A Short Chat

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Yes it’s short but it’s still good, Leon and the vixen talks and a decision is made.

Leon sighs as its way past dinner now, he glances over at Anomen wondering just how the squirrel is sleeping right now when he can’t sleep at all.

Ryiah glances over, “Why are you not sleeping, the squirrel is sleeping.” She sounds tried herself and seems not afraid to show it with a yawn, she has put aside the crossbow and seems to have calmed from earlier.

Leon shrugs, “Guess use to being inside maybe, I don’t know. Your not sleeping. Look it’s unlike I will leave or try and free my friend and his name is Anomen by the way.”

Ryiah rolls her eyes, “Whatever and you try and sleep when you have annoying woodlanders and a daughter to be concerned with.”

Leon frowns, “I have two, and they are about a season old now. And right now I worry about them and my mate, my mate hasn’t been herself lately. I mean sort of herself but she has trouble remembering some things, either way this is making it hard for me to sleep as right now she is probably very worried about me.”

Ryiah glances at him “Well, least you have a mate; mine was killed a few seasons ago, when my now 7 season old was just couple seasons old. That squirrel Drew did it, killed my mate and some others. Course he had helped before you ask his clan but don’t blame him as my mate was a slaver and wanted slaves, tried to tell him to leave theses squirrels alone and he didn’t listen, he never did.”

Leon listens, “Sorry to hear that, look your daughter is fine and I was the one who treated her, in the woods and at the abbey. She is safe with our dibbun caretaker; he watches both dibbuns with and without parents and can even protect her if need be. Yes he is blind but trust me for someone who is blind he walks around as if he isn’t and his hearing is higher tuned than others, it’s amazing. Sense of smell even higher too, maybe even touch.”

Ryiah just listens and shrugs, “Whatever…” She then adds “Thanks for, you know helping her, but I still hate Drew and that won’t change unless he changes. I didn’t mean to take his son or you, well not take but make you stay here. Look once its light we can head back to the abbey and I will speak to Lorimis or Benar, till then we should both sleep.”

Leon nods, a little concern with weather it’s a good plan or not to sleep.

Anomen stirs and wakes up, he looks around, “What’s going on?”

Ryiah has already gone to sleep.

Leon looks at the squirrel, “Anomen, your awake good, could you take watch. I have talked with Ryiah and we are to go back in the morning, at first light or shortly after.”

Anomen nods “Sure Brother Leon..wait you talked to her?”

Leon doesn’t answer he has fallen asleep, sleep he needs.

Anomen sighs, but keeps watch for the night, not like he has other things to do.

Leon sleeps, slightly uncozy on the forest floor but still sleep is needed and so sleep he does.