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The fortress city of Collinsel was the built long before the Great Earthquake ravaged the land upon the shores of the East Sea and the capitol of the kingdom called "Nel'Fene", with the last known monarch being the late Queen Isabel the First, a squirrel, ruling from her family's castle of Nel Fenian built within the city. Since her death the city and kingdom have slowly fallen into disrepair & ruin...

Crest of Castle Nel Fenian

Found in the castle's entry hall

This is a large stone inbedded in its resting place with its brother cobbles. It had an engraving of great craft. It is an acorn looking almost real if it weren't so extremely large. It has a scroll which has written on it in Old Nel Fenian linguistics. Welcome to Castle Nel Fene. The stone is a deep gray. It captivates you as you stair into it and your mind goes farther into it as your eyes study the acorn. They go over it and over it marvelling in its exquisite craftsmanship.