Chat at Campsite

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Jake is by the campfire staring at it and sighs as he tosses a rock across the woods.

Silver walks through the woods and is more or less lost.

Chess is still around, staying close to the campsite and looks around, he looks at the sigh and then sees the other hare in the woods and quickly gets to the log and hides. “Beasts are out, chess see."

Silver just keeps walking through the wood; soon he trips on a tree stump and falls on his face.

Chess peeks out from the log and goes over to Silver, he pokes him with on the shoulder with his paw "Ello? dead?" he looks at Jake, "It died?"

Silver rolls over and laughs. "Dang it I died again!"

Jake sighs, the newt is starting to get on his nerves, he blinks at the familiar voice and walks over to look at Silver, "Silver...what are ya doing. Following me?"

Chess screams and bolts to a nearby log and stays in it.

Silver stands up and laughs. "Nope...just thought you might want some extra food...don’t know how much you brought so I thought I would bring a little extra!"

Jake shakes his head and mutters something, he looks at Silver and nods "Thanks,...I was a bit south but have reason to believe. The monitor is heading north, annoying thing"

Silver smiles. “Dont worry you will find him!"

Chess stays hidden as his voice echoes in the log "The large sharp toothed one is bad, very very bad..friend should not look for it, no no..friend should not."

Jake shakes his head, "Been putting up with the newt pass couple days...said it seen the monitor, and yes I will find him and when do..well not sure but most likely be a fight."

Chess sticks his head out "I am Chess, not it..Chess is name." He climbs upon the log and sits there watching the hares.

Silver laughs. “You found a newt eh?. "He walks over to the newt and grins. "Well I guess you did!"

Jake nods "He isn’t dangerous,...annoying but not dangerous, guess it’s a..traveling companion..and there is Rinzo,but he is off in the trees and Maythus is asleep...Oh and him “ He points to Whoe, seems he is asleep also.

Silver smiles. “Well least you are not alone...would go with you but am needed back at the abbey..."

Chess looks at Silver "Abbey?"

Silver looks at the newt and nods. “It’s where I live...also where Jake lives."

Jake nods "Yes would be good to stay at the abbey Silver, I am not coming back, not till find Kiara and then I will come back, with her by my side."

Chess nods, he looks at Jake "Chess stay and help friend, Chess be good tracker."

Silver hmms. “Well you should come back at the abbey at some point...maybe check up on Honeyfern."

Jake nods to Chess "Well hopefully it will come in handy then “He looks at Silver "I will...once I find Kiara"

Silver nods. “Well...still think you should stop and see how honeyfern is doing or something..."

Chess slips off the log and looks around "Tracking easy if know signs of lizard type, Chess know of it..Chess good at tracking, and Chess also find food stuffs when needed"

Rinzo just fell out of a tree.

Jake sighs "I am sure she is fine “He starts to get his longbow and then sees its Rinzo and frowns, he walks over "Rinzo?"

Chess eyes go wide as the squirrel falls "It it broken?"

Silver laughs. “You don’t have very high hopes of beast living when they get hurt do you Mr. Newt?"

Rinzo stands up slowly and rubs his head, "Blasted rotten branches. Aye I'm fine folks. Just a wee little fall."

Jake nods, "Any news ?"

Chess shrugs and goes back to his log and just listens, he frowns, "Sun going away soon, tis not good at dark"

Silver laughs. “It’s not bad if you have a fire!"

Rinzo says, "Sorry comrade. Haven't seen much of anything. Doesn't really help having to look over an entire forest."

Jake nods "I know, hoping to pick up something soon, not just..went from south to north" he sighs as he sits by the fire, he glances over at Silver "So how long are you staying around Silver or just bringing the supplies? Guessing it’s quiet at the abbey or just same old same old"

Silver shrugs. “Guess you could say that...and I think I will head back soon..."

Chess frowns "Hare should not travel woods when getting dark...many things hide, Chess knows of things..some bad and some good...never know what see"

Silver smiles. “I can make it back to the abbey I think chess!"

Rinzo chuckles, "Too bad ye aren't a squirrel Silver sah. Then perchance you could get there through the trees. Not much can get ye up there."

Jake nods "You can let Honeyfern know I am alright and...well will get back when can, can't say when that will be."

Chess listens to Silver "If Silver be saying so, ok be"

Silver nods. “I can do that...and I bet she will want you back at some point soon..."

Jake nods "I know she probably misses me, and I miss her, but I can't fail Kiara, she is our daughter and I need to find her"

Rinzo leans against the tree he fell from. "So how is it going on your side of the search?"

Silver hmms. “Well yes...but you might want to come back for a little bit if going to be gone for over a month..."

Jake sighs “Slow, though had one led, news that the monitor tricked me and is now heading north, sort of annoying in a way but..hopefully the led is right" He looks at Silver "I will be back when I am back, and if she is thinking of looking for me, please tell her to stay put, don't want something happening to her too"

Silver nods. “Well she said herself she is not going to be leaving the abbey anytime soon so I don’t think you need to worry about that..."

Rinzo shakes his head, "In the end I think she has the strength to wait for you."

Jake nods and smiles "I know she will be fine," He looks at Silver "As long as she isn’t leaving the abbey to look for me I won’t need to worry about her"

Silver hmms. “Well...if you want....just there is something you might want to know..."

Jake looks at Silver "What?..sure the abbey is fine without me, a couple otters are there to help with guarding, from Camp Willow, good fighters if needed."

Silver sighs. “Well...Honeyfern thinks she is with dibbun..."

Jake looks at Silver "She thinks she is what?"

Silver sighs."Umm with know when the dibbuns is still growing inside the mother before birth."

Jake blinks at this news, "I..I know what.." His words are a little slow, yeah this big news, he stands there quiet before he finds his voice again. "Dibbuns?..Honeyfern going to.." He seems to take it fairly well...then faints.

Silver laughs. “Guess it’s my turn to wake you up!"

Rinzo nudges Silver, "Let’s let him lie there for a moment. Maybe we can find a creative way to wake him."

Jake groans slightly as he starts to come too again

Rinzo hmphs.

Silver smacks Jake a few times in the face to wake him up...

Rinzo chuckles.

Jake blinks a few times and looks at Silver "Wot.." he slowly sits up and rubs his head "I.." he looks at Silver "Did you say what think said?"

Jake slowly stands and sits down on the log that’s in the campsite, he seems to take the news in and think on it, he looks at Silver, "Well..that for sure" He smiles slowly."Well..all the more reason for her to stay at the abbey."

Silver nods. “that’s why she said she is not leaving..."

Jake nods :Good.." he sighs now "And all the more reason to find Kiara soon, sooner the better"

Silver nods. “Well you will find her...don’t worry...'

Jake nods, he smiles " Dibbuns...hope Honeyfern will be ok, though might miss the birth, hopefully not"

Silver smiles. “Well its ok if you miss it....she will understand..."

Jake nods "Never thought would ever have a family....or even me own dibbuns one day, yeah I have Kiara but she was adopted, little different when it’s your own...wonder what Kiara will think about being a big sister"

Silver smiles. “Dont she will be happy to hear about it!"

Jake smiles "Yeah" he sighs "I need to find her soon Silver, before I go insane..feel like I am failing her by taking this long"

Rinzo shakes himself from his reverie, "You say you have an eagle bird helpin' ye?"

Silver sighs. “How do you think it felt when Blackfur had Biff and all I could do was lay in bed?"

Jake nods, "Yes, he is helping so no worries, he is on the side of good..scared me first day seen him, but he is good hearted, he eats fish seems, but yes he is helping...why do you ask?"

Rinzo chuckles, "Have ye not thought of having a bird's eye view?"

Jake looks at Silver "True, but you got Biff back, hopefully the same will be true of me getting Kiara back" he looks at Rinzo and hmms "So far all he does is take messages back and forth from my campsite to the abbey, didn’t think of asking him to help look,..he may have been already but if is, he hasn’t mentioned seeing anything"

Rinzo nods, "Well if he is or isn't ye should suggest it. Just in case y'know?"

Silver nods. “Well just try not to go to crazy..."

Jake looks at Silver and nods "I just want to find the monitor and then...well, try not to get too hurt as probably won’t avoid a fight"

Silver nods. “Well that wot your friends are for!'

Jake nods, he looks at Rinzo "Next time see the eagle will ask for him to look from the skys on his travels and report back to me"

Rinzo nods. "Well I'd best get back to watchin' from my home. Pardon me sahs."

Jake nods as he watches him go into the trees, he looks back to Silver “Any other news from the abbey?"

Silver smiles. “Well there is a new hare....but don’t know how long he will be staying."

Jake nods "Always new beasts coming around, and guess some old friends that strange hamster Whoe or wot ever."

Silver smiles."Whoe is here?"

Jake nods and points to the sleeping hamster "He found me right before the newt did, then you came...don’t know who is next to find me, hopefully not a vermin"

Silver laughs. “Nothing that you can’t deal with!"

Jake nods as he leans ageist the tree, "Might get some sleep for couple hours, unless you have to get going"

Silver shrugs. “I think i will walk back...not very sleepy!"

Jake nods "Just be careful"

Silver laughs. “Well I will try!"

Jake nods "Just let Honeyfern know I am ok, and that I know about her being with child now" she smiles a little and closes his eye, he takes a nap that last about 2 hours, for him its enough to be alert

Silver leaves for the abbey.