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Characters: Aikuen, Kentar, Fira, Will

Location: Moledeep

Moledeep: Mole Hall

Kentar and Chris are sitting at the table together, sitting opposite each other. Chris is playing with rock toys Kentar carved out for him, and Kentar is just reading a book, not paying much attention to Chris or his playing.

Fira is awake for all she looks half asleep still as she waddles in on her way to the kitchen. None of her more usual liveliness, she's just tired and uncomfortable and she's been that way far too long. There's a light grunt which could be taken for a greeting but best not to get between her and food until she's really woken up.

Kentar looks up and chuckles a little at Fira's sight. "Ah, poor Fira, eh Chris?" he smiles a little bit before giving a wave at the otter. He doesn't bother stopping her for a proper greeting, scared of what might happen if he does.

He's probably lucky Fira can't hear him. She grumbles something and disappears into the kitchen, returning about ten minutes later with two large sandwiches and a cup of tea. Looking a little calmed as she sits down at the table too.

Kentar had gone back to his book, until Fira came in that is. He looks up and smiles. "Hey Fira." he says with a smile, giving a little bit of a wave. Chris doesn't greet her, still playing by himself.

Fira is a little more friendly this time as she nods over her cup of tea before even giving him a verbal greeting "Hey" sipping at the tea a little before she feels she's being rude and speaks up again "Morning going well?"

Kentar smiles and nods slowly. "Yeah." he says as he puts something in his book so he won't lose his page, the stoat setting it aside before sitting back in his chair. "And yours?"

Fira starts munching on the first sandwich, just pausing to swallow before she answers "Eh. You don't want to know. Slept through most at least"

Kentar nods little bit, frowning. "Ah. Sorry I asked." he says with a nod before looking to Chris, who's staring at Fira as she eats. He laughs a little before going to play with his toys once more.

Fira sticks her tongue out at Chris for the laugh "I look forwards to a peaceful night and staying awake through a day again" a sigh and she runs a paw over her head "Sorry. Just tired and grouchy"

Kentar chuckles a little bit and nods slowly. "Yeah. I know how you feel." he smiles before the stoat grins. "Your always tired and grouchy. I'm used to it." He then ducks away to avoid getting hit.

Fira raises a brow "What do you mean I'm always grouchy?" grrr. She can still go angry at the flip of a switch right now.

Kentar chuckles quietly then peeks out from under the table. "Oh...nothing." he says with a nod. "Nothing at all." the stoat climbs back into his chair and smirks.

Fira narrows her eyes at him before going to pluck a bit of tomato from her sandwich to toss at him "I'm watching you"

Kentar laughs and dodges the tomato, grinning. "Yes, yes, I know." he nods before looking to Chris. He puts his paw up to his mouth to hide what he's saying to Chris. "She's nuts!" he grins, making sure Fira can't see what he's saying. Chris giggles and grins at his father.

Fira can guess he's said something about her but she has no idea what. Still, it's still enough of a reason to keep a close eye on him.

Kentar laughs and smiles at Fira. "In case you were wondering, I just said that your simply amazing!" he smiles before opening his book again.

Fira rolls her eyes and goes back to her sandwich "I'm not believing that for a second"

Kentar smirks and nods. "Good, cause it wasn't true!" he laughs before eying his book again, sighing quietly to himself.

Fira throws cucumber this time.

Aikuen comes in from the outside. Been outside since this morning it seems. Been working on the garden to pass the time, and to keep his mind off things. Need to get it done anyway. He steps in from the entrance way, and blinks as there is flying produce. He chuckles and leans against the side of the wall. Watching what is going here.

Kentar args and takes the cucumber to his chest, the stoat falling out of the chair and grabbing his chest where he was hit. "No! No, I'm dying! Tell my wife hello!" he pretends to pass out, Chris laughing up a storm. Neither stoat seem to see Aik.

Fira peers over the table and that seems to cheer her up a little "Serves you right!" she's not seen Aik yet either.

Aikuen grins and snorts quietly, before heaving himself to the kitchen. Get a little somethin-somethin, cause he knows that his wife wont share. He chuckles as he disappears.

Kentar still had no idea that Aik was even here, the stoat laying there before slowly crawling into his chair again. "Your a mean otter, you know that Fira?" He laughs.

Fira smirks a bit and lifts just a little out of her chair to look over at Kentar as he's getting back up "Yeah yeah. Master of the deadly food arts" she flops back into the chair again and immediately the smile's gone and her eyes widen as she takes a deep breath. Ow. She places a paw on the belly. That didn't feel normal.

Aikuen comes into the hall once again, with what looks like a sandwich. But with a biscuit instead of regular loaf bread. He do do do's as he goes to plop next to Fira, "Hello Kentar! Chris!" he looks to his wife, "Hey!" seems to be in normal. He tilts his head at her just noticing the last of that little thing, "Eh?" he doesn't ask much nowadays.

Kentar hums and tilts his head at Fira. He peeks towards Aik and nods. "Hey Aik, he says before looking back to her. "Are you okay Fira? Anything wrong?" He asks. Never seen a smile vanish so quickly.

Fira is trying not to panic and calmly go through a bit of a mental check list to be sure what's going on..."Aik!" she calls but blinks when he's right there. She offers an arm "Get me up. Up up up" needs help out of the chair and wants it quickly.

Aikuen blinks at her, and moves his head back. But by the tone of her voice, this is not one of though ask question moments. He tosses the biscuit, and hops out of his chair. Quickly going to help her up, "What wrong Fira? Are you al-..." he blinks and his jaw drops a little bit.

Kentar huhs and watches them for a second, standing up. "Uh..." Chris just watches, not sure what's happening. "Need. Er. Anymore help?" Kentar asks. Yes, he sounded very dumb then.

Fira immediately breaks away to waddle off for the door. Outwardly looking almost calm "Baby's coming, infirmary, come on, hurr-" she gets about as far as the door before the words turn into more of a strangled whimper and she clutches onto the door frame to keep from falling as she doubles over. Well that hurt a lot more.

Aikuen's jaw drops all the way. And if it wasn't attached to his face... it would have fallen, and gone on a trip somewhere. He stands there a little out of it, until reality kicks him in the nether area, when he sees his wife double over. He knows what that is! Oh crud, he knows what that is... He blinks and runs over, helping support her. He still is not saying anything, mouth isn't working like it should. But his brain mentally checks list everything, as he tries and help support her to the infirm. Tiring not to seem to nervous. But by golly, he cant help it.

Kentar pauses a moment and ohs. "Chris, stay here." The dibbun blinks and nods as his father goes over to help Aik get Fira to the infirmary. He's unable to hold back a smile, feeling happy for the two of them. "Come on Aik, snap out of it. Lets get her to the infirmary." he nods once. Aik was there for him when Garnet went through this, and he'll be there for them. If they want him, of course.

Fira breathes rather deeply as the pain dies down for a minute but doesn't trust her speech skills right now, just heads for the infirmary as quickly as she can before the next lot of pain can come along.

Moledeep: Infirmary

Aikuen leads, and supports Fira into the infirmary, and helps her into the nearest bed. His mouth seems to be working... a little bit anyways, "I'm... I'm... Okay... Okay..." he nods firmly, and takes Fira's paw and gives it a little squeeze, "You okay?" what kind a question is that. He gives it another tight squeeze before heading to the table. Have to think ahead. Keep your mind straight.

Kentar helps Aik and Fira to the table, shaking his head slowly at Aik. "Keep a cool head Aik." he mutters. "Be dumb later." he nods again, that forcing out a little laugh from him. The stoat thinks for a few moments before looking towards Aik. "Hey Aik. Your gonna be a father." he whispers out to the otter with a small smile.

Fira is trying not to panic now still. She's not fine after that first contraction, it completely threw her. She tries to answer Aik "'eanh" well it would have been a yeah if she'd added sound at the beginning and not completely messed up the rest. Must calm down to talk. She settles onto the bed, breathing deep, trying to relax.

Aikuen does a small dance, shaking all his paws and moving his head. Getting rid of all the scared, nervous, and brain blocks that he is having. Save it all for later. He takes a deep breath and nods at Kentar, "I'm Fine..." he rubs his paw together, "Alright!...Umm... Baby time!" he blinks and says, "Flemajdnjsdlllll...." he gulps, "Okay..." he picks up a pile of cloths and towels and heads back over to Fira, "Alright darling... Breath. In and out... Deep Deep Breaths... Your doing great..." he smiles and nods, and sets up a nice clean area.

Kentar smiles a little bit at Aik's new focus. The stoat looks around a moment. "Anything you need me to do?" He asks, tilting his head. He refuses to hold her paw, having painful memories about the last time he held a pregnant beast's paw. Not fun.

Fira breathes deep and slow a couple times. She's alright. No more pain yet but she knows it's supposed to be slow at first. The deep breathes help, she calms down a bit. This is a good thing. She wanted this. She just needs to remind herself of that "I'm fine" she has words back! And tries to smile "Better late than never."

Will had been in the small study off the sleeping hall when the others rushed through to the infirmary. Will had been fixing things up a little in there but hearing some beasts rushing by he stops what he was dong and goes to investigate. The rat peeks into the infirm to see what is going on. It only takes a few seconds for him to figure it out and he stands in the doorway a little while before asking, "Is there anything I can do t help?"

Aikuen, after he set up a nice area, looks at Kentar, "Ummm.... Ummm Ummm... Get some water and boil it... Yah..." he looks at his paws, and ergs. He goes back over to the table and washes his paws as much as he can. He wipes it on of the last of the clean towels before heading back over to Fira and taking her paw. Squeezing it, he chuckles, "And soon... You will be a Mother... a... mum..." he chuckles faintly. Waiting for the... the big moment. He can't hear Will just yet.

Kentar nods. "Right!" he nods before going off to go boil the water. He blinks when he sees Will. "Yes. Get some warmed up towels." he nods a few slow times

Will nods to the stoat, "OK." and he's off back toward the hall and the kitchen to wash up himself and get as many clean warm towels as he can.

Fira nods slowly before she latches onto Aik's paw very tight, breathing in sharply and letting out a strangled whimpery noise as another contraction comes along. She's trying to handle them quietly, see how long that lasts.

Aikuen erks silently as his paw is held tightly. He watches her and says, "Fira... Don't hold it in... Please..." he nods slowly, "You will strain yourself too much... please don't... Scream and punch me if you have too..." he squeezes back, "I have to check..." he pry's his paw from hers and goes back to the area. He nods slightly, and goes back to her paw, "Just... Just a little bit longer... Breath..."

The stoat comes back with a pitcher of hot water, coming back and setting it down. "Water delivery." he nods with a smile little bit. "Anything else?" Kentar asks.

Fira starts breathing deep again, trying to be calm again. Aik just gets a bit of a nod. She's completely terrified really.

Aikuen is just as terrified. The last time he was in this pretty much exact situation... It wasn't good. He starts to breath in time with her, "Thank you Kentar... Put it... Put it by the table..." he nods and goes back to her. After a bit, "Okay... I'm going to check again..." he lets go and goes back over. He freezes up slightly, "Oh boy... Okay..." he goes back over to her, "Are you ready... cause..." he nods quickly.

Kentar sets the water down before going over to Fira and Aik again. "Don't worry, Fira, will be over soon." he smiles with a nod, even though he realizes she might not be able to understand him if she's not looking. He said it anyways.

Will returns after some time with a large bunch of warmed towels under his good arm which he hands over to the nearest beast be he otter or stoat.

Fira doesn't understand so well even when she does look right now. Her fur bristles with another wave of pain and she screws her eyes shut for a minute, trying to breath deep again. She didn't catch a word from anyone. Her mind's elsewhere.

Aikuen just realized something... he looks to Kentar, "Kentar! Okay... Its coming... real... now... I need you to be my relay... she cant see me, so i need you to tell her what to do... And i will tell you what to say... Can you do that for me?"

Kentar nods slowly and smiles. The stoat takes up a seat next to the bed, going to take Fira's paw with his good one so that she can crush it rather then herself. He only remembered that he thought earlier he wasn't going to. Oh well.

Fira snaps her eyes open again when her paw's taken but it's Kentar who gets the quick terrified look before she starts to breathe deep again and glances up to the ceiling. Calm calm calm.

Aikuen smiles at Kentar, "Thank you thank you..." he goes over to Fira, "Alright... Watch Kentar. I'm going to tell him what to do... Then he is going to tell you... Its... Its time..." he quickly kisses her on the head before going to the area, "Alright... Its... yah..." he looks to Kentar, "Okay... Its time to start. Tell her to start pushing..." he takes a deep breath.

Kentar looks towards Aik then towards Fira again, nodding slowly. "Alright." he says. "Fira...start pushing..." he smiles a little. "It will be over soon, don't worry." he nods.

Fira just catches Aik's words but doesn't catch much past 'pushing' from Kentar's as in the middle of it she doubles over again with a deformed whine. A second later she's snarling, ears flat back as she starts to push. Of course the paw's going to get crushed too. But does mean the top of a head could just be seen by Aik.

Aikuen has been getting ready for this moment, for so long. The older otter prepares and says, "Alright... Alright... Okay... Honey, your doing great. Yes, everything is looking alright... Just keep pushing..." he actually losing feeling in his legs, and his breath is taking a away from him. There it is...

Kentar prepares for his paw to get completely crushed. He expects it. The stoat sits there saying something encouraging every so often. Aik can't hear him cause he's too quiet, and Fira probably wont hear him either. "Just keep pushing, Fira..." he says with a slow nod.

Fira tries to keep going but after a minute she has to stop to breathe. She doesn't get much of a break, barely enough for two breaths before the next contraction hits again. Her eyes bulge before she screws them shut again and snarls once more as she starts to push again.

Aikuen says, "Push...Yes... Just... Just a little more..." he blinks, "Oh my... Fira...Okay..." and he takes a paw and as he supports the head of his new born, as he does the rest "Oh my... Fira..." he does a little something that cant be seen, and takes one of the clean cloths and towels. After a bit he stands, holding up a bundle of a tiny otter, "Fira... She is beautiful... Your a mother..."

Kentar watches Fira for a few moments then looks towards Aik, almost wanting to ask if he'd hurry up and get the kid already, but he wont. And no sooner did he think it, there it is! "Congratulations! To both of you!" he smiles.

Fira flops back to rest. It doesn't seem like all that long but boy does she feel tired. Breathing heavily still as she slowly sits up a little till she can see the baby. She looks relieved, smiley even until a second later "Ahh" she's doubling over again. It still hurts, they're not done.

Aikuen smiles at his wife, but then its soon wiped away, "F-Fira?" he asks, fear just all over his voice. He looks to the little one and almost goes teary. Not... again. This cant happened to him again. She will not die... even if it means going to hellgates himself. But then he is distracted, by what he sees "Fira... Oh..." he goes back to the area, "Fira. Fira... Fira Fira Fira Fira..." The otter is completely wishy-washy at the moment. He blinks and looks around, "Kentar...." he runs over and carefully hands him the little one, "Take care of her... She needs to be a sister..." he says quietly and wishes that he didn't have to let her go. But, "There... is... another.... I think..." That would explain why this one is small, compared to her belly this morning.

Kentar's smile turns to a look of concern. He blinks a few times and then...there's a baby shoved in his arms. Okay. He'll hold this one. The stoat looks to Fira, not sure what to do aside from watch the little one. "Another?" he asks. "Really? That's...that's...wonderful" he smiles. He thinks its wonderful anyway.s

So Fira is back to pushing and one of the first things the new pup gets to hear is her mother snarling and muttering several deformed curses in between as she's started to cry a little bit. It's even faster this time at least, babe's not much bigger than the last one, maybe even a little smaller.

Aikuen gets back to the area, and prepares for this. This is something he never prepared for. But how different can it be! heh... yeah. He takes a few clearing breathes, "Okay.. p-..." he nods, as she is doing that already. He doesn't say anything as he waits. This one does come out faster. Aikuen takes a deep breath, "Okay... I think... Yeah..." he nods and supports this one now. He, once again does something that cant be seen, before taking another clean towel and cloth, and wrapping out this new one. He has gone all teary all the same, and he cant seem to move, "Fira... Its over..." he checked, as he places a light paw on her leg, and he stands so she can see, "Fira... We had... twin girls... They both... look beautiful..." though the one he is holding, is smaller then other, but not by much, as they are both pretty big in the first place.

Kentar smiles a little more and settles back into his chair when Aik stands up with the second little otter. He rocks the one he's got in his arms softly, until Fira or Aik is ready to hold her. "Congratulations to both of you." he says softly. "They're beautiful."

Fira flops again, trying to catch her breath again. She doesn't sit up this time, just tries to see the second child from where she lies "Denf-" cough, deep breath "Definitely it?" nothing more seems to be coming as she reaches over an arm, going to touch the one Kentar has. She's too tired to do anything more than that.

Aikuen checks once more and nods. Going to place some of the warm cloths over her leg slowly. Trying to keep a nice tight hold on the one he got. He takes one of the smaller cloths, and he walks on over to Fira's other side and sits down, with a small smile, "Aye... No more... You're done... You did wonderful..." he looks up and looks to Kentar, "Thank you Kentar... For helping us..." as he kisses her forehead, before dabbing the sweat off her. She deserves a rest.

Kentar smiles softly, still rocking the little otter in his arms, moving her towards Fira as she reaches out to touch her. "I wouldn't have missed this for the world Aik." he smiles softly, the stoat nodding a little bit. "They're beautiful, Aik." he smiles softly. He's quite happy for them.

Fira slowly starts to get her breath back, very slowly. She still looks dead tired though, needs the rest. As Aik sits down she goes to touch the other babe too. Two little girls..."We still need names for them"

Aikuen smiles and leans over so she can have a better look at them. Both little otters still have their eyes closed. To be expected for awhile. Both of them are very similar to Fira in looks. Just Tinier. They both have Khaki fur.... though its much darker then Aiks. The one that Aik is holding as his ears. But other then that, they are mini Fira's in every way. Aik grins and chuckles, "Well... Now that they are here... how about... We call this one... Venei?" he suggests, "Does she look like a Venei?"

Kentar chuckles a little bit. "I know you two have to decide, but you know..." he says with a bit of a grin. "I think they both look like a Fira." he chuckles a little bit with a slow nod.

Fira looks a lot more relaxed and happy again though she also looks like she might doze off at any second. She smirks faintly "Well we can't call them Fira, I'm still using the name...Venei's kinda nice. Venei and..." she looks thoughtful as she looks at the other babe.

Aikuen chuckles and touches the tiny nose of Venei, "Heh... hello Venei..." she gurgles softly and moves her head. He smiles and tries to get as close as he can to Fira, "You can name the other one... She looks exactly like you... What do you think..." he looks to her and nods slowly, "Or you can go to sleep. You deserve it... more than anybeast I ever knew... Maybe you can come up with a name while you sleep..." he nods and nuzzles her, he just has too.

Kentar gets a sly grin on his face. He can't help but to joke about this. "You know." he says slowly. "Garnet has always sounded like a nice name." he laughs and chuckles. "No? Ah well, I tried." he laughs, still rocking the little one in his arms. "I'm sure you'll come up with something." he says with a slow nod.

Fira barely gives Kentar a little snort of amusement before she reaches out to take the babe off of him. She wants to hold one "...How about just Ella?..." little glance going to Aik "I know, it's a little plainer but..."

Aikuen snorts at Kentar as well. Didn't she just explain that? He chuckles and smiles at her, "Ella... It's perfect... Venei and Ella Tazan... Our little ones... ours..." he smiles a big ole daddy of all smiles. A small tear leaks out of his eye. And he quickly wipes it away, "Ah... my eye..." he sniffs, "They're perfect..."

Kentar smiles softly and hands over the babe slowly, as not to hurt or disturb her. "There." he smiles, setting his paw on Fira's shoulder. "Congratulations again." he sighs happily. He felt good that he was there when the two were brought into the world.

Fira carefully takes the babe "Thanks Kentar" smiling at the tiny Ella, going to give her a little kiss on top of the head. She's slowly fighting a losing battle with staying awake and as she settles down with the mini-otter she really starts to doze off.

Aikuen smiles at Fira, and noses her "Have a nice rest... I'm not going to leave you for a long time... so you better get used to it..." he chuckles, "I love you Fira..." and he leans over to kiss her softly on the head, before settling back in his chair with Venei. He rocks her slowly, "Yeah... Thanks... Thank you so much..." he says to Kentar, but continues to look at Venei. The oldest otter smiles warmly at her, "Venei... I cant believe it..." he chuckles lightly.

The stoat sits down properly next to Aik. "Your welcome Aikuen." Kentar smiles softly. "I'm glad to have helped." the stoat places his paw on the otter's shoulder. "Need anything?"

Aikuen slowly tears his eyes away from the littlest of the little ones, "Hmm? Oh... Umm... I... I don't think so...I cant really think of anything..." his brain isn't really working properly, "Twins... I mean... Twins... TWINS!" he takes a deep breath, "Twin girls... I mean..." his brain isn't really working. Still trying to comprehend this, "They are twins... and they are ours..."

Kentar nods slowly. "Yes. Twins." he smiles softly. "And they're beautiful. I'm jealous actually. Can we trade? Ella for Chris?" He chuckles a little and pats Aik's shoulder gently.

Aikuen nods slowly, and smiles faintly, "Twins..." he takes a deep breath. Keep the crazy in, "They... are beautiful... AND NO!" he hmphs and laughs, "There ours! Get your own baby girl otter!" he grins, and holds Venei closer to him.

Kentar awws. "But I want yours!" he laughs a little before nodding. "Oh, okay." He sighs with a smirk. "Anyways. I'll leave you four alone." he chuckles, slowly standing up.

Aikuen chuckles and nods, "Thanks... Kentar... And thanks for being here... You can tell the others the good news... when you see them... Will has probably told them what was happening... so tell them we have two healthy girls ... Ella...and Venei..." he smiels, a big smiles. One that cant be contained on his face. They have daughters... two of them.

Kentar nods and chuckles quietly. "I will. Have a good night Aik. Expect a little visitor in the morning!" he means Chris of course as he goes off to the hall.

Aikuen watches at the stoat leaves. He slowly rocks Venei, "You... are so beautiful..." he starts to cry softly. He goes over and sits slowly next to Fira, plucking Ella off her. He holds them both in his arms, "You both... are so beautiful... You look just like her... Except for you!" he noses Venei, "You have my ears!... And you both have my fur! And you both look so strong!" he grins and grrs softly. He chuckles and continues to rock them, starting to sob a little louder "I have little ones... girls... I have dreamt of this for so long... and..." he grins, and holds them close to his chest, "I love you both already... And you haven't even opened your eyes yet..." he chuckles and starts to hum softly. Nice and low.

Will had indeed gone off the tell the others about the baby otter and had actually missed his sisters being born and named. The rat returns to the infirmary and looks in curiously since it's much quieter in there then when he'd left. He spies two bundles in Aik's arms and walks over rather bouncily to investigate.

Aikuen is humming happily. Is much happier, as things in his mind is beginning to settle again. And the thought is settling. He hears movement in the corner of the room and he looks to it. He smiles, "Hey Will... Id like you to meet... your new siblings..." he grins softly.

Will grins widely, "There's two." He rocks a little on the balls of his footpaws, it's all he can do to keep from bouncing all over the place, like a certain otter has been known to do.

Aikuen chuckles, "Aye... two... twins..." he smiles, " I would like you to meet...Umm...." He looks between the two, figuring it out. He nods to one "Ah... This is Ella..." and he nods to the other, "And this little one, is Venei..." he grins, "Your two little sisters!

Will blinks, "Both of them?" He had wanted a sister but two sounds too good to be true.

Aikuen tilts his head, "No just one!" he laughs quietly, "Yes... both of them... They're both so beautiful..." he smiles softly. Its still getting hard to contain it.

"Can I touch them? I mean hold one. They're sooo little. Will they be as big an strong as you when they're older?" Will asks leaning close to watch the babes, who seem to be sleeping.

Will looks at his good arm and then his bandaged one. "I don't know. Can I? Which one is this anyway?"

Aikuen says, "This one is Venei... She's a little smaller than her older sister... And I'm sure... wait..." he scoots back a little, "Here, sit on the bed... just in case..." he nods.

Will chuckles and finds a bed to sit on, one without Fira for fear of waking her. "Ok, I'm ready, Pa."

Aikuen smiles and nods, "Okay... Here she comes..." and he slowly passes over Venei, "Here yah go... Be careful... Support her head..." he erks and nods.

Will holds the little otter on his good arm and lifts his shoulder a bit to keep her head up. It isn't a very comfortable position but for now it's the best he can do. "Hello," he whispers to the newborn, "I'm your big brother. We were waiting a long time for you and Ella t get here. Ella's your sister's name. Our sister's name. Pa says you're Venei. You'll like Pa, he knows some really good stories. And Mum is very smart. I've seen her reading books that weren't in English before, so she must be smart. You an Ella are very special otters you know. You're Tazan otters. They're th best kind."

Aikuen watches and listens to Will. A smile spreading across his face. He chuckles lightly and leans his back against the headboard, nudging next to Fira. He hmms and holds out a claw in front of Ella. Ella is still grabbing the air, and when she feels his claw, she grabs it as tight as she can with both paws. And gurgles softly. Aik grins, "Tazan otters... Ella... Venei..."