."

"Summer o Returning? Why not most don't use those names outside Redwall too much anyhow. Think if Moledeep was t use its own names I'd call it Summer o th Sailors or something like that. An maybe by harvest I can use 'Autumn o th Squirrel' unless something more important happens. Doubt it though. They're coming back would only be equally important," the rat says supporting the fox as they descend the stairs to the open ground.

Flicktail moves with her, his legs weak but enough to support him.....with help "a bitto e right Ame.”

Open Ground

Flicktail breathes deeply "ohhh the air smells so GOOD ta be out

Amethyst nods, "Yes it does. It's dark now. Can you walk alright in the dark?" the rat asks.

Flicktail says, "Oi ken wi you. "

Flicktail says, "Oi wish ya coudl see e stars Ame..ave ya ever seen stars? i mean coudl ya ever see?"

Amethyst smiles, "You should be careful how you say things Flicktail. Yer lucky we're family an /my/ husband knows you well enough to not mind." She walks with him a bit then slows a little when she asks about her sight. "When I was little I did. I born able t see. Lost that when I was what you call a dibbun. A very little one. I remember it some. Used to be able to remember it better then I do now though. Billy helped a lot with that. We'd watch th sun come up lot of mornings. He'd tell me what it looked like so I could see the colors with him. "He'd better not have done something stupid while he's off who knows where. ... He does do things like that sometimes. Takes after his father I think. How else could he have though jumping off a cliff was a good idea. That's how he broke his arm me my both my legs. He's as bad as Aik sometimes." she shakes her head.

Flicktail says, "well if you ever wont Ame...oi beglad to do at wi ya...but oi know it be special between you and yer usband....Sometimes Oi try too ard because oi like doin noice things."

"Yes .... but I don't think he'd mind too much if you did since he can't. ..... Think he'll like th little squirrel I took in? I had to yew see. He sorta picked me. And yew have far too many. If he hadn't of picked me I'd 'ave had to steal him from yew. Yew can't have all th little ones fer yerself."

Flicktail drifts off to sleep as the rat is talking. He wakes a while later and she helps him back up to the infirmary.