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Mon, 01/21/2013 - 15:47

A couple of years ago, some pals and I decided to drum up shrew RP on the MUCK by constructing a GUOSIM encampment. Our RP plans petered out, but the camp still exists. Figured I'd post here to let y'all know, in case access to it would be advantageous to any of your plots.

It's not extravagant, but has all the basic rooms you'd expect: lodge, armory, infirmary, garden, and so forth. The west end of the camp (West Camp) is the housing area; I've activated it as a +community room, so interested players can build tents.

All public rooms broadcast to +radio.

There is no functioning OOC hierarchy for this branch of GUOSIM. I'm simply providing an RP space. ICly, their last Log-a-Log was eaten by an owl, and a new Log-a-Log, as of yet, has not been instated. Much of the IC social and political climate of the camp can be handled at your discretion, though keep in mind that there is a contingent of NPC shrews scurrying around. Other species are welcome to RP at the camp.

The settlement is quite close to Camp Willow, just off River Moss.

  • Directions: status ic, portal, pra, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, n, e, nrm, ur, ur, ur, ur, sp
  • From Portal, take the Redwall Abbey exit. Go north on the Dirt Road until just before the old stone bridge. Head east into the woods, then north to River Moss. Travel up river until you see a shrouded path.

Once you're in the Entry Path room, type "map" to see a map. Also, those long exit names ([North], [South], etc.) have multiple aliases, so you can typically avoid typing the full exit name; e.g. "n", "s", "e", "w" can be used to navigate.

Hope you guys can get some use out of this. Enjoy!

I check this site and my page-mail (as Aeysin) on the MUCK regularly. Contact me with questions or ideas.