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An Unplanned Evening -Mossflower Defenders Log

Zolmon  was glad to just get out and enjoy the day for once, to get fresh air and not be out seriously looking for bad beasts, yes he has his longbow and arrows as he isn’t a fool.

Xander stayed close behind him carrying a wrapped package, this one long and wrapped in some blue cloth.” I like this area it’s close to the abbey and close to Ferravale and the river, good for a future base of the Mossflower Defenders”

Leafeyes looks around ”Yes yes it is nice, always good to be close to others to help them or they even help you sir”

Edson nods in agreement “Yes. How long will it take to rebuild the base, we do have help correct?”

Minsc limped slightly down a path as he talked to some other beast ”I could of came myself Gorvenalus. I am not a child and I can walk…I am fine, you worry too much”

Gorvenalus just smiled as he follows his friend “No one is too old to worry about, you worry about me as well and you know it and you are not fully healed yet. Also it’s been a while since we just took a walk where we were not needing to look over our shoulder for danger at all times”

Kurt flew from tree to tree, flying was the best thing in the world and his wing was healed and less stiff now. He landed close to the badger” Hello sir Xander, all seems well…no danger do I see”

Zolomon grinned “Needs a good dining room and the room could also act as a meeting room also”

Xander shakes his head and a smile formed “Is food one of the main things hares think on.” He notices Minsc and walked over to him “Minsc here…I would of given it to you sooner but..well you were in a deep faint and so I keep it safe, also cleaned, polished and sharpened it” He hands him the wrapped package and smiles.

Leafeyes watches curious as to what is in the package

Minsc quickly unwraps it and tears go down his cheeks as he lifts Furyblazor “My sword…” He takes a few practice swings and then places it in its proper place on his back and hugs the badger, hopefully he allows this and the hamster rarely hugs many beast or least it’s been a good while since he has “I am unsure how to thank you, you have restored my honor, you have restored a very special sword of my homelands….thank you Xander”

Edson smiles as he sits down on a fallen log

Gorvenalus  smiles as well “This is very good to have it once more in the right paws I thank you as well young Xander”

Zolomon leans on a tree and watches as the hamster opens the package and smiles, he knows how they feel as his longbow is special to him since his grandfather made it and passed it down to his son and then his son passed it to his own son, none other than Zolomon himself.

Xander hugs the hamster carefully “Your welcome Minsc”

Patch decided to check out the area of the future base as well “I must say stripy…very nice indeed. I can gets some beast to get supplies here, or well the rest of them” As some piles of wood stacks, bricks, a few slabs of stone are protected nearby as the rat seems to approve “Speaking of which am I getting paid? And when do we start doing tavern stuff for Marek, any idea how long he is to be away?”

Kurt tilts his head “Who is rat, rat is ally?” He gets closer and puffs up slightly

About this same time another creature comes into view, having heard voices he made his way to them slowly, a monitor…for most a thing of nightmares and he is TALL also and lots of muscles, claws and oh yeah he has fangs….shape looking ones. “What izzzzz all thizzzz?”

Minsc right away is in front of the old beaver, Furyblazor in paw and narrowing is eyes at the monitor.

Zolomon eeps and falls sideways, yeah monitors are not something he wants to see right now.

Gorvenalus frowns but stays fairly calm, he is with beasts that can defend him if needed he is not worried so much for himself at the moment, its more for others.

Kurt makes a tweet sort of noise and flaps into a tree and watches from there, yeah he is not ready to go fight anything and surely not a freaking monitor lizard!

Edson stands ready for a possible fight, but waits as he is not willing to just charge a dangerous monitor.

Patch frowns and quickly join the robin “Scoot over!” He peers down and makes a motion “Run stripy run! Monitors like meat and guess what your meat!”

Xander frowns and lays a paw on his own blade and takes a couple deep breaths, he doesn’t draw The Blade Of The Northwind Storms yet ”W..What do... do ya want….and this is the future base of the Mossflower Defenders. I am Xander Winters leader of the Mossflower Defenders are these are some of my fellow members. I..I will not, nor do I wish to do you harm unless I have to defend beasts, which I will without question even if it means I die trying”

Leafeyes decides to slip off and onto a tree, yep a tree is safer than the ground and seems a nice choice today of a place to go.

Ferro folds his arms over his chest as he stays in front of the badger “Of course..a badger, I do not wish a fight either I am zzzimply in the area looking for a new home…a job. I am a Blacksmith, though I can fight if needed but odd azzzzzzzzz mat zzzeem I do not go looking for fightzz.” He frowns, “I am lookinzzz for my daughter, zzzhe is mizzing”

Zolomon slowly walked over and stood beside Xander as he looked the monitor up and down and spook “Lost….child or..grown..s..sure we can help right Xandy?”

Patch decides he is not sticking around, he has other things to do “I will meet ya back at the tavern….if your still alive that is!” He then heads off quickly.

Minsc just stays where he is “Can we trust a monitor sir?”

The old beaver speaks “I say we give him a chance, we listen if he meant us harm we would have been harmed by now and it appears he needs our aid…does not the Mossflower Defenders provide aid?”

Leafeyes stays in the tree, she just watches from where she is as she is tiny, very tiny compared to this monitor.

Xander listens, this beast is a little taller than him. He takes a deep breath “What is your name sir? And did you say Blacksmith? I..I may be able to help you, Ferravale needs a Blacksmith and it would also be wise for the Mossflower Defenders to have one around as well for repairing and making needed armor and weapons, also we will need hinges and nails, strong door frames and locks for the base we are building. As  a Blacksmith doesn’t just make weapons and armor, they make other things as well…even pots and pans can be made…things for a training area, and a strong beast to help move things as we still have the training area Marek made, we don’t really have to move it, it’s close by but it does need some slight repair and even though most badgers may know Blacksmithing….I sadly do not, my Grandfather Zork and uncle Zee knew it, in fact my Uncle Oz never learned the trade either he is the dibbun caretaker of the abbey, and in rare times he helps the champion with defense needs, but that’s only when the abbey is under serious attack.”

Ferro looks between the beasts and back to Xander “I am Ferro…and I would be proud to helpzzzzz a group like yourzzzz….I offer my zzzervices and may indeed be a Blacksmith in Ferravale oncezzz I zzzpeak to the chieftain Blisa azzzzzzz the head guard fox zzzaid her name was.” He is quiet and adds “First…I need to find my daughter…zzzhe….zzhe was not at our campsite and it concerns me, she may of went looking for me or perhaps zzzupplies…I do like for her to be alone too long” It’s clear he is worried.

Minsc puts away his blade” We will help you” Yes even if it’s a monitor he seems to have decided this one is…well a possible friend, least he hopes so as he slowly offers his paw.

Zolomon nods “Yes we help you Ferro”

Edson nods “I agree, you have our aid good sir”

Leafeyes slips back over to Xander and looks up…up..way up at the monitor and gulps hiding behind Xander.

Gorvenalus smiles from where he stands. ”A monitor would be a good thing to have in a group and on your side”

Xander nods “Welcome to Mossflower Defenders Ferro….these are the others Zolomon, Minsc, Leafeyes she is a little shy…Edson…Kurt and that is Gorvenalus he is an ally of the group as is a stoat named Marek…there is a couple other members also a Lee…whom is an otter, Dorarose a mouse…and a squirrel named Feisty. “ He may of mispronounced it but it is a hard name to say. “  Helps also but may be wise to be careful around him  he is a little…..well likes fights and hitting things “ He sighs and goes on “A sparrow named Henry and a ferret named Brookshire are members as well, a small group but growing slowly.”

Ferro nods “I thank you now let us go”

Zolomon nods and looks around his longbow ready just in case.

Not too far is a cloaked figure, and they are running from a group of 5 ravens swatting and slapping at them, not watching where they are going they slip off an embankment and into the swift moving waters of the river Moss and a new panic sets in and they clearly can’t swim and barely hold onto to a log against a rock in the center of the river.

Kurt flies off and studies the area and frowns as he flies back “5 ravens attack a cloaked figure whom has fallen into the river Moss!”

Ferro follows them, as soon as its mentioned of raven he hisses and dashes forwards claws and teeth out, right away two surprised and quickly dead ravens fall to the ground. The other 3 start to attack the group!

Xander rushes over to the river and after laying his blade on the shore he dives into the water and starts swimming to the cloaked figure “Hang on I am coming!”

Zolomon fires off an arrow at one of the ravens and goes to quickly select another arrow and finds a time and fires off the 2nd arrow.

Minsc narrows his eyes, he slices at a raven that dives at him and ducks ”Gorvenalus!”

Gorvenalus sidesteps one and dives into a hollowed out log, he is not a fighter, he does watch as he is a healer and will help any that is wounded, he looks over towards the river and frowns as he makes his way over to them hoping no ravens dive for him again.

The cloaked figure makes a sort of hiss growl sound and seems afraid of Xander as well as the lone raven attacking her. She slips at them both and gasps as she loses her grip and starts to be pulled downstream.

A third raven dies with two arrows in him and a forth is sliced with Furyblazor, the raven caws and dives at the hamster again aiming to seriously injure him. Meanwhile the fifth and last one seems to try and decide whom to try and drown, Xander or the cloaked figure and goes for the cloaked figure trying to grab at her with his sharp talons, the raven is soon joined by the forth one…so the last two ravens are attacking the cloaked figure!

Xander tries to reach his paw out and growls as the ravens attack, he may not have his blade but he can still punch one of the ravens in the face!

Minsc gets a claw mark to the lower arm luckily not to bad, he frowns “Xander!!”

Ferro looks furious as he sees the cloaked figure attacked and dives into the water, He grabs the one Xander didn’t punch and holds it in his claws and dive sunder the water with the panicking bird and soon the bird stops moving as bones break and blood forms and if any life was left in him the water finishes off the raven, leaving just one.

Gorvenalus dives into the water and heads to the cloaked figure, he is a beaver and is an excellent swimmer.

Zolomon fires off a 3nd arrow towards the raven that’s left.

The cloaked beast ends up being knocked out or she passed out and then sinks under the water!

Xander coughs as he tries to stay afloat, he grins as he manages to punch the raven and  then frowns as the cloaked figure sinks “Nooo!” He goes under once and resurfaces coughing.

The raven that’s left gets an arrow to the neck and sinks into the water as well, just as Ferro surfaces and swims to  the badger and if allowed helps him to shore and looks  back clearly worried “Krisha….”

Gorvenalus searches the water and finds the cloaked figure and quickly dives under them and gets them to the surface and then to the shoreline rubbing and patting their back, he examines them closely and looks for wounds and checks for a pulse.

The cloaked form, whose name is clearly Krisha groans and coughs up a lot of water and shivers. She has talon marks on her arms and one on her back, a bruise on her left leg and a claw mark on her ear and top of her head, her ear has been clipped a little…hmms ear? And it’s clear she is not a monitor as she has fur. A soft walnut colored fur with some lighter brown here and there and on her face and head.

Xander allows the help and nods his thanks as he frowns, he places his blade back where it should be and walks over  “Is she ok …” He tilts his head as he gets a good look at Krisha.

Ferro also quickly heads over to his daughter. “Is she?”

Zolomon blinks “Well…this is a surprise”

Leafeyes hops over to also check on their new friend.

Minsc sits down, his lower arm is fine he can wait as it seems another is in more serious need of help.

Gorvenalus nods “She lives, I will tend to her best I can as I have some healing herbs with me…find more comfrey in the clearing edge nearby, another find some clover..white in color.” He mentions a couple other herbs as he tends to Krisha.

Krisha groans and opens her blue eyes looking to the beasts around her and then passes out once more.

Xander watches and nods to the others “Ok let’s just camp here tonight, we can let Gorvenalus tend to her and then get her to the abbey tomorrow…and Minsc come here I can tend to your arm its luckily not to bad. Kurt could you let my Uncle Oz know I am fine and will be back in the morning?”

Kurt nods and flies off.

Minsc sighs and sits beside Xander “Could have been worse guess..mainly got its talons stuck in my cloak sleeves” The claw marks are not deep at all, but still need cleaned and bandaged.

Zolomon sits down “Camping ya…wait…we don’t have any food.” It’s a hare’s worse nightmare.

Ferro opens up a package, inside is wild greens, some wild strawberries, rice cakes and some bread. He even has some water to share.

Minsc chuckles, “Me and Gorvenalus has some  cheese and bread and I catch some fish, your be fine ya silly hare”

Leafeyes has fallen asleep near Xander.

Xander smiles “See we have food and yes Minsc can catch some fish, I will start a campfire.” He does just that.

Ferro stays close to Krisha as she sleeps and rests. He won’t eat much and oddly no fish when he does eat.

Krisha stirs a little as she rests, bandaged and a light fever now, that could get a little higher before it goes down again.

Zolomon grins and seems happy again.

The rest of the night is quiet, very little clouds in the sky and no trouble comes. The camp fire keeps them warm from a slightly chilly night. The Mossflower Defenders rest and in the morning after making sure the campfire is 100% out with no danger of relighting head to the abbey with the mysterious  cloaked figure.

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I play Brother Gorvenalus,  Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz)..I also play the Owner of Redthorn Tavern in Ferravale ya know the rat Patch! I also have a hare in the Long Patrol ,Cole and more recently I play  Queen Sparra Chestnut.


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