Loved Ones, Weddings and Other Things Part One

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Characters: Will, Amethyst, Aikuen, Fira

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Infirmary

After Amethyst had been hurt Will had gone to the dibbun hole to check on Racky and try to calm himself down. It had been an accident and Pa hadn't meant for Amy to get hurt ... Some time later he went into the infirmary to see how she was doing. The otters were asleep but she wasn't. She smiled at him once she was able to 'look' at him. She lay on her back on one of the cots with her head turned to face him as she ran her paw over his face. He sat in a chair next to her bed talking to her like usual just talking about whatever came to mind.

Amethyst played on her lute singing 'My Rose of Old Redwall and more less liked songs. Part way through one such song Aikuen left and later Fira did as well. The rats seemed to hardly notice it though.

Amethyst pokes Will playfully, "I was wondering ... I know you like me but I was wondering ... do you /love/ me?"

Will blinks, "Uh .... I d- I ... hm ..." He begins to think this over chewing on his lower lip.

Amy sighs, "I doesn't really matter ... Not like either of us have much choice like I've been saying. Just, never mind."

Will chews on his lip some more, "I'm not sure ... I think so ... maybe ... Um, I'm not very good at this but ... I think you might like this way better ... try not to laugh too much."

Amethyst smiles, "You're going to do something stupid aren't you?"

Will shrugs, "Yeah," rather hesitatingly he sings, '"I-I've heard those bards singing about how one can love deeper than the oceans, higher than the stars above. Well I come from th woods and I know I ain't seen it all, but I know th oceans' salty an th stars they sometimes fall. That would not do justice to th way I feel for you. So I'll have to sing a song about all th things I know. My love is deeper than the forests, stronger than th River, higher than the mountain where the badgers live. My love is purer than th snowflakes that fall every Winter, honest as th work that made the gardens right out there and longer than th ballads of any bard.

From the back roads to th Dirt Road with a ton of variations there's at least a hundred love songs that people love t sing and every one is different every one's the same, and this is just another way of saying the same thing -

My love is deeper than the forests, stronger than th River, higher than the mountain where the badgers live. My love is purer than th snowflakes that fall every Winter, honest as th work that made th gardens right out there and longer than th ballads of any bard.

My love is deeper than the forests, stronger than th River, higher than the mountain where th badgers live. My love is purer than th snowflakes that fall every Winter, honest as th work that made th gardens right out there and longer than th ballads of any bard, any bard."

Amethyst tries but she can't help laughing. "Are you done?"

Will nods red faced, "Y-yeah."

The maid nods to herself, "Want to go outside?"

Will says, "You're supposed to be resting."

Amethyst says, "I can rest /outside/."

Begrudgingly Will leads Amy outside to the Rose Garden planing to blame her should the sleeping otters wake and ask why she's not in the infirmary.

Moledeep: Rose Garden

Amy feels around and sits down next to a strange upright rock she doesn't remember being in the garden before, "Some beasts as been changing th gardens around."

Will looks over the stone breifly and once the maid has moved to a differnt spot he examines the ground around the stone. He had assumed the stoats were dead but no one had said anything to him about either of them least of all that they'd died.

Amy could really care less about the stoats but keeps quiet since she doesn't want Will mad at her after he'd somehow or other scared Aikuen the other day.

Will looks over to the sleeping otters and cups his paw around his mouth, "Hey, wake up over there! I'd like t know /what's/ going on here?!" he hollers at them, mostly Aikuen, pointing to the headstone.

Aikuen is still dozing next to Fira, but comes awake at the yelling. He blinks a few times and looks around, and his heart skips a beat... when he sees Will pointing to the headstone. He never actually told him that he has seen Kentar's body tossed in the river, to be never seen again. But it is about high time, that Will knew. He clears his throat, and says loudly, "Hold on..." Then he turns to Fira, and says, "I'm not gonna like this..." even though she is currently asleep, he needed to say that. Sighing he grips her paw and says back to his son, "I'm sorry Will... I should have told you sooner..." He is not getting up... don't want to see the stoats right now...

Fira naturally doesn't wait for the yelling but she starts to stir when Aik moves, blinking awake and slowly sitting up with a very sleepy "Hmmm?" well Aikuen doesn't look happy and there's an angry Will, what this time?

Amethyst sits on the ground to the side of the headstone just listening for now.

Will asks sternly, "What happened?"

Aikuen looks to Fira, when he hears her wake, giving her paw a little shake, "Wills seen the stone... and i never told him about what happened..." He hmms a bit, and gives the top of her head small kiss, before looking back to Will, "Come over here... so i dont have to yell... and ill tell you everything you want to know..."

Fira glances back to Aikuen and ohs. Looking to Will again. She sighs faintly, not going to be a good day.

Will bends down to help Amy to her feet, "Come on."

Amethyst protests, "Why am I being moved? I didn't do anything." She stands up anyway as Will leads her over to the otters.

"We're going over there," Will says.

Amethyst follows, "Did I say I wanted to go over there? No I didn't."

"You're still going," Will says, keeping a paw on her arm to help her along.

Amethyst syas, "Apparently."

Will sits down on the grass across from the otters, "I'm here. What happened?"

Aikuen watches the two talking to each other, he then turns back to Fira and mumbles, "I hate this part..." But he is glad she is here... Make it a bit easier. He then looks to the pair, and says, "I'm guessing you read the stone?... So... I'll tell you everything..." He takes a few deep breathes before he starts, "About two weeks ago... Me, Kentar, and Garnet... were out walking in the woods near the river... We were attacked by Val... Garnet was taken... And Kentar was killed and tossed in the river... I never told you, didn't know how you'd react... And thought, that there be more proof..." He waits and takes another deep stuttered breath.

Fira gives Aikuen's paw a little squeeze of encouragement before she adds to his words "We still hoped to find them but Aikuen was injured and I tried, I did. Must have swum nearly to the sea looking for Kentar inthe river and I couldn't find a trace of Garnet in the woods..."

Will chew on his lip some, "Th fox killed him ... you /saw/ him die?" he asks Aikuen calmer now.

Amethyst could really care less about all this, "Why did I have to come over here again?" she asks aloud.

Aikuen blinks a few times and then glares daggers at Amy. He then turns back to Will and answers, "Well I was there when it happened... Don't if he actually killed him though... It all happened so fast..." The images of Kentar's limp form being tossed in the river, flash repeatedly in his mind. The otter blinks a few times, and wipes a paw across his eyes, "There is no proof that he really died... but its been so long... without a trace of him... If he still is ali-..." He stops suddenly and leans his head back to not look at them anymore

Will sighs, he doesn't want to upset the otters, but he wants to know what happened. "You didn't /see/ him die then ... and you say he fell in th river ... th River Moss ... and Fira said she didn't find them any where so if he hit th rocks they didn't stop him too much ... Garnet's probably in th grasslands by now and Kentar ... he mighta got washed out t sea ... can't be sure that he's dead but probably is unless some beasts found him or something ..." he chews on his lip again as he pieces the story together.

Amethyst can't see the otter glaring at her of course but that doesn't stop her from smirking at him a little anyway.

Fira glances back to Aikuen briefly, it's not like she hasn't thought about it all before "It's been a while Will...if Kentar had been picked up surely he'd have worked his way back by now if he could?...We don't know what's happened to Garnet either."

Aikuen looks back from the tree top, to Will, to tack on to what Fira said, "When I was a soldier... we gave them two weeks, when they become missing... before we record them as dead... That is enough time, for them to get back and report... that's why I waited until... today... before placing the rock in the garden... As for Garnet... I don't want to think about what that Fox did to her..." He takes a very slow breath, and holds Fira a bit closer.

Will nods still chewing on his lip, "... now what?"

Aikuen looks to his son and tilts his head, "Now what? We continue on with our daily lives... that's what... Just because... they are gone... doesn't mean we have to stop living ourselves... You said there is still the Tunnel to be cleaned out... and there is plenty of chores to do..." He waits for a few minutes before asking, "Do you want... to say goodbye to them?"

Will looks confused by the otter's last words, "... they're not here. I didn't smell any smoke and there isn't any signs of digging around that stone not enough for /burying/ anyway." The way he says it makes it clear he doesn't think too highly of the practice.

Amethyst is quiet though she's tempted to get out her lute to give herself something to do.

Aikuen shrugs a little bit, "Well technically there not here... but, Its is an outlet... by telling them goodbye... it'll make you feel better... But you don't have too... if yah don't want to..." He sighs as he goes to intertwine his claws with Fira's, now that all this sorrow, is starting to leave.

Fira shakes her head softly "We don't have the bodies and it's likely we may never find them...The stone, it's just a way to remember them"

Amethyst has taken her lute out and is tuning it. She'd leave but to do that she'd need help, so she stays.

Will ohs, "... I don't need that rock but I guess you two like it ..." he falls silent chewing on his lip as he thinks about things.

Aikuen nods to Will, "Its not for everybeast..." Then he looks to his and Fira's paws for a good long while before saying, to lighten the mood "Well... Anyways... we have some good news..." He smiles a little bit, as he bounces her paw.

Amethyst gives her attention to the otter's voice, having nothing better to do.

Will look up at Aikuen, "That's not what I meant. I got that pin he gave me, so I don't need that rock ... but it's ok if you do."

Aikuen looks to the sword pin that Kentar gave Will a long time ago, and smiles, "Then we all at least got something... to remember them by..." He smiles a little bit more, and looks into Fira's eyes before saying, "The good news it that...We got a lot of planing done today, and we have finally decided on a date... for our wedding!" He grins happily, as he squeezes Fira paw.

Will follow Aikuen's gaze a little puzzled and sees the pin in the paw. He didn't remember taking it out of his pocket but he must have. He puts it away so as not to loose it. Normally he'd wear it on his shirt but with the Summer heat he's been going with a shirt for a few days now. Upon hearing his father announcement he smiles, "About time."

Amethyst smiles as she says to the otters, "Good for you. When is it?"

Fira smiles just faintly "Next week. Not like we have anything going on to delay it further."

Amethyst asks, "Where is it going to be?"

Aikuen looks to the pair, before turning to Fira and laughing "I don't know... If they continue to conspire against us... May have to change the date, so they wont know!" He laughs a bit more before answering Amy, "It'll be in the rose garden... it looks great right now... since all the flowers are in bloom! Its going to be absolutely wonderful!" he chuckles.

Will nods, "Sounds great."

Amethyst continues to smile though she's having a little trouble after hearing the Aikuen's answer. "Lovely, just wonderful. First you put up a stone memorial now your getting married in my rose garden ... very nice." Under her breath she mutters, "Copy otters.

Fira raises a brow at Amethyst, looking a combination of puzzled and amused "Your rose garden?"

Aikuen looks to Amy, and blinks a few times, and was about to say, 'Your rose garden?' But Fira beat him to the punch. He nods to Fira, then looks back to them.

Amethyst pouts, "Well, it's going to be ..."

Fira turns her eyes onto Will, looking for an explanation there.

Will is confused again not quite sure why Fira's looking at him, though he could guess and her name's Amy. None the less he looks baffled and asks, "What?"

Amethyst says, "It /is/ going to be mine at least after next Spring and I /think/ you know why already."

Fira looks a little surprised, mind jumping to a conclusion "Because of Will...and you?" she looks back to Aikuen, little bit of concern in her eyes.

Aikuen knows exactly what's happening next spring, or at least, what 'they' are planing. He snorts and shakes his head, "This... I don't approve..." He would have just teased the life out of them, but thought a more direct approach would work better, "You guys just meet... its a little to soon the be planning that sorta thing..." When Fira looks at him, he looks right back, giving a face that screams, 'I'm just as concerned as you are...', before looking back to the pair.

Will would rather not be here right now and so remains very quiet.

Amethyst reaches over and poke Will, "I'm not a ship nor am I sinking so don't go anywhere." To the otters she says, "We're not getting married right now. It'll be some time next Spring. One day right after it's rained mostly likely and only if we both still want to and if you think about it, you'd see that it a very good idea that I had."

Fira is glad she's not the only one worrying anyway. She looks back to the rats again "But, you're both so young and you've already decided on this big commitment that'll last for the rest of your lives...It's good that you'd wait but to have already decided...isn't it all a bit of a rush?"

Aikuen nods to what Fira said, "Exactly... And yes you did say 'only if we both still want to', but this will be one of... no... this will be the biggest decision of your lives... and should not be taken lightly... and definitely not decided on a whim..." Its obvious that his voice is beginning to rise.

Amethyst rolls her blind eyes, "Up until I met Will I was a blind beggar how is my idea not an improvement?"

Fira frowns faintly, still concerned "You don't get married because it improves things for yourself"

Aikuen nods, "You get married, because you love the beast eternally, and cant imagine yourself being with another... and focus all your time on energy on that beast... because you love them that much... that it actually hurts to do anything else..." He tilts his head, hopefully he is not making this to uncomfortable for Will.

Amethyst says, "I'm not /just/ thinking of me, I'm thinking about him too but my being blind is a part of it. Or do you think he could get a wife at all being the way he is?" she's not trying to be mean but she was brought up that way."

Fira raises a brow, Amethyst isn't growing on her today "The way he is /how/?"

Amethyst sighs, "I shouldn't have to explain something that's so obvious. What speices is Aikuen? Or Constance or Denny or Bella or Grub or Rose, huh? Do I dig holes in the ground? The answer is no and not just because I can't see. If you really need this explained than you must be stupid and you're supposed to be the smart one in this family or so I'm told."

Will doesn't much like being talked about as if he weren't there though he did bring it on himself by not talking. "What makes you think I don't Aikuen?" he asks breaking his silence to answer the otter's talk about love of all things.

Aikuen looks to Will at his outburst, "What makes you think you do..." Then he hears Amy speak. Ah, his anger is now bubbling over the top now, and he clenches his paw making every bone in it pop quite loudly. He snarls a little bit, but remains calm at the moment, "How dare you... Just because she doesn't automatically place us into categories... doesn't make her stupid..." He growls a little bit more.

Fira still frowns at Amethyst "So because he's a rat and different and you're blind you've decided it's the best idea to marry him in a couple of seasons?...Sorry to say but these aren't reasons for something like a marriage. Be friends, sure, stay but I think you should have something...a lot /more/ before deciding to spend your lives together. Marriage is not a thing of convenience" never mind Will, he mentioned Aikuen so she'll let him answer his own question.

Will moves in front of Amethyst, "Because while I've spend much of my life trying to not be dead, if I had to I would die for her. ... I'd like to say I do the same for you or Fira but I can't because I don't know if I could do that ... I wouldn't for Kentar when I had the choice ... If that's not a good enough answer I don't know what is."

Amethyst has decided to observe the 'Amy doesn't talk' rule til she can figure out what's going on, not being able to see really makes things difficult sometimes.

Aikuen nods to Will slowly, that was a good answer... He takes a deep breath and leans back into Fira, hoping that the anger that flows through him, will ebb away from him, so he doesn't do something he will regret later. Finally he says, "If you truly feel that way... Then... I won't stop you... Just listen to what Fira said... take it into consideration... That's all were asking..." He sighs, and looks back To Fira, his rock in this situation.

All of a sudden Fira's a mother, weird! Alright, maybe she sort of was before but she never thought of it so much then. Onwards with meddling. She raises a brow at Amy "No one's going to kill you or Will, I just want to know why you're looking to marry Will."

Amethyst asks, "Didn't I just explain this? Why is there a problem now? Aikuen didn't mind before either, he threw his son at me - literally. I'm injured and blind why do I need to repeat myself? And I'm tired, I'm going to lay down. ... Yes, I know I shouldn't talk don't say it anymore, Will.""

Will blinks, "You know but /still you talk/." He lays down on the grass expecting her to once again use him for her pillow and is surprised to see that she's going to lay down on the ground. "What are you doing?" he asks her.

Amethyst says, "It's called sleeping, I said I was tired," she tries to act normal about it as she lays down on the grass.

Will sits back up, "Uh ok."

Aikuen says, "No no no, were not asking for another explanation... we were just...hmm...Never mind" Even if he told her, she probably still wouldn't get it... because they are still to young to understand it fully. He sighs and watches Amy, go to lay down, and the pair go about their 'talking'. He scratches his head and looks back to Fira, "Odd day eh?" he chuckle

Fira sighs quietly but drops it for now for all she's looking even more concerned now. She may have got an answer but it's not one she was hoping for. She glances back to Aikuen though "One in many."

Amethyst sighs tired but unable to sleep. He lays on her back look up at the sky with her eyes open. "What's it like today?" she asks randomly.

Aikuen winks at Fira, "Would you have it any other way?" he chuckles a little bit, then says, "I may have to think about that..." He hmms as he scratches his chin. He then chuckles to himself, before going and planting a big one right on her, "Nope...Its just the way i like it!". He sighs then looks to Amy, because Will has gone silent apparently, "Its sunny, the grass is waving in the wind... as is the tree tops... that's about all i can see..."

Fira still isn't really alright with it but she turns her head from Will and Amy, concentrate on Aikuen and pretend they're just part of the nothingness that she can't see. Smiles faintly after the kiss from Aikuen "Never dull I guess."

Aikuen nods, "Aye! It isn't! Hope you don't mind it too much..." He snorts a bit. He also isn't alright with it... but with age comes wisdom... and they may soon get that what there planning is a pretty bad idea. But he keeps his attention on his love, as he tries to lighten the situation until a later time. He mouths the words, "I'm sorry you had to get dragged into this... But i'm glad your here..." Makes a grab for her other paw, for dual-paw wielding.

Amethyst asks, "What color is th sky today? Is it blue, usually is in Summer ... are there any clouds out?"

Will chews on his lip thinking over what the otters have said.

Fira shakes her head Aikuen's words, mouthing a quick 'My choice' as she catches the slight mouth exaggerations that she's getting to learn means he's not making noise. She aims an extra little squeeze at his paw before she finally looks back towards the rats again

Aikuen smiles a big ole' smiles, and gives her small kiss on her cheek before, he too, turns to the rats, particular Amy, "The sky a light blue, and a few clouds dot the sky... not much, since it is summer... little rain in the summer..."

Amethyst sighs, "Thanks ... you're not doing it right but thanks anyway." She pokes Will, "What ya thinkin' 'bout?"

Will shrugs, "Just stuff."

Amethyst pokes him again, "What kind of stuff?"

Will says, "Just stuff."

Amethyst nods and starts to pluck at her lute, she hums and sings a few words here and there, "... deeper than th forests .... higher than th mountain where th badgers live ... th gardens ... hundreds of variations, there's hundreds of love songs people love to sing an this is just another way t say th same thing ..." She pauses thinking over the lyrics out loud, "... stronger than th river deeper than th woodlands purer than fresh fallen snow .... It's still a funny song but I do like it."

Aikuen places his head on top Firas, who seemed to have dozed off again. He chuckles lightly as he listens to her breathe. He watches the other two, wondering if he should ask what was he thinking about... better not... He closes his eyes, and lightly plays with her claws. Then the singing starts up again, a little confused again... Nope... better not intrude..

Amethyst asks, "Any requests?"

Will is still thinking over what Fira'd said earlier and shakes his head, "Not right now."

Amethyst puts a paw out and touches Will. "Ok you're here ... hm. Are th otters here or did they leave?"

Will says, "Pa's still here ... Fira's sleeping looks like. Why?"

Amethyst says, "Wishful thinking and I didn't hear them."

Will ohs and lays down on the grass still thinking.

Aikuen cracks an eye open, and chuckles at Amy, "What... don't like us? So, I think we well just stay... Right here!" He then eyes Will but still doesn't so anything to him.

Will closes his eye and he's lost in his own little world it seems.

Amethyst notices that Will's laid down again and is being quiet. Grimacing a bit from pain, she moves over to lay against him as usual since Fira's asleep and Aik never objected /before/. "Sooo ... looks like it might be down to the two of us again," she says casually.

Aikuen looks to Amy and sighs, "Yah a i guess so... Looks like Will, has lost his sense of talking..." He chuckles lightly, "Oi! Will! What yah thinking about?" He finally asks.

Will doesn't respond.

Amethyst tucks her head under Will's chin, "You're being too quiet and you're lucky Aik hasn't made me a new stick yet."

Will smiles a little, "Maybe he doesn't want too."

Aikuen looks to Will and smiles, "Hey, it talks! And as for the stick... Im getting around to it... I swear..." He lightly chuckles as he goes to settle into Fira.

Amethyst nods, "Good. I need it for getting around and other things." She pokes Will lightly, "Soon I will have a new stick ... fairly soon then things will much better."

Aikuen cant help but laugh. He was actually just kidding, haven't even started the darn thing. He then looks to Amy, "Are you going to be beating my son to a pulp, after I make the stick?" He laughs and talks as if Will was not there ... better then teasing them, in his opinion

Amethyst says, "I need a stick to walk with and I don't hit him /that/ hard with it."

Will doesn't comment.

Aikuen shrugs, and says sarcastically "I don't know... Maybe he is just hiding it..." he laughs quietly, "Anyway... you'll have a stick by tomorrow morning guaranteed... Ill give you one of the javelins, with the points cut off... then ill make another one special for you... that when will take awhile. so i don't know when it'll be ready..." He wants Will to help him with that one.

Will sits up bringing Amy up with him. "We should get you back to th infirm ... been out here a long time," he muses.

Amethyst doesn't like not knowing what's going on. "Ok. I guess," she says.

Will helps the rat-maid up and leads her off to the entrance tunnel.

Aikuen watches them both go and sighs, "See yah, you two..." He then looks back to Fira, and gives her a small hug before closing his eyes again, "They will learn soon enough... If not... maybe its a sign..." he says to her in her sleep, as he gotten used too. He then begins to doze, again, with her in his arms, "Summer... it brings out all sorta surprises... that's why its my favorite season!" He chuckles a little more, before kissing her head again, and goes to rest against her.