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#1 2022-09-09 12:37:10 PM

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IC Updates For Ferravale

On 8-20-22:

In the very early morning, a couple hours before sunrise  a unknown group of beasts set fire to the Town Hall as well as Chief Blida home. The Town Hall was a total loss. The Chieftain home is a little over half gone and destroyed. Also a couple beasts looted some things not messed up in the fire.

Most of the beasts who attacked Ferravale were caught and slain and some got ate by Basil. Sadly 3 beasts,likely including thier leader, got away with Blisa as thier captive. Also 2 Town guards and 1 of her personal bodyguards were killed. The rat Patch was killed as well.

The Chieftain Blisa is missing and a large number of beasts went to find her. There is some beasts that decided to leave Ferravale after this disaster and head elsewhere and just leave the area, they won't be back.

Others of course went to find Blisa. ( Also none of them will be back either)


A couple passing beasts set fire to the Mossflower Defender Base. 2  Defenders were there only and both did die. The base is mostly destroyed and unusable.

Other info:

I know the abbey saw smoke and so did GUOSIM  on

As of 9-3-22 the abbey knows of the Defenders Base being gone now as well.

Maybe Blisa can add anything else that's important to know also if she is able to soon.

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#2 2022-09-09 05:26:31 PM

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Re: IC Updates For Ferravale

Well Kage is around, he witnessed both events.Now he still has no clue of course who these random beasts were..they just gave him money to shut up a certain rat tongue and later he got curious of who was in the defender base and one of those slightly reoubleing beasts at the time  was later  found and slain.

Blisa though could maybe write a post on the rwchat area on what happen/didnt happen/ what to role play bout her alts ect

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