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#1 2021-11-27 05:05:30 PM CDT

Mother Krisha
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The Autumn of Peace-11-27-21

The tables are set with all sorts of good food and drink. From soups, pies, pasties, all sorts of brads and cheese, and other well-known Redwall dishes. There are also ales and cordials to drink. The table settings are decorated with colored fall leaves, and paper flowers of red, orange, and yellow.

Beasts from around Mossflower and Ferravale are gathered, friends and family, for the autumn feast. The feast had been delayed a couple of times and now it's finally here, the Abbot enters with a smile and nods."Welcome friends to the Autumn feast, I do hope all is well. We have had much happen, but the Autumn has been good. We have our peace treaty with Ferravale, we have our friends from camp Willow and the GUOSIM."

"So I welcome you to...The Autumn of Peace"

Gorvenalus smiles at the name, writing it down in his logbook"A fine name indeed Benar. I am glad the feast was able to still happen, it would have been missed if it had not"   

Krisha makes sure the dibbuns behave themselves as the Abbot welcomes everyone. She smiles and she and the dibbun helpers on duty will help the dibbuns get their plates of food."I like the name as well."   
Oz waits for things to start, he looks a little bored but then gets a little excited when things are just about to start finally. He is still with the dibbuns for now, having missed a little of his time after he was away a couple of seasons. He is near novice age but he may just stick around the dibbuns for a bit longer.   
Benar chuckles, after a prayer of thanks he smiles"Let the feast begin."He says quietly and stands to get his own plate of food and a drink as well. It had been decided to wait on the pie making contest, but there were still a few different pies to try as others seemed to make pies anyways to share with all.   
Gorvenalus waits as he updates the log book first before he gets his own meal. He smiles, maybe next Autumn or perhaps in the summer or spring there could be a pie making contest to judge the best made pies. He was happy to update the log book with happy events after the ending of summer and the very beginning of autumn not being as nice of news, the autumn ends on good news, and in a short 3-4 weeks, it would be winter but he knew the abbey was well prepared for winter already.   
Krisha makes sure the dibbuns get some food before she does, "No dessert just yet...Tim not that many rolls, everyone else wants a roll as well."She shakes her head and goes to get herself a plate Perhaps, no desert yet as that would set a bad example, desert can wait a short while.   
Oz is, disappointed in no desert yet but he does like a little hot root soup and salad, as well as a couple of scones and fizzy strawberry drink, which seems a popular choice among the dibbuns.   
Gorvenalus sits by Benar "It looks like everyone is enjoying the feast this season Benar. I do wonder if maybe in the summer or next Autumn we could do a pie baking contest?" He smiles "It could be enjoyable even."   
Krisha sits down, so far the dibbuns are behaving well for the feast.   
Benar says, "Prehaps, this season I wanted to keep it nice and simple,nothing too over the top as one may say.I know before it may of been with a pie making contest and a wedding, but that changed when the wedding was canaled."A smile"But maybe in Summer or even spring, we shall

Gorvenalus sits by Benar "It looks like everyone is enjoying the feast this season Benar. I do wonder if maybe in the summer or next Autumn we could do a pie baking contest?" He smiles "It could be enjoyable even."   
Benar takes a sip of October Ale "Maybe the summer, or spring we shall see. I am just glad for the peace we have now and hope it lasts."   
Gorvenalus nods "I as well my friend. We are good on winter supplies and winter should not be nearly as bad as it was last winter season, least I hope it is not as bad."   
Krisha smiles as she overhears some. "It's almost a bit less stressful than last season's feast, we had like 3 or 4 hares eating at the feast for the Summer one."She hmms"Speaking of hares, you think Elbio is on his way back home by now."She chuckles "He will likely hate that he missed the Autumn feast."   
Benar nods as he takes a few bites of food."Yes, and the friar is likely glad as well. As for Lt. Elbio, I expect him back in a week or two, unless he decides to come back in the spring. Hopefully, we will have a message delivered, he may well stay for the winter and spend time with his daughter, Ciana. She had gone with him to become a recruit for the Long Patrol"   
Gorvenalus smiles as he remembers "True, young Ciana did tag along with him.Gee, they do grow up fast don't they, a little too fast sometimes. I am sure she will do well. I would not worry Benar if Elbio is not back before the snow, then likely he is back in the spring, he may have decided not to risk possible early snowfall"   
Krisha groans "Do not wish early snow, that was bad enough last winter."A small frown, the winter was bad for other reasons as well but she tries not to dwell on that.   
Benar says, "Think on happy times Krisha, right now enjoy the feast." He offers a smile as he raises his glass."To peace"   
Gorvenalus raises his glass"Yes to peace, and the hope it lasts for a good long while"   
Krisha manages a smile,"Yes peace is good. I do hope it lasts as well. The Autumn has ended nicely, and it's not gotten very cold yet so hopefully, winter is a bit calmer this time around."   
Benar leans back in his chair a moment and then goes to visit with others around the Great Hall as they enjoy the feast.   
Gorvenalus chuckles as he finishes his ale and looks around the room. He has already updated the logger for the season name and will likely write more later tonight of current events and happens in the area.   
From the direction of the library, the loud banging of the door echos throughout the room - though over the sound of the beast feasting it isn't /that/ noticeable. A rather harried and young looking squirrel who still has a bit of dust on his ears and a bit of ink staining his shirt hurries over to the table, carrying a massive book.   
"Er," Spruce glances around, asking the hall at large, "I don't suppose I missed the naming of the season, did I?"   
Krisha relaxes, every so often she checks to make sure the dibbuns are still behaving and so far, so good. She blinks as she looks over at the squirrel.."Spruce?"   
Benar walks over to Spruce"Do join us young squirrel."He smiles"This is the Autumn of Peace in honor of our peace treaty with Ferravale, and our peace with our friends the GUOSIM and Camp Willow."He glances at the book"What is the book you have?"   
Gorvenalus turns to see whom is coming down the stairs, he frowns a bit but says nothing just yet. He gets a little more ale and clears his throat"Do be careful with old books from the library, history is important after all as well as the many other books and maps in the library."   
"Thank you, father abbot, sir," Spruce imply says, not addressing any of the questions - instead the squirrel wriggles his way between two order members to make room for himself, pushes aside a few dishes here and there, and then, with a loud /THUMP/, sets the large book on the table. From somewhere in his pockets he produces an ink bottle and quill, then opens the book halfway through it with a softer /thump/, and begins scribbling something inside.
"Autumn of Peace - that name's new, thankfully," he mutters to himself as he writes, "And there - that'll do, I should like to think!"   
Resisting the urge to close the book on the drying ink, the squirrel stands back up. "Don't you worry yourself overmuch, brother recorder, sir, not an old book I'm desecrating - it's my own, it is. And as soon as it's dry I'll give it to you, father Abbot, if it pleases you, that is."   
Krisha is curious of the book"What is the book, Spruce? It looks fairly heavy with a lot of information in it."   
Benar glances at the book, he nods."Alright young Spruce, now do enjoy my Autumn feast please."He nods to a novice to get the young squirrel a plate of good things to eat and a drink as well.   
Gorvenalus arches an eyebrow and hmmms"A history book my guess? History is important to pass down to the young beasts, to everyone really."He sighs"I only wish some of the history in Willowbark was not lost, but sadly it was when the abbey was nearly destroyed, luckily the beasts managed to rebuild and fix Willowbark again, maybe not to its formal glory but still, rebuilt."   
The mention of Willowbark causes the young squirrel to whine slightly, but he quickly recovers.   
"Something like a history, aye." Spruce says with a bright smile. "And I'd guess it'd good enough now - so," he gingerly picks up the massive tomb, looking from the Abbot to the elders and back, "Then I'll gift this to the father Abbot and Redwall Abbey as a whole, then." He holds the book out which have neat lettering on the front reading 'The Abbey Records'. "A compilation of every serving record made since the time before the Great Earthquake, copied meticulously by me, it is, and it's taken me months. In proper chronological order, it is. And," he adds with an air of going on slightly longer than he needed to, "I figured might be a good idea to live half empty, for future records."   
Krisha watches a smile"All in one large book, that is helpful for when we may need to look up something. "A thought"I wonder what happen to some of the recorder logs before the..earthquake was it? I have not heard many speak of it"   
Benar nods as he looks over the large log book."Thank you spruce."He offers a smile"You indeed have been busy, maybe you can even help Brother Gorvenalus in his library, or with other records."He glances at the Badger Mother " Some older logs may well be in storage in the gatehouse, some are in my quarters as well."A frown "Some may have been lost during the earthquake, I am not sure. But there are still old history logs around yes, but since some aw very old they are rarely touched as to not mess up the old pages."He nods again to the young spruce"If your excuse me now, I must mingle with the rest of the feast guests."   
Gorvenalus hmmms softly, "Yes that will be useful indeed, there are times history needs looked up and names of seasons even. We sometimes find a need to look up past events to help us at times.Info on some groups, old and new are in books in the library"   
Spruce nods, happy the book is well received. "The earthquake took place around a few seasons or so - I've had quite a bit of trouble finding anything going back /that/ far, mind you, Badgermother - before the birth of the late Abbot Lorimis, some seventy-three, seventy-four seasons ago." He rattles on, "Seems to have damaged most records, far as I can tell from my digging -I've done my best to dust and clean what I've come across and not leave a mess, of course - and the few times the Abbey has been infested by vermin hasn't helped, neither. But now I'll have to check to the gatehouse, father Abbot - been sticking to the library and attic for my sources, I have. And," He taps the tome, "Every season name that were recorded or survived to now, at least, is in here."   
Krisha nods, "Remember to speak to Dorarose, she lives above the gatehouse, I don't know if the champion has any records or not,maybe formal champions. They may have moved some records,hid old records maybe?"She is unsure."I do have a recording of former badger mothers, it even has some writtings from Mother Bella"   
Gorvenalus smiles at Krisha"I remember Oz mentioning that book to you Krisha, his last writing in it is most interesting."   
Lacota comes out of the kitchen after all that. "I have records from Friars going as far back as the time of Matthias," he remarks.   
Lacota says, "Friar Hugo he was back then... Apparently slain by Slagar the Cruel."   
"Badger mother - Friar recordings...? " Spruce's eyes dart from the recorder to the badger mother. "How far do they go back?" He blinks, looking down at the ground and thinking aloud, "How come I've never heard of these before? Why didn't I check...?" Looking dazed slightly, he sits back down where the plate of food had been set, absentmindedly starting his meal.   
Krisha shrugs "I am unsure. I would show any who asked and who knows they may have written down something important from the past that will be useful in the future"   
Lacota tuts at the young squirrel. "The Friar's room was a terrible mess when I first took over the position," he remarks. "There were records going back hundreds upon hundreds of seasons' worth of Friars. Recipes, notes, inventories. You name it.
Krisha listens as all the history information is shared or least where to find some of it.   
Spruce nods slowly, taking it all in as he eats. "I... see. Well, suppose there's still work to be done, then..."   
Lacota hmms. "Well, I'm not sure I can let you just go rifling through my room, Lad. At least not without my supervision."   
Krisha says, "Yes its a good idea to ask first"   
"/Certainly,/' grins Spruce. "I wouldn't dream of risking your ire, friar, sir. But," his voice becomes a stage whisper, "The book does contain a confession from me that I didn't exactly ask the brother recorder, but the library /is/ a more public place than the friar's room, I'd argue."       

Lacota nods. "Well, just... There's items very personal to me there."   

Something in the back of his mind stirred at those words, but Spruce couldn't say what as he looked up at the friar. "Understandable, certainly. Though, if I might say, friar, it might be a right good idea to move them older records - not the recipes, naturally - out of your quarters, to the library. That way me and other curious beasts won't be rifling through your stuff every time we want to look..."

The rest of the feast was peaceful and friends chated, family spent time together, and the abbey enjoyed the peace while it was here. The feasting and fellowship lasted late into the night and a couple of beasts were even still awake in the early morning.

The Autumn of Peace feast day was enjoyed by all who came to it!

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Re: The Autumn of Peace-11-27-21

Aw, I missed it sad  My chars were there, though, mingling in the background, having fun, eating food, and just relaxing.


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