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Originally written by Kevarr, revised and updated by Ajax.

Home Sweet Home

So you're tired of waking up in the Crevasse? Is your character homeless? You just want a nice little place of your very own? +Community might be exactly what you're looking for.

So What Is It?

+Community is a command that has been around for a while, but which is considerably underused for the features it offers. What is does for you is this:

You can use the +community command in a room that has been +community enabled to get your own room automatically created and linked into the +community room. Most rooms have something in their descs that tell you the room is one in which you can use +community. This gives you a home of your very own without having to go through getting a region owner to set one up for you and/or join someone else's group. This is great for folks with characters that just need a place out in the woods to live.

Calling All Builders

If you are an area builder, and you'd like to be able to have people live in your area without the hassle of having to set them up and link them in:

You can enable +community on your own rooms! You'll have control over how many exits you want per room, and just who can use +community in that room.

I'm a Player. How Do I Use This +Community Thing?

If you find a room that is +community enabled that you would like to join, and that you are also elligible to join (in the case of +skills or species locked communities) type +community in the room. This will give you information on the room itself, such as the description of the community, how many community exits are allowed total, and how many have already been used.

If there are exits available, type +community #join here. This will create a default room, an exit from the +community room that defaults to your character's name, and an exit from the default room back out into the +community room. Boom, you've got the foundation for your own home. Neat, eh?

But you're not done. The default room created for you isn't going to have any sort of IC description. It's just a blank room with a default desc. On top of that, your exits are pretty ugly, aren't they?

You can take care of the exits by renaming them. For example, if Kevarr joined a community, her default exit into her room will be [Kevarr], and her default exit out of the room will be simply out. However, if I wanted the exit into the room to say '[K]evarr's [H]ouse', and the exit out of the room to say [O]utside, I could change my default exits by typing '@name kevarr=[K]evarr's [H]ouse;kh' and @name out=[O]utside;o.

On top of that, the name of your default room is probably ugly too. You change that using the same command. Just type @name here=Name You Want.

You can change that tacky default desc by typing '@desc here=Your room's description'. You can also use lsedit if you're familiar with it to make your desc longer and more spiffy.

Woo. You've just made a home for yourself. You can even build additional rooms onto your default +community room if you like (though please keep in mind the theme of the +community owner's room. Giant castles will probably be frowned upon!)

One thing to keep in mind--Your character can only be part of one community at a time. If you go to a different community and type +community #join, it will unlink your home from your old community and relink it at the new one. So no summer houses for you, sorry!


Once you have completed and customized your new home to your desire, its time to roomtype. The information on how can be found here: http://rwmuck.limitless.org/rwmuck/content/prepping-land-weather-and-flying

I'm a Builder. How Do I Use This +Community Thing?

To enable +community on a room you own, type the following: +community #create dbref # of room=short description of your community=how many +community exits you want to allow at any one time

It's usually a good idea to spread your +community areas over several rooms if you anticipate a large number of people joining. This makes the rooms look far less messy, and gives your members more options, as well as looking more realistic.

Remember that, as room owner, you can @chown and rename any exits in your room. A +community created exit from your room will look like this: [Exitownersname].

To remove individual exits from your room (say if the owner was idle purged, or the link leads somewhere OOC, such as a big rubber castle), and thus free up links for other potential community members, type +community #revoke exit-name. This will remove the exit automatically from your room and community count.

If you decide you no longer want this room to be a +community enabled room, type +community #delete room dbref #. This will make it so no one else can join your community, or use +community commands. It will, however, save any exits that were made prior to deleting the +community, so members won't have to worry about suddenly losing their homes. If you want to delete the exits as well, use the +community #revoke command.

What +Community Rooms are Available on the MU?

The following is a list of +community enabled areas, directions on how to get there, and limitations (if any) of who can join that +community. If you have a +community room you'd like listed here or know of any, please page Ajax on MU or leave him a page #mail. Or you can add the community yourself, by clicking on the link below and then editing the "+Community Room Listings" page.

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