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#1 2020-05-12 09:14:21 PM

From: The State of Confusion
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An apology and a plea

Okay, so first: I apologize to Adrian for getting drawn into the drama of attacking you on the forums.  I should've talked to you directly more (as was encouraged of me by a player whose permission I do not have to name in this post).  I'm sorry.  I should not have handled any of this the way I did, and while I stand on everything I said that we all need to collaborate on MUCK things and not spoofing other people's characters, I am very sorry you got attacked, especially on the forums.

And now for my plea:  Y'ALL.  Instead of talking to each other and posting on the forums about things specific people are doing, we should first ask those people to stop.  (This is something I need to work on, too, as this whole mess made evident.)

Over the years I have had people autohit and godmode and whatever my characters without permission, and they (almost always) stopped when I asked them to.  I know I need to work on my communication skills (this whole mess being proof of that), but could we all work on it together?  Instead of taking it to the forums with specific examples and naming names?

And whenever someone breaks the rules (or we have any kind of problem with another player at all), instead of talking to each other about it, we should email Otter.  I can't actually do anything; only Otter can.  And if it's not worth talking to Otter about, then why is it a big deal at all?  His email is for those who aren't sure where to find it.

I'm sorry if I'm making this worse; I'm just getting really tired of people pmailing me stuff about other players and not emailing Otter when I suggest that they do so.  And I also wanted to publicly apologize to Adrian for publicly joining in the attack on him.  That was dumb of me, and I am sorry.  I also believe in publicly apologizing for doing something wrong in public, so while I have pmailed him, I'm also posting this here.

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