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#1 2021-04-05 05:58:46 PM

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Thoughts of An AWOL Hare

****** Decided to write a one beast adventure, basically what Zolomon was up to on his way to the abbey, some of his time at the abbey and end where he is heading off with Donica and Velm. *******

Getting past Major Varus was a bit tough but he managed. He looked at his arm and torn sleeve." Annoying….well he should of moved." He then imitates the Major ." Ya bally stabed me…."

" Who..what stabed who or what?" Said a voice.

Zolomon sprung around with his saber out as he looked back and forth.

It was an otter, he grinned at the hare." Need a healer there hare?"

Zolomon glared and walked away.

The otter shrugged " Ok...ya like possble infection and death "

Zolomon glared but he sat down and let the otter tend to his arm,then come morning the hare traveled at a time run till he got to the river and just barely along it heading upriver.

It was a couple days later he came upon a campsite of some rats. He selected an arrow and fired it at one of the three rats at the camp.

The other two rats jumped up when thier buddy died." Some best has arrows..who had arrows?"

" I do!" Zolomon said in a cold voice and fires off an arrow into the rat's head.

The last rat backed up." Who..who are ya?"

" Your death vermin scum." The arrow was drawn back" Know anything bout a beast that killed a badger and has his cub?"

The rat shallows." O..O..only a fool would mess with a ba..badger...s..s...s..some skilled…."

Zolomon shut him up with an arrow to the neck." Should of answered better." He muttered and walked along in the darkness till he got further up river.He was close to the bridge, and close to Ferravale so he avoided it and crossed to the woods, following them to the abbey.

It took him 4 days time,  then he was the fastest runner, ok one of two fastest runners in the Long Patrol.

He did hand over his weapons and had no issues, just oddly moody to most and did not greet many….the abbey beasts had no clue….least till that annoying sea gull caught up to him. He threatened to rip out its feathers and make a nice pillow and likely would of had he not been stopped by the Champion and The Abbot.

Stuck in an old office, having to hear a lecture from the Badger Mother,  from Lt. Velm...and then Dorarose, least the mouse was a lot less rude.

Worse was when Lt. Elibo got there, OH! That hare is SO ANNOYING.  He hated Elbio and too bad the fine Lt didn't stand by the window, ha nice shove right out on his stupid head. Least he shoved him into a wall. Course the Lt.  slapped him..SLAPPED HIM!! Zolomon so wised evil things to come upon Lt. Elbio.

Zolomon was taken to the graveyard,  oh yes bury me now…...what is this? Sandy's grave..why here, I don't want here.  I don't….why did you die? You were my best..true friend……….

How am I in the old room again? Well tis better than the graveyard,  not going...IZZ refuse to look at the tombstone...must find, find the scum who took hom. A wildcat..yes a name..fill Zoltar with many many arrows till he is arrows in the shape of a wildcat !

A couple days passed, a lot of time to think on words. Chats from Dorarose and Krisha. Then the door opened,  oh goody Lt. Elbio….fun. So lead down…..oh Benar and Krisha, now what?

A few hours later I am in the care of Krisha,...she is nice and let me have pies. I can tell she misses Xandy as much, likely more, than I do…..I miss you so much Xandy.

The next morning off to Salamanstron….the trip will not be fun, I have missed the mountain but….what will happen to me once I am there? Guess I will find out…..

I play:
Oz-  Badger-young adult-Wanderer


#2 2021-04-05 10:17:11 PM

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Re: Thoughts of An AWOL Hare

this was interesting insight into what's going on in zolomon's head.

the part about d.r. not being as "rude" as everyone else made me smile.  at least he didn't mind her least as much wink


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