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*** Important to know,this happens the afternoon of Sunday November 14th,At the end an otter will show up at the camp with some news of a fight of some sort...that sea  otter shows up in the very early before sun rises hours of Novmember 15th, kind of like it's 3 or 4am and a sudden guest appears at the camp...ya! And hares can go to what is basically about half a day to where the fight was, of course half a day and something to speak of by late  morning Monday November 15th! ******


Elbio-LT/Fighter in LP and Residential Redwall Hare

Teddy-Corporal/Fighter in LP-Spoodfed by Zolomon

Zolomon- Rouge/Archer/Bounty Hunter?


It was fair enough weather as the Lt. walked along the beach with a soft sigh. "I would stay longer, I miss de mountain but also gotten so used to de abbey life." Elbio states as they walk along." But I do need ta get back before the snow starts falling"

Teddy, a Corporal in the Long Patrol, was with Elbio "I say chap,how is winter in Mossfflower? And it is cold, you don't jolly well think it will snow soon do you?"

Elbio chuckles, he was in a good mood" Not fer another 3, likely 4 weeks from now. And yes thar is a lot more snow in Mossflower than your ever see on the beaches of the Western Shore, you would have to go upshore or North a ways before hit cold lands and it be a darn well long trip too"

Teddy nodded as they walks on upshore, "So couple days to de River Moss. Maybe we could fish some, it's been a while since I relaxed and fished."

Little did they know, their calm afternoon was soon to be a lot less calm. Someone watched them and purposely made sure no one else was nearby. A cloaked figure with a simply made longbow, simple made arrows though these were a little better shape than earlier and had gull feathers on them.

Elbio smiles "We can fish, I don't see why not and it will help with rations. I never did take much for supplies." Then again the hare didn't eat piles of food like some hares tend to. "We can forage for mushrooms, wild greens, some nuts, berries, and even find crayfish in the river. "He chuckles"Maybe see if your interested in locus or crickets."

Teddy makes a face"Excuse me? Those are bugs, who would eat bugs. I think you bumped your hed somehow."

The cloaked figure snorts quietly he had hopped the Lt. would be alone, but it didn't matter to him. If needed he could take out the other hare.

Elbio every so often looked around, he was alert for any possible trouble but had relaxed some was the two was past Halyard, whatever was going on he hoped the others could handle it. A frown as he was concerned about just what happened to Private Slaw, something deep down told him it was more than some pirate group that attacked him, or maybe didn't attack him and something else was around. Though possible snakes can't use crossbows, can a sea monster? He was not sure.

Teddy watches Elbio "Ya ok thar sur, you seem distracted? Should we take a break we have been walking since morning and it's past lunch now. please?" He looks up and frowns "Couple hours past lunch."

The cloaked figure stayed close enough to not attract attention. It was clear the figure had skills to be careful and blend into their surroundings, also to be quiet and even alert.

Elbio blinks "Oh, sorry was just thinking was all and sure it is time for a bit of lunch I suppose. Sorry, I tend to not stop and take a break too often, usually did once it was way past dusk." He points to a small area "We can sit here a little while." He was gonna have to get used to more breaks, but hopefully not too many more breaks.

Teddy smiled as he was happy and sat down once they arrive."This is nice indeed, a nice break, some lunch."

The cloaked figure seemly watched them and edged a little closer to the two hares, still being careful to not let them know he was there yet.

Elbio scanned the area and soon sat down. Lunch was simple. A few oatcakes, some cheese, and bread with a little dried fish.Also a nice strawberry pastry for a desert."Yeah, breaks are good to have, no reason to rush getting back to Mossflower really as we have time and the path along the river cuts some time, unlike going by land and threw a possible part of the swamplands."

A chuckle as the cloaked beast comes near "Mossflower is dull and no one cares fer others very much. They abandon them and don't even look their way when they clearly need aid." A snort "Sound familiar Lt. and oh who is this with you....Teddy? I remember him, no one likes you, Teddy."

Teddy was right away very alert with his saber out,"Who...who are ye, answer the question as we are the Long Patrol and it be wise to  pass on by us and not start trouble, ya hear?"

Elbio studied the figure and slowly stood up, "Leave, leave now and we can forget we even see you" His voice was not friendly at the moment.

The cloaked beast just laughed, he then smirked under his hood "Oh no de patrol....I could care less. I  hate the patrol, all of the patrol" His anger was faring now "And I WILL NOT leave."He got out a saber of his own, or rather..Slaw's 's saber in fact and lunged forwards to show he knew how to use it.

Teddy right away blocked the blade with his own and frowned "Where did ye get a patrol blade?"He goes to shove the cloaked beast down. The Corporal was a seasoned fighter.

Elbio took a deep breath, he then readied himself to fight if it was needed. He listened carefully and saw it was indeed a saber from the Long Patrol."That...voice....."His eyes widen as he speaks"Zolomon?!"

A smirk, a grin.."I would say ya win a prize but I hate you" The hood was removed to show it indeed was Zolomon,he slices at Teddy "This..."He slices again."Saber right 'ere?" He spins around and uses his quick footpaws to back up and quickly stab towards the Corporal's chest and kick the other hare backward with his powerful footpaw."Oh...tis once was Slaw's's."

Teddy blocked the first, the 2nd got him on his arm as he screamed in surprise and pain, he went to get a couple swipes in before the blade Zolomon had entered his chest, a gasp and then he tumbled backward as a couple of ribs broke. He laid there and groaned in pain, holding his chest wound to slow bleeding.

Elbio was in shock, then suddenly leaped at Zolomon, angling his blade and slicing at the other hare's chest."You...killed Slaw!?"

Zolomon was already distracted by Teddy,a surprised gasp as the Lt. manages to get a good injury in on him. He takes a couple of steps backward as some blood forms "Oh..wot de..."A snort,he wasn't bleeding too bad to stop fighting"Didn't think ya had it in you Lt. as for Private Slaw...he could have shut up, but he went on and on and was giving me a bad headache, so I shut him up forever. I am sure the patrol will thank me later." He glances at Teddy "You should maybe get him to a healer maybe." He still stood ready to fight."Then again, I was hoping to see you again Lt. Elbio."

Teddy was doing his best to stay awake and some blood poured from his wound. He looks over at the other two hares with a frown.

Elbio backs up some. "Well I don't want to see you, your not supposed to be on the Western Shore, but sadly I guess I will have to take you to Lord Ciocan and you get another trial and this one fer de murder of Private Slaw,as well as attacking two officers of the Long Patrol.So give up, your under arrest Zolomon."

Zolomon glanced between them and then narrowed his good eye, the other eye had an eye patch."Sorry, but no one orders me to do anything. I have no plans to go to the mountain either."He smiles, not a friendly one "I just planned to ruin your life Lt. Elbio since you didn't try and do anything in Ferravale. You betrayed me. Abbot Benar betrayed me. Mother Krisha betrayed me. Champion Matilda betrayed all betrayed me!"He faked a move to the left and suddenly went to make a slice with another weapon, a dagger hidden in the sleeve of his other paw,the one not holding the saber to make a slice,if he can, at Elbio's face!

Teddy managed to stand up and go to knock Zolomon to the side and away from Elbio. He also goes to try and disarm him of at least one weapon.

Elbio side stepped, sadly right into Zolomon's line of attack. He quickly went to shield his face, but the blade went across his arm and got the top area of his right eye and forehead, barely missing his ear. Blood poured over his eye and down his face blinding him for a few seconds.

Zolomon grunted and the shove from the Corporal likely just saved Elbio's life. Zolomon punched, he kicked as he rolled with Teddy for a few moments. Both punching, both kicking and stabbing till finally, Zolomon managed to stab Teddy in back, literally in the back.

Teddy tensed up, many cuts and bruises on his body.A good slice to the chest and a few broken ribs, but he did manage to wound the former Long Patrol hare Zolomon.He grew tired and when he fell once face first after trying to stand he felt the blade enter his back and then went still....deathly still.

Elbio wiped blood from his vision and went to tackle Zolomon from behind while he was hopefully distracted.

Zolomon stood and chuckled, "I needed a good.."He oofs  as he is knocked down and spits out dirt and sand. His eyes blaze pure rage and hate as he sends a kick to Elbio and goes to roll over and quickly stand up, he pants and goes to send a couple punches to the hare "!"

Teddy tries to get up but then collapses, he doesn't get up. In fact, he will never get up again, his life ends here today.

Elbio manages to avoid the first couple of punches, the next couple gets him as one hits him in the chest and one in the face near the eye injury he has. He gasps and blocks a couple more and one gets his shoulder. He tries to make a slice at Zolomon with his saber before he drops it. He takes a deep, pained breath and goes to use his footpaws to hopefully send Zolomon flying!

Zolomon eepes as he is sent flying and slams into a bit of a tangled tall bush, a few of the bushes line the beach here as one gets closer to the river. "Oh...ouch, your better at fighting, ok."He stands slowly and lays a paw on his already shredded ear.." cut off more of my ear.." He gets out the plain longbow he made, it's not the best but he plans to get a better one, a better one maybe. He gets an arrow, loads it, and fires it at Elbio, he is a little shaky on his footpaws so it likely won't be as deadly as it could be.

Elbio breaths in and out, tried and sore and stands,only to get an arrow shot into his upper shoulder and collapses backward shivering, oh this hurts so bad, and if he had not moved it would of very likely been his throat, not the upper shoulder, he greets his teeth as pain floods him. He has the gash on his chest, forehead and right top are of his right eye as well as swelling on the right side of his face from punches, and he spits out a tooth that got loose.Oh pain,he needs help.He manages to glace over at Teddy...a frown.

Zolomon takes a few deep breaths, shaky himself as he limps over to Elbio, and goes to try and choak him as he tightens a grip on his throat.."Take a permit...nap Lt..." He backs up after a moment fighting an urge to pass out and looks at Elbio and Teddy.

Teddy is.....yeah dead.

Elbio coughs and tries to kick at Zolomon and loses consciousness....but he is alive, just the angle he is at when he tried to get up and kick the other hare is..odd, his breathing is low but it's hard to tell if he is breathing as dirt and sand whirl around in the wind.

Zolomon snorts," healers here dear won't last long without one"He looks up and smirks "Gulls....they can finish ya off."He then limps.

What is left behind can not say this wasn't a bad fight. Elbio is deeply unconscious and very much injured.

Teddy is dead

Clean signs of a fight will be seen. Elbio's breathing is seen when up close and studying him, but no one is around to help...least right away, and when help does come upon this scene....the one who caused it is gone from sight.

Luckily for Lt. Elbio, he is seen by a couple of sea otters, one sea otter...thankfully a healer, stays to make Elbio stable enough to move. The other sea otter rushes off to find the nearby Long Patrol camp......that's like half a day from the location. In Elbios paw is held the earring, with a bit of black fur and skin, but not enough to ID the type of beast this ear ring belonged to.

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I play:  Xavier ( Log-A-log of GUOSIM) Elbio (Lt.,Archer, and Fighter in Long Patrol and RW Residential Hare)


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....I thought Slaw was the one who'd been killed....


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Sorry guys...fixed it in log. It was mentioned by Zolomon as a typo but forgot, sorry was stressedwhen posted log.
Fixed now

Private Slaw is dead

Private Cole is alive so no one panic!

I play:  Xavier ( Log-A-log of GUOSIM) Elbio (Lt.,Archer, and Fighter in Long Patrol and RW Residential Hare)


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Cole is VERY MUCH alive

Slaw is.....yeah very much...DEAD

I play Brother Gorvenalus,  Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz)..I also play the Owner of Redthorn Tavern in Ferravale ya know the rat Patch! I also have a hare in the Long Patrol ,Cole and more recently I play  Queen Sparra Chestnut.


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