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#1 Logs » Unexpected Ending To A Fight-Fate Of Marek(ICLY HAPPENS SEP. 14TH) » 2018-09-12 02:38:10 PM

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********MY LAST LOG...ENJOY *******
Kakarauri-Insane Marten, Assassin and archer of Orma'z hordE

Oz- Badger Mother of Redwall

Stormfang- Fighter in horde

Kenya- Redwall Novice

Benar-Abbot of Redwall

Gorvenalus-Recorder-shows up briefly at end

Master Healer Rafael- shows up at end

some spoofs of guards and couple other beasts...


Kakarauri had her orders, sweet...simple...get inside right after a guard change, kill the abbot and return with proof..basically lower moral and cause chaos and panic and grief and the marten was all for this anyways. The grappling hook helped as she quickly climbed wearing black and brownish cloak, she watched a guard who seen her but before he could sound an alarm she grabbed him and slammed him into the wall top and smirked "Stormfang...get that rope before the next guard comes and sees it."And down the steps quickly into the grounds.

Stormfang whimpers as he follows, first he loops the rope and hook around his arm and quickly follows her as he looks around "What way, its dark...."

Kenya knew she shouldn't but she had looked all over for the bracelet and so, quickly went to look in the tree house, a quickly look and right back. She smiled as it was there, her favorite one and as she went down the ladder and started to go back inside she saw the two shadows and hide with a frown.

Kakarauri rolls her eyes "Dark is lets go quietly while all is asleep, see most are on the walls and looking...duhhh away from the grounds or in the sky, hee hee"

Stormfang says, "Right boss"He will follow, or try to follow her, yeah good plan"

Kenya frowns and quickly starts to go inside, only to slip on some wet ground and gasp in surprise, she whimpers and sniffs as she hurt her ankle and slowly stands.

Kakarauri notices the otter and grins "Well well well....someone is awake."She slowly starts to head to the otter "Now if I were you I would be quiet, least ya not be harmed...we don't want to harm you"

Stormfang is ever the dummy and shows it "Yeah she is supposed ta kill the abbot"

Kenya whimpers and runs best she can avoids the great hall going to the open ground and down to the dorms, it the closest from the vineyards.

Oz is semi awake in bed, he had got back to his room and given Tassel, Anatole and the infant otter his brothers room, it was smaller and no dibbuns would invade in the middle of the night,like they do in here sometimes, more so lately cause of fear of little noises or the dark as , well what if bad beasts came..ect ect. Also he asked one guard to stay with the dibbuns, the guard seemed annoyed but did it.

Kakarauri sighs 'After..her..moron"She says quietly and gives chase, she slows as she grabs Stormfang, waits till who ever pass and then follows the otter maid to the dorm hall, as she draws out twin blades.

Stormfang frowns "What....oh"He goes to follow and stays close to the marten.

Kenya whimpers and opens the doorway rushing over to Oz and shakes him "Papa Oz..Papa Oz ..wake up!!!" Fear in her voice and she is shaking  some.
The guard by the door blinks, this job is boring, he lets the otter in, I mean beasts can go see the badger just not someone he doesn't know but then how would they even get into the abbey. Yeah the guard needs replaced seems.

Kakarauri saves the that job,flicking a dagger and making very short work of the so dead..guard. She  is outside the doorway and listens , she stays in the hall quiet and waits, tells  the rat to be quiet also.

Oz grunts and wakes up "Kenya...what is the matter?" He slowly sits up to hug her,"Bad dream....nightmare?" Lucky no dibbuns are in here but they are in the other room that leads from this one.

Stormfang frowns and sits down "But...boss....."

Kakarauri singles to be quiet , she grins as she slips into the room " I did regonize the voice....your the striped dog that ruined my paw...oh I can use it somewhat...remember me...stripe dog?"

Kenya gasps and clings onto Oz, she slowly looks at the door and gulps as she sees the marten "She's a bad beast....she got in...she wants to kill Benar..."She frowns , oh no Kenya had to run to here, why didn't she just run elsewhere.

Stormfang frowns as he peeks inside "Ummm.....should we go....he isn't the abbot...umm is he?"

Oz growls, he stands and reaches for his staff, yes it stays by his bed.."Kenya..go to the dibbuns, shut the door and lock Kenya..."He keeps focus on where the two beasts are,"I remember your voice your that insane marten....gee how is the paw?" Give Kenya time to get to the door, if she will listen that is.

Kakarauri chuckles insanely as she swings both her twin blades, "I say....this will be fun...ohhh dibbuns you say well...that be fun too,my lord and master didn't say I couldn't kill anyone else....bonuses right?" She smirks, like he can see it she could care less and she isn't giving him time to figure out when she is attacking she starts now.

Kenya whimpers and backs up to the door, but she does go inside she just locks it and slams it shut and stays on this side of the door and shivers.

Stormfang stays by the door to the hallway "What do I...?" He looks at the dead guard.

Oz had the other guard, a squirrel stay with the dibbuns, well guess the guard is locked out...ok least the dibbuns are safe...right, or are they? He blocks one blade and the other cuts into his shoulder as he snorts."You won't go near them, you want to even lay claw on them you have to kill me first"

Kakarauri cackles "With will be lock anyone else out......"

Stormfang quickly locks the door and just watches the fight, he does notice the otter Kenya and has a cutlass as he walks over to her "Hee one here ta help you and de badger is busy"

Oz shoves the marten towards the wall and snarls at the rat"Back off....."Yeah in a better listen voice.

Kenya gasps and gets out of the way, maybe away from the doorway is bad away from the rat right

Kakarauri ooofs as she hits the wall and snorts, she may of cracked a couple ribs but not like she wont still fight the badger, Twin blades out and quickly slices at the badger, and a swift kick to the chest for good measure if she can!

Oz tenses up a little as a blade cuts into his shoulder, the other is barely blocked but he is also throw off balance and is knocked into a nightstand that goes crashing to the floor with Oz, the nightstands has a drawer fall out and break, as well as the mug and wash basin that was on it so glass is on the floor and gets into his knee when he tries to get up and tumbled again tensing up a little as he may of well cracked about 3 ribs. He also knocked his shoulder out of place.

Kenya whimpers as she watches "Papa Oz........Noooo...."She goes to try and get to the window, but its a little high up and the door is blocked for now.

Stormfang goes to grab the small otter "Come here brat!"He stops as he steps on some of the broken glass and yelps in pain looking at his foot paw..."Ouchie...."

Kakarauri snorts and looks at the otter dibbun, and then the badger as she cackles. "Goodbye!" She goes to swing down with both her blades, angleing slightly!

Oz holds up the staff and growls as the force of the blades hitting starts to crack the staff. he aims a kick up at the marten's arm to try and throw her off balance.

Kenya gasps and somehow ducks and slides under the rat and to the door quickly going to open it and get to the hallway!

Stormfang falls flat on his face trying to grab the otter and bumps his stoat, but gets up slowly and holds the now bleeding snout.

Kakarauri screams insanely and keeps hacking and slicing at the staff with both her blades at the same time! The kick connects but she holds her ground as he got her knee, she growls and lunges at him with her blades a 5th time!

Oz growls, one blade gets his arm once, most of the time its blacked, but each hit weakens the staff and cracks it more and more and the last one completely breaks it in two, two jagged pieces go sideways and the blades slice into him, somehow missing anything vital by mere cm's as he gasps in pain and manages to rolls slightly away before more damage is down as he pants and breaths in and out wiling himself to stay awake as he feels himself trying to pass out.

Stormfang blinks "Whoa....."

Kenya turns and then instead of rushing outside she gets brave and rushes over to the marten and goes to bite her leg "Get away from Papa Oz now!"

Kakarauri chuckles as she is enjoying this and stands "Your...hard to kill....well so ends this lets see,,,"Both blades up and when she goes to stab down she is bite and gasps as she spins around and kicks the otter, rather hard if she can"Brat!!"

The noise has not gone unnoticed as a very tried Benar goes to see what all the noise is, noise dibbuns..."Oz what is....."He stops and stares in shock seeing the marten, and starts to back up and call for help, he frowns more when he sees the dead guard.

Kenya whimpers as she is kicked to the side and starts to cry, she looks at Benar and starts to crawl beside him.

Stormfang frowns "Umm...oh he is the abbot...I think we are in trouble boss"

Kakarauri chuckles insanely.."Abbot...hee heee...greetings...hee hehee..."She glaces at the badger and smirks and back to the abbot and Kenya "I know...a new trick, tis my fave....kill a brat and an abbot at the same time...then the brats behind the locked door...yeah ..heee heeee..lock is on this side....hee listening to ya friends...die while you die...maybe your get to hear more deaths..hee heee..."Yep she is truly insane as she has her twin blades out and goes to make a quick slice at the two beasts.

Oz takes a deep breath....and forces himself to get up, fight the urge to pass out. He feels for his broken staff and manages to find one of the more jagged pieces and focus all his strength and anger and snarls as he manages to stand somehow and lunge  at the marten aiming to slam that jagged bit of staff into her back "REDWALL!!!"

The abbot goes to quickly get Kenya and himself out of the way of the marten.

Kakarauri gasps in shock and the twin blades are drooped as she coughs up a little blood and falls forwards, the jagged staff deep into her back and her eyes glaze over in death. Well...that was...not planed.

Stormfang backs up, yeah this isn't good on his part he needs to get out of here.

Kenya whimpers as she is helped up and screams, only to then look down at the marten and gulps, then the badger "Papa..Oz?"

Oz sways and then drops to his knees and loses consciousness and slips the rest of the way to the floor, in fact he slips into a dangerous deep faint, a healer is gonna be needed..quickly.

Benar's eyes widen as he rushes forwards, "Oz!!" He quickly checks for a pulse and  tries to stays calm "Kenya....find a..."A couple guards, a Brother Rick comes to the doorway and gasps in shock, someone rushes off to find a healer!One of the guards aims a sword at the rat.

Stormfang backs into a corner and throws his cutlass "I give up....don't kill me....only obeying orders...."

Kenya frowns "Papa Oz...noooo...don't be dead no no NOOOOOOOO!" She believes him dead, she believes its her fault, she feels the tears flood and then she bolts as fast as she can but its not clear where she is going.

Oz is not dead, he is alive...barely. He is in a very bad deep faint and badly hurt. Its not clear when he will wake up, it wont be anytime too soon, and the healing progress will take a while...
Brother Rafael quickly comes and checks a pulse, he checks again and speaks "He lives....barely...."Orders are quickly given, the Master Healer, and a couple other healers come to help the badger.

Brother Gorvenalus is awaken to also help. This is gonna be a long night ...will Oz  survive? Only time...will tell.

The once insane marten Kakarauri  is clearly dead. What ever mission she had she failed,  lucky for the abbey..not lucky for the horde. The abbey is clearly on more high alert now, that much is serious true.

#2 Logs » Question the Squirrel-Fate Of Marek TP » 2018-09-10 11:29:45 AM

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===Well I had time so conencted my insane marten====


Kakarauri- Assassin, insane, archer....evil

Ironbark- Mossflower Defender archer/figher

Where/when/why: Vermin campsitre near Redwall Abbey, afternoon,..I dont know why she is evil? yeah that works:)


Kakarauri sat in front of the squirrel and drank her ale slowly and ate some bread, cheese and even some mixed greens, and of course wood pidgion but it was still food " are you slave?"

Ironbark snorted, he was wet from the rain and a little cold, his paws tied behind his back and sat in some mud.

Kakarauri smirks "I could just kill you but I am sure my Lord and Master Ormax wants some info first.Does the abbey have weakness? Also where is that stripe dog leader of your? You know leader of the Defenders that you wear the uniform of...I know the otter wasnt the true leader and he said how he the badger would be back and oh we would be so so where is he?"

Ironbark just looks away seems he is not saying a word.

Kakarauri sighs and then goes to slap him across the face.Not like he could move much and chuckles coldly"I know you speak woodlander,you spoke a lot to me a couple days ago...remember?"

Ironbark just opens his eyes after being slapped "I don't talk to slime bag vermin ya pest and your friends will pay fer killing Karth one way or another, in fact your all pay"

Kakarauri just laughs "And your slowly starve...ya know that? Stupid woodlander.I bet your friends be willing to save your life, you have friends in the abbey right, oh and some elsewhere right? Like those slaves you and the otter rescued with help and you also rescued the chieftain of Ferravale, not that it matters I think she is too broken to do much,  she supposely muttered insane things in her cell"

Ironbark shrugs "How should I know what one does or doesnt do and I will never tell where the now freed slaves are so stop asking and go saok ya head in that flooed ditch"

Kakarauri just screams and goes to slap him again, she chuckles "You know...a soak in the ditch be fun...or a drowning, maybe I can see if Ormaz will let me drown you, or maybe a little game how long can the squirrel hold its breath before it dies. Oh and tied up by the way."

Ironbark snorts, he is slapped and just glares at the marten. Seems he is not careing right now."Your insane..."

Kakarauri smirks "Well..thank you I am insane and proud. my Lord and Master Ormaz will get into the abbey, he wil kill everyone.The horde will help...the young, the old, anyone else...healers....maybe he will let the leaders be chained to a chair to watch..or maybe not, kill them frist and watch the panic happen"

Ironbark shaked his head and just sighs, he hasnt had food in a couple days...water yes thanks to rain, but the rain saoked one to the bone and he has no way to get dry.

Kakarauri watches him closely "You know a beast can only go so long without food and we can make sure you get no water if needed, oh there is ways...and the rain won't always be around, besides how much water can one get from rain anyways...enough?"

Ironbark frowns, he knows rainwater isn't much and he has only caught a little in his mouth, he knows she is right but tries to not show it.

Kakarauri chuckles "Your slowly grow weaker, then maybe your talk..hmmm? see my master has killed a couple badgers, not from this area....see he will likely kill your leader if he returns, maybe he was smart and left the area..hee hee....I myself plan to kill the old stripedog thats inside the abbey..blind fool got lucky with this" She shows her misshaped paw"So I plan to seek him out..and kill him....then kill anyone he protects."

Ironbark snorts "Like he would let ya lay a paw on anyone in his care"

Kakarauri listens "Oh so he cares for some one?" She grins "Who?"

Ironbark just looks away from her.

Kakarauri shrugs "No matter...I could care less, they can watch him die before I kill them as well, it will and enjoyable.Now you sit there and do have a bad day.."She chuckles and walks away from the squirrel...

#3 Re: RP Chat » Update On My Characters... » 2018-08-25 12:41:13 PM


While making a quick visit to Halyard she finds her thought dead mother, and another otter who was an old fisher beast from her HOLT ...they are alive. Its a happy reunion and she decides to live with her mother and the old fisher beast, of course that means she leaves the Mossflower Defenders but she keeps her new armor, it was a gift for her and made for her so she keeps it!

Yes she did tell Xander she is leaving(It was role played out in

After the role play Misu went back to her mother and her, the fisher beast and her mother lived in a nice home in the village. Misu stayed a fine archer and even in a few seasons after her mother died peacefully she stayed and got some sea otters together and made a sea side Holt that she became Skipper of till she died of old age.


Will die in the Final Fight of the TP and it will be a total surprise to her too but the insane marten will meet her end in a surprising way....your have to stay tuned(Even If I did get it role played out already, it happens ICLY during final fight of the TP   in the abbey …

And One still around, in the hands..paws?..of a friend:


Kenya= is a soon to be novice, a very soon to be novice in fact and wants to be a healer beast. She is still unsure that beast like her as she does cause and gets into trouble sometimes, heck she cause this like a couple days after she came to the abbey...


That is all, any logs my friend has of Kenya or the hare Jacenta (My friend's Healer LP Hare!) Will be seen logged on on her acct...well when she makes one tongue.

Anyways I miss miss the role play but Have to tend to other things and sadly the muck can't be one of them.

But no worries Kenya is still around and also look for Jacenta  the healer hare!

Warrior otter maid

#4 Logs » Fight!..In The Library?!-Redwall Log » 2018-08-25 11:56:11 AM

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Kenya- soon to be novice

Atvi- dibbun vole

Benar-Abbot of Redwall

Sinway-Fighter in Mossflower Defenders


==This log mentions some of Fate Of Marek but also some dibbun stuff...and a fight!===

Benar had keep his promise of a short visit to the camp out, ended up a longer visit as he feel asleep here in the soft chair, his glasses on the table beside him. Not many are here now, likely off to classes or breakfast.

Atvi sits at the foot of the chair and watches him, tilting his head and then yawns.

Kenya looks over, she was up here but sleep in a corner away from everyone and only just now is more in the open as she looks over and rolls her eyes "Leave him alone...your not supposed to bother beasts Atvi...your annoying"

Atvi turns to Kenya "You annoying...."He grins and stands slowly and gets something from his pocket and walks over to Kenya, its a worm and it goes on her head.

Kenya snorts and back to her book....that is till Atvi becomes annoying and she screams and then goes to tackle the vole"YOU!!!!!"

Benar jumps awake and blinks a few times before he reaches for his glasses "What in the seasons is going on?" He adjusts his glasses and looks at the two dibbuns.

Atvi eeeeks as he is tackled and goes to try and kick Kenya and looks over at the abbot"She started her fault she a meanie!!"

Kenya glares and as a kick connects she looks ready to punch Atvi.

Benar sighs and is still tried as he stands and clears his voice "ENOUGH!"

Atvi whimpers and scoots away from the otter,he then starts to bite her ear when Benar shouts and he quickly lets go and blinks...oh no the abbot just....yelled.

Kenya swats at the vole and looks very annoyed and, she takes one look at Benar and frowns.

Benar folds his arms over his chest and looks right at the two dibbuns and he is not happy either"Explain to me..right now the meaning of this."

Atvi frowns as he looks at the floor, he isn't sure what to say..."I..don't know...."

Kenya says, "He put a worm on my head...I told him to leave you alone and so he goes to annoy me...and he tried to bite me, you saw him""

Benar takes a deep breath "Then you tell someone you do not..start a fight."

Atvi giggles about the worm and then goes to push the otter away...ok where is the worm anyways, oh well...wait as he goes to punch Kenya the arm, "You losts mr. worm"

Kenya folds her arms over her chest and then that punch, it's time to tackle the vole again, yeah she is just a little grumpy this morning.

Benar glares and stomps his foot"STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!" Yeah now he is angry and he goes to separate them and points to a chair to sit down, making sure they don't sit beside one another"Sit..down"

Sinway heard the commotion coming from the library the otter steps through the door just as Benar starts yelling again "Wot be all this yellin' about Benar, tis not like ye to raise yer voice." He then sees Kenya and Atvi and sighs

Atvi still tries to slap at Kenya and then sits down in a chair, he hmmphs and then looks at the floor, picking up the worm..and pocketing it.

Kenya sits in her own chair and pouts as she leans back.

Benar hears Sinway but his focus is on Kenya and Atvi" Why?"He sighs, its not been the best week...a deep breath and he speaks " You two are going to help Friar Lacota peel potatoes, and your going to help wash dishes for the next week is the understood"

Atvi frowns, he doesn't want to do dishes and surely not a week, he mutters a..."Okie.." He will sit here quietly till dismissed and able to leave the room.

Sinway can guess what happen just by looking at the which two dibbuns have gotten in trouble he watches as the vole gets up and leaves stepping out of Atvi way and heading over to Kenya

Kenya keeps her arms folded and looks away "Fine...but he started it..."She sighs no she wont argue with the abbot.."Ok...sorry"

Benar sighs as he sits back down in his chair, finally "I don't care who started fighting in the abbey, and yes you two were fighting." He looks at Sinway "The past few days have been...quit annoying"

Sinway frowns looking down at Kenya picking her up sitting down on the chair and sitting her on his lap "The abbot be right Kenya, what ever Atvi did ye shouldn' be fightin'." His voice is gentle and caring he then looks over to Benar "Aside from Patch and our guest in the infirmity has anything else happen."

Kenya frowns as she just looks at the floor,"No one...likes me...keep saying it ...cause true....I sorry ..."She then is quiet for now.

Benar says, "The cat is in the old office, the door has two guards and no one can go in unless with a guard...she has sadly proven to be too dangerous to just stay in the infirm, a healer can see her in that old office." He looks at Kenya and back to Sinway " I came up here last night as promised the dibbuns a story then seems I fell asleep up here and woken up to ...Kenya and Atvi fighting""

Sinway shakes his head hugging Kenya close "That ain't true lass, plenty beasts like ye, even the abbot likes ye.......just because he isn't happy with ye right now doesn't mean he don't like ye." He then turns back to Benar nodding "Was not made aware she been moved."

Kenya sniffs and is crying and maybe even about to fall asleep even, or least just fairly quiet.

Benar sighs as he looks over at Kenya, he answers Sinway first "She..attempted to attacked me..Karth knocked her out and I had her moved." He speaks quietly and takes off his glasses to clean them before placing them back on and yawns, still tried.

Benar speaks after a quiet moment " I dislike having out punishments, I will have to let Oz know about Kenya and Atvi but the dish washing and helping with peeling potatoes stays, for both of them"

Sinway keeps hugging Kenya trying to stay calm when he is told the cat tried to attack his friend he instead focuses on the second thing the abbot said "Ye might need to have a little talk with Atvi, this ain't be the first time he has picked on Kenya......and I agree on the punishment, though Atvi started it, tis still wrong to fight." He hugs Kenya again "Especially of one who hopes to join the order no more fightin' ok Kenya?"

Kenya sniffs and nods "Ok....but Atvi still mean." She wipes her eyes looks at Benar "I..I am sorry...I still wanna be a novice..I do. I know says not fight..only..only if life in danger or...last resort."

Benar nods "That is right Kenya....and you are forgiven but the punishment stays as you and Atvi both fought, you both wanted to hurt each other."

Sinway pats her head a few times "Then it be settled." He looks over to Benar "Have we gotten any info from Patch......if he hasn't talked I would like ye to let me handle him.....he seems to like me fer some reason."

Kenya sniffs,"I..remember all of charter, and study it a lot and reading books on herbs and...and want to maybe be a healer one day if allowed"

Benar smiles a little "Maybe you can recite it to me....later and perhaps we can think of getting you some novice robes BUT...I will decide that after a week...alright, you are dismissed"

Kenya blinks and smiles "Really?" She slips off Sinway's lap and then nods as she walks out quietly, in a little better mood at least.

Sinway watches as she walks out turning to Benar "I'm sorry about Kenya....with all that has happen I haven't been able to spend time with her.....she still hurtin'."

Benar nods "I know...its been a while since she has gotten into trouble, only one other time she got into enough trouble to have me have to lecture her...this being I believe right before you came for Patch is it wise for you to speak to him?"

Sinway thinks for a second and nods "He seems to like me, and I be one of the only beast nice to him.....I'm sure I can get him to talk with out to much trouble, and I'm smart enough to not let slip any info we don't want him to know."

Benar nods " careful I do not totally trust Patch and I rather he not be in the abbey but I will also not turn a beast away unless they do something to break a rule or prove to be dangerous"He frowns "Such as, under guard right now I surely dislike her in the abbey a lot more than Patch"

Sinway nods "Like I said, Patch likes me, better to have me keepin' a eye on him rather then someone he doesn't like, as fer the cat.....we need to get that info about where the slaves are.....I don't like her here at all but then I also don't like her out wondering the woods either."

Benar says, "She was injured that part was true..she spoke of a warning but didn't say what"

Sinway nods and gets up "I do hope Xander and the group made it safe and sound and are bringing help back......with the hawks attacking and are new guest.....I'm getting an uneasy feelin' friend."

Benar sighs "I hope he returns soon as well we have no way of knowing if he even made it to the western shore some news would be very good"He yawns and leans back in his chair "I may just take a still bit tried..."The abbot likely will fall asleep with his glasses on.

Sinway nods walking to the door chuckling at as his friend passes out in the chair "Well can't have that." So with that the otter picks up Benar and takes him to his room informing all novices he passes that the abbot needs sleep and even has a guard posted at his room door to make sure his friend gets his much needed rest

#5 Logs » I Am Not Going Back-Fate Of Marek TP » 2018-08-23 11:03:25 AM

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Misu- Former Archer in Mossflower Defenders

Ewan-LP Hare

Xander- Leader of Mossflower Defenders

Hawkeye-Old otter

Bo- Old Cook from Misus Holt

NPC Ottermaid- Misu's mother


Early moring maybe on the western shore


Misu was usually not one to be late. She also was usually not one Ok something was up. She still has her longbow and arrows, a sling and pouch of stones. She decided to keep the armor, its awesome and cool and a badger made it ok...she keeps closed.

Xander is doing some sword drills and then stops when he sees Misu and walks over "Where have you been..."Ok the smile creeps him out a little, he knows she never smiles as he takes a couple steps back. "Misu? You ok..something happen I should know of..."He waves a paw "Never mind we have to finish getting ready to go, we are leaving as soon as Lord Ciocan is ready with his hares."

Ewan just watches as he fiddles with his saber, he has become a bit better with the saber at least "I am ready...I think anyways. I am going too"

Hawkeye has limped down and out, yep that didn't take long at all "So..heading back to your home. Again good luck with that kid." He sits down and sighs at his bandaged leg.

Misu starts to speak to Xander and then turns to see the old otter "Shouldn't you be in bed or something" And back to momotone voice, then she glaces at the badger"You and the others finish getting ready then I was just letting you know I am gonna be in Halyard."

Xander frowns"You don't have time Misu we could leave soon and I rather not have to wait."He sighs "Sorry just..nervous and"And Hawkeye makes it worse as he walks over to the old otter "Why are you out of the infirm, you said you would stay"

Ewan frowns at Hawkeye "You are wounded..your not going with the group to Mossflower are you, that be a long long walk and..walking is not good for you"

Hawkeye shrugs "I hate I left. I will be fine."He smiles "I am proud of ya ..Xander, your all grow up and turned out good and ya look like a right great fighter"He nods to the hare "No not going with em'...maybe if I were younger I would, naaa..this old otter is staying in Halyard and there is a healer thar..that I know, and tis not all crowed with like hundreds of hares..."

Misu speaks before anyone can say much "I can get him back to Halyard."She holds something out to Xander"I am not going back to Mossflower sir..I am staying here."

Xander is not sure weather to be in shock, argue or what .He blinks and asks"Why?" Not really directed at any one beast.

Ewan just looks at the ground, and then looks around "So....maybe his lordship is like..talking with the others or wot ever needs done before all leave" Yeah maybe Ewan should be there, all well.

Hawkeye shakes his head "I don't need....ok fine some help be nice lass thank ya, but I agree with Xander, why are you staying?" He then decides just in case was directed at him "And de reason I am not staying here is...just too many, I like ta just have a short group of friends and as I said...healers be in Halyard too and one I have know for a long while..nice old vole maid, bit grumpy and seems to hate all around her but I get along with her"

Misu speaks "My mother is there....and another otter from my Holt."She never really said much of her past just she rather not but she is now "The survived when the monitors attacked and destroyed my Holt....they live here..I..I want to stay and I can help Hawkeye back to town, make sure he gets there safe sir" A small she is happy, that's like..rare.

Ewan smiles "Reuoins are nice. I say you let her stay and its family right?"

Hawkeye smiles softly "Yes...reuoins be nice and family is important"He nods "Thanks for the help back lass, normally say no ta help but..tis needed sometimes" He looks to his bandage leg, "For sure needed, getting too old for stuff like this and that ambush yesterday proved that time to serious retire..not go to that Rusty Dagger..maybe the nicer tavern, much better part of the village too, most likely nicer food"

Misu says, "I would avoid a place called Rusty Dagger also..the Halyard Tavern is much better and seems the Long Patrol hares love it..and no one fights there.....usually""

Xander finally stands up and after a deep breath he speaks "Alright Misu. Just try to stay out of trouble I want to be able to say your fine and not be unknowing lying"

Hawkeye chuckles "Rusty Dagger is a rather bad name choice lass I agree" He limps a little ways over to the sand and tenses up in pain, "Stupid leg..could of been worse suppose could be limping around the dark forest after all"

Misu nods "Yes sir" She says quietly, even though she doesn't need to call him sir anymore its habit. She glaces at the old otter "Ready to help you to Halyard when ever your ready"

Ewan says, "So....we leaving soon too or...waiting and how far of a march..well walk, yeah march is it to Redwall?"

Hawkeye nods "I be ready now lass no since in sitting or standing around and besides this area is about ta get super crowed and rather not be here then"

Xander nods, he then goes over to the old otter and gently hugs him"Stay safe ok Hawkeye. Maybe we can send messages to each other somehow..." He nods to Misu" too Misu. And I am glad your mom is alive and who ever else survived that attack on your holt. You will be missed....both of you"

Misu is one, she is not a hugger so do not try unless you want punched. She just nods and will head to the village, and yes make sure Hawkeye gets there ok as well.

Hawkeye smiles returning the hug "You stay safe too kid" He then goes with Misu.

Misu walks along with the old otter and keeps a look out for trouble, she then speaks “Your like a hermit...arnt you?”

Hawkeye blinks and smiles “A bit lass aye....I don't think I would of handled it well with who knows how many hares on that beach soon, and the badger lord and your friends...they likely safe in that march as only a darn fool would mess with them”

Misu nods “Xander is a good leader he will be fine. He fights well and has a lot of help to save the abbey and Mossflower”

Hawkeye nods “He will be fine ya right lass”

They walk a little ways more and soon they are at the tavern.

Misu makes sure the old otter is ok before she leaves, goes to a small hut and knocks, soon an old otter maid answers and Misu hugs her tightly “Mother..I am staying” She is surely hugged back...well hugging her mother is different....Another otter nods a hello...Misu does remember him as being Old Bo the cook. She later finds out Bo and her mother are soon to wed, all is well and it seems this otter maid has a happy ending, one she didn't ever think she would have.

#6 RP Chat » Update On My Characters... » 2018-08-23 09:31:15 AM

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My archer otter maid who acts like Wendy Adams sometimes smile....anyways..she has decided to stay on the western shore and live in Halyard, because she likes the ocean and was born there, she found her aging mother she thought died in an attack on her Holt. In her back story her Holt was attacked when she was in her late teen seasons and so she been alone for like a few seasons thinking herself the lone survive of the attack. Monitors attacked so it's why sh hates them so much and fears them, the monitors killed and then left and the only reason she survived is she was trapped in a cellar with a house collapsed on top of it, she was found later by a group of Long Patrol hares who came upon the village and heard her crying. They even took her in for a couple seasons and one had started to teach her how to use a longbow and she learned rather quickly and practiced a lot and even after the hares left she practiced and made her way to Mossflower...well she recently was in Halyard at the tavern and...found her mother there, her mother was badly hurt but survived and helped by another otter of the clan who survived and they decided to leave Mossflower and go live by the sea, they are sea otters after all and they even fell in love and live in Halyard...Misu found her mother, happy reunion and decided she would stay in Halyard so of course she has to tell her leader she is leaving Mossflower Defenders but once she does she will wish the Mossflower Defenders luck in their fight against the horde and she will take care of her mother and her soon to be stepfather.

Kakarauri :

Well...the insane marten....yeah my plans for her is she dies but I am not saying who finally kills her your all find out in the final fight of the TP tongue


Sighs............I am not sure what to do with Kenya, I mean she is starting to be happy now and adopted by Sinway so she has a family now...A  friend seems  willing to play her as my friend has made a hare as she loves, same as me, the Redwall books and she loves the Long Patrol but may also be wiling to play Kenya. My idea is she may run away and need found but she wont run off and get like serious hurt or captured, she will just run away and get lost in the woods...maybe sprang an ankle or something...but a role play can happen where she is found, now the running away would be AFTER THE TP..or least after that final fight as there will be some wrap ups of events like a feast, healing and recovering  and cleaning up..repairs...etc...

Well that's all my characters so....why the plans, well...I am going to have to leave the muck, guess I spend too much time on it and need to spend time  on more important things in life...Soooooooooo....yeah but at least Misu isn't dying like I thought of doing. Kenya is going to stay at the abbey ICLY...the only one dying is my evil marten.

I will miss the muck, as for some other things...I may be on here once or twice but I did talk someone into going ahead with the role play with my evil marten, to be posted  later as ICLY  it happens during the final TP fight. Of course the ending...changed just slightly..maybe...that will depend as it involves Kenya who will witness the fight and blame herself for the results and she may way run away after a ferret is taken care of, so that will open up some  role play to look for her....but as I said my friend seems willing to take over playing her.  Not sure my friend will make an acct or not...

Well that's all ladies and gentlemen



#7 Logs » The Past Can Find One At Odd Times-Fate Of Marek TP? » 2018-08-19 08:06:47 PM

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Misu-Archer in Mossflower Defenders

Xander- Leader of Mossflower Defenders

Zolomon-Archer in Mossflower Defenders

Ewan-LP Fighter Hare

Ximena- Healer in Mossflower Defenders

Hawkeye-Really old Otter

Crimson-slaver fox-spoofed

A haremaid, couple dibbun hares, dibbun seal, teeage otter, assorted village and tavern beasts in Halyard- spoofed beasts


Misu basically demanded they go for  a walk, anything to get out of that stone walled place and into some fresh air, lucky a little sunshine.

Xander looked around “I am not sure where we can go, we do have all day today it seems”

Ewan volunteered to go with them, as had another Long Patrol hare named Keno, a higher rank than Ewan for sure and rolled his eyes “Halyard is interesting....good food at the tavern wot”

Zolomon adjusted his longbow and walked along the beach and just nodded “Any where be fine chaps, right Xandy?”

Ximena was interested in the village herself “Id it like Ferravale. Or not so like Ferravale. I have always wanted to see a port city of some sort”

Misu shrugged “Halyard maybe,  lot better than all this sand, sand is annoying and it gets everywhere”

Xander sighed “I wish Rupert didn't stay behind but that's fine, he needed to maybe do something”

Zolomon chuckles “He liked likes the blooming library that place is huge most likely his dream come true”

Ewan smiles “The..village of Halyard is ok sometimes...lets go”

Once they are led to it, Keno looks bored “I will be else where Ewan, have a good day” And before the private can say a word, the older and higher rank hare is gone to who knows where, yes the hare hates his job and seems to find Ewan annoying.

Ximena frowns “Is it good to have one of those..officer hares not be with us?”

Misu watches the other hare leave and looks at Ewan “ what and it seems he hates you”Yes just say how it seems right away

Xander sighs as he looks around “I..dislike Halyard, it has bad memories for me here and rather not stay too long to be honest”

About that time a hare maid comes rushing along, she sees the group and quickens her pace “Help me..please she is just a dibbun, me and her got separated when some drunk rats were causing trouble...please help me find her, please”

Ximena blinks and frowns “A dibbun is missing, that's bad”

Misu listens and looks to Xander on what to do, he is the leader after all.

Ewan frowns “A missing dibbun I could report it to some hares...oh yeah no clue which way Keno went...not good. Umm...maybe we could...just look around right?”

The hare maid frowns “Please I am worried, her name is Snowdrop...please. I am...not of the Long Patrol, my husband was but he...died on a mission to stop some toads causing trouble and I decided to just stay here in the village, least some areas are hare friendly”

Xander nods “Then we fins the dibbun and you could ask the badger lord on staying at the mountain as just a resident maybe, or maybe there is some sort of job you could do that's non fighting...healer? Maybe cook even”

Zolomon smiles “So we have a mission like the wee dibbun or not so wee dibbun? And then enjoy de day right?”

Misu shrugs “I suppose enjoy the day but the longer we stand around and yap the shorter of a day there will be to enjoy”

Ximena nods “i do agree with Misu but...oh the poor dibbun is likely scared. Where do we looks for her?”

The hare maid answers “We were by the main tavern and I...thought I saw her this way, she likes to go to this little tide pool and look at the tiny fish and that's close to the boat dock”

Ewan sighs and nods, time to be serious and show he is a long patrol hare “Jolly which way?”

Xander leads the way glaceing around and even asking a couple beasts if they have seen a young hare or not, one reply he seems to dislike as he frowns but thanks the fox for the info before going to the group “Someone thought they seen a young dibbun hare being carried by someone...and its not far from here in...”He frowns, the name he seems to know too well”The Rusty....Dagger...its umm.....this way” He walks slowly but seems to know where he is going and seems to dislike it at the same time.

Zolomon ears droop as he follows “Xandy...ya ok, ya seem worried, wot did that fox chap say ta ya?”

Misu just follows “So a dibbun kidnapped then, should we get other help?”

Ximena frowns, she follows though she seems to think it a bad idea.

Ewan slowly follows “ not a good part of Halyard, maybe we should get backup..get Lord Ciocan..find Keno..just report this?”

The hare maid is nervous but has followed “Where is my daughter? Is she this a slaver, is she even alive?!”

Xander frowns as they come to a run down sort of tavern...more like a shack ready to fall over if the wind blew too hard and it looks worse than it did  some seasons ago”Miss...stay out here with Private . Ewan....everyone else please follow me and to answer your question...yes the beast that has her is..dangerous but we will do what we can to get her back to you, you stay here,,,ok?”

Zolomon nods “Right behind ya Xandy....errrr..maybe Ximena should stay as well?”

Ximena nods quickly, “Yes it looks..a bit too scary, if a healer is needed I can come in...other wise”

Misu nods “Stay here yes..any injuries can....hopefully be brought to you, lets hope no one is injured....or worse”

The hare maid is crying and just nods as she looks at Ewan and frowns.

Ewan gulps and nods “Yes sur...I will stay and protect the hare maid and hamster maid..though if trouble seems to come I will haf ta try and blooming well find backup..sound good?”

Xander takes a deep breath and walks inside....

Inside the Rusty Dagger is quit interesting....tables for gambling, a bar for drinks and...a large fenced in sand pit for fighting where a bright red fox watches a couple beasts fight, a ferret and an otter and...the otter loses and the red fox smirks. Beside the bright red fox is the hare dibbun, as well as another hare dibbun, an otter dibbun and a teenager seal not looking too well at all.

Zolomon walks in and frowns at the  noise, it's certainly more, a lot more loud than Ferravale tavern ever so, he frowns “Nice....look....” Yeah he hates it.

Misu follows and glaces around “Simple verminous look...whats new, this place looks like a strong storm could knock it down”

Xander just watches the fox and then snorts as he speaks “Release the dibbuns”His voice cold, dangerous tone to it.

Crimson slowly turns and studies the badger and then smirks “Well well well...Jedrick's little pet is back in town, did Jedrick miss me? And who are you ta tell me what ta do stripedog”He grins at him”Ya grown taller de new look too...”He looks over his shoulders and back to him”Friends? Sidekicks...maybe fellow pets of Jedrick?”

Zolomon frowns and glares at the fox “It I were you chap I would shut up'

Misu blinks slightly and just watches and listens, and then “Who is Jedrick?”

Xander makes a fist and snarls “I am no one's pet and update..Jedrick is dead and feeding the worms. Now release the dibbuns and we can just forget this meeting even happen”

Crimson chuckles “Jedrick died huh...well, such a pity and release them....sorry no can do, they are mine ya see.”He smirks “Oh course..there is always..”He looks at the fighting pit and grins.

Zolomon lays a paw on Xander's shoulder “Calm down Xandy...this fox is just a jerk, no need to fight him...I can bury an arrow in his chest”

Misu nods “I 2nd will be enjoyable to see the slaver scum breath his last”

Xander snorts, the fighting pit he knows it all to well”I don't want to fight you but I  WILL if I have to....Zolomon..Misu just back off, please it's not that simple to just fire an arrow at him.”

Crimson grins “Listen to your stripedog friend, he has a point and why wont you fight me are you a coward..scared of me, you were when you were a runt, when you were Jedrick's little stripedog pet..little worthless pet..see its simple..winner gets the dibbuns, loser....well...dies” He grins”And no help or the dibbuns die a rather horrible death”He snaps his fingers and a group of ferrets have cross bolts aimed at the dibbuns, oh and one aimed at Misu and Zolomon too.”Decisions... decisions”

Xander narrows his eyes. He is unsure of this but he knows how this fox can be and how he treated him before.”Pick your weapon then..Crimson” Cold voice, danger in this voice.

Zolomon frowns “Xandy.....”He sounds worried, ok this may end badly.

Misu just glares at the beast who aims at her, One of those uneasy sort of may wet yourself even.

Crimson smirks and jumps into the sand pit”Blade to blade....”

The bow beasts just remain calm, the dibbuns cry...though the one bow beast aiming at the otter maid does get a little...nervous but manages to keep the bow on her, for now.

Xander jumps into the pit and nods, He decides to not give the fox a chance and starts to fight with a quick swing to the fox's chest.

Crimson backs off, blocks the blade and grins as he fakes to the left, and a quick jab to the right. Also going to try and trip the badger.

Zolomon watches and stays where he is, he glaces at Misu.

Misu snorts “This is annoying.” She says calmly.

Xander jumps backwards and barely avoids the sweep of the foot paw, the blade cuts his tunic but not him as he snarls and barely controls his anger as he studies the fox and then goes to slam him into the side of the pit.

Crimson is a little surprised and laughs “YOU IMPROOVED STRIPDOG!!!” Oh yes this should be fun.

Zolomon watches, frowns a couple times and there is just something about a crossbow being pointed at your head that just makes one a little uneasy.

Misu meanwhile has managed to make her bow beast whimper and look at the ground, Misu just smirks at this.

Xander meanwhile does get a cut to his forearm, not a deep one and goes to trip the fox, and slice at his back, or chest what ever is closer.

Crimson gasps, he growls as the tip of his ear is sliced off and he almost goes to his back. He goes to kick at the badger!Rather hard!

Xander snorts and sidesteps elbowing the fox in the jaw, and a quick slice to the fox's side..watched for any wrong moves or tricks

Crimson growls as a line of red pours down his side and he falls backwards as the badger elbows him hitting his chin and neck a little, he coughs up blood and screams as he jumps at the badger stabbing forwards

Zolomon frowns and glaces at Misu..gee why doesn't the bow beast on him just...leave already.

Misu keeps an eye on things.

Xander is knocked sideways and rolls out of the way just barely in time as the blade slams into the sand, he takes a deep breath and slices at the fox's throat!

Crimson blocks most of the blade with his sword paw and his eyes widen as his paw is sliced off and the blade sinks into his shoulder blade as he howls in pain and drops to his win.”

The bow beasts look shocked, wait the boss..lost?

Xander pants as he drops to his own knees and takes a few deep breaths as this fight was a bit..hard and intense.

Zolomon smiles “Ya Xandy!”

Misu just stays calm, she keeps an eye on the fox as she speaks “We leave now right? Zolomon...get the dibbuns.....we should leave”

Crimson is still bleeding when he watches the badger and just flattens his ears and growls as he goes to get the blade with his other paw and goes to quickly stab the badger while it's down!

That is until a dagger sinks into his back in just the right spot to finish the fox off.

Crimson slumps forwards..dead......

Zolomon gasps and starts to warn Xander and then blinks, he quickly goes to get the dibbuns before anything else happens

The bow beast drop the crossbows and are...they are gone! They run out of here quick.

Xander tenses up a little when he turns around and scans the room as he grips his blade, he is still sore and his arm bleeds a little from a wound, and a couple cuts to his chin.

Misu looks around quickly, friend..foe...whats happening?

Out of the crowd comes an old looking sea otter with an eye patch, vermin part for him as he walks over to the other woodlanders “Come on now...we leave this place always did hate it...maybe someone better can take over seeing as Crimson is gone”And most seem glad of it.

Xander allows the help and looks at the sea otter...”Hawkeye?” He limps slightly as he did hurt his ankle a little but he should recover soon after a little rest.

Misu follows them out “Never go in there again...or I will hate you both”

Zolomon makes sure the dibbuns get out safe and looks at Xander “You ok Xandy?”

Xander nods slowly and sighs.

The hare gasps and her dibbun rushes to her quickly, the other sort of stays by Zolomon and frowns. The teen otter and seal looks unsure what to do. The hare and her dibbun look to Xander “Thank you, thank you so very much” And the hare and her daughter are gone leaving 3 dibbuns..another hare dibbun, smaller and a male....a female seal and a male teen otter.

Ewan  smiles as they come out, then frowns a little “ Wot all happen...did something bad happen...someone die?

Misu answers “The vermin scum died and his friends ran away like  scared dibbuns....”

Hawkeye studies Xander and shakes his head “I would say fighting Crimson was being a fool, but you won....but as you can see he tried to take you down with him.” He looks to the dibbuns, the teen otter he seems to know “Home Toby...”And the otter  walks away, the seal and hare dibbuns he is unsure “Orphans...thanks to Crimson....” He then adds “Good to see you again Xander, on better terms seems...or is Jedrick...”

Zolomon smiles “Welcome “ He calls out to the hare maid and looks at the seal and hare left” one ta care for ya..anywhere?”

Ewan just stays still, “Keno never did...come back...and then this happens...”He adds

Ximena is still here, just quiet "Am..I needed" She will do what is needed and head back with them whne they are ready.

Misu hmmms”The seal may have a clan somewhere and seals need water...I can take her” And she does, she will manage to find the clan that has missed the seal pup for 2 weeks, the reunion is good and then Misu goes to make a campfire on the beach, yes she is sleeping on the beach so what, she will be safe tonight.

Xander sighs, he will have to have a long talk with Misu soon as he looks to Hawkeye”Jedrick..died, I been free of him. I came back to this area as my home is under attack by a horde and we are seeking Lord Ciocan and his hare's help on the matter.”He smiles “It is good to see you again Hawkeye and to know your still around.”

Hawkeye rolls his eyes “I am old doesn't mean I am a pushover, still good aim with throwing daggers and fairly good with paw to paw still, most leave this old fool alone”He chuckles and goes to hug the badger”We need to catch you grew up on me kid” He can get away with kid he is freaking old here.

Zolomon walks over carrying a sleeping hare dibbun “Seems we have company for the mountain....and he knows ya too?”

Ewan just sighs, “We should...head back...what about the otter maid?”

Xander returns the hug and nods “Yes want to see inside Salamandastron Hawkeye?” He smiles. He nods to Ewan..”Yes please make sure she is ok, she may get moody but I want to make sure  she is ok”

Hawkeye smirks “Why not...led the way and we can catch up over dinner maybe?”

Zolomon just follows curious now, but he wont ask his friend details....

Xander nods and leads the way , he smiles at Zolomon”Yes I know the otter, he...was a good friend and likely a reason I didn't die a long time ago, a reason I didn't fall into deep depression....or worse.”He sighs “And Crimson was a beast I sadly seen all the time...when Jedrick would make me fight in those fighting pits....we can talk more later I am hungry and thirsty, and serious need a nap.

Ewan makes it to the campfire and sits down, he nods to the otter maid “, it's not good to..stay outside...alone”

Misu is at the campfire when they come past, she lets them know she will stay out here, and fine Ewan can stay too.....hope every beast is happy.” get first watch then”She  she sleeps, hey the hare volunteered so he gets first watch, his own fault not her's.

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Cool though Misu is with the Badger Mt. group so she wont be there

My dibbun soon novice is not gonna fight cause...duhhhhh

And no one else really to help...well good side anyways tongue I do have an insane marten but she may be elsewhere so they are lucky

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This log happens after this one...


Misu-Archer in Mossflower Defenders

Crevan- Fox dibbun

Couple hare spoofs..

Where: Right after getting to Westrn Shore and afternoonish time

Misu was not one for close in places, stone and like no windows they were insane so she was on the bench looking at the sea gulls....yeah watch sea gulls eat a dead monitor what fun...this is Misu for you.

Crevan is walking along the beach coming from the direction of halyard the little fox walking around slowly looking in all directions, his eyes pointed one way while his ears focus on another direction, it was then he saw the sea otter, running up to her the little fox speaks "Bad beasties be on the beach, big bad it safe here?"

Misu looks at the fox and speaks "The lizard was killed by an arrow.....interestingly enough"Her voice is monotone "And there is better air out here, and not a lot of...gray stone...the badger Lord is insane to like" Well that's her thoughts of the day "I saw no windows or...very little" Ok there is likely some windows somewhere...right?

Crevan ears perk up hoping almost bouncing up and down "Crevan not have to worry.......Crevan can play on beach all day now." He looks up at the mountain and smiles "Crevan thinks the mountain is interesting.........but Crevan not allowed in, no matter how nicely Crevan ask the hares."

Misu shrugs "My friends are in there...suppose I will have to go back in soon as well....or sleep out here somewhere" She is serious about that too, closed in stone halls....not her cup of tea.

Crevan nods looking up at the mountain again "Crevan jealous, maybe if Crevan wasn't a fox they let me in." He looks over to Misu "What's your name?" He asks sitting down in front of you and smiling his fluffy tail wagging behind him "My name is Crevan" As if that wasn't obvious as if the fox doesn't realize he addresses him self in the third person each time he speaks, or maybe he just likes saying his name

Misu nods "Misu.."Simple and leaves it at that."I live in Mossflower...hopefully Mossflower is still there by the time we get back"

Crevan tilts his head "Because bad beast are doin' bad things in mossflower?"

Misu nods "Yeah...enslaving and stuff.....they even tried to kill my friend, they failed."

Crevan shakes his head "It's because of bad vermin like that, that Crevan is always looked at funny by good beast isn't it?"

Misu says, "Your a dibbun.....dibbuns are not usually..evil, and not all vermin species are evil, some are good...its rare though"He grows quiet and hugs her knees to her chest quietly."

Crevan steps a little closer looking up at you frowning again "Are you sad?" He asks getting maybe a little to close "Crevan don't trust other vermin like Crevan, vermin took Crevan's family away.........Crevan only trust a few vermin in halyard that feed Crevan"

Misu quietly replies "Miss someone is all....not that they miss me most likely...then what ever." She stands and dusts off sand"I have no family either."

Crevan asks, "Why wont they miss you?" He moves to sit on the bench next to you scooting close by "I'm sure they miss you, if you miss them then they must miss you." Well that's dibbun logic for you.

Misu says, "I don't know they are..they are just them, not a thing for a child to worry on..they are a loner . then I am sort of too""

Crevan nods going quiet for a few minutes before speaking again "What mossflower like........before the bad beast it a nice place?"

Misu looks back and forth and smiles a small little smile "Tis...nice and the river is nice, one can run through the woodlands...and there is friends...maybe a close friend but still nice to think on...I do hope a close friend, well he is an ally and fellow alright, he is a bit...trigger happy around bad beasts"

Crevan nods standing up "It was nice meeting you Misu" He starts to walk away but then stops turning back to you "Can Crevan come back to mossflower with you?"

Misu blinks and shrugs "I..don't know we will likely have a bunch of hares with us..who may or may not want a cub around and if you did you would have to...stay somewhere safe when we got to Mossflower cause...bad stuff is there and who knows how bad now"

Crevan shakes his head "But the long patrol Crevan has met has always been nice to Crevan, just wont let him in the mountain." He frowns a little "Crevan doesn't want to be here, Crevan wants a home." With that he turns and runs off towards halyard

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He could be so fat any invaders just like...yeah he isn't a threat. Maybe they make him some attraction even come see the fat fat fox, guess his weight and win gold coins!

#12 Re: RP Chat » IC Rules and OOC Rules: what should we do about them? » 2018-08-09 07:58:31 AM

My marten is insane and evil...
But I don't think people should change how a character acts and who says the vermin on here that good are 100% good...they just tip more towards good than others. ANd vermin can still maybe respect the abbey beats somewhat....not that my marten does tongue

Also as for also dont want to  have say A TP where 7...rescue cause such and such was gotten....mskr for s boring TP and a lot would not be able to really get into it

I think travel times are fine..3 weeks for western shore from redwall sounds right

I think its like 1/3 a day icly to ferravale from Redwall idea but seems they fixed that by saying the willowbark beasts are on way to mossflower and they can run into who ever looks for them

Other places like snowy north and ruingate....yeah fairly far and a lot longer than 3 weeks one way for them.

As for whats around/not around...maybe it has advnced a little, just a little as this is supposed to be some long seasons after the books I believe...could be wrong. But yeah no like big things like cannons..or shots ect....healers used herbs:).

Well, thats all....but will add lets just have fun, be friends and enjoy role play as I think the role play is very good.....we do need some evilish beasts around and I think the black rose will stay in the background after this latest TP just not be NEARLY as bad as before, then again they did join up with The Shadow, and couple other vermin groups and few odds and ends vermin.....

Also adding we need more voles, maybe some birds like...oh....sparrows!!!! "Makeum sparrows you wormbeasts!!"

#13 Re: RP Chat » Outline for Fate of Marek TP (Subject to Change if Necessary) » 2018-08-09 07:45:08 AM

On the subject of how they get in...the horde in the abbey. Grapping hooks on the wall and kill some NPC on the walls and then they just open the gates and...well go in but most  refugees and abbey beasts  ect. are inside and so have time to get somewhere safe and let others fight.

Another idea they free a slave , for the sole purpose of getting into the abbey and then...opening like a side door for them maybe?Why would a slave listen? Why the horde threatens the family of course

My insane Marten is sneaking in by letting a raven pick a lock on the side maybe, or thats the she needs to end up by the orchards and then a little later further inside.

I don't think the gates need messed up again, no need for that...this could happen very early in the morning maybe when wall guards are changeling shifts...or the fact cause of a siege they are just so tried they miss a couple climbing ropes......hmmmms....horde makes a tunnel, like in the Redwall book...what they could have a couple moles they have as slaves and told them do this and we will free you..course free means death...I think I may of found my insane martens way into the abbey! I like the idea of moles being forced to make a tunnel and then killed and the horde just comes in and while beasts are distracted other  horde beasts use the climbing ropes to get into the abbey so a little of both!

#14 Logs » Staying In The Treehouse » 2018-08-08 07:24:51 PM

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Kenya- almost a novice

Sinway- Fighter in Mossflower Defenders

Where and when:

Tree house in Redwall Orchards and past dinner time...


Kenya is here, she been either sleeping or stareing at the wall or telling beasts to go away.

Sinway sighs making his way up to the tree house and poking his head in seeing if Kenya is still up here, and yup sure enough she is "Hello Kenya" He greets the otter has a sac holding it with his mouth in it is some bred cheese. he some how made it up the ladder with one paw, his other paw holds to mugs of strawberry cordial sits down close to Kenya and undoes the bag revealing the food "Evening lass." He greets keeping his tone neutral for now

Kenya stays where she is but does turn around to look at him and it looks like she has been crying.
Sinway offers a friendly and warm smile, his strong and warm eyes looking at her "Come on Kenya, lass ye got to eat somethin'" He breaks apart a piece of each, just a mouthful for the little otter lass and offers it

Kenya frowns, she last ate before dinner yesterday "Not..hungey..."She says quietly and rubs her eyes, which are a little sore right now. She sits up and folds her paws in her lap
Sinway shakes his head taking the two bites and eating them chewing slowly before talking again "That can't be true little one, I heard ye haven't eaten since yesterday, a full day ago." He doesn't move closer not yet, he just breaks off another piece of cheese and bread placing them on the ground in front of her before taking a sip of his strawberry cordial "Do ye want to tell me why ye be up here cryin' and not eatin'?

Kenya frowns, she is hungry but also upset, "Tis...not fair. Some others have...families, I don't no more cause...cause bad beasts...."She frowns.
Sinway shakes his head "Now what be this? Of course ye have a family, every one at Redwall be yer family." He takes another bite of food "I know yer mom and dad be gone, trust me Kenya I know how that feels, I lost me parents and clan when I was younger then ye....thanks to bad beast."

Kenya frowns "You,.....did?" She looks at the couple bites of food beside her and does pick one up."And...abbey beasts just...friends" Well least she is saying more than go away or not hungry. 
Sinway nods his head "Aye I did, and I would of been gone as well, had I not wiggled my way free and hid, but I still saw all of it." He frowns and then shakes his head again "Kenya, they be yer family, just because ye aren't related to them doesn't mean they can't be yer family." He reaches out and gives your head a warm pat "And I'm sure all the abbey beast think of ye as a member of there family as well." He breaks off some more cheese and bread for Kenya and sits them down in front of her

Kenya finally does eat some food and listens, she swallows and frowns"I..ran from..bad beasts when they hurt dad and..took mom and"She sniffs remembering seeing her carried in and later finding out she died in the infirm.

Sinway pats his lap offering Kenya a place to sit, the otter has a warm and inviting look on his face "It be a horrible thing that happened Kenya, but at least ye have the abbey. I was alone wandering till I was well out of my dibbun seasons before I found the abbey."

Kenya just stays where she is, well she does get a little closer and sniffs a little, still sad " the abbey, it's nice."She frowns "I ..told Papa Oz and..Abbot Benar to..go away and other beasts to goes away..they all probably mad at me"

Sinway grins just keeps his arms open not pushing the little one to do anything "No Kenya, no one is mad at ye, they all just be worried about ye, they all understand that ye are hurting..........I'm sorry I haven't been around fer ye, I got sick from overworking me self and lack of sleep, but im better now."

Kenya frowns"Your..okie now?" Yes she does sound concerned. She eats a little more and goes to take a sip of the cordial."Its nice up here...I sleep here last night"

Sinway nods his head "Yes I be better now, still a little tired though, so im taking a break from the wall tops for a few more days." He takes another sip of his drink offering the other mug to Kenya "It ain't safe fer ye to sleep up here alone right now Kenya, if ye feel like ye have to sleep up here, will ye allow some beast to be up here with ye?"

Kenya frowns and shrugs, she didn't last night, then last night she was very grumpy"Maybe..maybe I could go elsewhere like..dibbuns room but..don't like the dibbuns room"
inway finishes eating letting you have the rest of the food "Why don't ye like the dibbun room?"

Kenya sips a little of her drink and eats some more before replying"Not..a child" Well she sort of still is for now, " Better at..some things than others and they just mean..Atvi wanted to make the abbot's chair sticky so I told Papa Oz and Atvi got all mads at me"

Sinway shakes his head scooting a little closer to Kenya the otter feeling the need to comfort her, but only when she is ready "They aren't mean, it is meant in good fun." he then laughs some "Yer still a dibbun Kenya, ye got a few more seasons to be one, please don't grow up to fast like I had to."
Kenya smiles a little..briefly and then sighs."Wish all bad beasts go away and not hurt no ones else"

Sinway scoots closer now sitting right next to Kenya "I know little one, I wish so too."

Kenya and then goes to hug him crying a little more,"Least they can't...get in Redwall..." Then concern "Right?" I

Sinway hugs back picking her up and placing her on his lap holding her tight "I.....I can't promise that, its very unlikely, but there is still a chance." He frowns a little "But I'll do everything I can to make sure it doesn't happen." The otter looks down at Kenya a warm smile on his face now "I have a question fer ye Kenya. I know I could never replace yer mom and dad, but I could take care of ye, would ye like me to adopt ye, so it feel like ye have a family again?"

Kenya seems to be thinking and frowns, worried."What ifs...if the bad beasts make you...never come back also. You get like..hurt bad"She trusts him and that shows but she also sounds worried and scared.

Sinway grins wider "Those bad guys couldn't handle me little one." His eyes burning with confidence "Trust me Kenya, I will always come back, we will defend Redwall till Xander gets back with the long patrol." He gives her a hug rubbing her back gently "They won't take me away from ye, I promise."

Kenya sniffs, she is still worried but then slowly nods."Ok.." She says softly as she calms down a little

Sinway nods and grins "I'll talk to Oz about adopting ye when I see him next, I'll make sure yer safe Kenya, ok?" He turns her around so that she is facing outwards and sitting down pulling the rest of her food and drink closer and his drink as well "Now then, as yer new papa I must ask that ye finish yer food, can ye do that fer me lass?"

Kenya manages a smile , a small one but it's there, she does go ahead and eat the rest of her food slowly, she sips her drink,"Maybe..all the hares will come soon." She hmms 'How they gonna know..which beasts may be...a friend, there was this fox last night and he had like all these colors on and he used really big words, he seemed....ok..I don't know I went into the tree house while he spoke to the abbot and Papa Oz"

Sinway smiles and nods "They will before ye know it, then our biggest problem will be feedin' a army of hares, next to that, those bad vermin are gonna look funny, as for knowing who be safe, well we just don't let any beast in we don't already fully trust, I don't know who this fox is ye be talking about though, I'll have to find out."

Kenya shrugs "He didn't...seem bad he just talked a lot"She frowns "He said something bad happen to..FER..umm...Ferra...the village up the road"

Sinway nods "Ferraville, ya something bad did happen, but don't worry I'll keep ye safe." He holds her close "If ye feel the need to sleep up here tonight, well then I'll just sleep up here as well." He yawns again seems he might not be fully recovered from being sick "I think I'll sleep some now infact." With her in his lap he scoots back so that he is leaning up against the wall of the tree house "G'night Kenya."

Kenya yawns, she smiles as she feels safe with him and so she falls asleep in his arms.

#16 Logs » Don't Need No One-Redwall Abbey Role Play » 2018-08-07 08:08:51 PM

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Kenya- soon to be novice, she hopes

Benar- Abbot of Redwall


Treehouse in the Abbey Ochards of Redwall, its nightfall so its dark


Kenya is still up here, in fact she missed dinner. She sits in corner holding her blanket and has tears going down her face.   

Benar climb up the tree and slips inside the tree house and walks over to Kenya and sits in front of her."Kenya..."   

Kenya gasps and backs up a little then noticeing it's just Benar she relaxes and just looks at the floor boards saying nothing.   

Benar reaches out a paw to lay it on her shoulder,"You missed dinner, also its not wise to be up here all alone"   

Kenya hugs her knees to her chest"I..heard the bell, not hungry"She sniffs and wipes away a tear taht threatens to fall."Not fair.."   

Benar asks, "What is not fair Kenya?" He is listening to her"Tell to me or least tell me whom you will talk to"   

Kenya just starts crying when she sits, she seems to not care whom is in front of her.   

Benar frowns and sighs, he stays kneeled down beside her"Kenya...don't keep this bottled up, it's not good to. You have friends here, beasts who care and beasts that worry"   

Kenya finally just goes to hug the abbot and just sobs into his robes and stays this way a good few minutes.   

Benar wraps his arms around her "Its ok to cry Kenya, let it out."   

Kenya sobs, she does decide to just cry and cry a little loud and she just does't hide it.   

Benar lets her cry and quietly stays by her side and then speaks "Want to get some thing to eat and drink?"
Kenya shakes her head no after what seems like forever and just rubs her eyes.   

Benar says, "need to try and eat something Kenya doesn't have to be soup, could be something else"
Kenya says, "Not hungry" She mutters" I'm ok"   

Benar frowns "Kenya please..I can get Papa Oz if you would like and you can talk to him"
Kenya says, "No..don't wanna talk..I want my mom and dad back but that wont happen, not at all"   

Benar speaks quietly "I am sorry your mother and father are no longer among us but it doesnt mean you turn from the whole world   
Kenya says, "I not.."She pouts "I don't need no beast.."And her mood goes to grump, "Go away!"   

Benar says, "Kenya calm down, now please lets get down to the ground and go inside"   

Kenya glares "No!" She sniffs as tears come again and she wipes them away"I don't need no one"   

Benar says, "That's not true, everyone needs someone Kenya and you have the whoe abbey to help you threw this."   

Kenya says, "I don't want the whole abbey"Her next words she doesn't mean " Go away want to be alone forever"   

Benar slowly stands and looks at the young otter and frowns "You don't mean that. Now its getting late....please Kenya"
Kenya just backs up and sniffs "No"She says quietly and curls up in a blanket and faces the wall she is now laying by.   

Benar sighs, he then looks out and down the ladder as an order beast looks up and says something to which the abbot nods and looks back to Kenya and then the novice as he climbs down "Kenya can not stay up there all night, its not safe we either need someone to get her down or if worse comes to worse stay up there with her."   

Kenya just stays where she is, if anyone comes up she will just yell to go away, its a lose -lose right now it seems.
Benar looks up and then back to the order beast" I am unsure what to do, Oz is better at this than me though I have a feeling she will not speak to him much either"   

Kenya just stares at the wall and closes her eyes, worn out and tried she goes to sleep.   

Benar frowns and then heads inside but not before he has someone stay by the tree.   

Kenya could care less if some beast is there or not, she has refused to come down, she also has fallen asleep without dinner it looks like, not that she would of ate any.

#17 Re: RP Chat » The Bandit's Fate! » 2018-08-06 09:17:50 PM

He could Cook food!

Or is that safe? I mean the food would be fine but.....would it make it to the guests or disppear into the fat fox's stomach?

#18 Re: RP Chat » Outline for Fate of Marek TP (Subject to Change if Necessary) » 2018-08-06 09:16:36 PM

Yeah....maybe meet like ...don't know...half way, that's what two weeks? cause its a little closer than the badger Mt. Heck Willowbark beasts could have a different way to get here if small beasts used like a large bird?Either sort of cool they coming to abbey for help...find out the abbey needs help also and...they help abbey and see if abbey wants to help them afterwards

#19 Re: RP Chat » The Bandit's Fate! » 2018-08-06 11:59:37 AM

OMG...2 and D fit so perfect together I have to pick it

And sounds like he would eat half his baked goods for himself. He could waddle to the tavern and back to the bakery. The horde take one look at him when they invade and just walk right back out as...duhhh a super fat fox is in no way a threat unless he tries to steal thier food maybe

Heck my insane ferret would give him more food just to make him fatter! and make plans for one of the monitors of the horde to eat him(Not that they are staying long enough for him to get fat enough:P)

#20 Logs » Always Be Prepared-LP Log » 2018-08-06 07:58:31 AM

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Vanya- Runner for the Long Patrol

Ewan-Fighter in the Long Patrol

Honeyfur-Runner of the Long Patrol(spoofed)

Clover-Healer fo the Long Patrol(spoofed)

Some spoofs of some village beasts, a dibbun sea otter,  weasels(5) and a tall evil stoat....


Close to lunch


Halyard village


Vanya liked days off and lately they were far and in between with all this extra training that eveb she was starting to hate training, but the drill master hare  hurt his toe so gave them a day off, for which she was glad.   

Ewan looked around "So...tavern maybe? Or someplace else.....they have other interesting shops"   

Vanya snorts"Does it do what you want on a day off and we have had none in 2 weeks.Just intense training to make us sore and get hardly any sleep and fresh air, without training, is nice" She even decided on no longbow and arrows as before they hardly had trouble at all and they were long patrol hares after all   

Ewan nods, he had his dirk with him,like always, and glaces around "Its interesting..villages are sort of neat maybe one day I will visit another village"   

Vanya shrugs"Who cares" She hmmms and then starts to head to the tavern   

Its not always a simple day, and soon a tall stoat was going to make that a face, with him he had 4 weasels, all with daggers on a sash on their chest, the fox himself had a cutlass.He grined and pointed to the two hares   

Ewan says, "I care "He muttered and stuck his paws into his pocket and went to follow her without saying anything, yes maybe he was slightly annoyed."   

Vanya turned to look at her fellow hare and sighs "Ok...maybe other villages would be neat I don't know its not like we...well me anyways would ever leave the western shore, its home here..I was born and raised here and now in the LP...tis home"
Meanwhile the stoat gets closer, as does his weasels and decides now is the best time to get the hares attention, away from the slowly growing late morning  crowds as he grabs a dibbun sea otter and slices the throat of the parents as he dashes to an alley way , wailing dibbun in his arms.   

Ewan sighs, he then is at attention and scans the crowd..a couple scream and back away, others go into the tavern quickly and some seem to care less.He then sees it, the stoat and his weasels"Vanya....some beast needs help come on"What its a dibbun in need and he is going to help.

Vanya goes to get an arrow...oh yeah she left it at the mountain as she cusses and goes to quickly give chase as she still has her legs to run and kick.In fact she goes to send a flying kick at the stoat's back   

The stoat stumbles, well he was not expecting such a quick response as he snarls and slices at the hare maid with his blade.The dibbun falls to the alley way and then quickly hides beside a rain barrel.The 5 weasels are ready to attack and one goes to attack Ewan.
Ewan sidesteps and then stabs one weasel...whoa lucky move as the weasel was stabbed in the neck and falls over dead. He gulps a little and backs up as he looks at the other 5 and the stoat "Vanya look out!"   

Vanya rolls out of the way, it does get her leg still as she grits her teeth in pain.
Along comes another hare and fellow runner, Honeyfur and she has her longbow and fires off a couple arrows...killing one weasel, injuring another and it stumbles from the alley way.The other 3 decide its time to find a new boss and flee the stoat as the hare maid goes to check on Ewan as she figures Vanya is ok now.   

Ewan pants and chuckles "Yeah run...we is the Long patrol."He breaths in and out, ok...not too bad and hey he helped a dibbun as he smiles and checks on the otter "You ok thar little one?"   

Vanya snorts and stands, she is fine and wraps a bit of cloth around her leg."We should take him somewhere"She says quietly "And I need my leg tended to in the healers hut, its not too bad"And its not   

Well that won't last as the stoat pulls out a throwing dagger and throws it at the haremaids back.This is a skilled beast and he rarely misses and this is not that far still.   

Honeyfur grins "I say wot, we go to the jolly tavern and get so grub, take the young ottter with us right?" She nods to Vanya "We can get your leg tended to, wot"She looks up and frowns when she sees the stoat is still around and much too late.   

Ewan rolls his eyes then grins "Well wot hare says no ta food...wot?" The frown is not good as he turns and then gasps"Vanya!"   

Vanya tenses up and stumbles sideways as the dagger sinks deep into her back. A look of shock on her face and some blood trickles down, the dagger missed her lung and a vital organ, barely but there is still..."I..can't....feel my...legs.."She can still half get up with her arms but thats it and she has a slight look of panic on her face.   

The stoat just chuckles and draws out a couple more daggers "Oh not to worry I will HEAL you" yes his virsion of healing is death.   
Honeyfur whips out an arrow and then fires it from her longbow without a 2nd thought right at the stoat! A look of pure cold hate in her eyes.   

Ewan stays by the now crying otter dibbun as he frowns and then does his best to comfort the dibbun "Hey..tis ok...well ok bally well not ok but I will keep ya safe"   

Vanya lays there and seems oddly not in pain now but is still concerned with the staot, who may not have his weasel buddys now but still just as , if not more so, dangerous.   

The stoat gets the arrow right to the chest, drops any weapons he has and falls agasot the building wall, slides down and is clearly and very much dead.   

Honeyfur then rushes over to Vanya and quickly checks her."Vanya... say something....Ewan go see if Private Clover is still at the tavern I was jolly well supposed to meet her thar for lunch" She knows Clover is a healer.   

Vanya just sort of groans, her leg bleeds through the cloth and the dagger is in her back.She manages to focus and stay awake.
Ewan nods and goes to the tavern, holding the otter dibbuns paw as it goes with him. It takes a short while but he finds Clover who rushes out before he does and he soon trails behind her worry on his face and the otter dibbun in the tavern with a couple other long patrol hares.
Honeyfur and Clover tend to Vanya best they can and soon decide its best to take her back to the mountain its self, better healer stuff there to at least make sue she stays for ever walking or running again, that's another issue.   

Vanya frowns and is sort of half here, she will later find out she will never walk again, she will be in a wheelchair but where one door closes another opens and her time in the infirm will slowly led to her becoming an LP healer hare and a pretty darn good one too.

#21 Re: RP Chat » How to decide bandits fate » 2018-08-04 06:51:57 PM

Yeah a where was he and what was he doing

He could come back and be like...whats going on? Worse yet the tavern is supposed to be like..totally destoryed too, the poor overweight fox wont have a place to eat tongue

#22 Logs » More Choas At The Back Gates- Fate Of Marek TP » 2018-08-04 09:03:31 AM

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**This happens at the same time as **


Kakarauri- Insane Head Assassin for Lord Ormaz

Stormfang- Fighter beast in Ormaz's Horde

Crayson- 2nd in command for Ormaz

Markalaway-Undertaker of Ferravale

Ferro-Blacksmith of Ferravale

Spoofs- 3-4 Monitors, some horde beasts, some Ferravale towns beasts, a couple otters, a mouse and a vole

Back Gates of Ferrvale near the homes and shops

When and Why:

At the same time Chaos happen at main gates and why...because this horde is insane and wants to take over everything ok


Kakarauri was placed in charge of the back way, or maybe she placed her self in charge as she was head Assassin of the Black Rose, well now of the horde as all it took was a few good swings, some brute force and strength of a couple monitors and they got through the back gates as she snorted. All the chaos at the main gates made it easy to get inside this way and cause...well more chaos!

Stormfang stayed close as he had 10 rats with him and chuckles. A lone ferret of Ferravale seen the beasts and started to run only to get an arrow to their throat and fall over dead.

A tall Monitor, in chain mail armor...long sharp claws and equally long teeth comes into view and grins "Kill!" He says, a couple monitors with him and he chuckles insanely.

Some normal town folk scream and run, some to the tavern, some to some shops that are now closing and locking their doors. About 10 beasts are killed right away who failed to get to a safer place.

Kakarauri cackles insanely and grins as she looks around, "This is fun!"

Ferro hissed as he started to exit the Blacksmith and saw several beasts he knew shouldn't be here. His eyes narrowed as he watched, in fact daring one of them to get closer to him.

Stormfang says, "Most are at the main gates."He then sees Ferro and backs up as he gulps, yeah let's stay away from the blacksmith, seems a good plan.

Markalaway has a long sword and  studies a couple ferrets who back up, drop their blades and run away from him. The undertaker of Ferravale can make one wet themselves by just looking at them, so most give him plenty of room and leave him alone as he scans the area for anyone whom may need help.

Crayson leads 2-3 fellow monitors on a path of chaos, he grins"Maybe we should burn a home or two....or..."He grabs two guards before they rush to the front and looks between them "How many guards does it take to tell them they have company ion this side of the village?"

Ferro notices Markalaway and punches a couple of the horde beasts in front of him and makes his way over to the rat, "We sssssssshould get out of here"

Kakarauri walks over and grins "I, what to do with the other guard, hmmmmm...hehehhhehehhehe"

Crayson grins as one guard is soon lunch, the other gets a slash to the arm and let go, may as well let them know they have trouble from the less used back gate, not that much can be done now.

Markalaway nods and goes to follow Ferro. Horde beasts too afraid to go near..well either one of them.

Stormfang walks around as fighting happens around him, he frowns as some of the village beast clearly know how to fight and proudly defend their homes and shops. He backs up a little as his rats go from 5..."Umm...Kakarauri little help here! Crayson!"

Kakarauri glaces over and smirks, she draws her twin blades and lunges at one of the fighting village beasts, a tall fox who has a shop. It takes a moment  or two, ans a cut to his upper arm but the insane marten soon is standing over a headless fox.

Crayson still has his 4 monitors, and smirks"Let them panic and hide in their shops....the village will soon belong to Ormaz."He grins as he shows all his teeth to an otter that picked the wrong time for a visit to the town."I say..why is an otter in a vermin matter I like the taste of otter"The otter faints.

Very few woodlanders stay in the village or visit much but the market place does have some things other places do not. But the market place is soon and quickly shut down and beasts lock themselves into their shops and hope for the beast, a few lucky beasts manage to run away.

Ferro hisses as he gets backed up by a couple of Crayson's monitors. His eyes flash battle fire and he lets loose his war hammer, his claws and teeth.

The two monitors fight as well, with fangs and claws, one gets slammed in the head with the war hammer and falls to the side dead. The other is seriously wounded and finally backs off hissing and spitting blood.

Stormfang frowns "Are we winning...or losing?"

Kakarauri grins "Winning fool....they fear us, hee heee"She glaces at the small group of beasts looking to escape and just snorts...let them, she could care less as she is just enjoying the chaos"We need to make our way closer to the main part of the  fight and help Lord Ormaz!"

Crayson meanwhile keeps a lookout for more beasts. He glaces at the monitors in his command and narrows his eyes when another falls to deaths grip, leaving him 2 now."You two...follow me....we done enough here for now....a lot more beasts are elsewhere" He looks around and smirks at a group of captive beasts"And we have some of the first captives...I am sure Ormaz has a good place for captives, maybe town hall can to make into a slave cell"

Markalaway slips around a corner and looks at a group of about 5-6 Ferravale villagers and speaks "Follow the monitor Ferro down that path"He points and simply heads back to his graveyard. He is left alone, one brave weasel starts to rush over, then whimpers and runs the other way. The one eyed rat just keeps walking back to the graveyard.

Ferro pants as he is hurt, not too bad but still hurt as he backs away from one of the monitors he just finished off and snorts, a low hiss escapes him and he goes to help another couple beasts, these a couple otters and a vole, to safety. "" He frowns as he hates to retreat, to seem a coward but there is times to retreat and fight another day and this is one of them. And they will need him later he is sure of that.He watches the undertaker go to the graveyard and decides the one eyed rat knows what he is doing and so heads to Redwall.

Stormfang nods as he starts to follow the marten and then decides to stay where he is as things start to calm a little, least in this area of the village as most are hiding in homes, or shops for now too afraid to come out.

So far no shops have been set on fire, a couple homes burn but are lucky not near any other homes, but the two homes still burn and will burn to ashes in time. The roof of a book shop is on fire but a shop keeper beats the fire out and manages to save his shop. Chaos is still around and even more so as is clearly heard towards the entry and main gates of the village.

Kakarauri chuckles and grins "Chaos...its Beautiful choas. I can't wait to go to the Abbey of Redwall and do this!"

Stormfang knocks out a cart vender that choose to hide under a cart and grins"Not a good hiding spot thar, you stink at hiding"

Kakarauri looks over at Stormfang "Come on idiot any one foolish enough to be out in this can die, let then stay in their homes and shops and hide...the village is basically ours now or soon will be and they will have to listen to Lord Ormaz." She skips towards the entry, yes she skips as she is in a good mood and this marten in a good mood is far from good for any beast else. She is truly insane and she knows it and will make sure others know it as well.

#23 Re: Logs » Ferravale Takeover-Part 1-Fate Of Marek TP » 2018-08-02 08:03:56 PM

Kakarauri will so need to get in part 2...But trust me she likely killed some Ferrvale beasts that were foolish enough to be outside.

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Ha Ha..fixed...yep that long been bad:P Guess they ran into the doctor and he had them help him/her..and then brought them back to the wrong time...sorry I like Dr.Who

But yeah fixed it

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Vanya-Runner/ Archer Hare in LP

Ewan- Fighter hare In LP

Crevan-Dibbun Fox

A couple Lizards- Spoofed

Log:(On The western shores)

Vanya was glad for a little bit of freedom from training. A chance to run a bit and even do some cartwheels.

Ewan just watched and sighed "How do ya bally well do that, I dislike de sand, tis hard to run it the stuff"

Vanya rolls her eyes "All you do is complain, find something else wot" Of course she is still alert to anything but a lot can be seen here.

Crevan isn't paying attention to or even aware of the two hares as he plays down closer to the water, the little one running and jumping about doing his own cartwheel and even a couple of front flips every now and then stopping when he finds a sea shell he might like, though never keeping hold of one long

Ewan blinks "Ta complain bout lass?" He sits on a long large rock here and rubs his footpaws, training all day and his feet hurt."Trainin' been too bally well tuff last couple weeks"

Vanya shrugs, she does notice the small fox and watches it for a little while before she speaks to Ewan" Well we need ta be ready, ya know in case vermin cause major issues or sumthing"

Crevan ears perk when he hears the talking they twitch and turn in the direction of the voices before his head turns, the hyperactive fox quickly changing his course to dash over to the pair of hares smiling and tail swishing about happily

Ewan frowns"Rather not..."He lays a paw on his dirk when he sees the fox and then relaxes slightly when he sees its a dibbun and looks to Vanya on what to do.

Vanya keeps an eye on the fox and glaces around,"It's a kit...relax..."Though there could be other foxes around so she is now very alert.

Crevan is just a ball of hyperactive fluff, bouncing about the pair with what seems like endless energy "Hi names Crevan, whats your name?" He asks Vanya before dashing over to Ewan "Are you rabbits or hares? I forgot how to tell the difference."

Ewan says, "We are hares chap and ya should be careful out here"

Vanya asks, "I don't  tell names that freely, where is ya parents lad?" She is still alert as she watches the dibbun, for now its just the two hares as most are....well inside their home"

Crevan ears lower at the word parents "Crevan doesn't have parents.....not anymore." He turns looking to Vanya "Crevan be all alone, well......the folks at that place over there." He points in the direction of halyard "Give Crevan food."

Ewan ears droop but he won't ask why "Oh....well shouldn't be alone..too much"

Vanya says, "Interesting..still bad beasts could show up, not any right bally now, good thing too"She then decides"I am Vanya"

Crevan smile returns "Hi Vanya" He then turns to Ewan "What your name?" The fox then looks around the beach "But Crevan was lookin' for sea shells, and hares aren't bad beasts right? At least that's what the ones who give Crevan food say."

Ewan waves to the dibbun and catches up to Vanya, but the night will not stay simple...sand lizards, only a couple, want to try and ruin the evening.

Vanya turns and then her eyes widen when she sees the lizards and draws out an arrow and right away fires one towards the lizard"Down Ewan!"

Ewan drops down and eeps as the arrow goes past him and turns to see one of the two sand lizards fall and frowns as he quickly gets up and gets out his dirk. He gets into a defense position and then sort of freezes in place and frowns..this isn't happening, this isn't happening, a real fight.

The sand lizard hisses and backs off, it then seems to find it funny the hare isn't attacking and lunges at him.

Vanya has another arrow ready and narrows her eyes, she can't fire and risk hitting a fellow hare, she mutters a couple cuss words and slowly gets closer looking for an opening.

Ewan kicks out at the lizard but that only briefly stops it before he does manage to grab him and lay a blade at his throat. He drops his own dirk and has panic in his eyes.

Vanya takes a deep breath and speaks "Release my friend...or I give a call out and have others come running." She still has an arrow draw and ready to fire but won't fire as she could hit Ewan.

Ewan gulps as he stays calm..ok calm fails quickly.

The sand lizard just seems to chuckle, this is funny he has a hare captive and maybe he can get another one too.

Vanya mutters some choice words again keeping an eye on the sand lizard and ears and eyes open for any other friends it may have.

Ewan whimpers now, the sand lizard has a dagger at his throat.." me"

Vanya nods as she is trying to help, just figuring it out how. Eyes and ears

The sand lizard just watches the hare maid and grins,He goes to push the dagger against the hare's throat enough for blood to form, but not kill its like this is a fun sort of game.

Ewan closes his eyes and takes a chance, he stomps down on the lizard's footpaw, he can feel the small line of blood and he rather not feel any more.

Vanya watches, waits and is ready. If the lizard just moves his head a little she will fire, if he kills her fellow hare she will fire.

The lizard hisses and his grip loosens on Ewan, who struggles and drops to all fours and rolls to the side before the lizard goes to try and kick him.

Vanya fires off her arrow at the lizard just after the other hare drops down, she stands at the ready and already reaching for another arrow.

The lizard gets hit in the chest and falls backwards dead.

Ewan breaths in and out and scoots back quickly shivering " could of killed me...I could of died..."

Vanya walks over, and sighs "Your alive...come on lets get back and you should take a nap"

Ewan nods his head and stands slowly, the it a small and barely anything, he walks slowly inside, still a bit shakie but he survived and...ok pay better attention maybe that's the key.

Vanya sighs, she has to admit that was a little scary and maybe they just got lucky...maybe she needed a nap too and an ale.

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