Order of Mauvais

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De l'ombre vient de nos gloires...

This society is a highly-guarded one. Its members do not know each other by sight, except for the current Seigneur. A member is known as an Ombre. In most cases, the Seigneur is the one who initiated the Ombres. This is because a Seigneur does not pass on its reign until death. And since the society is such a well-kept secret, a Seigneur does not often die prematurely. The Ombres are chosen for specific reasons, be it their talents or their positions with a community. Why the Ombres are chosen and just how many Ombres there are is at the discretion of the Seigneur only. The Ombres are chess pieces, and the Seigneur is the only one who can see the whole chessboard. To be tapped for the Order of Mauvais is to play a part in something great, something that will guarantee your name in history books if you swear fidelity to the Seigneur and the Order. The code is as follows:

  1. Silence must never be broken.
  2. Loyalty must never be forsaken.
  3. Questions must never be asked.

Absolute adherence to this code is demanded of the Ombres. In silence, they may never speak of the society to others nor attempt to search out fellow members. In loyalty, they must always obey the Seigneur. Never must they question the Seigneur, or try to unravel their part in the greater scheme by asking the Seigneur. In trusting the Seigneur, they will be rewarded when the day comes.

Just who founded the Order of Mauvais is unknown. Its current Seigneur is certainly not the first. Generally, the Seigneur contacts each Ombre individually in the dead of night and only when there will be no witnesses. But under certain circumstances, the Seigneur might summon together the Ombres in an undisclosed location. The Ombres are never permitted to speak during these rare meetings, and their identities are kept shrouded from each other in robes.

The morality of this society is purposefully ambiguous. There is a darker edge to its doings, but the Ombres themselves are not necessarily good or evil. They could be anyone, of any species or disposition.

If you are interested in the Order of Mauvais, contact Verahgo.