Moles' Hill Village

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A formerly coal rich hill at the edge of the plains overlooks the village of Moles' Hill. A large gash in the side of the hill shows where industrious moles have dug out what coal they could before taking their operations elsewhere. The village that grew up nearby to support the effort remains, however.

The village is small, the dwellings numbering only about a dozen houses, for the most part dug partially into the slopes of the hills. They are stone and clay constructions, the stone being readily available from the nearby dig, and with thatched roofs. Freestanding shacks and outhouses are wood and clay.

A nearby stream provides water, and wood comes from the thick shrubs growing in the area, along with the occasional low tree. There is little to protect against wind, though.

The village is home to a couple of hare and mouse families, though a number of birds also make their homes in the area, and it's not unheard of that moles come by. Gwen Thatcher

Gwen Thatcher is a doe hare around ten seasons old, and a resident of Moles' Hill Village. Her family consists of mother Janet (born Fletcher), elder sister Emma, elder brothers Henry and William. The father, Robert, was lost in action while with the Long Patrol. Her brothers have both married and moved out. Her sister has married and she and her husband Steven are taking over the house.