Setting up your Character

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Setting up your Character

So, you've logged in as a guest! Now what?

Well, you've got to flesh out your character! There a number of values to set on your character: Name, Species, Age, Description, Password, Secret Phrase, and Email.

For inputting your character values, you have two options!

Character Setup rooms.

When you log on as a Guest, you will find yourself in the Welcome Room. At the bottom of your screen you will see three exits. These exits are: [CHARACTER SETUP], [START], and [PORTAL].

If you type [CHARACTER SETUP], you will enter a series of rooms which will take you through each character value. They will describe them much as I am going to do and allow you to set each value.


If you would rather not traverse through the character setup rooms, you can alternatively use the +set command.

The +set command follows this format: +set (setting)=(change). I will give you an example of how each of your character values would be set.

+set name=Bob

+set species=Fox

+set age=Adult

+set desc=Bob is an adult fox.

+set Pword=Banana

+set Secret=What do monkeys like to eat?


Pretty simple, huh? At this point, if you feel you don't need any further explanation of the character values, you can type +pcreate me and you'll be done. However, if you would like a little more information on each of the character values, read on!

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