Kingdom of Southsward

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The castle of Floret stands tall atop a rocky bluff in the centre of the southern Kingdom of Southsward.

Encompassing all the land from the shore to the west, the mountains to the south and east and right up to the start of wasteland between Southsward and Mossflower.

A monarchy ruled by the Squirrel-King Garheld V, the land of Southsward is ruled by its King who is in turn advised by subjects of the kingdom who form the members of his privy council.

Prominent Locations

Castle Floret:

Home of the Ruling family, the Kingdoms Councillors and the primary headquarters for the kingdoms army.

Castle Floret

Prominent Residents

  • King Garheld V
  • Princess Metabella
  • Lord Regent Eugene Maltazar
  • Girard - Troubadour

Southsward Village

The largest population centre in the Kingdom, under the governance of Mayor Wyvern on behalf of the king it is the location of the farmer's market and most of the major trades.

Prominent Residents

  • Catherine - Seamstress
  • Laura
  • Koren - The Blacksmith

Roseway House

This ancient manor house has recently been converted into an extension of the fabled Redwall Abbey. A party of Redwall Order members and their friends and families have transformed the once dilapidated house into a thriving miniature community within the Kingdom.

For more information see their own group page: Roseway House