Amy's Very Bad Day

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Characters: Kentar, Garnet, Christopher, Aikuen, Will, Amy

Location: Moledeep, Cathudbodva

Moledeep: Infirmary

Its morning now. Garnet is asleep but Kentar is awake. And sadly, so is Baby Christopher. The two stoats are sitting next to Garnet's bed, Christopher in Kentar's arms, being rocked slowly back and forth. He's got a good hold on Kentar's whiskers but he's not pulling so Kentar doesn't much mind.

Aikuen has been snoring since he dozed off last night. He is still holding Fira's paw and is leaning against her. Fira is also asleep, leaning against her husband. Aikuen slowly awakes at the sounds of movement, and blinks a few times at what he sees. With a yawn he says, "Mornin'... Eh... Kentar... Christopher..." he yawns again and kisses Fira's cheek to see if he can wake her, but that is to no avail. He smirks and looks back at the stoats.

Kentar smiles a little and looks up to Aikuen before back down to his son. "See Christopher? Gran'daddy's waked up." he smiles. He talks weird around the kid but soon, no one will notice. "Sleep well Aikuen?" he asks.

Aikuen sighs and gives another small kiss to Fira, before leaning back and popping his back, "Slept well enough, at least well enough in a chair..." he grumbles a little bit before laughing at the stoat, "Waked up?" he smiles, and shakes his head.

Kentar chuckles and grins. "How else do you talk to a baby?" he asks, grinning before nodding. "Ah. Well. I got some good sleep in a bed last night." he laughs. "At least until this little guy woke me up."

Aikuen shrugs, "I guess so..." he chuckles, "Let me guess... he was hungry or something? Or maybe he just did it to annoy you..." he snorts.

Kentar laughs and nods. "Yeah. Probably both really." he chuckles. "I fed him and he still stayed awake. Which is annoying." he laughs. "But you know what? I'd not change anything for the world." he smiles, looking down to Christopher.

Aikuen nods, "That's true... But after a seasons or so... you wish you could change it... Cause him being will happen a lot..." he smiles, "But enjoy it while you can..." He then glances to Fira, who is still asleep, before looking back to Kentar, "Also if you ever need a break... I'm here... And so is Fira...We will be glad to take him for a little bit, while you guys rest and stuff..."

Kentar smiles and grins a little. "I know, I know." he chuckles a little before yawning and sitting back. He forgot his son had his whiskers, so one of them pops right out. "Ow!" The kid just giggles. "Heh. Yeah. Thanks Aik."

Aikuen keeps from laughing as the kid pulls out one of Kentar's whiskers. He sighs and leans back in his chair, "Of course, I was a father once after all, and i wish i could have had a break once in a while! So I'm just extending the courtesy to you guys!" he lightly laughs, then sighs.

Kentar rubs the side of his snout before nodding a little. "Well. Thank you. I think we'll need a break every so often." the stoat nods slowly

Aikuen smiles and nods, "Just ask us whenever..." He then places a paw on the side of his mouth, so in case Fira is awake, she cant read him, "Just ask her first... I want her to get used to being around Kits..." he grins evilly, and removes his paw, to settle back into her. Then his Field healer inside of him asks, "Has Garnet, or the little one... had any problems? Any at all?

Kentar nods a little and smiles a bit. "Alright. Thank you." he laughs before nodding a little. "So when are you two planning on having some young?" the stoat asks before shaking his head. "No. Not that I know of. Garnet has slept ever since last night though. Must be tired." he laughs.

Aikuen laughs also, "Yah She gatta be tired... just gave birth to a mini you..." he snickers a little bit, "If they have any problems please don't try to hide it... let me know immediately... were still in the danger zone... at least for a few more days..." he nods and then sighs looking at his wife, "I don't know... I want to... But every time i bring it up... she kinda freezes up... she is still young, and may be sacred at the thought... maybe soon though... may happen anytime..." he shrugs a little bit.

Kentar nods a little then tilts his head. "Why problems? What kind of problems could happen?" he asks, quite worried. The babe just drifts off to sleep. "And just how old are you Aikuen?" he asks with a head tilt the other way.

Aikuen says, as he pulls his healers notes from his head, "Since her body is using all its energy to heal the damage during the birthing process... she is very likely to get an infection... That's why i want her kept in here, for a few more days... Same with Chris... he is just as likely... but all should be alright, that problem doesn't happen often, i just to know in case it does..." He sighs and then blinks at the next question, "Ummm.... Well...." he scratches his head, "I umm... turned twenty at the end of spring... Why?"

Kentar nods a little then sighs as he looks at them both, the babe and his wife. The otter just made him get extremely worried. "I. Hope it wont happen." he says quietly before his jaw drops. "Twenty seasons?" he asks. "Wow. Your. A lot older then I thought."

Aikuen is not worried at all, "They will be fine... and if they do get it, and i know... we can stop it..." he nods and begins to rub the side of the armchair, "Yep... I've been around... for twenty seasons..." He rubs at his grey streaks in his fur, "But i have kept myself in good condition, that's why i don't look... like that age..." he sighs, "Why did you want to know?"

Kentar wows a little then shrugs. "I was just asking." He nods a little before tilting his head. "Doesn't it bother you you'll pass away to the dark forest before Fira will?" he asks. His mind is taken off the fact his wife and child could die.

Aikuen shrugs, "Not Really... Because of my blood... I was afraid to live longer then her... But, if that is the case... I just have to make the time I'm here..." He smiles evilly, and kisses her. Fira smirks, and then goes to settle more into him. Aikuen chuckles, "It does not bother me a lick..." he laughs a little.

Kentar nods a little then tilts his head. "It doesn't make much sense why it doesn't bother you." he says but then he shrugs, looking back to Christopher. "Whatever I guess."

Aikuen sighs, "It does bother me... I just... don't want to think about it... besides... we well both grow old together, if i can help it... Tazans tend to live longer then most..." he sigh and leans his head against her, "I don't want to leave her... but i cant help being my age..." he sighs again.

Kentar looks at Aikuen and nods a bit. "I'm sorry I brought it up Aikuen." he says, sighing a little and leaning back into his seat.

Aikuen nods, "Its alright... Me and Fira already discussed it... She doesn't care much, though the thought has crossed her mind..." he sighs and begins to rub her paw, "One thing i love about her... Never once, in our relationship... has she brought up our age difference... says it doesn't bother her... because she loves me... for me" he smiles.

Kentar nods and smiles a bit. "Well. As long as you love her, that's all that matters." he says before yawning a little. The babe in his arms already drifted off to sleep. So he just sets him with Garnet then turns back to Aik. "Can I get your help with building a crib later?" he asks.

Aikuen chuckles, "I love her more than anything... When I'm around her..." he smiles, and nuzzles her a little bit. He was just about to doze off, when Kentar asked another question, "Er... yah sure... Never built a crib before, but how hard could it be?" he chuckles a little bit.

Kentar laughs and nods with a big smile. "Thanks Aik. And I haven't either so your not alone. Can't be all that hard. Its just a box really." he nods.

Aikuen chuckles, "A box... that doesn't break... and with a pillow in it... i think that's it..." he shrugs, "At least i hope so..." he laughs a little bit, "Anyway sure, I've built bigger things then a crib, so... lets give it a whirl..." He sighs, and nuzzle Fira once more, as he begins to doze.

Amethyst comes in from the sleeping hall where she and Will had been since last night. Her black hair is unbraided and falls down in waves where it will, she looks a little tried but she smiles anyway. "Chris go back t sleep already?" she asks.

Kentar is sitting still next to Garnet's bed. Chris is still in his arms and dozing lightly. "Yeah. For the moment, but I expect that to change sometime." the stoat nods a little with a quiet chuckle.

Amethyst says, "That's the way it is." She moves to sit down on a nearby cot. "If it's not too much trouble, when Will wakes up, I may borrow Chris. Seems he hasn't been around baby much so the more he has to be around Chris the better ... for me."

Kentar laughs and smiles a little. "Sadly, Chris can't leave the infirmary for another day or so." he says. "But you are more then welcome to. Borrow. Chris if you stay in the infirmary." he smiles.

Amethyst smiles, "I think I can do that ... if not I'll wait."

Kentar nods and smiles some. "Just don't drop him and I'll be happy."

Amethyst grins, "Is that all? I'd have thought maybe the chance of walking into a wall while holding him would bother you more than any chance of my dropping him would. I'll do my best not to drop him."

Kentar laughs. "Don't hurt him. If you even pull out a whisker, I'll make sure you have a very, very, unpleasant day." the stoat laughs.

Amethyst smiles, "Why would I hurt him? Babies are much more duriable than most beasts think. I had nine older siblings when I was born and none of them were very gentle and our parents by that time weren't as worried about it since they'd been through it so many times before. You're new at this so you're gonna be paranoid about him for a while but once he gets a little bigger and starts moving around you won't be nearly as worried .... about the same things you are now."

Kentar nods and shrugs. "Don't know." he smiles a little bit. "Anyways. I'm just worried. Aik said Garnet and Chris might get an infected and die, and. I'm just real worried."

Amethyst says, "That doesn't happen that often ... I don't think. I'm sure they'll be fine."

Kentar nods a little then sits back. "That's what Aik said." he smiles a little before yawning. "I really need a nap. I'm going to grab one." he lays down with Christopher across his chest before dozing off.

Amethyst nods, "Well, I'm going t see if Will's awake yet or not. I thought I heard him get up. I'll see if he wants t see Chris or not." The rat-maid walks back into the sleeping hall.

Still laying on a cot is Kentar and his son. Kentar is awake and his son is just sleeping away. Garnet still sleeping. She has been all day long and it doesn't seem to worry Kentar.


Will wakes up in the sleeping hall and notices he's still dirty from when he'd gone outside last night so he strips the blankets from the bed he'd slept on and wads them up and sets them in a pile to be washed later and goes off to wash himself. He peeks into the infirmary and sees the other are all in there and most of them are sleeping except for Kentar and Amy who are talking to each other about something. His first idea is to go wash in the tub in the kitchen but he doesn't know if the old wash tub will hold water or not, among other things and he doesn't want to get the pond all mucky even though he'd heard Kluna had been bathed in there already, with soap no less. He decides to do things the old fashioned way and heads out to the river and ways down stream passed Camp Willow. After washing himself and his clothes he crosses the river to dry out before heading back. However he spies a familiar outcropping of rocks not too far away and goes off to explore instead.

The young male rat finds a hole a mid the stones and goes down the stone stairs the lead down deep under the earth. He remembers his place, the underground caverns of Cathudbova. He passes by the entrance after bribing the guards and wanders the city happily for some time. He chats up the merchants at the market and looks over their wares closely. Feeling daring he travels lower to th slums where he gets into a fight with another dibbun for flitching from him, they part ways shortly both alive though bleeding. He knows how things work down here, well enough and dares other young residents to join him father down below the slums. Most refuse but a few agree and they climb down to the depths where few dare to go.

There's nothing to stop them since there are no guards in the slums and certainly none below them. One of the older males invents a game of trying to push the younger ones off the ropes and ledges into the filthy lagoon of waste at the bottom, laughing at their fear. Will mostly ignores him glaring at him, daring him to try and knock /him/ off. A few of them have actually fallen and Will is much farther down than even the most of the reckless young bests usually dare to go. The older male doesn't go down to him but he does throw things at him to try and knock the outsider off and into the toxic sludge where the monsters are said to live. Will cares very little as he's pelleted with rocks and trash he's too busy watching something moving under the water, something very very large. Soon the stench and the lack of monster sightings causes the remaining slum beasts to climb back up so they can brag about how they'd gone down to the river and lived. Will stays a little long before climbing up as well.

Will hangs around the slums a while playing with the other dibbuns down there and telling how that had been his second time down to the river and that he'd fallen in the last time and was just fine. The other naturally don't believe him but those that had gone with him admit he did seem to know the way rather well and him being an outsider too. As evening falls Will heads up to the next higher level where it's less rough ignoring the jeering and laughter from his companions as he climbs up and out of the slums. The guards on the main level aren't that happy to see him up there either. After some questioning and more bribing he's let go. The rat wanders back to the market for one last look around before thinking over where he could bed down for the night when it gets later before it hits him that he can leave and he doesn't need to live like that anymore. He wonders briefly what the others would think of his day if they knew about it. He nods to himself as he decides not to tell them unless he has to

Will walks back to the entrance and climbs the stairs back out to the rocky outcrop and crosses back over the river. It's not as late as he'd thought it was the sun hadn't even set yet. He washes again in the river now even filthier than he had been then he'd woke up and heads up river and back toward Moledeep.

Will passes the clearing to Moledeep and enters the grove west of it and curls up under The Great Willow. He's soon fast asleep dreaming up new places to explore, maybe next time he'll take Kluna or Racky with him though he wouldn't take /them/ down to the slums to the market maybe but not any farther than that. He rolls over in his sleep still forgetful that his family has no idea where he is.

Moledeep: Garden Burrow

Will had gotten back to Moledeep just before sunset and had headed for the kitchen to get something to eat. Not wanting to draw too much attention to himself he chose to eat in the Garden Burrow rather than the larger Mole Hall.

Amethyst had looked all over Moledeep all day long for Will and having given up her search after informing the others that he was missing she'd gone into the kitchen to make herself some tea to calm herself down. While in the kitchen she bumped into the very beast she'd been looking high and low for all day long. Tea forgotten she followed him to the Garden burrow and started questioning him on where he'd been rather loudly.

Will explains to Amy what had happened and where he'd gone as well as what happened there.

Amethyst exclaims, "Do you know I've been looking for you /all/ day! I just told everyone that you were missing!"

Will ducks down in his seat, "Sorry. I didn't mean t go off like that but .... I'm sorry, Amy."

Amethyst sighs, "You could have took me with you at least."

Will frowns a little and says, "It was an on th spot thing .... maybe ... maybe after Spring I'll take you there if you want. Got t tell ya though it's kinda rough down there. Ya sure ya want t go?"

Amethyst says, "I think I can handle it. If you could think of taking Kluna or Racky then I could /definitely/ handle it."

Will nods some holding his paws up in a defensive gesture, "Ok. After Spring then."

Amethyst grins, "Good. Now no more leaving with me or someone else who can keep an eye on you so you don't wander off again."

Will sighs and rolls his eye, "Fine." He finishes his soup and leans back in his chair a little, "I'll try harder t not go off without telling someone first, ok. ...... I found a better place of th wedding by th way. I know we said th rose garden but I think you'll like this place anyway."

Amethyst raises a brow, "Oh, really? Where is it?"

Will says, "Safe place. Like I told ya about. I've been there a lot th last day or two now ... thought about th cannel, but too many otters. Th rose garden's fine just was thinking is all."

Amethyst says, "I'll have t look at it again first. Not th cannel. /Far/ too many otters. Kluna should be able to attend, remember. I'll think about it but I'd have t see it first. Maybe we can go look at it later but first we should tell the others you're back so they won't worry any more."

Will nods, "Ok." and takes his empty bowl and glass to the kitchen before rejoining Amy and heading to the infirmary.

Amethyst adds, "And if you're nice maybe they'll let you hold Chris a while."

Will ohs, "Sorry. Yeah I remember. I don't know if I'd want t hold him ... might drop him or something."

Amethyst smiles, "You won't. It'll be fine. Sides you need t practice. One of these days I may be me in there in stead of Garnet. You gonna walk off then too?"

Will exclaims, "No! That-that'd be different. You know I wouldn't do that."

Amethyst grins, "I know, but this'll help just in case."

Will sighs, "You're not gonna let me forget this are you?"

Amethyst smirks, "You forget things now?"

Will shoves the maid lightly, "Sometimes. Somethings ... try to anyway."

Amethyst is shoved and laughs, "Hey! Don't you push me!" She pokes at him with her staff, "You push me I might push you back."

Will oofs as he's poked and grins, "Race ya t th infirm." And he's off.

Amethyst calls after him, "No fair!" and tries to keep up as best she can.

Moledeep: Infirmary

Will beats Amy to the infirmary easily and looks in not sure if the other will mad at him or what. Amy had said she'd told them he was missing, though /he/ wouldn't call it that.

Amethyst comes up behind Will a bit winded from trying to keep up with him, "That was not fair at all and you know it."

Kentar yawns as the rats come in. "Will, Amy." he smiles. The little stoat in his arms is still sleeping and so is Garnet. Oddly enough.

Will looks over to Kentar, "Hi. ... Everything ok in here?" Again he has no idea what to say or do.

Kentar looks to the rats and smiles. "Yeah. Everything's fine." he smiles. "Garnet's sleeping, Chris is napping. What could be better?" he smiles.

Amethyst slips back out to the sleeping hall, she needs a nap herself after worrying about Will all day.

Will sees Amy leave but doesn't stop her. In stead he pulls up a chair next to where the stoats are. "Garnet's sleeping again? Good th baby's sleeping I guess ... better than crying ..."

Kentar nods a little and looks to Will then Garnet. "Actually she never woke up yet. But she's just tired, I'm sure." he nods. "But yeah. Better then crying." he smiles. "Will. You want to hold him?" he asks.

Will looks worried, "She didn't? Hmm, she didn't eat any blue flowers did she?" He doesn't make any movement to take the baby.

Kentar laughs. "No Will, no blue flowers." he smiles before holding out baby Christopher. "You want to hold him?" he asks.

Will looks more worried now, "... is she breathing? She shouldn't be sleeping /still/ ... where's Pa an Stepmum, shouldn't they be making sure everything's ok?" Even if they were in the room he wouldn't have noticed right off and in the state his getting into he'd forgotten if he had seen them in there to start with.

Kentar laughs and leans over to press his ear to her lips, listening to see if she's breathing. "Yeah. She's breathing." he replies. "She's just tired. She'll be fine Will." he smiles and then figures that Will doesn't want to hold the babe. "Go ahead and wake her up if you'd like.

Will chew on his lip wondering weather he should or not before going over to poke and gently shake the stoatmaid, "Garnet? ... Don't ya want t see your baby?"

Garnet groans a little and rolls onto her side. "Let me sleep." she murmurs. "So tired. Sore." The stoatmaid mutters before drifting back off to sleep. "

"See? She's fine," Kentar says.

Will back way from the maid a little calmer now. "I guess .... Can't be good for her t sleep for days at a time though," he says going back to sit on the chair next to Kentar.

Kentar smiles a little and nods. "I'll let her sleep for only another hour or so." He smiles softly. "See? Don't worry soo much."

Will nods, "Ok ... Anyone miss me while I was gone ... other than Amy?"

Kentar tilts his head. "You were gone?" he asks, the stoat blinking a little.

Will shrugs, "Guess not. I was gone most th day but everyone was probably busy. Not like I can't take care of myself. Amy was kinda upset though ... but she's not now."

Kentar nods al ittle anc chuckles. "She's Amy. She's upset over everything." he smirks. "So. Enjoy your time alone?" He asks.

Will shrugs, "Wasn't really alone. I found Cathudbodva again. I've been there once before but I forgot it was over there by those rocks on th side of th river. So went down there and looked round th town there an at their market and ... stuff."

Kentar nods a little and chuckles. "Well, sounds like you had a good time. That's all that matters really." the stoat smiles at Will then looks down to his son.

Will shrugs, "Mostly. Might take Kluna sometime if ya don't mind and he wants to. Won't go down as far though if I take him."

Kentar nods a little and smiles. "Ah. I think he'd like that. Go ahead and take him. Just return him in one piece." he looks to the rat.

Will nods before leaning back in his chair, "I will. Don't worry." A gash can be clearly seen in his shirt from a dagger he was unable to dodge earlier in the day. The rat isn't in too much pain from it and assumes the blade didn't hit anything important because of this.

Kentar's eyes go wide and he sets Christopher down. "Why is there a gash in your shirt, Will?" he asks, standing and going over, clearly worried.

Will sits up and look down at the tear in his shirt with surprise as if he didn't know how it got there. "Must have tore it on something," he says.

Kentar frowns. "Will. What happened? I know you much better now, so it wont work." he frowns.

Will sighs, annoyed that the stoat didn't just drop it, "Nothing happened. I'm /fine/."

Kentar shouts this time. "WILL!" he growls. "WHAT HAPPENED?" The stoat growls. He's trying to act as a good father. Just for practice.

Will says, "Nothing happened, big brother." He's getting a little tired of this, he'd explained this to Aikuen but maybe he didn't pass it on to Kentar. Probably for the best.

Kentar growls. "I'm sure you'll tell Aikuen after I tell him. He will NOT be happy with you. Tell me what happened. You don't get stabbed or cut or whatever that is." he points to the gash in the shirt. "Because nothing happened. You're being stupid you idiotic rat. One of these days, you are going to get really badly hurt, refuse to tell someone, and then die." he growls. "Stupid, stupid kid!

Will isn't quite sure how to respond at first. He knows Aikuen will be mad very mad at him and he doesn't want that but on the other paw he finds what Kentar's saying sort of funny in a twisted way. He tries to keep a stright face but it's hard, "If you're gonna tell him there's no reason for me t tell you what happened. Sides all he'll do is yell at me some and maybe say I can't go there, not like he'd actually stop me if I wanted t go. Th doors here don't have locks on em and those that do are mostly broken anyway, sides th walls are dirt. I could /make/ a way out if I wanted to. I said nothing happened cause nothing did." He waves a paw at the cut, "This is nothing, it's not even that deep. I've been trough /much/ worse. May not look like it but I know what a whip feels like same as you do. Fur doesn't always grow back but if it's long enough it can cover a lot of things. ... I /said/ nothing happened." Will turns to leave, "If you talk that way t Christopher some day you might want t use less insults. Nicer that way."

Kentar frowns. "It doesn't matter how bad it is. What matters is you got HURT. HURT! And I won't be calling my son stupid. But I will be VERY mad if this ever happens with him. And if you were my son, you'd get quite the punishment. But since your not, Aikuen will just have to punish you.

Will rolls his eyes, "Yeah I got hurt ... barely. Maybe I should have been quicker than I wouldn't have. And maybe I shouldn't have held back either. Then I could add a dibbun t th list of how many beasts I've killed instead of what I did get. Oh, /that/ go over so much better. .... He doesn't punish me ... he talks, he yells, and often uses guilt t get me t do what he wants, not th same thing."

Kentar frowns. "And that, I'm afraid to say, is where Aikuen went wrong with you Will. Showing you that nothing happens after you do something idiotic and stupid and life threatening." he frowns. "If you were my son, you'd not even be allowed to go outside anymore. Not for a long while anyways."

Will calls back, "Try telling /him/ that."

Kentar frowns. "Then I will." he growls. "Now get out. Get now now before I'm the one to actually kill you. Go." he growls out. "When I was your age, if I ever did something wrong, I'd get ten lashes with a huge whip." he growls as he sits down.

Will does leave but he can be heard to mutter, "Only ten? ... Lucky. Least they probably fed /you/."

Kentar frowns. "I didn't get fed sometimes. Sometimes." he says. Not all the time, true, but some. "You have it way, way too easy Will." he calls out after the ratling before sighing. The stoat agreed to stay here if there was no more conflict. That promise Aik made went out the window quick. And he looks down to Christopher. "Chris...How would you feel if we lived at the abbey? Hrm?" that was loud enough for any beast in the next room to hear. "Maybe I'll tell Aik in the morning that I've changed my mind." the stoat sighs. His son, hasn't cried yet. Lucky stoat, but he is awake now from all the shouting.

Amy had been napping in the sleeping hall til the yelling woke her. She isn't very happy to see Will after over hearing his loud talk with Kentar. The sound of her angry voice can be heard as far as the next room if not farther as can the sound of her staff hitting something that yelps when struck. It doesn't last very long and some beast, likely Will, can be heard running off somewhere as Amy walks into the infirmary still looking very angry.

By that time, Garnet was up, cradling her son now in her arms. The two stoats are talking about leaving. "Maybe the day after tomorrow. We'll tell Aik. Cause if. If you yelled at Will again." Garnet sighs and doesn't see Amy. Kentar doesn't either. "I guess I'll tell Aikuen in the morning. About Will and our choice." he nods.

Amethyst sighs trying to calm herself, she's had a rough day. "I'm sorry," she says quietly, ".... Need any help packing?"

Kentar blinks as he hears Amy. "Amy." The stoat looks over. "No. No we're fine for packing, thank you." he says quietly. He just scratches his head and falls quiet. "Amy. You weren't supposed to hear what we said." Garnet says quietly. "Do you mind not saying anything to the others?"

Amethyst nods, "I'm not allowed to talk to otters anyway. .... He's just a kid. A aggravating stupid little kid that needs to have his head crushed in ... but still a kid." She sighs, "With some luck I won't have to kill him .... and maybe Aikuen won't either."

Kentar rolls his eye. "You're allowed to talk to Aikuen or Fira if you bloody well want to. Will doesn't control you Amy. No beast does." he frowns. "This is one messed up family." he sighs and sits back in his chair. "That I am slowly starting to want nothing to do with." Garnet just sighs and looks to her husband, shaking her head slowly.

Amethyst sighs, "That was meant to be a joke. Obviously not a very good one. Though it is less of a headache to not talk to them if I don't have to anyway. I could answer that but it wouldn't do any good and it would take a long time anyway. I'm very aware of what this group is like ... more now than before ..... I'm sure th otters will adapt and maybe even agree to talk to the rest of us eventually after it's all over. I'll miss all of you, I'll have t find a way t visit you at th Abbey or where ever you end up living at."

Kentar nods a little then sighs himself. "No, it wasn't. Sorry." he says quietly. "Amy. We're not going." Garnet looks surprised. "We're not?" "No. We're going to make them think we're going. Hopefully afterwards, we'll get some proper peace and quiet. And if we don't we will go." he nods. "Don't tell anyone of our plan Amy. Or we might have to take your staff, tie you upside down on a tree and leave you there." he grins.

Amethyst smiles, "Hopefully this will work better than your other plan did and thank you for telling me this time. ... They shall suffer, yes? ... Why would I tell them? They deserve it, in so many ways."

Kentar chuckles and smiles. "Your welcome Amy. And yeah. They'll suffer. Even Aikuen. Sadly." he sighs scratching his head. "I need to sleep." he yawns before laying back and dozing off. Garnet does the same later.