Aikuen and William Go South: Part One

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Locations: Camp Willow, Mossflower Woods, Moledeep, Dirt Road

Characters: Orph, Aikuen and a NPC squirrel

Camp Willow: Tunnel Recess

Aikuen is a having a nice, long, dream less sleep. But his body is like, no more for you! His eyes pop open, and he realizes that he had fallen asleep on the riverbank. He sits up rubbing his eyes with his good paw, trying to figure out what happened...

Orph is curled up by Aikuen's side still sleeping. Every now and then he twitches in his sleep.

Aikuen eyes blinks several times, then shaking his head and placing is absentmindedly in his left paw. He thinks back to what happened. It was that darn wildflower! He forgot that type of flower, if eaten raw, can make you sleep. He turns his head at the sound of a rustle, Its just Orph sleeping next to him. He goes to place his head back in his paw, when he notices something... Its his left paw...

Orph rolls over growling in his sleep.

Aikuen jumps up, nearly falling over, and takes his arm from the sling. The arm didn't fall down... He smiles wide, and laughs madly! He clenches his paw, and it obeys...he unclenched it and it obeys... He drops the arm, and it obeys... He can hardly contain himself! Her runs around the riverside, which would look odd to the casual observer. Then suddenly Fits of pain shoot up and down his arm. Wincing, he places his arm back in the sling thinking aloud, "Doesn't matter if it hurts to move it... Because it can now move!" He goes over to Orph, and kneels down, playfully tickling his noes. "Wakey, wakey, William!"

Orph nips at the touch misinterperting it as part of his dream.

Aikuen pulls his claw away, he doesn't want to lose it. He looks up at the sky, then talking to the sleeping ratling, he asks not expecting an answer, "You hungry little mate? Lets see what i can find..." He gets up and starts to explore the riverside for something edible. He laughs away, "Cant believe that he is that tired, im the one who ate the stupid flower!"

Orph rolls back over, still asleep. There is a traveler's pack laying nearby.

Aikuen Comes back to where Orph is sleeping, dropping a handful of watercress, wild berries, mushrooms, and an assortment of flowers. Sitting down and munching on a Watercress, he looks at Orph. He didn't know he had a pack... Gotta pay more attention he thinks to himself. He is usually not the beast to look in other beasts pack, but maybe he packed some real food. Using his skills as a former scout, he quietly sidles over to right next to Orph, and reaches out for the pack...

Orph continues to sleep, now more peacefully, though he still stirs a bit from time to time.

Aikuen reaches and pulls carefully on the pack. The tablet drop out of it, and makes a light clunk sound as it hits the ground. Cursing to himself, and for right now ignoring the tablet for it is not food, he checks the rest of the the pack, and discover that it is empty. He moves slowly back, but then sees a picture on the tablet. Picking it up he looks at it. There is a few words at the top which to him look like 'squiggles', but he does recognize a word or two like 'Picture' and 'read'. Then looking at the picture, he can kind of make out a small mouse with a square and a stick, and an otter who is smiling. He looks at it intently trying to figure it out.

Aikuens powers of deduction are in his favor. If it wasn't for the picture, and the few words that he saw, he would be totally clue less. He guess that the picture, was Orphs way of telling him that he is going to use this as a way for me an him too communicate in notes. He guessed that the mouse was actually Orph, and the otter was himself, and the square thing is the tablet. And he deduced that the 'Squiggles' were saying that this is for picture notes. He nods some, what a great idea this is...

Aikuen nods some absentmindedly to Orph. Then he places the tablet near the sleeping ratling, and goes back to his makeshift breakfast. He hums to himself, which is a habit that he has, while he breaks his fast.

Orph rolls over begining to wake, "Umm ..." he rubs his face sleepily, "Ugh, is it morning? ... urm ..." he looks around, seeing his pa eating and the tablet laying on the ground, he crawls over to Aikuen. It isn't far and his body's stiff from sleep. "Hm. There enough for me? Did ya like wot I made? ... How long have you been awake?"

Aikuen smiles and hands out a pawful of... Whatever it is he made, like a salad. "Here yah go dozy paws, it Taint much, but it tastes good, and it'll be enough for now." Nods toward the tablet, "That tablet will be a great way for you to leave messages to me, since i cant read... But i wont think you have to use it much." He scratches his chin, time was never on his side. "I guess maybe an hour or so? tried to wake yah, but you neared bit me claw off!" He smiles playfully.

Orph takes the food, "Didn't mean to, thought I was back ... somewhere else." he shrugs, "Happens. This is good. Better'n the glob no doubt. Never know when it (the tablet) might be needed. Can write on it too if I need to. And you can write or draw stuff on it for me if you need to. Anything happen while I was sleepin'?"

Orph continues to eat his salad stuff. "See yurr arm's gettin' lot better. That's good." He smiles, "You said it'd get better. Does it still hurt?"

Aikuen carefully places it back in his sling. He laughs a bit, "Like its begin stabbed all over my arm, over and over again." He winces then looks back at Orph and smiles, "So William, anything went on while i was asleep?" He thought he was only out for a night, but you never know.

"Well you slept a long time, Pa. Kip came by and we went over to the river and I showed him where Benar and I got our clay and he wanted to race. He always does. I said ok, just one time then we go back and he said ok. After he won he wanted to be nice and said we could explore a little on the way back, but then he went the wrong way and I /had/ to go after him and he got us lost and after a long while he saw a light and we ended up following it and do you know where that light lead us? Of all the places to lead us ...," shakes his head.

Aikuen becomes silently surprised he was asleep through all that. Stupid flower. He shakes his head, if two dibbuns had a mind too they would go anywhere, "I have no idea matey..."

Orph continues, "We followed the light and it lead us to /Redwall Abbey/. You'd think with him being born here and all he'd know how to get back to Camp from the river. I've only been in this area for what ... /maybe/ two month or less and I can find Moledeep, Camp Willow, the Dirt Road, the Abbey, the river, the inn, and probably more if I put a mind to. Well I looked around for somebeast that maybe could watch him and bring him back here in the morning so I could leave and get back without him getting us lost again ... all I found was Miz Layne and that badger who name I kin never remember. He got some thorns or some in his paw from workin in the gardens and she was pullin em out for 'im. We'd already had some to eat before that and then after ... after I calmed down some and he stopped tryin' to be the leader I had him walk in front and I told him where to go and he actually listened and we got back rather late .. or early dependin’ how ya look at it. The guards weren't too happy bout that. Seems dibbuns aren't allowed to leave all by themselves. I can see how that'd be a good rule for the little uns and ones like Kip that get lost, but I know a good part of the woods and have done alright since I came West. After we came back Kip got in trouble and I came over here and you were still sleepin’ and I was tired and went t' sleep and dr- ... and then we woke up.”

Aikuen nods his head, "Well he probably doesn't get out much, so he wouldn't know some area of the woods. But you made it back to the abbey, that must have been funny. And don't worry about them guards, there just following rules, and don't know any better. As for Kip, I hope he didn’t get in much trouble...oh well." He takes a bite out of a watercress. Then he asks, "How long was I out?"

Orph chews his lip some, "Well that stuff with Kip was yesterday around dawn. So ... three days."

Aikuen eyes bulge, and his jaw flaps open. "I was out for three days! Darn, i must have been tired or something..." Or eating a strange flower. "Well, good thing you know your way... I would have beaten myself up if something happened to you..." He stands up and walks around the 'camp'. "Well, we can stay or we can continue south, since technically we did stay for three days. Even if i was out of it..."

Orph chew his lip some more, "If you don't mind we could pack up whatever we need while we're here and then start South.

Aikuen tilts his head and chuckles, "Pack? All im missing is a canteen of water, and some sort of spear. Then I will be rearing to go!" He walks off in a direction, the realizing and stopping. he cant find water in a lake, in Mossflower woods. he asks, "Can you tell me where the nearest store is, or where i can find said items?"

Orph smiles, "I'd ask the residents or head back to Moledeep or the Abbey if you really want to. I think Moledeep is most South of the three. And I think that's where I left my canteen. Ask around."

Aikuen Claps his hands together and rubs them against each other, because he can now. He smiles, "Well matey, I think we best go back to moledeep. See if we can scrounge me some water tanks... as for the spear..." He unsheathes his sword and goes to the trees picking a likely candidate. Finding a small but long branch, he hacks it off near the root. He picks it up and shoulders it, "This will do nicely, once its cleaned up!"

Orph nods putting the clay tablet back into his pack before puting it on over his head, pulling an arm through so the strap rests across his chest and the pack hangs at his back. "Tell me when yurr ready t go Pa.” he calls over to Aikuen.

Aikuen hefts the branch a couple of times before nodding, "I am all ready to go, William. Lead the way oh finder of moledeep." He bows at the last statement.

Orph likes the title, "Alright, stick close so ya don't get lost." he walks toward the entrance of the Camp.


Aikuen stumbles into Moledeep. Yep, he hates Mossflower maze with a passion. He nods at Orph before he heads off. He heads down the storage chamber, trying to locate some canteens. Inside of the cabinets he finds two large canteens. He takes both, and blows the dust that has been collecting on them. He removes the strap, and using the remaining hook attaches them to his belt on both sides. He smiles and nods at the mobility he still gets from them, "These will work just fine!"

Moledeep: Left Guest Room

Orph crawls under the big bed in the left guest room. There isn't much room between the bed and the floor it seems, or maybe this dibbun isn't as little as he thinks he is. "Ah ha! There you are!" he pulls out his canteen spitting onto a paw and rubbing it with his paw and tunic to clean the dust off it.

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Aikuen crawls from the Storage chamber. He gets to the middle of the hall, and waits patiently for Orph. He taps the canteens, and hums a few bars of a song he knows.

Orph walks back into the main Hall, his canteen once again hanging from his belt at his right, "Did ya find a canteen for yourself? I found mine," he pats it lightly, "Are we ready now?"

Aikuen nods lightly, "Sure am, though these might need some cleaning, and filling when we get to a river..." He heads off toward the entrance to pick up his branch that he left outside.

Orph follows half wondering if his pa will find the entrance or not.

South Stream Bridge

Aikuen comes to the Great Broadstream (aka Great South Stream). smiling he yells aloud, "Yahoo! Water!" He runs off towards the river. He doesn't feel lost anymore! He stops about midway, and waits for Orph to catch up.

Orph stops by the rickety looking old bridge, "We crossing here?" he asks glancing at the sad looking bridge unsure if it will be strong enough for use.

Aikuen bends over and fills both canteens with water, After giving them a clean first though. He nods at the old bridge, "Aye... Why? do you feel like taking a dip in the water?"

Orph chews his lip some, "Any reason not to?" he asks swings his arms back and forth for something to do. He's used to exploring wherever he likes not following someone else. Well, he'll have to learn someday.

Aikuen stands up, corks the canteens and places them back on his belt. He places his paw on his hip, "Do you feel like getting your paws wet in that?" He then looks at the old rickety bridge, and smiles and laughs "I guess you right mate, Do you need any help or do you think you can manage to swim the river?"

Right? Of course he was right. Help? Crossing a bridge?! .... He could cross an old bridge by himself! Some beasts ... hrmf. Looking a bit insulted the rat proceeds across the bridge. A little under half way there he stops for a moment feeling a splinter stab into his bare footpaw, OWCH! He hurries awkwardly across the rest of the way sitting down quickly once clear of the bridge to inspect his foot. Stupid bridge. Carefully he cuts the skin over the sliver of wood with a claw and picks it out gritting his teeth all the while. When they come back this way he'll take his chances with the river!

Aikuen shrugs, and quickly dives into the river, with branch in tow. After a short bit, he jumps out on the other side. Shaking water from himself, He walks over to Orph and looks at him. He asks, "I was actually asking if you needed help swimming the river... Oh well, my fault..." He then looks back at the river, "Did you see any other beast in the water? I swear I past by one, on the way over here..."

Orph still a bit annoyed shakes his head 'no', "Mighta been a fish. Only ones that come to mind are the sort you wouldn't want t met. Bitin’ kinds and pike. More likely was somethin harmless. ... Forgot to fill my canteen." he stands up and walks over to the river kneeling down to fill his canteen. Ears ever moving, eyes darting about, first at the water then the woods back around and such like one used to watching out for themselves alone in the woods must to survive.

Aikuen drops the branch. He almost stopped and said hello to the beast. If it was a pike, he probably came out missing a few limbs. He turns back around, He begins talking to himself to try to shake of the near miss with a pike, "Alright, the moss on the tree is growing... at me... so we are indeed heading south..." He ears perk up, he can hear a slight rustle in the tree, the kind that wind cant make. He slowly walks back to Orph, "Best be off matey..."

Orph nods, puting his canteen back on his belt. "Well at least we're camouflaged some. Brown and green like dirt and plants ... when do we loose cover? Need t watch then, more than now." he stays close to Aikuen.

Dirt Road, Going South

Aikuen walks slowly toward the south, keeping ever alert. He tries to keep a conversation, so the tracker may think that we are not a threat, "Aye, Camouflaged..." His color stands out great, like a leaf in a mud puddle, so he knows that out of the question, he mumbles out the side of his mouth "I think they have already spotted us..." His ears catch something, and mumbles while still watching the road, "Left side, tree top..."

Orph chews on the left side of his lower lip, the side nearest Aikuen. "Think they can tell I'm not a mouse?" he softly asks a bit warily, thinking whether wearing his hood would help any.

Aikuen continues to walk south, he mumbles out the side of his mouth, "I don't plan to find out... they should just come out and show themselves... friend or foe...but Ill get them this..." He then trips and falls on his face. getting up to a sitting position, he winks at Orph because in his paw, is a sizable rock. Fake moaning, he gets ready, "Ow, I fell on my face! Uff..." Then it happens in a blink of an eye. He jumps up from the sitting position, like his rear was on fire. Then taking quick aim at the tree top, he lets loose the rock. Hopefully he'll get whoever...

The rock flies through the air up into the trees branches and hits something as a sold /thunk/ is heard and the branches sway as something still unseen falls through them.

There is a high pitched yell, as the rock smacks the Squirrel in the leg. Losing her balance on the tree limb, She falls down to the ground, with a yell. There is a low thump when she comes in contact with the floor. She is out cold.

Aikuen silently congratulates himself when he hears that the rock hit. But that is quickly torn away, when he sees that is was just a young squirrel. Running over to her, he helps her to lean against the tree.

Orph had remained still watching the squirrel for any sign of movement before Aikuen had run toward her. He followed watching his father closely. Must be dangerous being a squirrel. "Think she'll be alright?"

Aikuen checks the Squirrel for major sign of damage, "She'll be alright...Though when she wakes she gonna have a mighty headache. And it looks like the rock only bruised her leg, the fall is what did most of the damage..." He pulls out one of the canteens and uncorks it. But he stops himself from throwing water at her, when he sees that she is carrying weapons (a dagger, and a sling), "This might be dangerous..."

Orph sees the weapons as well, "We leave her here and move on. Unless there’s more of ‘em." He pulls his hood up over his head just enough to cover his ears and most of his head, all the way up might interfere with his vision. Unhindered sight > Camouflage?

Aikuen recorks the canteen, and stands up. Walking south again, he answers, "I don't hear any more of them... Unless she was the primary scout, in that case we best hustle or there will be more..." He realized what he just said, and decides to walk faster, "I think we better get moving!"

Orph follows after quickly, pulling his hood up more to keep it from sliding back