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This article is deprecated. Please visit Quick Start Guide to get started!

Welcome to the world of Redwall MUCK!

What's a MUCK?

A MUCK is a multi-user interactive virtual reality world. OK, that's too complex. A MUCK is a place you make a character on and pretend to be in a different place.

To get involved, you need to connect to the computer system and create a character. Since this is Redwall-based, you can only create characters that would make sense in Brian Jacques' books. Thus, you can't be a human or a vulcan, but you can be a mouse, otter, or rat.

Before you connect, decide what gender you wish your character to be. Gender, once chosen, can't be changed. There is absolutely no requirement that your in-game character be your gender. Brian Jacques is a man, and he had Mariel be a hero that was a female mouse. Just choose the gender for the character you would love to read about in the books.

You can connect with telnet, which works, but is the least friendly program you can use for the MU. The clients page lists places where you can download programs that are designed to work with MUCK/MUD/MUSH/MOO/MUSE such as Redwall MUCK, and that's the easiest way. The connection styles are all similar, so I'll describe telnet. The program you download will have something similar.

It's a good idea to read through the documents here on the web-site to get an idea of what goes on before you connect.


To connect right away, click on the Web Client link on the top-right of this (and all pages). Wait until the little window pops up that asks you to "Connect Male" or "Connect Female" (or login with an existing character, but you don't have one yet). Then, once that box appears, click to pick which sex character you wish to make.

Once in the MU, you can follow the directions in the live screen and make your character.

Sometimes, it just seems to hang. Hit your browser's "refresh" button and that will re-start it, which should let it connect.

If you have a MUCK/MUSH/MUD client already, the MU is reached at port 4203.

Once you create your character inside the MU, you can return at any time. Your character will remain "in the system" for as long as you are active. After 42 days of not logging it in, the character will vanish.

Now what?

You are your character in the MUCK, so act as you would have your character act!

Don't hesitate to ask for help of people there. It's wise to read our Help Guides here to get a better understanding of course. But, our members are helpful.

And have fun!

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