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A Bit of a Back Story For Lord Ciocan

*** ***************************
I spoke to Elmef and Dorarose and here is a small little story of Ciocan , before he became Lord Ciocan ...we been told he was a sea captain and had, still has somewhere, a small fishing boat....he had a mate but she died...his 3 children are all grown and far far far away and like never write(how mean )...anyway here it is

t was a beautiful sunset and more so from the small fishing boat, a female badger stood on deck and smiled "It's so lovely, isn't it...oh we should go to the market at the village, please of the town's beast said they have Mint Chocolate Scones...Chocolate, I need them"

As soft chuckle behind her "You want them dear not need them, and fine, I was planning to stay one more day anyways" A tall male badger, a lot taller than most badgers in fact.

The female badger turned around to give him a kiss,"I won't take too long dear I promise. Maybe we can find that tea the children like and send it to them."

"Maybe Martha, but for now it's bedtime...though we could stargaze first,"Ciocan said softly, he liked looking out at the stars with his mate beside him, their 3 children were grown now and out of the den and the two badgers could go on their planed sea trip and explore, they had been out on the sea with their children before but now it was just them and their small crew of beasts, Ciocan was the captain of the small crew of about 3 others. A couple of squirrels and an old sea otter.

Bright and early the next day the two badgers went on into the small seaside village, both promising to meet at the tavern for lunch and they planned to get any needed supplies before they headed on to the wide sea, the day was calm and peaceful, but sadly it would remain far from peaceful

It was soon lunch time and Martha was on her way to the tavern when something caught her eye and so she took a slight detour and looked to see a row of 5 dibbuns chained up, crying and scared as they were watched by a weasel who seemed to be guarding them.

Martha slipped into the alleyway and knocked out the weasel with a quick slam into the side of the building and hurried to undo the locks on the chain after finding the key in the weasel's pocket, "Don't worry...I can help you find your parents,are they in the village somewhere?"

The dibbuns were a total of 5 mice. They at first were happy to be free and hugged the badger, but happiness didn't last too long as they backed off whimpering in fear.

Martha frowned as she stood up as she was kneeling"What's the matter? I won't harm you, in fact, I and my mate can help you get back to your parents."

"They belong to me"Said a cold voice from behind the badger."I'll take them back now.

Martha heard the voice and turned around, she stood in front of the dibbuns," No beast belongs to anyone."She looks at the dibbuns"Run..."

The voice belonged to a wolverine, he smirked as he tall, he looked deadly with a blade and looked like the thing of nightmares with his dark blackish-grey fur and yellowish-green eyes with hints of red."You cost me the loss of my slaves." He smiles coldly as he lunged forwards and stabbed her in the chest.

Martha's eyes shut tightly as pain filled her, she shoved the wolverine off her and stumbled out of the side path, she opened her eyes as her vision started to fade and then fell forwards.

"Martha!" Came a voice as another had just arrived on the scene. She was caught in strong arms and heard her name again louder, but at the same time so faint and far away "Martha!"

"C...Ciocan..."It was the last word she would ever say as she coughed up blood and her eyes shut a final time, her breath stopped and her heart stopped as well.

The dibbuns had indeed run and found Ciocan telling him of the bad beast in the alley and how the other badger said to run. The dibbuns were at the tavern now with an otter maid the badger's had befriended.

Ciocan dropped to his knees "" Tears went down his lowered her gently to the ground as if she was made of fine china.

" she dead? Good, but you seem in pain let me..heal you"It was Gorax as he had his blade ready for what should of been a death blow while the tall badger was seriously distracted.

Ciocan's paw shot up, a deep growl came from his throat and his eyes turned blood red as he didn't give Gorax a chance to strike, he attacked.

The Wolverine was no match for very tall blood wrathed badger, yes Ciocan ended up with a gash on his side and a deep cut to his cheek but he won, and the wolverine laid in a pool of blood.

Ciocan had passed out and woke in some sort of inn room, he sat up and noticed the bandage around his middle and one small bandage taped to his cheek.

"Oh your awake Ciocan, I was worried"It was the otter maid, she was also a healer "The dibbuns by the way, their parents were found."

"Where is Martha?" That was Ciocan's only concern.

The frown said it all, "I'm sorry"

Ciocan frowned, he would be taken to the room she was in, he would hold her in his arms and sob loudly. He refused to eat for about 4 days and finally gave in to hunger and decided he was leaving.

The Tavern owner frowned "The wolverine's name was Gorax, he had started causing trouble the past couple months..."

Ciocan nods"I am..."He frowned he didn't know where he was going, but there was still the dream of some mountain and hares he had been having, but sadly whatever it was he would be going alone now." Thank you for allowing me to stay" He then left and never once had he returned to the small seaside port.

Little did Ciocan know, but Gorax was indeed alive with a nasty scar on his throat and side left by Ciocan, Gorax had managed to crawl away after Ciocan had mourned over the loss of Martha, Gorax was found by his trusted 2nd in command and was hidden till he was recovered and Gorax that day vowed if he ever saw Ciocan again...why he would help the badger be with his mate again.

I play:
Brother Gorvenalus-Redwall Abbey Recorder,  Private Cole,a runner, of the Long Patrol
Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz) young adult and Novice in Redwall.


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Re: A Bit of a Back Story For Lord Ciocan

As for where the small sea side port is....IDK...its somewhere and no its not Terramont its some other place

I play:
Brother Gorvenalus-Redwall Abbey Recorder,  Private Cole,a runner, of the Long Patrol
Oz( Yes named after Papa Oz) young adult and Novice in Redwall.


#3 2020-07-07 01:10:13 PM

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Re: A Bit of a Back Story For Lord Ciocan

I like it!  And I say that it should now be ICly be part of Ciocan's backstory....not that he would have shared it with anyone yet, but that's okay smile


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