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A short Story

I decided to write this as a short story since some have left forum mail and thanks for checking up on me.
So here is a short story to help everyone know how to react to Lt. Elbio condition and how he gets to Halyard to live there, my guess is not ALL areas of Halyard are as rough as some if there is a small group of retired hares of the Long Patrol living there, likely in the same area. I mean Varus even mentioned his character lived there and maybe has family there and think a couple of others mentioned some family in Halyard also. Ok on to the story.

Also quick note: Velm did send me a couple poses to use so yes did have his permission to include him in the story.


Elbio could sit up fairly well and his many wounds were healing nicely. He was still sore in places, but that was normal. His lower back had been hurting a bit off and on but he figured from having to lay down for so long. With a deep breath, he had to see how well he could stand and maybe risk a couple of steps. If he was going to get better they would be having him stand and walk short distances anyway soon enough. He decided he would stay the winter, head back to the abbey in the spring was his plan. He could have Rufus tell the abbey to not worry about him, he could update them on recent events, including those involving Zolomon, when he got back to the abbey.

At least that was his plan, just help out around the mountain and recover till Spring when he could head home as Redwall was his home and the mountain his 2nd home. He missed the abbey and Friar Lacota's cooking. Yes, yes the food at the mountain was good also, just one you have tried the famous Redwall is hard to find anything better. Salamandstron had some famous seafood dishes though.

Standing was easy, a little unsteady on his footpaws, but he was standing and smiling. He managed a few steps and chuckled. He decided to get back to the bed before anyone caught him out of bed and grumbled at him. But in turning around there was a sharp brief stabbing pain in his lower back making him cry out in pain and then the room spun, the room burled, and the room went dark.

The new chief healer right away was called to the infirm by one of the healers under his command who found Lt.Elbio on the floor a couple of moments after hearing his cry 

Captain Velm ordered a couple of healers on duty to carefully check Lt.Elbio and then carefully get him onto a cot with as little movement as possible. A quick check of the wounds, any new ones. Check the heart rate and the pulse and eyes for anything not normal, all seemed good.

All was good till Elbio woke and muttered "Can't....feel my legs,why can't I feel my legs?"

Velm frowned and patted him on the shoulder "I don't know Lt., but I will do my best to find out."

After a brief chat Elbio told what happen, standing then walking a few feet, turning around, and the sharp pain in his lower back. He had off and on pains in his lower back but didn't think it was a cause for worry, he had not remembered like...half the fight with Zolomon, just bits and pieces of the fight and how Zolomon and Teddy fought each other before Elbio lose consciousness.

An arrow head, or rather 1/3 of an arrow head was still in his back. Talk in the infirm spoke of how it must have been hiding very close to the spine and then moved when Elbio stood and walked, moved and severed the spinal cord.....the hare was
paralyzed waist down. He would never walk again. He would never feel anything waist down. He would never move anything waist down again. Wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life. It took a few moments to sink in after he has woke up to the news.

Lt.Elbio Long Patrol career was....over.It was over. He would never run. He would never walk. He would never climb again.

He had full movement waist up, he could still hold a blade in his paw and use it, but it was not the same. There was more to just swinging a blade when needed, more if involved to help one in a fight.

Velm always hated to bring bad news, at least his fellow hare was alive. It could have been a lot worse, in fact, if they had not found the arrow bit when they did, if they had found it a couple of days, even a day later, the Lt.would of died. He sighed and walked over to the now awake Lt."Hallo Lt. Elbio"His ears droop."I very sorry. Your paralyzed
waist down, your never walk again,this is perment. But you are alive. You are  still here for your daughter."Another pause.."Your, your also never be able to fight again,your fighting days are over...I...I don't know..I updated his Lordship and he wants to see you are you feeling up to, to talking any?"

Elbio just nodded, he knew, he knew already he would never walk again. Tears threaten to fall but he held them back."Let him in..."

Ciocan entered shortly after Velm left and sat in the chair beside Elbio"I am glad your alive Elbio. I am sad to hear the news of what has happened and will make sure the cause of it is dealt with. I have a group ready to be told to hunt Zolomon down and most likely stop him permanently, he has not only caused this but he has killed Teddy and Slaw, he has caused injuries, he has threatened others' lives."

Elbio nods "Alright...sur....I.."A deep breath, he would not break down."I longer be a patrol hare can I? It''s's..."

Ciocan takes his paw" Your life as an active member is over yes, but you are still a Patrol Hare, that will never change. You are still a LT. You keep that rank. "

"I...I can..retired but where...where would I go?" Elbio asked.

"Halyard, there is a small group of retired hares there in a safer area of the village. A couple of hares have family that lives there as well, you would be safe and a hare from the mountain can check on you every so often. Your daughter will stay with you as well LT. Elbio. But that can be in 3-4 weeks, for now, you can finish recovering while I do what is needed to get you a home in Halyard for you and your daughter."He tilts his head."And Lt.....itis alright to grieve, to cry, no one is going to judge you."

Elbio then, and only then allows himself to break down in the badger's arms, all the emotion, all the stress he just gets out. It took a while to calm down, and when he did he soon when to sleep. Rest was good, rest was needed. Things would be ok, he would get through this he knew it. He has his support group at the mountain and also soon in Halyard and they would never leave him alone.

True to his word, a small home was set up for Lt.Elbio and his daughter Ciana after those 3-4 weeks.Lt.Elbio had a wheeled chair to get around in and his daughter Ciana would help take care of him. He kept his rank of LT. and kept his uniform in a clear case on the wall.

Word was sent to Redwall Abbey by way of Rufus, or at least one of the couple gulls Rufus trusted would get a letter to the abbey beasts. The letter would update the abbey on what happened to Elbio, that he and his daughter were fine and to live in Halyard.

I play:  Xavier ( Log-A-log of GUOSIM) Elbio (Lt.,Archer, and Fighter in Long Patrol and RW Residential Hare)


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