Merc Meeting (Thorns of Steel TP)

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Gildor is wanderer around the woods, but there is a purpose to his meandering. He is on a search for herbs and with him that could mean more than one thing. Right now he is kneeling by a tall oak tree, examining a plant near the roots.

"Looking for anything in particular?" comes a distinctively emotionless, accent-less voice from behind the cat.

Gildor does not show any suprise or turn to look at is leader as he answers "poison ivy of course."

Above the triangular mask, one eyebrow is raised. "Seriously?"

Gildor turns his head and says in a completely serious tone with a bland face "Do I look like I am joking?" He turns back to the plant "It has to be a /perfect/ specimen and my search has been fruitless so far and this one right here"He points to the plant "Might be a keeper."

"And what do you /do/ with it? It's not lethal, is it?" Darkwatcher shrugs. "I'm on a search of my own actually."

Gildor smiles for the first time that day "Yes as a matter of fact it IS lethal. I am planing to do some tests on it. Oh and I will need some..../Volunteers/. Do you know of anyone?" He rubs his paws together and pulls out a pair of wooden tweezers. He pulls up the plant by the stem and puts it into a pouch than he stands "A search you say? what kind?"

"A bit less.../green/ than yours, definitely." Darkwatcher's voice lowers. "Have you seen what's been going on in this region of late?"

Gildor shakes his head and leans on the tree "I have been a hermit since my return. Please, enlighten me."

Darkwatcher scans the area in all directions, then says, "We're on the brink of all-out devastation. We have a bit of a crisis...Flicktail's brother, Stormfeather, has essentially appeared out of the blue. He commands a huge flock of ravens and I believe he is allied with a force of monitor lizards. His fighters attacked, and, temporarily, took over Ferravale. A few days later, he shows up at Redwall Abbey and claims responsibility for the attack, threatening to strike Redwall in a similar manner if the Abbey refuses to surrender unconditionally by a deadline of seven days. That was six days ago."

Gildor frowns "Oh? That does not sound good. So you are helping them?"

"Yeah. I'm doing what I can...and, I might add, not charging a price." Darkwatcher doesn't explain why.

Gildor raises an eyebrow "Mercenary not working for pay? Since when?"

"I have a personal stake in this," the fox murmurs.

Gildor would ask, but Decides aganist it "So.....will you need any help in this fight? I am willing to help if so. A battle is always a good place to find my needed /Volunteers/"

Darkwatcher shrugs. "If you want. But I warn you, there'll be no pay."

Gildor shrugs "I suppose the amount of captives will be enough...if I can get a captive that is." He is still curious "What kind of /personal stake/ is this?"

"Stormfeather is my brother," Darkwatcher says matter-of-factly

Gildor looks suprised and he gives a exaggerated gasp "Your brother?"

"Aye." Darkwatcher narrows his eyes. "And I think it's time I took an ax to the family tree."

Gildor nods, knowing by the way Darkwatcher is speaking that no love would be lost between the brothers. "Good luck with that."

"Hopefully the tree won't fall on us." Darkwatcher glances to the north. "If you're going to play any part in this, I'd ask you to meet me at Redwall, but I highly doubt they'd let two mercenaries in when the Abbey is in a state of lockdown and spies and traitors are swarming the region. So meet me in the ruins of St. Ninian's. There's signs that it's been used recently as a hideout, but there's nobeast there currently if my observations are accurate. Be there tomorrow, and /keep a low profile,/" the fox hisses as he departs

Gildor smiles "How could I NOT keep a low profile? I will be there. Oh and if you come upon any good patches of poison ivy, please let me know."

"I'll do that," a voice calls from the north.