The Lexicon

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Words in Italics are unique to redwall.


Woodlander - A beast who eats primarily plants and fish, having a pleasent demeanor and are not prone to mindless or rash violence. The heroes of many of the Redwall novels.

Vermin - Beasts who favor meat above other foods and are cruel, violent, greedy, and bad tempered by nature. These beasts are always presented as the villians of the Rewall novels.

Port side - The left side of a ship.

Starboard side - The right side of a ship.

Stern - The back of a ship.

Bow - The front of a ship.

Keel - The bottom of a ship.


Greensap Milk - a milk like substance that is make out of certain plants and roots, usable exactly like milk. used to make cheese and meadow cream.

Farl - A forth of a scone

Beer - alcohol made with barley malt and flavored with hops

Ale - Alcohol made with wheat malt and flavored with hops

wine - fermented fruit juice

Rum - Alcohol distiled from fermented molasss or sugar cane

Mead - Alcohol made from fermented honey


Parchment - the skin of an animal used for writting on

Paper - The beaten fibers of plants screened into a thin sheet to use for writting


Baldric - a belt worn across the chest, normaly ornamental, that holds a sword or other heavy instrament

Scabard - A sheath for a dagger or a sword

Bandoleer - a belt fitted with small pouches and pockets, ussualy worn over the chest by soldiers.

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