Attack of the Mini Stoat

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Characters: Aikuen, Will, Chris

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Aikuen is in the Molehole, just by himself, taking a little nap it seems. Fira has been very tired lately and she is sleeping still. A good sign, and a bad sign. Her body is getting ready, for the big day. But that means... very very soon. Aik has been getting very anxious about this. But tea, her and the books have kept the otter in check. Mostly. At least he hasn't lost it yet. Its the waiting that's getting to him. Aik snorts as he rolls his head to one side. He is in a very precarious position. He is leaning back in the chair, while he has his footpaws on the table.

Will walks into the hall, some paper, a quill and an inkwell in held in his good paw/arm. He sets the items down on the table and smiles over at the otter, "Hello. Thought I'd make a list of th things we need from th Abbey."

Aikuen grunts awake, "Huh!?... Ack!" and he tries to grab for something to hold onto. OH TOO LATE! And the chair and otter fall backward and land with a loud crunch to the floor. Aik grits and grunts, "Argh... ung...." he he rolls off the chair and coughs out dirt, "HACK! Ug... That was... fun...." he grunts and he stands and dusts himself off. The otter looks to Will with a frown first, but then turns into a small smile, "Hey Will..." he pops his neck, and sets the chair back, "Next time... just poke me..." he chuckles as he plops back down.

The rat blinks and chuckles a little at the otter's fall. "You ok?" When the otter frowns at him he shrugs a little, "What. I didn't do anything." Will turns to look over at Chris. "Yep. He fell down. But he's up now so you better watch out or he might get you," Will laughs making a grabbing paw motion with his good paw at the little stoat, list now forgotten.

Aikuen flecks a piece of dirt off him, "You woke me! Silly...I'm fine... just, popped my back..." he chuckles, grits, and looks to the new beast in the room, "Well hello..." he looks around a bit, "Escaped from your parents i see... you little nut!" he looks to Will and smiles, "That's right Chris. Ill get you!... In my big ottery arms!" he laughs.

Chris meeps and flops over, covering his eyes, hoping not to be gotten by ottery arms. The stoat then peeks out from around his paws before moving slowly towards them. "You norra getta me!" he nods then growls, trying to be big and brave. Just like...Robin!

Will is now sitting backward on his chair to better watch the mini stoat. He chuckles at Chris's tough act. "Oh no. Are you gonna get us?" he asks lowering his head and pretending to hide behind the chair's back.

Aikuen looks scared, "Eck! Oh no'es! What eva shall we do! From da scaries Chris!" he laughs and hides behind his paws. The otter is too big to hide behind anything. It will work for now.

Chris grins and crawls towards Aik, growling still before wrapping his paws around the otter's rudder. "Got'ya!" he shouts, before looking towards Will, wondering if he should get Will too.

Will can see the other two from his 'hiding' spot and grins when Aik is 'caught'. "Oh no! Chris caught Pa. What will we do!" He grins over at Aik wondering if he'll turn the tables on the little stoat or let himself be caught. If the stoat does want to try and catch the rat it wouldn't be too hard since his tail is hanging down and laying mostly on the floor between the his chair and the otter.

Aikuen blinks and looks from out of his paws, "What the?" he chuckles and lifts his rudder up. And as long as Chris is hanging on tightly, it should also pick him up as well, "Nuh Uh Chris! I got you!" he chuckles, and gives the rudder a little wiggle.

Chris whoahs as he's picked up by Aik's tail, the stoat holding on tight and clenching his eyes, frowning. "Noes! Me got yous! " he frowns, trying hard not to fall.

Will laughs, "Don't let go Chris, you got him! You got that otter! You caught him *chuckle* all by yourself. Didn't you? But I think he's about t catch you."

Aikuen laughs and wags his rudder a little bit more, "ARGH! Chris has got me! I got to get away! Or else he is gonna eat me!" he chuckles.

The wagging makes Chris hold on a little bit more but loses his grip and falls off, landing on his back with a rather loud thud before bursting into tears.

"Uh oh," Will says, "We're in trouble. ... Or maybe just you. Are you ok, Chris?" The rat look up over the back of his chair not sure what to do about this.

Aikuen chuckles up to the point of when he hears the crying. He blinks and gets up from his seat to go over to Chris. He picks him up and rubs his back, just to make it feel better, "Its okay Chris... I'm sorry...." He didn't lift so high. At least not for otter dibbuns. He looks to Will and shakes his head, "We're not in trouble. Sort of. We just have to be more careful... He is not an otter..." he tell himself.

Will, who was never under the impression that Christopher was an otter, gives Aik a odd look, "Uh ok." The rat bursts out laughing when Chris 'recatches' Aikuen. "Oh, you really got him this time!"

Aikuen was feeling really sorry for the little one. But then this. The otter frowns at Chris, grunting "Why yo-? ERG! OH! ... You Little nut!" he shakes his head and chuckles, and supports the under carriage of the stoat, "Yah.. You got me... NOW! What are you going to do with me?" he pokes his nose at the stoats fuzzy head.

Chris blinks and rubs away a few left over tears before tilting his head. "Ummm...." he looks around and shrugs. "Got'ya!" he nods once more.

Will grins just watching the other two. "Yep you got him, Chris. Now what? You gonna stay up there?" he asks.

Aikuen grins and says, "Alright. Stay there! See what i do! I'm just gonna go over here!" he walks, still holding on th Chris, so he doesn't fall, toward one of the armchair on the side of the room and he blinks, "WHAT?! You are still here!?" he chuckles

Chris oohs a little as the otter carries him across the room, being higher up then Kentar can usually carry. "" he nods. It being Aikuen. "Yep! Here!" he smiles before yawning.

Aikuen laughs, and plops down into the chair, and dusts shoots up out of it. He waves it away and smiles, "So Chris. Oh godson of mine ... Are you getting into mischief? Are you being a good little stoat?"

Chris coughs a little bit before nodding. "Good stoat! Good stoat!" he smiles and nods a dozen times over, finally letting go of Aik's neck and slipping down onto his lap instead.

Aikuen smiles and rubs the back of the little ones head, once he gets settled "Good to hear! That means... Do you want to know what i do to dibbuns... who have been naughty?" he grins.

Chris nods and smiles proudly before blinking a little and tilting his head, nodding. "Yeah! What you do?" he asks.

Aikuen picks him up and starts to nibble the top of the stoats head his is lips folded in, "I eat them!" Nom nom nom!" he laughs.

Chris merps and squirms. "Nooo!" he frowns, but he can't quite get away. "I noes wants be eatens!"

Aikuen still holds on tightly to him, and sets him back in his lap, "Your not going to be eatin! Your a good stoat. So i shall spare you... from my Nommy-ness..." he chuckles.

Chris nods and folds his arms with a serious look, that looks just like Kentar's serious look. "Good!" he nods once before giggling again.

Aikuen chuckles and pokes him in the side, see if he is ticklish, "Aye! Good! Be a good little stoat!"

The stoat giggles, obviously ticklish, squirming a little and trying to crawl away.

Aikuen grins and decides to save it for later. When the stoat least expects it. The otter sighs and yawns, smiling at the little one, "So Chris... So what would you think... of a little me, that you could play with one day?" he continues to rub the stoats back.

Chris tilts his head a little and looks up at the otter's face. "Liddle' you?" he asks.

Aikuen smiles and nods, "Yep. A little me. A little otter, that you can call little brother. Or little sister..." Even though the little one would be technically an uncle or maybe an aunt to him.

Aikuen snorts and looks to Will, "Me? Confuse him? Your the one that brought up cousins..." he laughs and yawns, "A cousin Is your aunt or uncles little one..." he nods, "But that's not what the otter will be to you, as Fira is not your aunt, and I'm not your uncle..." he laughs. Confuse the Stoat, check.

"I know the baby won't really be his cousin but we don't know if it'll be boy or girl so he can't really say uncle or aunt ... guess he cold say both but that could be worse," Will says.

Chris is beyond confused. And still, he only understood just under half of what they were saying. "Um. Oklie." he nods before curling up on Aik. And drifting to sleep.

Aikuen chuckles and nods, "Well yah. Well just leave it at cousins then..." he smiles warmly, and places a soft paw on Chris, "Nappy time apparently..." he whispers.

Will shrugs a little, "Least til th baby's born then we can figure out if he should call em something else. Other than their name."

Aikuen nods, "Yep. And even with the name. Me and Fira still have no idea. But I like her reasoning for it. Want to make sure their name, it good for them. You know." he chuckles, and scratches the stoat softly behind the ears, "Our family is confusing... And it's just going to get even a little more!"

"I guess so." Will says chewing on his lip, "But it won't be confusing for my kids. Cause Garnet an Kentar'd be their Aunt and Uncle and you an Mum would be their Grandfather an Grandmother. All Kentar an Garnet's kids would be their cousins and all your an Mum's kids would be their uncles an aunts, and Racky'd be their uncle too. An th rest is easy too. Flicky an Benar are kinda /my/ uncles and Flicky's kids are /my/ cousins. See very easy."

Aikuen tilts his head, "Yes that makes sense..." it was the 'for my kids' that concerns him. And yes Aik should know better. But he cant help it. He just cant see Will growing up to have kids. He just cant see it. But that will pass when it actually happens. Hopefully. The otter sighs and nods, "Yeah..."

Will look over at Aikuen, "Something wrong, Pa?" he asks noting the otter's far off look.

Aikuen hmms, and shakes his head, coming back to reality "Oh... its nothing... really... Just thinking on the future and stuff..." he nods and picks up the tiny stoat in his arms, "I'm going to put this little guy to bed... before he causes any true mischief. And hurts himself. Then check up on your Mum. See if she is alright. Its getting..." Its pasts her expected date. The otter sighs and nods again, "See yah Will..." and he disappears into the sleeping hall, with the sleeping little one in his arms.