Aikuen Meets Amy

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Characters: Aikuen, Amethyst, Will

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Infirmary

Aikuen has been dreaming about Kentar again, though the bad vision is slowly fading, and doesn't seem as bad, but still there. Soon his dream is about Fira and Will, and the days to come. Then there is a grave site in the back, with Kentar and Garnet on it. Then it is of a much older looking Will holding a baby otter. He smiles, yawns and blinks a few times as he awakes naturally, from his very odd dream. He looks to Fira, who is still sleeping and gives her a small kiss. Then looks to Will, or where Will was supposed to be. He blinks a few times and sits up slowly to try and not wake her. Peering around the room he notices two things, the tablet with writing, and what's seems to be a pile of rags, with a head. He looks at the rags and says, "Hello?"

Amethyst turns to face the voice, easy since only one beast talking so far. She holds out her staff feeling around to see how far away the source of the voice is from her. "Hi. I was told not t come down here, but I here anyway. Do you have a name? Or shall I call you voice number one?"

Aikuen blinks as the rags talk, and can tell immediately that its a young maid, maybe a rat by the looks of it. He tilts his head and looks at the staff looking around. He hmms and looks at her eyes, and immediately gets that she is blind. He says, "I'm Aik, and who told you not to come down here..." She doesn't look like to much of a threat, that's why his sword is not drawn to the trespasser.

Amethyst asks, "so you're Aikuen? I guess you're an otter, I was told you were. Ah, yes, sorry, I'm Amethyst and from the looks of things I very likely will be living here. And Will said not to bother you but I think it's too late for that now. Hello." she waves her free paw at the voice with a big grin on her face.

Aikuen blinks a few more times, and creases his brow, "Er... Hello... Amethyst" He rubs the side of his face, "I'm guessing Will invited you stay here?

Amethyst says, "You can call me Amy if you'd rather. It's shorter. Though Amethyst still a better name then I had before." She plays with the end of her braid, "Well he didn't exactly say I could stay here, but I'm not staying in that Camp and he doesn't want me staying out in the woods so I might as well stay here. Not too many other choices are there?

Aikuen looks her up and down and thinks, "Well as long as you help out some, and follow the rules... I'm okay with it... Though Will may put up a fight," He chuckles some "I don't want any innocent beasts out there while that fox is out and about... And if you don't mind us... Come over here" He reaches out with his own paw.

Amethyst responds to everything the otter has just said in order, "I'm blind. Depends what they are, but it's not like I have much choice. Good. I doubt it and if he does I think I'll be able to handle it. Uh huh, that's nice. That remains to be seen. No."

Aikuen drops his paw and frowns, "You know what your taking about at least..." He couldn't make the answers go with what question he asked. He leans back in his bed, "Well nice to meet you Amy, In case you didn't Know... This is Fira, She's deaf so don't try talking to her...

Amethyst nods, "I heard about her. I'm also still blind but I'll take your word for it that the other otter is somewhere in this room." She moves her staff around poking Fira unintentionally, "Ok, other would be /here/ then." She moves her staff along Fira's side trying to find where otter ends and everything else starts up again. "Just the three of us in here?" she asks moving her stick back to the floor, feeling where each bed is so she won't walk into them.

Will peeks into the infirmary trying to see if Amethyst has caused any trouble for the otters yet or not. He sees her poke at Fira and knows the rat-maid rarly gentle when she pokes beasts with her staff, or pokes anything else for that matter.

Aikuen growls a little bit when she pokes Fira, but doesn't do anything, but glare at her, knowing it was not on purpose. He watches her move about the room, "No, there isn't any other beast at the moment... Except for Will. Hello Will, i just meet your... charming... new friend." he laughs.

Amethyst moves her staff around the room, the dirt floor makes it easy to know where she's already been but it can also be confusing. She'd heard the other rat moving around in the sleeping hall before the otter had mentioned him. She brings her stick around and finding the the unoccupied end of the doorway she swings it across to hit Will in the leg. "Hello again. You shouldn't try to sneak up on me, it can be dangerous. Fira's a sleep I'm told and your father has thrown me out yet so I must be doing something right ... or wrong .... never can tell."

"Owch! Don't do that!" Will climbs onto the bed next to Aikuen to lessen his chances of being hit again. "Uh ... hi, Pa. That's uh ... that's her," he says not sure what the otter thinks of Amethyst or him and Amethyst. "She doesn't really have any where to stay and doesn't have any family either so ..... if it's ok, could she maybe stay here at least for a while? "She could have stayed at Camp Willow but she didn't like it there," he adds just incase she has to be sent back.

Aikuen looks to Will with one of his signature 'I'm laughing at you, without actually laughing' smiles, "I already told her that she could... She might have said yes, but i couldn't tell...

Amethyst smirks hearing Will's shouts and sounds of him moving around, on one of the beds from the sound of it. "Did I hit you? Oops, didn't see you there." She addresses Aikuen, or were she last heard the voice called Aikuen coming from, "Yeah I'm staying for a while ... maybe past Spring depends what happens between now and then." Turning back to face Will or try to anyway, "Stop, it's annoying so just stop it."

Will blinks, "Stop what?" He knows what, ever since he'd coming into the room and even before that his eye hasn't left the rat-maid for a second not even when he was talking to Aikuen. He knows she doesn't like to be stared at and he doesn't mean to stare but he can't help it.

Aikuen nods, "Alright, stay as long as you want... Just remember to help and stuff... and you could be a little nicer..." He just tacks on the last thing. He lightly nudges Will, chuckling a bit

Amethyst moves her staff til it pokes Will in the chest, she moves back a little and up accidentally hitting him in the face as she brings it up to the top of his head, "Oops. Ok I picked the right one. Now stay there." She moves the staff away from him and feel around the bed before slowly climbing onto it and letting her staff fall where it will. She puts out her paws feeling for him and once she has a paw on each of his shoulders she pushes him over onto his back, "Stop staring at me or when spring comes I'll make you very miserable, understand?"

Will lays where he'd landed and laughs, "Aw, but I like to look at you." He reaches up to tug on her braid, "You're beautiful. I /have/ to look at you cause you're so beautiful." He pulls lightly on her hair, in an effort to bring her closer to him.

Aikuen snorts, and rubs his eyes. He chuckles a little bit, and places a paw over his mouth to keep from bursting out laughing. He wonders if him and Fira where like that... Oh wait, they were. He closes one eye, not really wanting to watch, but watches with the other, "Awww, you make a good couple!" he finally bursts out.

Amethyst pulls her braid out of Will's grasp and toss it back behind her. She feels around a little to see what's Will and what's bed before flopping down with little regard for either one. "Thank you, Aikuen. The wedding is set for next spring if all goes well. I'm taking a nap now, if you want to know more you can talk to your son," she snuggles up against Will tucking her head under his chin as she likes to do and is soon asleep and very pleased to have added to the awkwardness of the moment.

Will had turned rather red at Aikuen's comment and it just got worse after Amy mentioned /her/ plans for next spring. He figures the safest thing to do is to 'play dead' and closes his eyes and tries to pretend that he's also asleep.

Aikuen snorts loudly, and slowly rolls off the bed, leaving Fira and the Rats. He looks to to the pair, chuckles, and shakes his head. He then stretches and pops his back, making his way for the door, to start breakfast. As he walks through the tunnels, he wonders; if she was joking or not about the wedding. He obviously just meet her... and already planing this? He is way too young to get... Oh wait, I was that young when I first got married. Oh well, Whatever keeps his mind off of 'Kentar, Garnet, and that Fox' he shrugs. This causes his mind to wonder on to Fira, and then he has to stop walking to hold his side, when he bursts out laughing. He thought about what would happened when she woke up and saw the pair on the bed, wondering what she would say! He wipes a tear of merriment, as he enters the kitchen to make his favorite... HARDTACK!... And some porridge for the others.

Will opens his eye, he'd been dozing on and off since the otter had left, but now he's fully awake. The first thing he notices is Amethyst is awake and sitting on one end of the bed doing something, he can't see what it is from where he's laying though.

Amy sits cross-legged at the head of the cot tuning her lute, a quill made from a duck's feather is tucked in her braid for safe keeping. She knows Will is awake but she doesn't know whether Aikuen has left or is just asleep.

Aikuen returns back into the room, a large tray balanced in his good paw. He looks to those inside and chuckles, "Well hello you two! I brought porridge, and some hardtack. And for drinkin' i got some fresh water from our recently cleaned Well." He goes and sets the tray on the bed across from the group. He sits down next to it and takes the round ball that is the hardtack, and pulls off a few hunks for munching. Fira is still asleep, apparently all that moving didn't wake her. Ah, let her sleep... she needs the rest.

Will sits up when he sees Aikuen come in with food. He pulls off a chunk of hardtack for himself and takes a bowl of porridge. He sets the bowl and hardtack on a chair to free his paws and get a drink before taking all three with him back to his spot at the foot of the bed across from Amethyst.

Amethyst doesn't even look up when the otter returns, she's too busy fiddling with her instrument.

Aikuen smiles to Will, and even passes him a little wink, when he gets the food. He looks at the ratmaid and says, "Oi! Amy, i got some grub here... And cool water!" He picks up a bowl, a flask and a bit of the biscuit, and sets it aside for Fira, for when she wakes up. He then takes another bowl, and puts a little bit of the bread thing, into it, holding it in his paw if Amy wanted some.

Will turns his head away from the otter to hide a smile. "You should bother her when she's got her lute out. She won't like it," he says knowingly.

Amethyst doesn't seem to hear the otter and retrives the duck quill from her hair to puck at the lute's strings, testing the sounds they make.

Aikuen looks to the ratmaid and blinks, noticing the lute for the first time, "Ah! So she plays?" He asks Will, since she seems engrossed in what she is doing. He shrugs and places Amy's bowl back on the tray, and retrieves his water, which he put in a mug. He drink about half it, before asking, "AH! So... Will... Where did you get that, I mean... this... lovely young maid?" If he is trying to embarrass his son, he can't tell.

Fortunately Will had just finished his hardtack otherwise he might have choked on it hearing what Aikuen just said. "Uh ... Well, Kip came here early in the morning uh ... before dawn and dragged me off t Camp Willow said he wanted t show me something and when we got there she was there an I talked to her and stuff ..." Will says.

Amethyst says, "Yeah, and you chased off that otter friend of yours so we could be alone and we watch the sun come up, after we woke up. By the way you make a pretty good pillow, except you talk too much. We just talked ... what'd you think we did?" Amethyst talks partly to Will and partly to Aikuen as she finishes plinking on her lute. Once done she finally looks up, "Any requests? I should warn you that I only know so many songs, but it's safer to ask what you want to hear than to start playing something you may not like and I know at least one song you probably won't like but then I know how to play songs I don't much like either."

Aikuen laughs silently at Will and points at him, mouthing 'You like her!' over an over. He chuckles a little bit, and shakes his head, and speaks aloud, "Nah, I got nothing... All the songs I know aren't from around here... so if you did know one, I'd be quite surprised..." He laughs a little bit, "Play what ya feel like, and play it loud... can't wake Fira, and the rest of us are awake now..." He shrugs a bit

Will chooses to ignore the otter best he can. "Um, how about that one you did before about th farmer?" he asks.

Amethyst nods, "It's a start, here we go ..." she starts to plunk at the strings with the quill and sings along with the tune, "There was an ole farm mouse, lived in an ole farmhouse, Who always thought of a reason, To rant an' complain, again an' again, Whatever the weather or season. If rain came down, he'd scowl an' frown, Shake a paw at the sky an' say, "Rains like these are good for the peas, But they ain't much use for me hay!" Then if a wind came along, he'd change his song, Cryin' out "Oh woe lackaday, Tis all I need, a wind indeed, To blow all me apples away!" He'd gnash his teeth about shaded wheat, At a sign of a cloud in the skies, An' the very sight o' cloudless sunlight, Would bring tears to both his eyes. He'd simmer'n'boil, as he pawed the soil, An' got himself worried an' fussed, "Lookit that sunlight, 'tis far too bright, Twill turn all me soil to dust!" Oh botheration, trouble an' toil, Life don't get peaceful or calmer, If I'd gone to sea, a sailor I'd be, Instead of an ole mouse farmer."

Aikuen tilts his head at the song, becoming aware of the similarities. He rubs his head as if trying to think of something, but all he says is, "Aye! That was a good song! And you have a lovely voice..." He sits back in the bed, sipping at his mug.

Will nods, "Yep." He sees the otter rubbing his head and wonders if he shouldn't be resting like Fira wanted him to. "You ok, Pa?" he asks.

Amethyst shrugs, "I guess." She starts picking at the strings again with the quill, "I sit alone and wish that I, Could be a bird up in the sky, I'd join the breezes that do blow, Whichever way they chanced to go, For over the waves, across the sea, I'd drift along quite happily, Or maybe out on field and fen, I'd circle round some forest glen, I envy bee and butterfly, Maybe the birds could tell me why I wipe a teardrop from my eye, I sit alone, for I can't fly."

Aikuen looks to Will and shrugs, covering up his thoughts, "Oh... I... um... Just have a headache... I guess i shouldn't be moving too much right now..." He sighs and takes the tray off the bed, and places it on a nearby table. Then he gets up, and rolls back onto their bed, dodging rats, and trying not to make much movement, as he settles back into Fira. He almost begins dozing, but when she sings that song he says, "Wow... That... was beautiful..."

Will blinks, "Wow! That was good. I never heard that one before." He smiles over at her forgetting once again that she can't see him.

Amethyst has to pause a few seconds before she realizes he meant the song was beautiful and he wasn't copying Will by saying she was. "Ah, yeah ... I like it." She starts up another more lively song now, Guosim! Guosim! Sail im, dip im, douse im. Ifn you see a shrew in river or stream, Who can jump like a trout and swim like a bream, Fight like a pike an sing like a lark, An paddle a boat from dawn til dark... Yer lookin at a Guosim! O Guosim! Guosim! Sail im, dip im, douse im. Ifn you see a shrew that cn cook up a stew, Brew dark beer an bake bread too, An bend is back an pull an oar, Row all day an shout fer more... Yer lookin at a Guosim! O Guosim! Guosim! Sail im, dip im, douse im. Not an otter or a waterdog, No nor a spiky ole edgeog, Even a warty toad or frog, So its three cheers for our Log a Loooooooog! Were Guosim! Guosim! Guosim!" Aparently someone's spent a fair amount of time around rivers or maybe shrews, hard to tell exactly where she learned these songs.

Aikuen was once again, about to doze off, when the word, Log-a-Log, is pretty much screamed in his ears. He sighs a bit, and tries to go back asleep, not complimenting the song or anything else.

Will feels a little sorry for the otter and calls over to the rat-maid, "Pa's tryin' t go t sleep. You need t stop now."

Amethyst sighs, "One more then we stop. Now this song was very popular last I played it, I doubt either of you will like it but I'm gonna play it anyhow. So here we go, last song so th waterdog can go to sleep." She plucks the strings starting up another loud song, "Im the babe of a bloodripper, Born in the teeth of a gale, Im the one who wields a sword, An makes the foebeast wail. Im as sharp as the reef rock, I carry death in me paw, Go were I like, slay who I will, Thats the corsairs law! Bloods me favorite color, Im swiftern lightnin aye, Stand out me way, stand out I say, Step aside now, or die! Cos Im the spawn O nightstorm, An death sails in me wake, I sheath me blade in innards, An what I want, I take! Come one, come all, Im waitin, Ill flay your carcass bare, So everyplace I go theyll say, Ahoy, you bold corsaaaaiiiirrrrrr!"

Will had covered his ears when she'd mentioned that they wouldn't like the song, "And you call me an idiot," he grumbles, though he's glad she's stopping at least.

Aikuen was actually asleep this time, and is rudely awakened by the bloodthirsty song, "Please, that song was just what i needed to get to sleep... thanks..." He grumbles.

Amethyst ignores Will's comment, only because she doesn't feel like hitting him right now. She smirks in the direction the otter's voice comes from, "Oh, so you did like it after all and here I thought you wouldn't, silly me. Glad I could help. Sweat dreams, Aikuen."

Will glances over at Aikuen, "Well, she's being quiet /now/."

Aikuen has to roll over to look at Will and mouths, 'She is a peach, ain't she! Sure can pick 'em!' he chuckles, then says, "Yah it was great, But I have heard worse...much worse..." He rolls back over, "Now get out of here, before I kick you off!" He says the last part kinda loud, so he may not be joking.

Amethyst smiles having heard everything the otter said. "No I'm not. You are confused. He's mine not the other way around and I don't really care what you think about it. Yes it was. I don't doubt it. You said that. Gladly, sir. After I find my walking stick, I seem to have misplaced it," she says this all sweetly before leaning over to feel around on the floor for her staff, she's quite sure Will will keep the otter from doing anything to her while she's occupied.

Will watches the other two unsure whether he should help Amethyst or not.

Aikuen Frowns at the ratmaid, breaking his way of cheat talking to Will. He smiles evilly and acts like he is kicking her off, he laughs to himself. And then when its taking a few minutes for her to get the staff, he looks to Will and nods to her.

Will frowns a little as the otter pretends to kick Amethyst off the bed. "Knock it off. She did stop, just leave her alone," he hisses over to the otter as they wait on the rat-maid.

Aikuen rolls his eyes at Will, "Yah well, thats not why..." and would have told him that he needs to talk to him later in private, but cant because she can hear him mouth words. He tries harder to tell him to help her, without actually saying anything, by looking at him, then to her, and pointing

Will doesn't get it. "What? What do you want me to do?" he asks the otter puzzled.

Amethyst feels around and finally finds her staff, it had rolled under Aikuen's cot. She feels around to keep from bumping her head as she pull it out and uses it to bring herself up to a standing position. However, now she's gotten all turned around isn't sure which way she's facing. Having few options she put her paws out, holding her staff in the crook of her arm, and starts to feel whatever's nearest to her to get her bearings. She feels around and her paws hit something solid that yields a bit to her touch, an arm. Ah some beast is here, but which one she doesn't know. She keeps one paw on the beast and walks along them toward where the beasts head should be. She's sure of who it is before she gets that far due to the description Will gave her of the otters but up til now Aikuen for that's who it is was little more than a disembodied voice to her. She moves both paw toward his face now to finally 'see' him and put a face to the voice she's been hearing

Aikuen tries not to move his face as she touches him, "Hello" he says. Her touch actually tickles him, and chuckles, "Hey stop that! Will, do you mind..."

The rat buck shakes his head, "Not really. Surprised she didn't do that to you sooner. She's just looking at you. She's never seen you before."

The rat doe looks serious as she feels the otters face all over, trying to form a picture of him in her mind from what she's been told and what she's feeling. "Nice to met you to, Aikuen," she's amused that she's tickling him, "Will did say you were an otter but he didn't mention you were so tall." She's seen him and she has her staff back. She withdraws her paws from him and takes her staff in paw to feel about that ground to make her way back over to Will, it helps that she heard his voice a short time ago. She pokes the younger rat with her staff causing him to move out of her way a little. She sits down on the bed next to Aikuen and Fira's, "Ok. You want me out right? Well, where do you expect me to go?"

Will shrugs, "Maybe you're just not used to it or something."

Aikuen nods, "Pleasure to meet you Amy... And I can't help being tall. Me and apparently Fira were just born that way!" He laughs, Both otters are about the same height, though Aik is just a hair taller. He smiles and says again, "Nah, You don't have to go... I was teasing you so you would stop playing... For some reason, I'm tired... and would like a little bit of quite. Sooo, you don't have to leave, just gotta be quiet... and if you don't want to stay here... I'm sure Will, will show you around and find you a nice spot..." he says, with a small smile on his face.

"Alright, but you really shouldn't be encouraging me," the rat-maid smirks grabbing hold of Will's arm, "You're father needs to sleep and I haven't seen most of this place .... I think just might need some help finding my way around. What'd ya say we 'disappear' and let the nice otter sleep."

Will nods leading her toward the sleeping hall, "We'll see you later, Pa."

Aikuen chuckles to them as they leave, "See yah, you two... behave!" When they are gone, he yawns and places arm back around Fira before he woke up and nuzzles into her, saying, even though he knows she can't hear him, "Well Fira, what did you think of her? She seems nice... A little blunt and bold... But nice enough I guess..." He chuckles, "Well at least Will found somebeast, and I can't help nudging him into her. He needs this, but if says no... I won't push it anymore. Does that make me a weird father? I don't know..." He hmms and closes his eyes and begins to doze, "If it makes him happy, I guess it's okay... Isn't that right Fira?" He chuckles and slowly begins to dream again.