Gone Camping (part two)

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Predates 'A Fox is a Mouse?'

Characters: Chris, Robin, Aikuen, Ella, Flicktail, William

Its a nice day out, and its perfect for Chris and Robin to be sitting in front of a fire. Chris is just staring at it blankly and Robin seems to be counting as he taps his paw to his side lightly. "Hmm.."

The otter twins are on the prowl. Well... Not really. They think so at least. Aikuen follows behind them lightly at they tumble toward their seats by the fire. Aik smiles and waves at the stoats, "Hail stoat things!" he grins as he plops down on his log.

Robin hums and looks p, still drumming his paw off his side. "Oh, hey." he smiles, the stoat then turning to Chris. "Alright, I guess you win." he grins, standing up before heading over to where Aik is sitting. Chris just blinks and closes his eyes, rubbing them a few times before standing up himself. )

Aikuen raises an eyebrow at the pair, "What ho? Did we just come and interrupt a game of some sort?" he smirks before turning to Chris, "Oh wait. Don't tell me... See you could stare into the fire the longest?" he shoots in the dark. The twins continue to tumble around by the fire. If they weren't otters. It might look like it hurts.

The stoats chuckle and nod. Chris hums and looks towards the twins, sitting down and just watching, waiting and wondering how long it will take them to notice him. The bigger stoat sits down with Aik and smirks. "Yeah." he nods. "Chris's idea. He won. By a good minute." he laughs.

Aikuen nods with a grin, "Uh! Score one for the ole brain! Sounds like a fun game... To bad and i'm old and crusty!" he laughs, "So how long did you hold it for?" he asks. The twins continues to tumble around. Who says they haven't notices the stoat. And they are just plotting.

Christopher grins and then sticks out his tongue at the otters he thinks have no idea he's there. Robin smirks a little bit then shrugs. "Dunno. Only about fifteen seconds." He frowns.

Aikuen laughs, "Fifteen seconds? Really? Wind blowing in your eyes or something. That's a little lame, you gatta admit." he smirks, "I'm just joshing youngster! So hows it going?... Sides your eyes being all watery!" The twins still ignore the stoat... But they are getting closer.

Robin hums. "Nooo. I'm just scared of fire, that's all." He nods then chuckles a little, shrugging. "Oh, going okay." he nods. "Chris is having fun." he smirks. And the little stoat hears his name, looking towards Aik and Robin, tilting his head a little, thinking they might have been talking to him, his eyes completely off the little otters. )

Aikuen shakes his head, "Well. Still. 15 seconds is still sad. Okay huh? What would it take to make it more than just okay?" he asks. As soon as the stoat tears away from the otters. Both twins stop what they are doing and charge on all fours toward the stoat. Going to pounce and dog pile if at all possible.

Robin hums a bit and shrugs. "Hm? Oh, that." He grins, pointing at the twins. Chris huhs and turns to see the two otters charging him and before he can do anything, he's vanished under a pile of Aik's kids. "Erg! Help! Help! Get them off!" )

Aikuen Chuckles, "Heh. Oh no! They said they were going to do that!" and yet he didn't say anything. Oopsie doodle! The twins pounce the little one. Rolling around, each one yelling, "Wotcha Chrisy!" and fit of giggling as they try to pin the little one to the ground now.

Aikuen shakes his head, "Well. Still. 15 seconds is still sad. Okay huh? What would it take to make it more than just okay?" he asks. As soon as the stoat tears away from the otters. Both twins stop what they are doing and charge on all fours toward the stoat. Going to pounce and dog pile if at all possible.

Chris args and erps as they pin him, struggling hard to get up, but he just can't do it. "Nooo, let me go!" he frowns. Robin only grins and stands. "I'll save you Chris!" He says before walking around them in a circle then sitting back down. "Ah, never mind, I'll do it later."

Aikuen chuckles at the scene, "Oh Robby! You're terrible!" he grins and pats him on the back, "Don't worry Chris... Ill save you." Ella barks out, "No Daddies!" holding Chris' paws to the ground. Aik hrms, "Well i cant argue with that... Sorry young'n" he laughs aloud. Venei hugs Chris tightly around the middle, "I has a fluffy!"

Robin laughs and grins. "Oh, I am, yes." he nods then pokes Aik in the side. "Your no better." he laughs before humming and watching what Chris will do. "No! I'm not a fluffy!" he frowns, the stoat squirming still. "G-get off!

One of the problems of sneaking up on an otter that is 2 seasons old. Is that they have learned to retaliate very quickly when its unknown beast. When Ella is grabbed she automatically swings her rudder at the unknown perpetrator. Trying to dislodge herself with a growl. Venei blinks at this and gets off of Chris trying to pull him away from this beast

Chris phews loudly. "Thank's Will!" he calls out before he scurries away, jumping up onto the log and then sitting down next to Robin, the stoat breathing out a heavy sigh of relief. Robin just chuckles a little bit and shakes his head at the otters. "Silly beasts." he nods.

William is hit but he doesn't let go of Ella. He tries to lift her off the ground and mutters in her ear, "Hey you little pikefish cut that out." He's still not letting go not til she calms down a little.

Ella twitches in the rats hold as she stops fighting back to look up at the beast, "Wills?" she asks with a blink, seeming out of breath. Venei as she sits down on her bum, her rudder in her lap, "Ells... It was just Will-Will..." Both otters seem a bit terrified still. Aik snorts quietly at the little stoat, before turning to the twins, "Frighten the crap out of huh?"

"Are you two ok?" Will asks his sisters, "You should be a little gentler when you play with Chris and nicer. I don't think he likes to be squished very much." He slowly loosens his hold on Ella letting her slowly sip out of his paw back to the ground

Ella nods slowly, "Im okaies..." Venei nods as well, "Im fines... But we loves Chris-ta-bell. We loves playing with him likes that..." Ella nods in agreement, "Is much funs... And we no squishies..." If only that were true, "We plays likes that. And we likes it... Why doesn't Chrisy?"

in teh dakrness everyone heas something moving in the very dark brush...hearing a deem low moaning as if from something....dead

Robin and Chris chuckle at each other and don't seem to hear the otters or the rat for a few moments before Chris grins and stands up, the little stoat sneaking up quietly behind Venei. "GOT YOU!" he shouts out before trying to pounce on her.

there is more moaning and something cracks loudly in the dark forrest

Ella hrms a bit more before she freaks out Chris. But this time, she recognizes the beast quickly when she is on the ground, "Chrisy!" she giggles and holds up her paws to hold him off. Venei runs up to them, but doesn't do anything but watch. Aik chuckles, "Heh... It all works out in the end..." he blinks and turns around, "What the hell was that?" he asks Robin.

Aikuen room-pages, "Sorry. A client called. May have to go afk in a minute.".

Robin stands up and draws his sword. "Why don't we ever have a quiet evening?" he asks quietly, looking out over the woods, looking for any moving shapes. )

There is more moaning, like the soul of a lost beast, and then a shrill scream.....2 blood red eyes can be seen only breifly in the dark

Aikuen gets up as well slowly backing away toward the kids, his paw on his blade, "Young'ns... Go inside our tent and stay with Fira and the others. Will..." he just nods as he looks back toward the forest, "Who goes there, scum?" he barks out.

there is a pause and then an eerie voice says "Oi be the Ghost of Martin the Warrior......are you...Aikuen? Is there a William With yooooooooo?

William nods and nudges the otter twins off toward their tent and motions for Chris to go with them. He puts a paw to his sword as he turns to face the woods, "Funny you don't sound like a mouse. You sound like a fox!" He can take a guess at who their visitor is and if he's wrong well he does have a sword.

Aikuen blinks at the voice, "... If you are Martin the Warrior... Then you would already know, wouldn't you... So you might as well just come on out and show yourself..." he barks out again. The little ones all go off toward the largest tent as quite as they can.

Flicktail stands up..of corse he's WHIT so he LOOKS like a Ghost, of course it would not be so comical if thebig wooden "mouse" ears heput on his head wern't brown, though his tail is wrapped with linnin to make it look more Mouse like "Nooo neeeeeed to send the Little ones to the tent...Oi..brought....candied nuts!

Aikuen takes his paw off his hilt and sighs with relief, "Flicky, you ba-" ahem, "... You know. If you just wanted to be fun with that costume... You could have JUST walked on in here..." he chuckles lightly, still little amused at what the fox did, "Oi! Little ones, get on out here and kill The champ-pe-oni." he laughs at that. The twins at least peak out of the tent. Before giggling and going to tackle the fox/mouse thing.

Flicktail says, "oi now..oldon oi...ARRGH!" he chuckles ashe's bowled over backwards..hispaws trying to ticke their ribs"

"Yes, get him. Maybe he brought you some fish?" Will adds knowing Flicky can be crazy prepared at times.

Aikuen laughs, "Mahahahah! Maybe that will teach him to scare us half to death..." he grins at the twins. Ella and Venei giggle as they also now try to tickle the fox back. But its a losing fight. And they just twitch on the ground, trying to fight back. Before going to snuggle up to him, as they are slowly feed candied nuts from the foxes pocket. Aik shakes his head, "Your right Will, he is just a big fat nut..." still cant help but grin at it.

"Of course he is. He's Flicky," the rat answers walking over to sit by the fire.

Aikuen nods and goes to plop back down at his spot by the fire, "Still... He should know better then to sneak up on a camp full of armed beasts." he grins. Fira pokes her head out of the tent.

William says, "He's Flicky."

Aikuen bobs his head, "Well still. Its only so many times you can do that before... something bad happens..." he sighs.

"True," Will agrees, "But he knew it was us out here. And he does have Martin's sword." The rat shrugs as if to say he doesn't understand the fox's behavior most of the time either.

Aikuen Chuckles, "I cant recognize Martins sword unless you put it front of me... To me. It just looks like a dyed long sword." he whispers this next part, "...But i guess its him. I remember him for a long time before he become champy... He still is a little... Fun. I guess is the word im looking for"

William nods, "He's still Flicktail. I don't think that's going to ever change. There's a lot worse things he could be."

William nods, "He's still Flicktail. I don't think that's going to ever change. There's a lot worse things he could be."

Aikuen chuckles, "Oh aye. I don't there is a better beast to be Champy...." back to regular voice, "At least he is, what he is!" he laughs then notices Fira. Who's face has gone from just watching, to eying him with a sort of a frowny face. He just stares back.

William tries and fails to look innocent when he sees Fira watching. "What? Flicky's a good champion and would be good at adventuring or questing or whatever it is Abbey Champions do anymore if he had to go on one."

Aikuen places a paw in front of his mouth, so Fira cant read, "I dont think it has to do with that matey... Run along and go do something... Ill see what she wants..." Fira frowns even more at Aik, even so much to throw a few rocks at him.

William ahs and quickly leaves the otters to go to his own tent and wife - who will likely have some words for him about his scaring the twins.

Aikuen hangs around a bit after Will leaves. Fira is still watching him. Aik then shrugs and walks over, "What you want goose face?" he asks jokingly. Fira smirks and mouths something before going to kiss him. Then hiding back in her tent. Aik blinks and snorts before going over to the pool the waterfall made.

Windhunter leaps from one tree branch to the other until finally he comes to a clearing. From his perch he can see the families campsite and Aikuen heading over to the pool. Considering for a moment how to make his entrance, he quietly climbs down the tree to the ground and begins creeping over to Aikuen with the intent of pushing him into the pool.

Aikuen hums to himself as he atops the short waterfall. Going to sit on his 'throne' and starting to toss rocks into the pool below. So its total surprise to him when he is pushed in for the second time this trip. They just don't want him as king, do they? He ergs on the way down. Making a bit of a splash. He quickly resurfaces, "KENTAR! When i get my paws on you..." he coughs, "Im gonna... Hey when did you... " he blinks at the beast.

Windhunter room-pages, "how deep is this pool?".

Aikuen room-pages, "Hrm. I say, a good 10 ft deep".

Windhunter room-pages, "ok".

Windhunter smiles down at the otter. "Sorry Aik, couldn't help m'self," he says as he begins to remove his belt and cloak in order to jump in the pool himself.

Aikuen spits out a bit of the water at the squirrel. Cant make it. But the idea is still there, "Cant you have done it in a nicer way? I mean i love jumping off of waterfall as much as the next beast. But my face can only take so much!" he laughs.

Windhunter chuckles. "I dunno about a nicer way. You have to admit it is an improvement over an arrow in the shoulder." He then proceeds to run and dive in the pool, going down and touching the bottom, then pushing off to rise to the surface.

Aikuen snorts, "Well aye. Though that was a nice greeting all the same..." he chuckles, getting out of the way of the squirrel when he dives. When Windy resurfaces he splashes him lightly, "Welcome to my territory mate!" evil grin, "Oh yes... Retribution of cliff shoving off of is close at paw!"

Windhunter splashes Aik back. "Aye, this might not have been the brightest situation to put myself in." He begins to swim backwards. "So, how have things been lately in the Tazan house?"

Aikuen smiles as he paddles around, "No it wasn't matey-mate... But thats okay... The king of the waterfall is feeling quite charitable today. So all you get is a warning!" he chuckles, "...Great, actually. As you can see, we made camp here. Just some time away from Moledeep. Get the young'ones fastened to river water, instead of our little pond. Had Flicky visit today. What else... Well, How about you oh tree whollper?"

Windhunter pushes off from the side to swim over to the waterfall. "Well that's great, been a while since I saw Flicktail. Anyway I went a couple different places lately. First time on a sea ship for one thing. Was planning to help a friend put an end to some rat pirates, but turned out the sea and some rocks took care o' that problem. Then spent some time in the snowy north. Which was... snowy."

Aikuen chuckles as he slowly follows, "Hooah for problems that take care of themselves. And the norths tend to be that way. Cold. Cold. With an extra side of cold. Though should be getting better nowadays... Summer and all." he nods before going to swim circle around the nut, "So have you heard? About Flicky and Fae?"

Windhunter Starts to swim under the waterfall, then hears that last part and stops. "No I hadn't heard, but I'm assuming they tied the knot."

Aikuen chuckles and shakes his head, "Nono. Well. Almost. They are getting hand fasted at the end of this month (31). And it will be at the abbey... Though you should know. Since you have been away..."

Windhunter smiles. "Aha, good. You know at one point he invited me to be his best beast, but I haven't seen him in so long I'm sure that's changed. Anyway I plan to stick around for a while, so I will definitely be there."

Aikuen laughs, "He did? Wonder why he didn't ask me?" more laughing, "Well good matey! Stick around, have some pie and what not. Stay here if yah want... Have to sleep outside. But im sure you wont care!" little splash.

Windhunter stops and his eyes brighten at the mention of pie. "Yeah, I'll definitely take you up on that." He looks around. "Say, where are the little ones?"

Aikuen chuckles at the look, "OH YES! Pie!" He then looks around, "Im not sure... Hold on" He places his claws between his lips and whistles. There is a light scrambling before two toddler otters appear from the camp (running on all fours), coming up to the side of the pond. Standing up they say "Yes daddy?" Aik nods, "Hello my darlings. You remember Windhunter right?" They both smile warmly, "Oh yeses" Ella answers, with a pawful wave.

Windhunter laughs and waves back at the toddlers. He then swims to the edge and climbs out. "Well, where's that pie?" He walks over to sit by the fire, shivering and shaking out his drenched fur.

Aikuen follows out the squirrel, going over to kiss and scruff each one of his darlings on the head, and telling them to go play again. Before plopping down next to the fire as well, "Right here mate..." he uncovers a stash of fried pies on the side of the fire in a Dutch oven, "Get your tastes around this mate. Me wife made them!" he grins. They talk for a bit about old times, before they are joined with the others, for late night stories. Then off to sleep until tomorrow.