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This Is Why You Don't Wander Off- LP LOG

*** Well Me, Rhonwen, and Zolomon were did a roleplay. I spoof the rats, Rhonwen spoofs Private Renee and well...Zolomon and Slaw are themselves tongue ***

Slaw decided to go to Halyard when he had some time off. It had been a while since he had been there, of course once there he changed his mind and took a short walk to an area just north of the seaside village.

Another hare out and about was Private Renee, she frowned as she looked around"You know we probably shouldn't even be this far from the mountain, isn't tar supposed to be like a snake or something?"

Slaw rolled his eyes"Snake? In this like cold weather that be so so so annoying. Besides we are allowed to have some time off and I did get the ok to go to the beach"He grinned"This is still the beach."

Renee frowned and then shrugged "I mean, I guess. the beach does go for miles...ok fine so wot do we do?"

A cloaked figure watches the two hares quietly, the cloak was thick and a sort of deep green with lighter greens and browns in places. A large hood to better hide his face, thick pads on the cloak. Over his back were a longbow, a simple one and a few arrows. The cloak was for sure made for the colder weather.It was hard to tell what creature this was.

Slaw chuckles,he spies a small sort of area where some water made a small pool, seashells and some clams were in the pool" This place is neat, wouldn't you say it was neat? We could maybe explore the cliffs south of Halyard even, that be fun and this place is fun too. It was behind a sort of rocky area on the shore, likely not the best area to be at nightfall.

Renee smiles now."You know a little fun be good for once"

Not too far from the two hares was also a group of sea rats, just about 4 of them and they spotted the two hares and clearly paned to try and rob them.

The cloaked figure had seen the 4 rats but didn't seem concerned with them,yes he watched Renee and Slaw also but not for the goal of robbing them.

Slaw nods as he gets some clams"We can make lunch, you like clam chowder...I like clam chowder and it's easy to make, ya just need clams and seasonings and my brother Cole is good at cooking,not so much me...oh well.And we are fine, the bossy officers are busy with the camp by Halayrd and the more bossy officers at the mountain are just annoying like do this chore and that chore and THAT is why I need like a serious break ya know."

Renee frowns"You talk too much sometimes Slaw and it's worse when your brother is with you,how about you be quiet.A day off means you relax."

The 4 rats go to get closer and watch the hares,one of the taller rats smirk "Should we visit a pair of longears?"

One of the other rats nods"Yeah...they be stupid to be out...all alone like dis,hee hee...or maybe we can like take them captive,de stripdog would pay a good ransom for a hare and this is two hares."

Quitely the cloaked figure comes up behind the rats and speaks "Or you would simply anger him, he dislikes that sort of thing."His voice was cold and calm as he speaks.

Slaw snorts "Then leave who needs you, I will be fine on my own.I am a fighter, a long patrol hare and I can fend for myself....and your a girl so likely you get in trouble and distress faster than I would. You be like crying and be like oh no help me and I would be like no way and then you get into trouble and I wouldn't cause like..I told ya so so thar and I can always say ya like lied and we didn't go that far and it was like your fault we got in like...tahr."He hmmph."So like.....yeah go home"

Renne folded her arms over her chest"Wot ever Slaw...I am going back to the mountain,you can stay in get into trouble cause I am gonna tell an officer your being annoying and not listening to the fact we are not to go wandering off."The hare maid then walks off, indeed she will so be telling, well someone, about Slaw.

The 4 rats slowly turn to look at the tall cloaked figure.One rat smirks"You look rich?" Another rat grins"I say we see what ya have of value,or just take ya life instead...what ya say ta that?"

The cloaked figure chuckles, he then smirks under his cloak and fires an arrow into the rat's neck, if any try to jump him he will stab them with a broken blade he found.

Slaw shrugs"Wot ever...don't need...huh?" He turns when he hears the laughter and takes out his dirk to go see what is going on."Hallo?"

The tallest rat dies, another tries to pounce the figure, only to die with a blade to the chest, the other two look suddenly unsure what to even do and then see Slaw."Oh great...a long patrol hare now what"

The cloaked figure tilts their head and puts the longbow onto his back, he picks up a crossbow the main rat dropped before he died "I would  say your in trouble, but...ya already was in trouble before Private Slaw came to join us"

Slaw blinks"Wot....wait how do you know me name? Is this a joke or like someone trying ta freak me out as it not funny, and I know funny or....wait, wait..wait. your the snake, no wait waiit , can't be right..right?..snakes don't like have arms  and you have arms or at least think ya do...wait  wait wait your a NEW sort of snake....beast, err sea monster?"

The two rats are just as confused as the hare, "Yeah what are you?"

"Well tis clearly not a friend of the long ears"

The cloaked beast smirks"Your correct vermin, wow never seen that coming."He walks closer and suddenly goes to punch one of the rats, hard enough to kill.

Slaw frowns and bravely edges closer to the cloaked figure, whether that's wise or not.He then gasps and backs up a little"Your...wot happen to ya Zolomon like...whoa, your like...ya ear and thar is earrings but hey its like cool and its like neat and well not the shredded part of the ear but like the earring is and whoa.....a eye patch, hey I want an eye patch why cant I have an eye patch, whoa whoa whoa..your like banished your not supposed to even like be here on the shores, your supposed to like....ummm be somewhere besides here and I am so so so so gonna telll like Terrence and Greg and Varus and Felicity and oh oh his Lordship too I am so so so gonna tell him all abo----" His rambling is cut short as he has a stunned look on his face,a cross bolt in his throat and he falls forwards.....very much dead.

The lone rat backs up quickly "I...ummm, ya know what, I seen nothing...bye!"

Zolomon sighs, gets his new plain  longbow and fires it, deadly aim a s he gets the rat in the back and catches up to him looking down at him, "Guess I figured I shut the Private up...permitally, and I can't let you rush off, you seen too sorry."He stabs the rat to finish it off, drops the crossbow by the other rat,that's guess what stabbed and dead now too, and walks up shore a little"Can't let anyone know I am here, no "A not so happy smile "Not yet, it's a surprise after all for dear Lt. Elbio."

I play:  Xavier ( Log-A-log of GUOSIM) Elbio (Lt.,Archer, and Fighter in Long Patrol and RW Residential Hare)


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Re: This Is Why You Don't Wander Off- LP LOG


and thats why greg said, "No one goes anywhere alone". renee might be facing some trouble when she gets back to camp alone

also rip slaw he was always my favorite out of the two brothers

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