Just Another Day 1

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Characters: Kentar, Will, Aikuen

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

The hall is rather quiet this afternoon, aside from the laughter of stoats. Seems like Kentar and Chris are having a great time, playing with rocks! They're too regular for Kluna's collection so Kentar carved them into toys for his son. They're not sharp, so if Chris tried to eat them, he wouldn't cut himself. "Haha. See it Chris? Its flying!" Kentar moves one of the rocks around in the air with his paws.

Will walks in and chuckles, "What've you got there Kentar?" He plops down to watch the stoats, "Did your daddy make those for you, Chris?" he asks his nephew grinning.

Chris reaches up at his dad's paws, trying to grab what looks like a bird. The rock looks like a falcon or something and is rather big. "Frying!" the stoat giggles. Kentar laughs and shakes his head, slowly handing it to his son who instantly does what his father did, move it around in the air. Kentar looks up and waves at Will, grinning a bit. "Hey Will." Chris doesn't seem to notice Will. "Yeah, I did. He likes them a lot."

"Is that a bird?" Will asks Chris, "Is that a birdie you have?" He doesn't care that the little stoat is ignoring him. "That's really neat, Kentar." he says turning back to look at the older stoat.

Chris hums and looks over, finally seeing will. "Willum!" he smiles and waves once or twice before going back to playing with the stone bird. "Heheh, thanks. I thought that it should be about time he had stuff to play with." he nods.

The rat grins hearing the little stoat get his name right. "Hi, Chris." "He really likes that bird," he says to Kentar.

Kentar nods and chuckles. "Yeah. He does. Glad he does too. I slaved over a hot chisel all day!" he laughs. Chris just keeps playing.

Will nods, "He'd probably like it even if you didn't but it /is/ really nice. I think so anyway."

Kentar laughs a bit and nods slowly. "Yeah, I'm sure he would too." The stoat smiles at his son. "You have no idea how much I love him." he chuckles.

"I do though!" That familiar laugh of an otter. That you all know and love! Aikuen comes in from the kitchen, with a kettle and cup. He really got hooked on tea, "Hey ho, Son, Stoat, and mini Stoat!" he chuckles as he plops down at his favorite chair.

Kentar hums and looks up to the otter that just came in. "Hey Aik." he smiles and chuckles a little bit. "See? There's Aik." he points at Aik, his son twisting and waving. "Aikky!" he smiles before going back to playing. Quick learner, Chris is.

Aikuen laughs, "Aikky? Okay then!" he waves back, "Hey Chris!" he grins and looks to Kentar, "He is so cute!" he points to the bird, "Did you make that?" he smiles, "Nice!"

Kentar chuckles a bit and smiles. "Well, he's still learning so, I'm sure he'll get it right soon." he smiles then nods at the bird comment. "Yeah. I did. Made it just for Chris." he smiles.

Aikuen sips from his tea, and watches Chris for a minute. He then ohs and looks to Kentar, "Well its better than Kiki..." he chuckles, "That's neat. Hope he doesn't drop it." he hmms.

Chris giggles as he continues to play with his toy, Kentar moving to sit with his friend. "Oh, no, I'm sure he wont. He loves it too much to drop." he laughs.

Will had looked over when the otter came in but soon returned to watching Chris play. The rat makes a face at the mention of tea. "None of that for me."

The stoat hms and takes the cup. "Thanks Aik!" he smiles before taking a sip. He almost gags and chokes on it, then sets the cup back down on the table. "Erg. No thanks Aik!" Kentar says.

Kentar laughs a little bit and grins. "I'm sure you do." he laughs with a smile. "Anyways. How are you today Aikuen?" he asks.

Aikuen smiles and puts the cup down, and starts to tap the top, "I'm fine. Sleeping better. Fira is napping the day away. Good for her I say. She is going to need all the strength she can get..." he nods, "What about you guys?" he looks to the others.

Will looks over at the otter, "I'm fine. Are we still getting a ship this fall? I know we'll need t wait til after th baby's born but fall'll be over before too long."

Kentar chuckles a bit and nods. "Glad your fine Aik!" he then shrugs a little bit. "Doing good. Pain in my leg is going away." he smiles a little before looking to Will, then back to Aik, waiting for the answer to the rat's question.

Aikuen smiles, "Ah good about your leg!" he then looks to Will, and hmms, "Er... well... I didn't really expect to have kits. At this time. I mean..." he clears his throat, "But yah. But now it will be up to Fira. Cause I'm not going without her. Or our Kit... I want to go... But I will not be that kind of father..." he sighs, "But I'll bet she will be ready to get out of here for a bit, after taking care of them... Besides that! Why Not!" he chuckles.

Will nods a little then ask, "Sooo after th baby's born wait a while an ask Mum if we're still going or not?"

Kentar blinks a little at Aik's reaction. "You know." he starts for a moment. "If Fira decides she's not up to it in time...I know its not...really the best idea, but I think I know someone who might be able to take you on the trip, Will. If, you know, you wanted." he suggests. "Just incase she says no and all."

Aikuen chuckles and nods quickly, "Oh yeah. Wait until she is in a happy moment. And then nail her with the question. So it might be awhile but we will still get the same amount in... if we do go..." he nods and looks to Kentar, "Who?"

Will shrugs, "It's ok, Kentar. We can always go a different time."

Kentar smiles a little. "Robin. I think he wouldn't mind. I know its not you or Fira. Or real family...but, hey, its just an idea." he looks to Will then nods a little. "If your sure. I mean you had your heart set on it, right? So.' he shrugs. "I think Fira would say yes anyways, so."

Aikuen chuckles, "We're otters. Of course she would love to go. Perfect excuse to get near water!" he laughs, "But being a mother will change a beast... Enough to surprise anybeast..." he looks around to make sure an otter isn't looking when he said that. Ah good, all clear, "But we will go. Just not as soon as we had planed..." he nods, "I really want to go..."

Kentar nods a little bit. "Ah. Well." he smiles before standing. "Hope she'll say yes." he nods. "I'm going to check on Garnet. I'll see you guys later." he smiles.

Aikuen hmms, "I'm sure she will once the kit stops torturing her!" he looks around again, just to make sure. If Fira read him now. She would pound him, "Heh, Okay Kentar. I may go check up on Fira..." he pours himself the last of the tea, "After this cup..." he chuckles.

Aikuen nods and polishes off the rest of his tea. He sighs and gets up stretching, "Stupid... Old... ness..." he grunts before nodding to Will, "See yah Will. Gonna check up on the wifey... See if she is alright or need anything..." he smiles and pats him on the head, before heading off to the sleeping hall.

Will yawns and waves at the otter before heading off to the study for the night.