House of Nidlorf

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King Nidlorf has midnight black fur, and deep blue eyes. The king is dressed regally, with little to suggest he is otherwise but a king. A surcoat of yellow and black he wears over a chainmail tunic, its colors arranged in six fields, with ornate letters 'M', 'N', and 'R' in one black field, three black squirrels in another, and various shields in the others. His boots are leather, although they are tipped and encased in a polished steel, and steel gauntlets cover the tops of his fingers and forearm. When the armor is not on, his fingers bear several rings, one with the royal seal. Around his neck dangles several gold chains with royal jewels. His war helmet, when on, is made of tough leather and metal to match his boots, and has the gold insignia of his tribe engraved on the front. A protrusion from the top explodes into feathers of black and yellow.

Group Info

  • Name: House of Nidlorf
  • Species: Open to all woodlanders, mostly squirrels
  • Size: ???
  • Alignment: Hates vermin; good or bad
  • Location: Near the Great Inland Lake
  • Leader: Rayuwil the Wise


Rayuwil the Wise hails from some unknown northland. Wishing to find a more suitable place for his people, he made the trek south. On the way, in an attempt to rescue an incarcerated group of woodlanders while he was still young and his intentions still admirable, the squirrel found himself and his people on the run from the ruthless vermin he encountered there. Continuing south, they eventually settled in a well-secluded location near the Great Inland Lake, once occupied by the Marlfoxes, and went into hiding.

While Rayuwil's son was away, Mayeul became a virtual stand-in, and as the fates of Mayeul and Rayuwil Nidlorf became intertwined, so too did those of Mayeul's younger brother Turmal and Nidlorf's son, Moruwil. Upon news of Moruwil's death, and of the unknown mouse who bravely slayed his murderer, Nidlorf desired to seek out this mouse, and sent Mayeul to search for him. When Mayeul arrived at Redwall Abbey, it was discovered that the mouse was in fact his lost brother, Turmal. Sending a scout ahead to follow Mayeul, Nidlorf himself wished to meet this mouse, and so he made the journey with a contingent of his army.

Leaving the army camp behind just outside of Mossflower, Nidlorf moved much more quickly on to Redwall. Tension between Rayuwil and Mayeul mounted at Redwall as the brother's dying wishes conflicted with the interests of Lord Nidlorf, namely the issue of Mayeul staying at Redwall and leaving the service of his master. Mayeul was ordered to leave with Nidlorf's party, and since his refusal, which could potentially jeopardize those in hiding back home, Nidlorf has been plotting to silence the mouse in any way possible. Surely, the king has lost his mind... but with the moral dilemma that he faces, surely he can't be blamed fully for these deeds?

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