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The Family Soulslash and the Ruingate Regency welcome you to the homepage of Ruingate!

Ruingate employs a city principle, in that each citizen can feel free to create their own RP within the walls, set only within the constraints of city life and law. The RP is freeform, welcoming, and open for innovation from all members, and even visitors. Membership is not a dedication of IC loyalty or duty, but a way to enter into a community that is vital and will stay vital with the help and skill of each player. While woodlanders are not disallowed from entering, the city is almost entirely vermin, so prejudices are hardly unknown.

Founded by Lord Merdez Soulslash, the city is now ruled by his son Jirael. Jirael and his wife, Bree, are the Lord and Lady Regent; they represent the supreme executive, military and legal authority in the city.

Beneath the Regent are the Commander of the Navy (Galesaber), Commander of the Army (Slaughterthane), and the Commander of the Guard, who keep order on a more direct level. Ruingate's Army and Guard police the city, making sure that lawbreakers don't get away with their deeds (unless they are quick enough). Ruingate's Navy has access to the world's waterways via the Broadstream.

We hope that you will consider Ruingate should you make a character you'd feel would be enjoyable to play. Feel free to direct any questions, comments or concerns to Jessy or Violet on the MUCK.

We have a +skills group! '+skills apply ruingate' to join, and contact Jessy on the MUCK to be granted.

Directions to Ruingate: Portal, pnl, then upstream all the way to the source of the Broadstream. The Rocky Pass leads to Ruingate.