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#1 2021-11-23 01:56:06 PM

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IC info for GUOSIM

I know there has not been much role play in the GUOSIM.

I know a couple members left

So I am posting an update of ICLY where the GUOSIM is and what they are doing. They are an important part of the books after all.

Log-a-log has decided to go back to how the GUOSIM is usually, they don't always stay in one place...they have it in their blood to travel along the rivers and streams of Mossflower! Maybe even explore a little bit north....though not right now seeing as it's like almost winter, naaaahhhh....they may explore a little south,there is that south stream area after all!

Yes they will have the camp by the River Moss, they also have an older one a little further upriver on the River Moss as well.


They may just gain a couple more areas to, basically hang around in.

ICLY the group is still small, maybe 10-15 members(mostly NPCS)

Do not worry if Xavier gets wiped, I can still spoof Log-a-log if a need comes up or some major role play where the GUOSIM need found to help out Redwall, heck maybe they could even wander down to visit Salamandstrston one season some time in the future.

But just letting you all know the GUOSIM is alive and well and still around, they are just..ya know...being the adventuring shrews they are and at times arguing over things, singing river songs and just....being sherws tongue

I play:  Xavier ( Log-A-log of GUOSIM) Elbio (Lt.,Archer, and Fighter in Long Patrol and RW Residential Hare)


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