Kingdom of Gladstone

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Legends tell of an old, forgotten kingdom that spanned from the snowy north, to the warm south, many, MANY thousands of seasons ago. Filled with warriors, healers, villages and kings. A thriving civilization at the height of power. Until it all ended. Wars had started and the kingdom declined until a final stand was made at Gladstone Castle. Nobody knows how the confrontation started, or ended, or even who it was with. Those who hid away inside a castle endured a long siege before vanishing without a trace along with those they fought. Nobody knows where they went, and the kingdom fell into history.

The language forgotten and the mountain of Gladstone, that once held the great castle, lost on maps, and books, falling into nothing but legends. Few beasts have the ability to read and understand the old tongue, and various beasts have tried over the centuries to find ruins, and books, or old maps, but many have failed and none have come close to finding the location of the once large kingdom.

Tungur, one of the few remaining who can actually understand the old texts, and read the old maps, has started a long quest to restore Gladstone to its former place in the lands. But what awaits him on his journey? Treasure? Sickness? Even death? Will he find what he is looking for or, like so many others, will he fail? You'll just have to read to find out. Logs from each RP will be posted here.