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Mon, 05/16/2016 - 06:44


It's been far too long since we had some good Reavers RP, so I wanted to do a quick post and let you guys know where the group is ICly so that you can jump back in during one of our scheduled times.

The entire group has relocated, to the thriving cosmopolitan city of Easthaven on the island of Dalron. Vermin and woodlanders alike live in tenuous harmony among her cobbled streets, and talk has already begun to circulate that a new gang is on the block (*cough cough it's us*). These rumors have been less than pleasing to the kingpin of the criminal underworld, Carnefeller. We've done some recon around town and this is what we know about him:


An aging orange tabby cat with a blunt manner of speaking, Carnefeller is somewhat rotund and of an average height. He dresses in the finest clothing money can buy, with expensive, extensive jewelry. His tail is long and his fur is clean. Several teeth have been capped with gold.


As stated, Carnefeller is widely regarded as a straight-shooter, though he does have a reputation for being a bit gruff and double-minded to boot. His allegiances change with the season and it’s hard to know which of the other two members he will back if there isn’t an obvious benefit for him to be had. A wealthy merchant in the black market, he either owns or pays for one in every two of the shipping vessels that frequent Easthaven’s port.

We've set up shop in an abandoned warehouse, as all good gangs do.

Scheduled times for RP:

Based on the survey I collected, 7-8 people are available to RP during the following time windows:

Sundays, from about noon EST on

Wednesdays, from about noon EST on

If you would like for the times to be more specific so we know when others will be around rather than floating in, seeing no one, and floating out, please let me know and we'll tighten it up. Personally, I'm online without fail every Wednesday from 12-4 PM EST, so feel free to ping me if I'm not online as Jaksor and you want to RP. Thanks!