Keeping the Peace

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Charaters: Will, Amy, Kentar, Garnet, Aikuen

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall/Fore Mole's Study

Kentar is sitting in the hall, back in his regular clothes after yesterday's wedding. He and his wife are sitting next to each other, chuckling quietly to themselves about whatever they're talking about.

Amethyst is sitting in the study playing on her lute. She might be singing too but only the music can be heard from the hall since the door is closed

The otters walk in from the sleeping hall, each with there own book in paw. When they get to the table, Aik pulls a chair out for Fira, but she just smirks and gives him a small kiss before heading outside. Aik blinks a few times, and goes to sit at the table instead. He looks at the stoats and smiles a bit, before cracking his book (Modern Field Healing) charcoal sticks and parchment, and begins to read slowly. After a bit he looks up as he hears music, but he just shrugs and goes back to his book.

Kentar looks up to Aikuen and smiles. "Hey there Aik. Thanks for doing the speaking yesterday. I never thanked you after." he smile wide.

Aikuen looks up from the book, and smiles, "Hey...It's alright, and your quite welcome... You did if for ours after all, the least I could do" he reads a line from his book, and shakes his head as he writes it down on the parchment.

Kentar nods and smiles. The stoat looks towards Garnet and she looks at the book Aik has. "What are you reading?"

The music from the study slows and voices can just be heard. They aren't loud enough for the words to be made out yet but the female voice sound is louder than the other voice and soon the music stops. It is replaced by sounds of a scuffle ending in squeaks and shortly after very loud laughter and in between protests and pleas for mercy.

Aikuen uses his claw as a bookmark, and he looks to the cover, "Eh... Modern Field Healing... Its revolutionary in its ideas... but it will never work..." he hmms a bit and was about to start reading again, but then the noises stop him and looks to the study with head tilted. After a bit when he hears the laughter, he chuckles and shakes his head, "Those rats..." and he goes back to reading.

Kentar looks to the book and nods before laughing at the sounds he can hear from the study. "Ah. To be young again." he smirks a little before looking to Garnet and then to Aikuen

The laughter dies down and is coming less frequently now since the one laughing is having trouble breathing. Amy stops tickling him so he can catch is breath in peace, satisfied he's been punished enough for annoying her.

Aikuen hmms a bit more as he writes down another line. To be young again just gets a shrug, as he mumbles something from the book. He glances to the study, and then goes back to the book, doesn't sound like there killing each other... He writes down another line, but this times say it out loud, "Medics... Are to be trained in the art of physical healing... and mental healing? What is this mish mash..." he grumbles a little bit.

Kentar looks to the otter and frowns a little. "Doesn't make much sense to me. Hey, maybe in a few dozen seasons, it might." he laughs.

It's quiet in the study for a while and then the noise starts up again with much crashing around and a few squeaks mixed in with the laughter now coming from both occupants

Aikuen nods, "I Know!... But here is something that makes sense... and was used back in my day..." he reads a line from the book, " 'Hospital tents are to be built near the field of ensure quick and effective healing... for those on the field' I like that idea... its the other stuff, saying that healing is not just helping those who are in pain... that's just odd..." he closes the book and pushes it away, "Ill return that to the abbey later..." he hmms a bit as he folds the parchment, and charcoal stick into his pocket. The otter leans back in his chair and looks to the study, "Think there killing each other?" he asks with a laugh.

Kentar nods a little then chuckles and grins at the noises. "I sure hope not. I don't want to clean bits of rat from the floor." he laughs with a big smile before whispering something to Garnet, who just giggles and smiles. Kentar looks back to Aikuen and sighs a little. "I can't wait." he mutters quietly.

Aikuen chuckles as he can guess well enough what there talking about, although he only hear the last bit. This reminds him of something, but he will talk about it later "Cant wait eh? How much longer do you think?" he asks.

Once more the study quiets down and little can be heard except for the occasional burst of laughter every once in a while.

Kentar smiles then they both shrug. "Probably soon. Maybe...a month or so." they shrug. "Not sure. We're not healers!" The stoats laugh.

Aikuen laughs, "Hey i don't know either... Thought you would know!" he chuckles a little bit more, "Having kits is great... " he stands up and takes hold of the book, "Me and Fira..." he stops and thinks, using a sidetrack, "Were going on a little trip, don't know when were leaving... don't know how long we will stay... But I'm telling you now..." he hmms a bit.

Kentar blinks and frowns a little. He looks at Aik and then gets a bit of a worried tone to his voice, their previous topic forgotten. "Where are you guys going?" he asks. Nosy little stoat.

Aikuen sighs, "Holt Silverwater... Just by ourselves... maybe for 7 day or so... were leaving some time soon..." he sighs again and starts to pace.

Kentar nods and eyes the otter for a few moments. "Alright. But you better come back. I'll find you if you don't. Now that I know where you're going." he nods. "I'll take care of Will and Amy for you while your gone."

It's mostly quiet in the study now and a soft gentle tune wafts through the closed door.

Aikuen shrugs, "Go ahead and find me... we will be back... we just need some time to ourselves... I never get to see her as much as i would like too... and when I do... were always..." he nods to the study, "Interrupted... But thank you for taking care of them... as basically you will be in charge when I'm gone... we should come back unscathed." he sighs again, "As much as we love you guys... we still need our time together... Thanks..." he still paces.

Kentar nods slowly. "Aikuen, will you sit down! Your making me dizzy." he chuckles before nodding slowly. "Don't worry Aik. We'll take good care of Will and the rest of the place. I promise." he smiles. "And I do understand. I do.

The song has ended and the music has stopped. It's very quiet in the study now, very quiet.

Aikuen sighs and stops pacing, but refuses to sit down, "Thanks mate... It will be pretty soon, so if I'm not here one day... you know why..." he stops and laughs a little bit, "When i come back, you should all be alive... the place should be in one piece... the garden needs to be watered... and the stew needs to made again..." he scratches his head and says, "I think that's it... unless i forgot something..."

The stoats laugh loudly then grin widely at each other. "Listen to us you silly otter! You don't need to worry about a thing! We've got it covered. You going to tell Will?"

Aikuen smiles and nods, "I hope so..." he then starts to pace again, "I wasn't going to... but yes i am... one way or another... I tell him..."

Kentar frowns at the otter. "Why weren't you?" he asks then sighs at the pacing. He raises his voice this time. "SIT...DOWN!" he growls. "What are you so worried about?"

Aikuen stops pacing and says very calmly, "No... I'm not gonna sit... cant make me..." he takes a deep breath as he doesn't want to answer this, but if you ask, he well tell, "I wasn't planing on telling him... because first he probably wont care... and i didn't want him to follow... I'm not worried at all..." He grumbles a little bit, but stands perfectly still.

Kentar frowns. Garnet gets up and leaves the room for a bit. Kentar walks over to Aikuen and gets into his face. "Aikuen. What is wrong? Tell me. Or I won't let you leave at all."

On the other side of the study Amy is dozing in an arm chair while Will sits at the door listening to the stoats and otter in the hall.

Aikuen takes a step forward and gets in his face but remains perfectly calm... at the moment, "Kentar... do you really want to know?... Do yah? Fine..." he growls a little bit, but after a deep breath, seems calmer.

Kentar nods and returns the growl, standing right there, not moving. "Yes. I want to know whats wrong. Because whatever is wrong, it doesn't just effect you and Fira."

Aikuen sighs and growls, while pointing at the study, "They... are the reason... Fira is uncomfortable... she wont admit it... but i can tell... When we went to the abbey, she enjoyed it more than i have ever seen... and she was even the one who suggested we go to the Holt in the first place..." he sighs, "I'm sorry... but... i can tell..." he starts to uncomfortable at this.

Kentar blinks and frowns quite a bit. "That's just absurd. Will and Amy, the reason Fira is uncomfortable? Haha! Yeah, Sure." he looks to the study. "Not bloody likely." he says. "If they make her uncomfortable, why did she even bloody agree to stay here? Why does she like them, hrm?" he doesn't believe it.

Aikuen sighs again, "As much as you don't believe it... its true... One of the big things during our argument..." he tilts his head at the other questions, "She agreed to stay here... because of me... And she likes them... because i like them... and she thought she could get to know them better... until then, were going to have little outings..." already starting to regretting bringing it up.

Kentar frowns. He doesn't really have much respect for Fira anymore. "Whatever." he mutters. "One stupid otter was enough, now there's two. Why do I bother." he rolls his eye and sits down somewhere, scratching his ear.

Will had been eavesdropping on the stoats and otter from the study door and though he hasn't been caught at his old habit in recent memory he has heard enough and won't just sit by anymore. He writes out a note for the other two and slides it out under the door to them. It reads: "WHY does Stepmum not like us? Or does she just not like Amy? If so then why not. If BOTH of us WHY? Ps. Tell Kentar my Stepmum is NOT stupid even if she doesn't like me or Amy." The note is not signed.

Aikuen sighs, "I'm sorry... that she is trying to get to know them... BUT DON'T YOU DARE CALL HER STUPID!" he sighs, trying to prevent himself from doing anything he will regret, "I'm glad that you care... I really do, so bother all you want... But you asked why... and i told you..." He involuntarily pops his neck, "Maybe she will love them... just as much as i do, in a few weeks..." he just manages to catch the note. He says, "Oh great..." he walks over to the study door, and slowly reads the note. He sighs and takes out the charcoal stick, and underlines the word 'Amy'... then writes the word 'wedding' under it... and shoves the note back in. He stands up and says, "Me and my big mouth..." he goes to sit down at the table, placing his head in his paws.

Kentar watches the otter for a few moments. He really is so very tired of everything. Conflict, beasts in the family not liking others. Its driving him over the edge. But again, he contains his anger. Only, he does stand up and leave the room.

Will hits the door with a light thump as he sighs and folds the paper in half to write another note for the otter. Amy's sleeping in her chair, her lute laying across her lap.

Aikuen watches as Kentar leaves the room. He places his forehead on the table and wraps his claws around his ankle. Why? because he feels really bad right now, and can't think of anything else to do. He also hates the conflict, but it happens with their type of family... sometimes you just need to get away from it all. He hears the thump against the door, and sighs, "I hate this... Why can i keep my mouth shut... why cant i hold my temper... why cant... *sigh* a lot of things..." and begins to lightly bang his head against the table.

There's some loud talking now, coming from the sleeping hall. Its Kentar's voice, and Garnet's and they're talking about something. Kentar is obviously upset about something.

Aikuen gets his head off the table and rubs the sore spot, "Ow..." he then just goes to sit in the chair. Why does this oddly remind him of when he hit Amy... He rubs his eyes, before looking off toward the Sleeping Hall... It was he, that caused this... But he still stands by what he said the first time. Fira is uncomfortable with Amy... she cant help that... because she cant believe why they decided to get married... when they are still so young... she cant help that. And Aik, even though he disagrees, and has openly stated that to her... he can see why... Fira is just trying to look out for them... both. She does care...

Will writes 'Summer's nearly over. Are we still going on that boat trip we talked about last Winter, Pa?' He slides the note under and door and since the otters been rather quiet he opens the door a crack to peek out and see if he's still there or not.

Aikuen sighs again, and hears creaking of the study door. He immediately looks to it and can see the note. He blinks a few times and walks over to it, picking it up and reading it. He smiles somewhat and writes back down in his bad pawwriting, 'Of course Will... I was thinking right at the start of autumn... what do you think?' and slides it under the door. He then goes to sit against the wall next to the door, hugging one knee... waiting for a reply from his son.

Will chews on his lip a little before opening the door again and asking, "Who all is going? ... or is it just you an me."

Aikuen looks to his son and tries to smile, but then scratches his head and says "Everyone... or, just me and you... its up too you... I said that we would go on a boat trip, when it was just me and you... but now... everything has changed... so... I'm leaving it up too you... your decision. I love our time together... just you and me... but i have a wife now... and i also love spending time with her... But, i said it to you first... so your decision, and I wont argue at all... whatever it may be" he takes a very slow breath, as he means it.

Finally the two stoats return into the hall, the two retaking their seats, looking a little upset. Both have been yelling for the last few minutes and now they're just calming down. They say nothing yet to the otter.

Will leans against the door which causes it to open more. He sighs, "We kinda did stuff backwards. Not your fault, I'm th one that asked Fira t come with us in th first place. It's good that you an her are together, it's real good ... just ... I don't know ... our family has turned out like th ones I've seen that other dibbuns got ... ones that got real parents still ... not your fault ... I should know better by now ..." He closes his eye and leans back against the door unintentionally opening it farther, if the door opens much more he'll probably fall over.

Aikuen places his paw under the door, and grabs it too prevent it from moving anymore, "I'm glad that you are the one that sort of introduced us... but i want you to remember, you will always come first... even if Fira doesn't think that... you will... I don't want to be like those other family's..." as he knows what Will is talking about

Kentar looks over towards the otter and still says nothing, not really wanting to disturb the poor otter, but he is quite anxious to say something.

Will is a little confused. "Like /which/ families?" he asks. He was think about the normal families he'd seen randomly at markets and other places while he was on his own. He would count most of his former foster families as real families.

Aikuen blinks a few times and tilts his head, "Like the ones... when they get actual parents, that they begin to forget about their adopted children ... Why? Which one were you talking about?" This otter is now successfully confused. course that's not really hard to accomplish.

Will ohs, "I guess ..." he sighs, "... Real families, ones where two beasts'd get married an have dibbuns after an stuff like that. ... It's not important."

Aikuen is still very confused, "Is that what you meant? Oh, well yes... we may have kits in the future... She... We, haven't thought about it much..." sighs, "If you have something you want to tell me... pleases tell me..." he smiles a little, "So, about the boat trip... what do you think?"

Will sighs and chew on his lip. He doesn't know a lot about marriage or families except the few he's been in, and those he's seen, he isn't sure how to explain it to the otter. "Yeah, you'll probably had a little otter one of these days. You an Fira won't act like you do know when that happens will you? Right now you're still just been married and should be able t enjoy it ... you two have been ... mostly anyway. But once Fira has a baby that'll change won't it? You won't just be husband an wife anymore you'll be parents and have t act like it ... th baby won't be able t do nothin' so it'll be a full time job t take care of em ..." he's not trying very hard to hid the bitterness in his voice. He's tried to give the otters time to be alone, partly so he can be with Amy but also because it make them happy. He really wishes things hadn't gotten so complicated. A season, maybe two seasons, ago it was just the two of them and they were happy and now ... he's not sure /what/ to think sometimes.

Aikuen nods slowly, "Yes, we will act differently... It happens. But besides the fact that one of us has to take care of the kit... were are still gonna be mostly the same..." He scoots closer to the rat and puts an arm around him, "Because we're already parents now... Of a wonderful son..." he chuckles a little bit, "And I don't think you will mind much... I mean you will have Amy and all that... you will probably be married by then also, so you will have your own problems to deal with..."

Kentar yawns a little. He decides to not bother sitting here, and waiting for the two to be done. He takes out a bit of parchment and writes a note down, the stoat standing and setting it on Aik's chair before both stoats go off into their room.

Will shrugs, "I guess so. .... Families ... /real/ families that have dibbuns already don't act like you an Fira. Not even one where they got a new Mum or Dad act /quite/ like you two either. They do some but it's not th same." He can explain it any better than that, he don't know how. "We're going on a boat ride in th Autumn? ... Stepmum can come with us, if she /wants/ to. Kentar an Garnet probably be busy with Kluna and their new baby." He nods, the less beasts go the less problems they'll have though he's sure he's forgotten something.

Aikuen nods, "Were just odd, alright... sure we may not act like real families, but hey! its okay! At least that's what i hope your talking about... Like were not bad, are we?" he sighs, "Listen I'm sorry about what I said earlier... I was loosing it again, and i was just saying what was in my mind..." He looks away for a sec and stands up, and carries Will around the table of Molehall, "Anyways! Yep in the fall! And thanks, I would like to have her along, but we don't have too... she can understand a little father-son time..." he stops and gives a mid air hug, before back to bouncing around the room with Will in his arms, "Aren't you forgetting a certain rat-maid, that we all know and love? I don't mind having her along..." he chuckles a little bit and continues to bounce.

Will chew his lip a little more, "... couldn't take em both could we?" he asks doubtfully.

Aikuen tilts his head, "What? Fira, and Amy? Sure why not! See... She likes Amy... she doesn't like the fact your getting married... that the problem... but soon she will get over that, I'm gonna help her..." he stops and jump up on a chair, "See the marriage you guys set, created a lot of conflict with her... She doesn't like the conflict... that's why we were planning to get away for a few days..." he jumps form chair to chair now, "And even if she doesn't, still bring Amy along... she might think its fun!"

Will smiles a little, "I don't think she'd let us get very far without her."

Aikuen snorts, "No, i don't think she would! Has she ever been on a boat? May have to tie a rope around her middle so she doesn't accidental fall off!" he laughs and sits his son down, and scruffs his head fur, "We will probably go, sometime after the harvest..." he stands up and sighs a little bit, "Listen mate, me and Fira are still gonna go away for a little bit... just to get away... and i want to see her Holt... So I'm putting you in charge of the whole garden. I think i have thought you enough on what to do, to be master of all the vegetation!" he har-hars for a little bit, trying to make the mood back to what it was before he opened his stupid big mouth. He glances at the note in his chair, but ignores it for now.

Will grins, "I don't know if she's been on a boat before or not. She might have been but maybe not in a long time ... She shouldn't be moving around too much on a boat .... How big will it be?" At hearing he's to be in charge of the garden he grins wider and makes an attempt to salute the otter though he doesn't really know to do it right, "Yes, sir!" He also spies the note, "... I didn't write that one. Some other beast must want t talk t ya."

Aikuen smiles as everything seems to be going back. He says, "As big as we want it to be... er... but not too big... But Something nice!" he even returns the salute to Will. And then the note cannot be ignored much longer... he knew who wrote it... but just in case he goes to pick it up and read it. He sighs, crumples the note and tosses it away, "I think Kentar is mad at me... hopefully he doesn't beat me a pulp again..." he grunts and looks back to Will, "Are we okay now, in general?... before I go find the stoat... I want to make sure, that my son... feels like a son..." he grunts once more

Will nods, "I think so. And Kentar he can't beat you up cause I don't know how t row a boat very well and I don't think Stepmum wants t be stuck doing all th rowing."

Aikuen smiles, and snorts a bit "With our boat... even in the longboat... there will be no rowing for us! But anyway, that's good to hear mate, now you go run along and go back to Amy, she maybe be wondering where the heck you are by now..." he lightly chuckles and then he gets up to yell out, "Kentar! Where are you? Are you in the sleeping hall?" he peaks through the doorway to said hall.

Kentar calls out from the sleeping hall. "No! I'm somewhere else!" he laughs. "Of course I'm in here!"

Aikuen blinks at the laughing, and walks forward into the hall, "I got your note, what do you want to talk about..." he sighs as he looks around for Kentar

Kentar nods a little. "Yeah. Come in." He and Garnet are sitting at the very back. "We need to talk." he knows Aik gathered that

Will peeks into the study and see that Amy is still sleeping curled up in one of the chairs so he wanders off to the kitchen for a while

Moledeep: Sleeping Hall

Aikuen walks in and closes the door behind him. He looks to both of them and then around on the floor, half expecting chains. He smiles a little bit and says, "Well go ahead mate, let me have it...go right ahead..." he braces his arms to block any incoming attacks

Kentar nods and the stoats both frown a little. "We spoke..." by spoke, Kentar means yelled. "...and we both think that what we are about to say is for the good of you, Fira, Will, and Amy." he says. "Garnet, Kluner, and I will be leaving when you return from your trip with Fira."

Aikuen has to steady himself as the news hits him, and he blurts and stutters out, "Wa! Wahy! Why! Why do you want to leave... WHY!" he gains back his composure really quickly, as he looks pleadingly at them both.

Kentar and Garnet frown a little more as the otter speaks. "Because. We're both tired of always something. If its not fighting, its one doesn't like another. If its not that, its something else. It just doesn't seem to end. We want someplace where we don't need to worry about anything." he says. "Which is why Garnet, Kluner, and I will be leaving. We will stay at the Black gull or the Fang and Claw for a little while until we have a proper place to go."

Aikuen blinks a few times, before he has to sit down, and rub his eyes. He sighs, "Listen mate... I know how you feel... that's the point of me and Fira's little excursion... But we would never leave OUR FAMILY for the world... Because we love them" he tires to get up, but can't, "And of course it doesn't end... we have an odd family... And even if it wasn't odd... There will still be conflict... There will always be conflict... No matter where you HIDE! No matter what you do... there will always be that..." he places his paw to his forehead and blinks a few times.

Kentar sighs and sits down himself, next to Garnet. She lets Kentar speak. "Aikuen. No matter what we say, and no matter what we do, I am extremely sorry to tell you. We're not your family. We're your friends. Nothing more. I love Will as my brother and you are my best friend. You and Will and Fira, are nothing more then close friends. And we have to part our ways now. I'm sorry."

Aikuen Takes a deep breath, and tries to hold it back but he can't. His paws covers his eyes, as he begins to sob quietly, "Please... Please don't go..." he sniffs a bit and continues, "Go ahead and leave... I'm not going to stop you... I understand... I make it work... the conflict... because they're my family... So I understand that you don't want too..." he pauses then continues "I am gonna miss you... you're my mate..." he blinks a few times

Kentar watches Aik start to sob. The stoat sighs and closes his eye for a moment before standing and going to give the otter a hug. "Aikuen. You're my friend. I am sorry. But we will see each other still. I'll always come and visit. Garnet and Kluna too."

Aikuen sighs and hugs him back. He would make some remark about what he just said... but he has seemed to lost his voice at the moment. He grunts and nods, not letting the stoat go for anything in the world.

Kentar hugs tightly and also doesn't let go. "Why Aikuen? Why are you so fixed on having us stay here?" he asks. "It won't end our friendship."

Aikuen coughs a little to clear his throat, "It won't but..." he shakes his head, "I like having you all here... like you are my family... even though you say that you aren't... I like making extra bread...I like growing the extra vegetables... I like being able to do things for you, when you need it..." he sighs, "See...I was lonely kit. My father hated me... and I don't even remember my mother... Having you all here is like... having one big family... something I never had... that I wish I had... and now your leaving us... it's like losing a bit of the family that I finally gained..." he sniffs a bit more.

Kentar hugs tighter. The stoat thinks it over in his mind and with his eye, he looks to Garnet, not letting go. She gives a little nod to Kentar, but its not one of great happiness. "Aikuen." he lets go some, looking at the otter. "We." he looks to Garnet once more. "We will stay. But I want to try harder to keep things down. Quiet and calm. No problems. Thats all I want."

Aikuen grabs Kentar and squeezes him like there was no tomorrow, going to pick him up and and move from side to side, "You will stay! Hoorah matey! Thank ye... Thank ye both so much!" he coughs a little bit and continues, "We will try harder... I hate it also... No more problems! Quiet and calm!" This is the first black lie, Aik has ever said in over 8 seasons. Because the otter knows this will not be the end of the conflict. A slight downturn of it... but it will never go away. But the otter hides it well as he asks, "Now that you guys are staying, can I get you anything! Anything at all! Please don't hesitate to ask! Absolutely anything!" He gives a goofy grin looking to both stoats.

Kentar was about to stand but instead he was lifted off the ground. "Mfff...your...welcome." he gasps out. "Anything?" he asks before wiggling a little. "Well. For a start, you can put me down!" the stoat says, trying to push the otter away

Aikuen says, "Oops! Sorry mate!" He sets the stoat down and remains with that dumb smile, "Is there anything else I can get you two?"

Kentar grins a little. Garnet nods something. "Yes, there's something you could get me. A blanket perhaps?" she asks the otter. "It got. Real cold all of a sudden." she blinks a little before shrugging. Kentar just goes over and sits next to her, wrapping his arms around her. "Got your blanket!" they laugh.

Will knocks on the door to the sleeping hall and calls out, "Pa? I'm going t bed. Good night everyone!" He looks over the drawing he'd made on his old clay tablet and sets it down by the door.

Will adds as he goes off toward the study, "I left ya a message on th tablet. You can read it when you're not busy."

Aikuen would normally roll his eyes at this... But since there was a chance that he would never see it again, he smiles and chuckles, "I'm glad your staying... I was gonna miss that..." he smiles and walks toward the door, but stops as he is about to step through, "I'm still going on that little excursion with Fira... Corporal Will is in charge of the vegetation. So you guys are pretty much free to do... eh... Night Will!" he steps out and trips on the tablet. He picks it up and looks at it, with a big smile. He then walks back over to the stoats and hands it to them, "Make what you want of this, I'm heading off to bed also... Night Kentar, Night Garnet..." he waves at her stomach, "Night... you!" he chuckles as he step out into the hall, and off to his quarters.

Kentar nods. "Aik. Before you go to bed." he sighs and goes over, giving the otter a big hug. That's it. That's all he did. He then took the tablet and then sits with Garnet again, the two looking at it. They both give a soft smile and a sigh. "Look at what we'd be missing if we left." Garnet says. "Why did I ever suggest it?" Kentar asks quietly. The both give each other a hug. He sets the tablet in their room for the night before they climb into bed and drift off to sleep.

The whole tablet is covered with a large drawing. In the drawing are ten beasts. In the middle are two otters, two weasel-ish beasts and two rats. One of each pair is in a dress and and the weasel in the dress is holding a very small weasel. Another small weasel is standing next to the other big weasel. At the bottom is a small sleeping fox. To the right is a squirrel in a habit holding a vase, on the far left is a white fox with a sword. All the beasts are smiling happily and the words at the very top read 'My Family'.