Loved Ones, Weddings and Other Things Part Two

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Characters: Will, Amethyst, Aikuen

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Infirmary

Will help's Amy onto her cot and shyly kisses her on nose, "I'll be back in a while. I need t take with Pa alone for a bit. You'll be ok in here, right?"

Amethyst smiles a tries to kiss him back but he's moved. She pouts a little but then nods to his question, "I should be fine, for a little while. It'd too quiet when you're not in here with me."

Will grins, "I'll be back soon. You're th only one in here so you can do whatever you want ... well, almost anything you want."

Amethyst laughs, "I get it. I'll try to be good and follow th rules, most of them anyway."

Will squeezes her paw a little before heading back outside.

Moledeep: Rose Garden

Will returns to the rose garden, minus Amy, and sits down near the otters, "Hey, Pa? You awake?" he asks taping the otter.

Aikuen was still awake, and cracks an eye at his son, "Oh aye!" He slowly gets out of his slumped position, and stretches his free arm, with a loud crack, "Ow...So Will, whats on your mind?" he asks with a smile.

Will takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out readying himself for any lecture the otter may give him for bringing this up, "You two don't like Amethyst very much at all, do you?"

Aikuen tilts his head at him, "Well... To tell you the truth..." He sighs and says, regretting it already "She is alright... She could be a little more tactful of others... actually a lot more tactful of others..." he brings the finisher, "But if you tied up my arm... then the answer would be... No... no i don't like her much... Sorry Will, but that just me..." He says then scratches his head, "Well, come on... let me have it..." If your expecting more that that from this otter, you would be sadly mistaken.

Will sighs and asks, "I'd guess Fira doesn't like her either?"

Aikuen shrugs a little bit, "I don't think so... But she may need more time to grow on her... as this is her second time meeting her... Why are you asking?" he eyes the little rat... Hopefully, he's not thinking what he is thinking...

Will chews on his lip a while, "Well, she's my friend and I like her. And even if what she was talking about doesn't happen she'll probably still live here anyway ..."

Aikuen nods quickly, "Sure and that's perfectly fine... I think its great idea, that she stay here... and about the... the whole thing that you guys you were talking about... We just want you to think about it... That's all..." He sighs and says, "And We both agree that having a friend near your age is great... for both of you..."

Will chews on his lip some more, "She can be annoying and she does talk too much but she's not like that /all/ the time."

Aikuen shrugs some more, "She is annoying... she just needs to learn when, and when not to speak... Be Tactful of others, like i said before... But i bet she is not like that, when she is around you... am i right? Eh?" He chuckles a little bit, "So... where is the little rat-maid anyway?" He looks around a little bit, to see if she is near or not.

Will nods a little, "I guess so. She's not as ... hey!" he sticks his tongue out at the otter, "No she's not quiet as bad when you're not around but some times she is. I took her t th infirmary, said I'd be back after while."

"Well ... I do like her ... a lot. And some of th stuff she's said makes a lot of sense I guess ... I do like her but right now we're just friends no matter what she says about stuff. She likes talking about it and it not hurting anything ... I don't think ..." Will trails off chewing on his lip again.

Aikuen says, "It's not hurting anybeast, it's just weird, we think... for somebeast at her age... to be thinking like that..." He smiles a little bit though, "I'm glad you like her... get's your mind off things... Just be careful and such, and it'll work out just fine!" He grins.

Elsewhere in Moledeep

Amethyst had been laying in the infirmary for a while, alone. She'd slept some and sang a little and played her lute and explored tunnel a little, walking along the walls so she wouldn't get too lost, but that hadn't amused her for very long and so she made her way to the red door that she knew lead outside. She planed to make her way out to the rose garden and watch the sunset if it hadn't already.

Once outside there were no walls to guide her and for the time being not staff to assist her either. She stumbled her way slowly across the gardens listening for the voices of the Will and the otters and sniffing the air for the fragrance of the roses. She turns her head from side to side trying to follow the smell of the roses without tripping over anything or falling down. She's not very successful and does fall a few times before sitting down to rest a few minutes.

Smelling the roses nearby and not having though far enough ahead when she'd sat down to be near anything she could use to pull herself back onto her feet she moves onto all fours and stretches up to try and right herself that way. Once her legs and arms are stretched out and she's on paws and feet rather than paws and knees. She walks her paw back ward toward her feet while keeping her feet still cause her feet, which caused her feet to roll from supporting her weight on her toes to her whole foot finally allowing her to stand and from that position to straighten up. She reminds herself not to sit down alone unless there is something with in reach for her to pull herself up with as she follows the subtle perfume coming from the rose garden more than the Will and Aikuen's voice which can be heard from that direction as well.

Amethyst hears loud laughing coming from the rose garden as she draws nearer to it, still following her nose as much as her ears and trying not to fall with mixed results.

Moledeep: Rose Garden

Will nods, "It'd work better if you liked her but maybe she'll get better, she's only been here a few days ... maybe she'll be nicer to you after she's been here longer."

Aikuen nods, "Aye I hope so... SHE MIGHT BE MY SON'S BLUSHING BRIDE ONE DAY! HAHAHAH!...uh... Sorry... last time I swear," he snorts as he holds it in, "Ahem... so... I'll like her eventually, just gotta get used to her..." He stretches on the tree, as he settles back in.

Will is very red faced, it seems the otter may have gotten things a little bit backwards, as the rat murmurers, "Why do I not believe you."

Aikuen stick his tongue at him, "Don't worry... I wont do it in front of Her... I'll give you least" He chuckles, and tries to quiet himself, but is failing.

Amethyst stumbles into the rose garden at last arms moving around should anything grab-able come in reach of her. Losing her footing she falls and again not near anything to pull herself up has to get herself back on her feet in her own awkward fashion like before. Once finally on her feet again she calls out, "Um, hello. There wasn't much to do inside so uh I came back out here ... all by myself." She's sure she looked real strange just now and makes an attempt to dust off her dress a little, which would work better if she knew which part was dirty and which wasn't. "How soon I'm I getting a new stick again?" she asks forcing a smile on her face.

Aikuen looks to Amy as she hovers into view, "Hello again, er... your stick?... well tomorrow..." There has been a lot to do today, and... he doesn't really want to leave Fira's side... at all..., "I'll get right on it..." He then looks to Will and then nods his head toward Amy.

Will turns, hearing Amy coming, and she's on the ground and then she's ... she's up again. He watches her a little concerned, "Are you ok? Why'd you come out here, I was gonna come back in just a bit."

Amethyst's fake smile widens, "I'm fine. Just fine."

Aikuen grunts a bit, then looks to the sleeping Fira, giving her a small kiss on the head before turning back to Will, "Mind taking Amy, into the Gardens... er... farther from here, so I can finally, get some rest..." He smiles a little bit, as he settles back into the tree not wanting them to disturb his love, and hey... he enjoys peace and quiet too.

Will nods as he's already trying to lead Amethyst off to the dibbun's garden.

Moledeep: Dibbun's Garden

Amethyst sighs as she's lead away. She whispers to Will, "What'd I do now? I didn't say more than two words to him. Ok, maybe it was more than two words but I -"

Will puts a paw over the maid's mouth, "Shh. It's getting late and he's tired. Sides you should be glad he /wants/ us to disappear."

Amethyst give Will a shaky real smile, "That didn't go so well the last time though ..." She pauses as they enter the dibbun's garden. "Did I miss th sunset?" she asks.

Will looks up at the tree tops and tilts his head to catch a glimps of sky through the branches before they pass on the open grass, "No, almost though ... I should have come t get you sooner. Sorry."

Amethyst shrugs, "It's fine, I didn't miss it. What do we have tonight?"

Will leads her out to the hill in the midst of the garden and plops down taking her with him. He lays down on the grass and look up at the sky as she settles in against him as she likes to do. "Th sky straight up above us is still blue but right on th edge there," he points even though she can't see it, "it's just starting to turn real pale yellowish color and I think there's some orange in it too but it hasn't made it our way just yet." He goes on describing the changing sky as he strokes her hair.

Amethyst has all but fallen asleep in the warm evening's glow. "Mrf, it sounds nice ... night Will." Amy drifts off to sleep as the sun's last rays sink out of sight leaving the gardens in starlit darkness.

Will yawns and closes his eye. "Night Amethyst," he whispers to her sleeping form before folding his arms behind his head and allowing himself to drift off as well.