Darcy Logs

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01.08.09 - A Possible Cure

Discussion of a possible cure for the plague.

01.14.09 - Drunken Behavior

Darcy and Brenden get drunk.

01.16.09 - Bad Influence

Darcy, Harper, and Bradge hang out.

01.20.09 - Two For One

Darcy kills Sargas and Kara.

01.24.09 - The Dress

Darcy gets coerced into trying on a dress.

02.03.09 - Take It Back

Harper gets some bad news.

02.04.09 - More Time

Darcy comforts Harper.

02.05.09 - Elbow Deep

Harper is an arse, by the way.

02.09.09 - Conscious Choice

Harper is also evasive.

02.11.09 - Mud and Puddles

Darcy and Harper race in the rain.

02.12.09 - Wait and See

Darcy and Harper get ready for their trip.

02.13.09 - Infestation

Darcy, Harper, Sivaine, and Magramba find a place to spend the night.

02.14.09 - All In a Day's Work

Darcy and Sivaine take on a really awful robber.

02.15.09 - The Rain of Wildcat

Darcy, Sivaine, and Magramba fight a wildcat.

02.16.09 - Hidey Hole

Darcy, Harper, Sivaine, and Magramba are given some hospitality.

02.18.09 - The Drug is in the Pasties

Darcy and her companions discover they've been robbed.

02.19.09 - Flirting For Drinks

Darcy enjoys herself in a pub and meets Belliger.

02.20.09 - Dance Contest

Darcy and Harper compete in a dance contest.

02.22.09 - Bar Brawl

Darcy, Harper, Magramba, and Belliger get caught in a bar fight.

02.23.09 - Fluffy Problems

Darcy finds a lost kitten.

02.26.09 - Rushing Water

Darcy and the rest have to cross a rickety bridge.

02.28.09 - More Than Enough

Darcy, Harper, and Crow are captured

03.01.09 - Quite the Feeling

Darcy, Harper, and Crow are branded as slaves.

03.02.09 - Potential for Airborne Mustelid

Darcy, Harper, and Crow are brought to Ruingate.

03.04.09 - Say Farewell

Darcy's owner, Jarven, introduces her to her life as a slave.

03.07.09 - Kill Him

Darcy is punished by Jarven; Jarven is attacked by Harper; Harper is rescued by Tobias.

03.10.09 - Nothing Like A Closet

Darcy and Harper spend some time together.

03.10.09 - Lucky

Darcy pretends to be pregnant to keep Jarven from beating her.

03.15.09 - Get Away

Darcy and Harper escape Ruingate with Crow.

03.16.09 - On The River

Darcy and Harper run into Belliger outside of Ruingate.

03.23.09 - Kiss the Floor

Darcy and Harper return to Redwall.

04.07.09 - No Sense of Adventure

Darcy, Harper, and Bradge explore the attic.

04.13.09 - I'll Come Back

Darcy tells Harper she's going to Salamandastron.

04.15.09 - Bedside Manner

Darcy meets Rahier.

04.20.09 - Discretion

Darcy and Keita flirt.

04.23.09 - Nice Catch

Darcy meets Zeraph's girlfriend, Charlotte.

05.03.09 - Offer Most Persuasive

Darcy convinces Soclose to take her to Redwall.

05.03.09 - Impromptu Visit

Darcy visits Harper at Redwall.

05.22.09 - Drinking to Oblivion

Darcy gets drunk.