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Story of Jake Scioto Lafur Foreston Lakewood Johnson III.

********** A Story of Jake Scioto Lafur Foreston Lakewood Johnson III. *********

This was many seasons ago on the Western Shores when Bludstripe was Badger Lord. A group of Long Patrol hares was with Major Lot. Among the hares were Jake, Honeyfern, and three other privates. There had been some vermin activity on the shores and they were sent to investigate it.

The vermin were numbered 40 in all...sea rats, a couple of weasels, a few ferrets all lead by a tall fox named Poisonfur.
"Alright troops on the number 3 we attack" The Major said.

Jake frowned "But...sur is that wise? Thar is 40 of them and 6 of us and his Lordship said to watch them and report back to him and to not attack at all, to stay hidden."

Honeyfern nodded in agreement "That's right" She smiled at Jake and looked back to Lot, " One of us could stay and keep an eye on them though, so far it seems they are not doing much."

Lot glared at Jake "And let them later do something? Are ye mad boy? And who is de Major...surely not you, I AM!" He snorts and grins as he pulls out his weapon "1...2...3...ATTACK!!"

The next 10 minutes were a blur, it went too quick and 3 hares lives ended, and 2 of the vermin died. The other 3 barely escaped and made it back inside the mountain and it did not make the vermin go away, if anything it angered the vermin more as the fox declared war on the mountain.

Lord Bludstripe was far from happy on this development, arrows fired both ways till the vermin backed off, for a few hours anyway.

===A couple hours later===

Jake stormed off down the hallway, right to Major Lot "Wot were you thinking! Honeyfern could die....and my sister is dead! 2 other hares are dead cause of you!" He goes to punch the Major right in the jaw.

Lot was not prepared for this sudden fight, his jaw is luckily not broken as he kicks at Jake and manages to break the Private's wrist.

Jake tenses up in pain and slams Major Lot into the stone wall...harder than he meant to, but anger fueled it.

Lot slide down the wall, his shoulder dislocated, and collar bone cracked in two places, and unconscious.

"STAND DOWN!!" Came the booming voice of the Badger Lord.

Jake backed up and breathed in and out and fell to his knees tears going down his face. He looked over at Lord Bludstripe and then looked away from him.

The rest of the evening was touch and go for Major Lot but he lived, he would be out of action for 5 seasons after this.

Jake was asked to leave the Long Patrol, after a review the Badger Lord said he could return in a couple of seasons, Jake refused and said he would never rejoin and left vowing to never return.

Lot did have to go back to the rank of Corporal and work his way back up to Major, but few liked him........

Seasons would go bye.....15 since the day Jake left the Patrol and Lot would find Jake at Redwall Abbey. Jake was Gatekeeper, also Honeyfern also was reunited with Jake, she lived. Lot and Jake ended up having a long chat and forgave one another.

Jake and Honeyfern married, Jake had a daughter ..Kiara. Kiara later would have Zolomon!

******* Yes Kiara was part of the Long Patrol as well.....I can find some logs. Kiara was around during the Stormfeather TP and was one of two survivors of a group of  Long Patrol hares in the area but no one knew she lived till like 2-3 seasons later when she showed up at the abbey and later on she had Zolomon, Zolomon's father had disappeared right after he was born.. 
Other info is Jake died at the abbey after letting a wound he thought was nothing to worry about, get infected. He hid it very well till finally he got a high fever one day and ended up in the infirm. He was found by a novice a few days later having died sometime during the night. Kiara didn't find out till a few weeks later when a letter came to the mountain. As for what happen to Kiara after she went...a bit insane(right after Stormfeather, he seemed to never fully really recover to be a patrol hare but they gave her an honorable discharge, and if read Zolomon's history on the wiki your see Kiara died when Zolomon was 7 seasons old, they lived in the woods near the abbey ********

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