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#1 Re: RP Chat » All good things... » 2022-06-16 12:04:45 PM CDT

I have not been roleplaying on here much BUT
I agree Blisa,Dorarose and  her other alts are great to Roleplay with.She is a great role player and the Redwall Feast does have to have her be able to be there.
I hope all goes well for you in the furture a Masters Degree is really really big and hard to get, so it will be even more awsome if you get it!

#2 Re: The Long Patrol » Some LP Updates & Suggestions- 2022 » 2022-05-09 02:11:00 PM CDT

Any updates?
Maybe make a post for the =end of quest= role play going on.

Reading the one log post is very long sad Maybe a short summary can be made on a post saying main events happening thats known icly,maybe some other things thats happening or happened that is only know to some characters.

I play Zywie btw but thinking she may or may not of disappeared prehaps(If thats a thing  going on, it could work  out well since  I been  VERY busy oocly, could expalin why she  is like...not seen lately)

#3 RP Chat » Camp Willow? » 2022-04-24 01:52:55 PM CDT

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Is Camp Willow still around? I just wondered as there seems to be like no otters around anymore sad.


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