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Rules are everyone's favorite thing. That's why I'm going to set out a list of them right off the bat.

  1. You must be a vermin species. This one is controversial on the Muck these days, and you can be a baddie without being a vermin species if you want, but that's not what this group is for. We're bad vermin. Like the books.
  2. Your IC actions should always make sense ICly. Your character should not do something that they would not reasonably believe would have a positive outcome in their favor. For instance, unless your character had a deathwish, they would not attack a group of ten armed woodlanders by themselves. It doesn't make any sense. If they only saw one woodlander and the other nine emerged after they attacked, that's a different story, but your IC actions should always be reasonable. "But my character is mentally unstable." Then it makes sense for them to do things that wouldn't make sense for other people. It needs to make sense in the mind of the character or it doesn't fly. If your character acts mentally unstable, though, we will treat them as such, and if deemed a risk to the group at large, your character is likely to be removed (again, it makes sense).
  3. You should never have IC knowledge of information that you gained OOCly. Just because you know so-and-so has their character in such a place does not mean that your character knows that same information. There are ways to gain that information, but you must do it ICly. No magic scouts, no flying NPC spies, no smelling a strange odor on the wind from miles away. If it's not likely or even possible, then don't try to pull that sort of stunt in RP.
  4. If another character inside or outside the group tries to pull some sort of the above on you, then you should call them out on it OOCly and inform them that you will ICly proceed as if their breach of RP etiquette had not occurred. You will also make note of the time, take screenshots, and notify me personally. This is not good RP, it's not good etiquette, it's not good behavior, and I will not tolerate it being done to the members of my group. I will go to bat for you to the highest level of administration if it becomes an issue.
  5. You may not be all-powerful. This should go without saying, but I've seen it happen too many times on the Muck. You can't win every fight. You can't dodge every arrow. You can't know things you shouldn't know. You can't be a flawless, titanic myth of a villain. You may be powerful, and this group is all about real, empowered villains, but make sure that you balance things out. We've all RPed with the traveling swordmaster/harpist/blacksmith/tinker/tailor/soldier/spy. It's no fun to RP with someone who has no quirks, no character flaws. It's the same as having a conversation with a know-it-all. You just end up frustrated. Let's not do that to our fellow players.
  6. You cannot secretly and magically sneak a group of woodlanders into our midst and become a double-agent. You can attempt to do so, but you must do it ICly. You cannot simply arrive with a group of woodlanders and say that you informed on the group and knocked out the guards, etc.
  7. For now, you may only have one character in the group. This may change later as the group picks up more speed and we have more good guys who want to conflict with us, but for now I want to limit the ratio of players to characters so that we don't end up playing against ourselves.
  8. You may not spoof hordes of underlings. This is another rule that may change later, but for the time being, 90% of our group interactions will occur via actual characters. This is one of the things that will make this group special, and hopefully, a success. Spoofed hordes are a dime a dozen. We want to give people the chance to play against real, interesting villains.
  9. You may not invade Redwall or similar locations by yourself. It's simply not feasible. Someday we may get involved in a TP where we attack the Abbey, but that is a long ways down the road, if ever.

This is not an exhaustive list: all members of the group are expected to abide by the rules of the Muck and established RP etiquette (if you don't know, try checking the help guides on this site. They're really quite informative and will go a long way to helping you understand how to be a player that others enjoy playing with). These are simply the items that I felt important for our group to take extra care with, and more may be added or subtracted as time goes by.