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News and Leaveings

==QUICK note. Elivo won't be back on muck. So for a reply on well what to say for IC reason....and so this roleplay answers that. It also gives me a reason to not have my alts Cole and Ciana around anymore . I now just have 3 alts-Oz; Gorvenalus and Chestnut. Ok on to the log=

Cole-Former LP hare

Ciana - Healer

Govervenalus-Redwall Recorder

Jaison- Master Healer Redwall


Cole frowned as he sat in the gatehouse,his drooped a little.His uniform was off though and folded neatly on a chair beside him as he seemed to be thinking.

Ciana had gotten premission to come down to the abbey.She wore normal clothing and with her was a couple sea otters who prmoised to get her to the abbey safely.It seemed that the patrol life was not for her.So she let the Badger Lord know she was not staying in the patrol, she never really got to the rank of Private anyways. She had decided to come back to the abbey and maybe help out her father,but sad news greeted her instead.

Gorvenalus came in quietly, a soft sigh"Well,the past couple days been a bit of a mess."He looked to Cole and titled his head"What's with the uniform on the chair?Day off?"

Jaison poked his head inside,"Am I interupting anything?"

Cole clears his throat and speaks"I..I don't bally well know sur, well  yeah I do know.I am droping out of de Patrol."He lays down a letter"Thats my letter to his Lordship.That and I ..well I can't bally well let young Ciana go off on her own, buddy system and all that.She needs someone now that..that Elbio is gone"

Ciana sniffs "I'm...not a dibbun."

Jaison decides to speak"Well not wise to travel alone...for sure if danger is out there. I mean...The ferravale,Blisa missing and hopefully she is found. And the recent death of Elbio...found in the woods of all places, no one knows what happen...seems not an attack but I don't really know."He then adds"So the reason for the buddy sytem,never go out alone I always say."

Cole looks at Ciana "Elbio would of bally well wanted something to travel with you to..well somewhere I suppose, no clue where."

Ciana speaks"Someone said he was gonna take a short walk in the woods and be back by lunch ad when he wasn't they looked for him..."A frown and she speaks to Cole" I was gonna go to a village thats  not too far south of here, my birth parents use to live there and I found out I have an uncle that is still alive and thought that my birth parents just never wanted ta speak to him again, so I am gonn go there.Its like in southern Mossflower." She looks at the beaver and hamster"Cole can go with me if he wants. And maybe even live there too"

Gorvenalus hmmms and writes down some things in his jornal"That sounds wise.I will make sure your letter gets delivered to who ever needs it ,as well as the uniform."

Jaison studies the outside"Maybe wait till...tomorrow,after breakfast.I can help make sure you two have supplies for the trip"

Cole nods "Thank ya Brother Jaison that is thoughtful and a rest before hand be good."

Ciana smiles fainly and hugs Jaison and the n Gorvenalus "I will miss you all, I will write letters I promise."An idea as she speaks "Cole could maybe be a guard or something at the village."

Cole hmms"I will think on it."

The two hares do wait till after brekfast the next day and then head to the village.

Ciana is greeted by her Uncle and ebcomes a healer at the village and Cole does indeed become a guard and he does surpriseingly well as a guard,he grows up one could say and becomes a worthy Defender of the village and one day a few seasons later Head Guard . Ciana becomes Main Healer of the village.

===so there you go, happy ending for Ciana and Cole. ===

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