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#1 2022-05-11 10:43:36 AM

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Been a while

Hello all, it has been a bit since I left the muck, and not really had a chance to speak to anyone since, but I happen to be logging on to the muck to keep my characters alive and felt a wave of nostalgia while looking at the login screen, and a find my self feeling sad that life keeps me away from here. It also got me thinking that I haven't really said hi since I left, so I decided to fix that and also say I'm still alive and doing well and hope everyone else is as well.

Sinway Streampike- Brother of Redwall Abbey
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#2 2022-05-11 02:59:25 PM

From: The State of Confusion
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Re: Been a while

Hi!  It's so good to see you!  I'm glad you're doing okay.  You're more than welcome to come back if ever life allows you to come back, and you're welcome to lurk as much as you want smile


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