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#1 2021-01-06 07:04:57 PM

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Concerning Koda as an NPC

So I believe we all got he page mail Koda sent the LP saying they had to quit the muck and saying Koda can stay at the mountain as an NPC so I just wanted to make a thread to discuss this.
I was one of the people they said could spoof Koda, though I really don't see why I would - so I'm probably not going to unless asked to/play him during an RP event after someone else had to leave, like I did with the toads a year or so back

Anyway, I was thinking that since he was kinda vague in the role of adjutant I think he should just be elevated to being Quinton's and Ciocan's adjutant which is more or less an assistant/secretary which I'd argue they need XD
Plus maybe update his rank to some sort of commissioned officer for ceremonial purposes as pretty much all adjutants were/are COs
What are you all thinking?

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#2 2021-01-06 07:21:40 PM

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Re: Concerning Koda as an NPC

He likely should have some sort of high up rank. I know he mentioned being Home Guard as well.

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#3 2021-01-06 09:57:20 PM

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Re: Concerning Koda as an NPC

Maybe like...Lt.  I don't know. I know Elbio will be a Lt. becore he goes off to Redwall in spring. I am thinking Ellibo heads to abbey with like couple privates and looks like Rufus may come along and he sends them back with Velm.....that way no traveling  alone.

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#4 2021-01-07 11:42:34 AM

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