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#76 2021-12-29 02:36:40 PM

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Re: A Snake in the Sand - LP Mission Mini Plot

For now, I'd suggest Rioko gets temporary quarters in the gaol (the cells) until the LP decides what to do with her. They've had a lot on their plate and the most important thing is just need to keep her safe. I imagine the cell door is never locked and some of the nicer hares moved furniture and rugs and stuff into the room to make it more comfortable- though she would still have a guard to prevent her from sneaking off to somewhere she's not supposed to go, like the kitchens.
the hares haven't forgotten the supplies she ate XD

Also she might be asked about & allowed to return to Halyard if/when I can get the next miniplot I have planned going (probably mid January, after V&D's wedding)

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#77 2021-12-29 02:59:41 PM

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Re: A Snake in the Sand - LP Mission Mini Plot

Guard the food!  tongue

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